What You Eat is More Valuable than Pushing Play

As someone who spend a great deal of working out, this may come as sort of a surprise to you. But I think it needs to be said.

What you put on your plate will ultimately determine whether or not you will succeed in your fitness program of choice.

We see many on social media toting the advice that we need to push harder. Work out more. So more cardio. Lift more weights. Do crossfit. Tabata. HIIT. Fitness, fitness, and more fitness is what we see.

I follow a ton of women on social media who I believe are incredibly healthy and workout, but I am more impressed by one simple fact: they eat to supply their bodies with the best nutrition to perform at it’s most optimal. They view food as a way of sourcing energy to their heart, lungs, muscles, and more. They eat Whole Foods, clean, do their research, and invest in the best quality as much as they can (even if they have a budget!) and their results from that hard work shows. 

Eating well for your body is hard work. A lot more hard work. You have to research, plan out, budget out, and then implement. Eating healthier doesn’t just happen and it doesn’t come from a microwaveable pre-packaged meal.

Nourishing our bodies means we slow down a little bit. We cook a little bit more. No one said you have to be a supreme chef in order to create a delicious and healthy meal. I am not a chef. No where close to it. I probably ruin a lot more dinners than I care to admit. But we need to cook more as a society. We are so ingrained with this idea of fast and easy and convenient. Let’s be the ones who decide to flip that bird on it’s head. 

Let’s change it, shall we? 

Maybe we can’t buy all the healthy things we see and hear about. But we can buy more fruits and veggies than we do chips and other snacks. 

We may not be able to make elaborate meals for dinner every night, but we can take out that instant pot or slow cooker and have something healthy and delicious ready when we are. 

We may not always be able to sit at the dinner table together, but we can make more of an effort to try to and have a meal as a family more often than not. We can say not to busy and stressful schedules and embrace slower speeds and a good home cooked meal. Who said we have to be busy all the time. I am done keeping up with the Joneses. Aren’t you?

But, I am not done sharing with you all that you are worth eating good food. You are worth putting good food in your bodies and in your kids bodies. I know it means a little more effort from you, and I am sorry about that. The last thing you need, fellow mama, is pressure or more work. 

But I do fully believe that us mamas don’t just need to work out. We need nourishment. Just as we need an uplifting word from a good friend regularly, and just as we need daily spiritual nourishment for our souls in God’s word, we need good, clean, wholesome, nutritious foods to nourish our bodies.

Our families, our men, our children, want us around as long as possible. You are worth it. 

Be a Size You,