The Marriage Getaway

I just came back from a really fun overnight with this guy:

My husband, Dan.

This month, we will be celebrating 13 years of marriage, and this past Thursday (October 5th) was his 39th birthday. We have known each other since we were 21 and 24 years old. We have had some amazing times together. We have had extremely hard moments in our marriage, storms we weren’t sure we would make it through.

We have said loving words and harsh words to one another. We have had to repent and forgive one another over and over again.

We are raising two awesome little people together, two kids we would give our very lives for. We have fun and we have struggles.

So often, I hear people say that love and marriage shouldn’t be that hard. But disagree. Marriage will be the hardest relationship you will ever go through. There are so many factors that want to try and rip you two apart. You are two imperfect people trying to make a life together. It won’t be smooth sailing all the time. In fact, a lot of the time, you will drive each other crazy. And a lot of the time, you won’t be able to imagine your life without them. So you fight for the good. You fight for your spouse.

That isn’t to say that sometimes, people who have to walk away, because of abuse or infidelity, shouldn’t. But a lot of marriages will end because they feel like they are just different people. They grew apart.

You will always grow apart if you don’t tend to your garden. If you don’t water it, nourish it, give it attention, support it, if you choose to starve it….then yes, you will grow apart.

Marriage getaways have been so important to Dan and me. When life gets rough, we try to take a day with just to two of us and be alone. Together. No kids. Just us doing what we enjoy (eating, resting, shopping, listening to good music, coffee drinking) and being together. We start dreaming together again.

I have noticed that when we find ourselves bickering with each other over the stupidest things, it usually means we need a break together. It usually means we have neglected something in our marriage and in each other and this little getaway will help us figure it out. Because then we aren’t distracted by all the other things we have going on…..we can focus on our relationship…the most important one.

It doesn’t mean our problems go away, but it does mean we can come back refreshed and ready to tackle whatever it is we need to tackle or fix or update. Just like we sometimes need to recharge our personal batteries, we need to recharge our marriage batteries.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, or even necessarily a whole weekend away, but you must make it an effort to just be with you two. Alone. Fighting for a great marriage is worth it.

So, for our getaway, what did we do? Since it was Dan’s birthday and our anniversary this month, Dan’s parents gifted him a hotel night at the Morongo Resort and Casino , where Dan had won two free tickets to see Gavin Degraw in concert.

It was amazing and so fun. So thankful that we got to experience it together. Love this guy of mine.

And also, Gavin Degraw is FANTASTIC live!!!! So good! It was standing room only at the nightclub they had there and we were so close. It was so fun. Definitely want to go back!

Have you done a getaway lately with your spouse? If not, maybe you should plan one now! It is so good for your marriage. ❤️

Be a Size You,