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Resetting My Body and My Heart

Anybody else surrounded by the massive amounts of laundry to wash, as well as Christmas decorations that still need to be taken down?

No? Just me?

Okay then.

Quite a few of you have asked me what I will be doing for my health and fitness, even though I no longer am partnered with my old company.  I still have health goals, and I still want to eat well, so I thought I would share with you what I will be up to for January.

First up, I will be doing the Whole 30, beginning on Monday, January 8th.


I did the Whole 30 last year, but honestly, I modified it to my liking and still drank my superfood shake with it.  This year, I will be following her rules and allowing the program to do what it says it will do…reboot my body and help me feel better overall by eating real, whole foods. No shakes necessary.

Keep in mind, I am not against shakes. I love them. They are convenient and often a great and easy way to get in those nutrients we tend to need but don’t get enough of. But for the sake of this program, my body wants lots of veggies and lots of proteins and good fats, so that is why I will be doing it her way instead of my way so that my body gets what it wants and craves.

If you are thinking of doing this, I highly recommend going to the site and getting one of the books.  Also, Nom Nom Paleo and The Defined Dish are posting Whole 30 approved recipes for you all month long, so I encourage you to utilize those recipes as well (so you don’t get bored with meals.)


I am doing the Tone It Up Love Your Body Series that also starts on Monday. And guess, what? It is FREE! Holla!

I have been a Nutrition plan TIU Team member since 2011 and these girls are two of my favorite fitness and lifestyle gals on the planet. They are beautiful, inside and out and I just love how much they love their community and really want to empower us women to be strong and healthy.  You can learn all about this series on their blog. Plus, they have really cute workout gear and nutritional products at Target.  Yes, Target!  Go check them out! Will you join me?

Heart Reset:

I think the most important part of our journey will be our heart.  What flows out of it will be revealed, so it is important to set your heart on the truth and then walk in it.

I am following the She Works His Way 2018 Bible Reading Plan (it is free!) and this year, we will be going through the Bible Chronologically.  I have yet to read the Bible in this way, so I am so excited.

I will also be leading a Bible study (more details on that soon!) with some gals and I cannot wait to dig deeper into the Word together as we attend church together and pursue Him even more.

That is all for now!

I will do my best to update you all on my Whole 30 and fitness journey, as well as what God is teaching me as I dig into His word each day.

Would love to hear what you guys want to see on this blog?  What are you interested in learning more about?



Whole 30 and First 30 of 22 Minute HC

Y’all!!!!! I finished the Whole 30 and I also finished my first 30 days of 22 Minute HC!

Can we get an AMEN for this! 

Here is what I have experienced so far.

My thoughts on the Whole 30? I don’t think I really needed it, aside from increasing my overall protein intake (which actually proved to be beneficial for my workouts). I don’t drink dairy at home as it is, aside from the occasional coffee latte at a coffee shop. I did kind of miss rice, so I might gradually add those in for an extra boost of carbohydrates on intense fitness days. Mostly though, potatoes helped a lot, so I didn’t miss rice too much.

One thing I did discover, which was surprising, was how much I LOVED grilled onions and bell peppers! I mean before, I would tolerate them in my meals. They were there, but I wasn’t excited about them. I liked red bell peppers grilled or roasted, but I rarely enjoyed them on their own. They had to be with chicken or some kind of sauce. I discovered this when I went out to eat with some friends and I opted for the fajitas, and I was just chowing down on the chicken, and then eating the onions and bell peppers. I couldn’t stop! They were so good! My taste buds learned to love certain flavors. That is a huge win!
I also found I didn’t need my morning cup of java everyday. I could get by without grabbing a cup. I could do the all the things. I still love coffee, and I did drink some, but I didn’t crave it. Another win!

Whole 30 meal win for the week were the fajitas. So good! Oh and the carnitas my husband made for the Super Bowl game today. 

Now for 22 Minute Hard Corps. You guys, this has been so challenging and yet so fulfilling. I have worked out for six years straight. I have yet to complete a Tony Horton program. This will be my first. And I am in love. It is tough. He pushes you. He is so corny. But I am loving how I am feeling. 

My results so far:

I don’t weight myself anymore because I can generally tell with my clothes now how I am doing. But my jeans that were snug (I will post a photo tomorrow on social media) are a little loose. That is awesome.

I don’t know that I see a huge physical change in my photos, but I do feel leaner. I look a little leaner and tighter in my photos. In the next coming weeks I will take before photos in better lighting, but this is my progress shot. 

On the left is my photo from today (Sunday), and the right is my before. 

My shoulders are more developed. I want to work on more definition for my triceps. Will really focus on making my core stronger these next 30 days. I didn’t these first 30 because I wanted to do this program and I didn’t want to quit. Now, I think I can manage the extra 11 minutes to do the core routines. 

My bottom half is always the first to develop. I am completely straight. I have no curves. So strength training helps me create some. My husband is not complaining. Ha! 

I sleep amazing. Seriously. And because of my strength training and cardio, I am paying more attention to the foods I eat. Shakeology has been a HUGE help to me with this program. That and Energize. 

Up on deck this week for 22 Minute HC week 5: 

Monday: Resistance 2

Tuesday: Cardio 2 Core 1

Wednesday: Resistance 3

Thursday: Cardio 3 Core 1

Friday: Resistance 2

Saturday: Cardio 2 Core 1

Sunday: Meal prep & Rest

For those of you who did the Whole 30 or some other program and you are feeling like you should be seeing greater results, can I encourage you? Very rarely will you see dramatic results in just 30 days. You will see some. But you will FEEL it the most. At least at first. But being consistent will be key. And if a program truly isn’t working for you, and you have truly given it everything you have, it is okay to walk away to find something better. This is for your health. Your own life. 

I told you that I have been doing this for six years now. You don’t build a healthy lifestyle in 30 days. You do it by being consistent day in and day out. I am able to keep going because six years ago I said I wasn’t going to quit on me.

And here I am. Still going.

Don’t you quit on you.

If you need me. If you need help. If you are ready to commit. You know where to find me.

Be a Size You,

Whole 30 Week 3

Hello friends!!!!

It has been a crazy busy week over here at the Harper’s. First, Madi had a swim meet and she did so well.

I am so dang proud of that girl.

She did really well. It was a learning experience for her as well. Her first race she was disqualified in the 50 M Breastroke because she didn’t touch the wall with two hands when she finished. Heartbroken to say the least, but now, she knows what to do!

Second race was the 50 Freestyle and she did amazing! Her time was 42:33 and we are so proud of her. She finished 4th in her Heat. I know she is ready to go for her next meet and kill it. Love my Fit Kids.

For the Whole 30, it was harder to stay on it, especially since Dan and I were staying with family this weekend and they are not following Whole 30. I am finding that Dan and I are embracing the Paleo lifestyle a lot and I think this will be something we will continue to follow, with some modifications. I will still be drinking Shakeology everyday because it is a part of my nutrition plan and it makes me feel really good. Our whole family drinks it so I don’t think we will be stopping anytime soon.

Our favorite meal of the week was the Beef and Veggie Stir fry from Practical Paleo.

If you have some skirt steak or chicken and a ton of leftover veggies, you need to make this dish. Easy and quick! And nutritious!

Plus, with leftovers, Dan would heat up some of the stir fry, fry an egg and fuel up before he went on a bike ride or before he left for work. I had a bunch for leftovers for lunch as well. 

I finished up week 3 of 22 Minute Hard Corps. You guys, this workout has pushed me so much! I love that it works multiple muscle groups, I get cardio in (you all know I hate cardio), and it is done in 22 minutes. If you are someone who feels like they are working out a lot and aren’t seeing the results you want, give 22 a try! I think you might be surprised!!!! 

I still haven’t taken photos, because I am a total slacker. Haha! I will do it! Perhaps I will wait until after the final week is done, that way I can see my 30 day progress and then push myself even more based on what needs to change (if anything).

Well, that is all folks! Thank you so much for joining me on this journey so far. I can’t wait to keep sharing with you guys and I hope that you see that no matter where you are starting from, you can become healthier and feel good inside and put. Self care is important!

Be a Size You,


Week 2 of Whole 30

The Whole 30 has been so interesting this week! I have really loved the meals I prepared for my family. If you saw my previous post, I shared the Mediterranean chicken that was a hit, as well as the Sweet Potato soup and Lemon Rosemary salmon. With a ton of veggies and Shakeology as well during the second week, I feel good.

But then at the same time, I don’t.

Anybody else feel the emotional toll from this week? I found myself glued to social media and the news with all the hoopla in regards to the inauguration, the women’s march, the anger, the fear, etc.

It was like my body was doing all the things necessary to take care of itself, but the stress of everything I was seeing was invading my body and my body was fighting to survive.

My mind too. It is true when the Bible teaches us to guard our hearts and minds. Because what goes in….will manifest itself in other ways. 

My heart was so broken over the anger and fear and ugliness that I witness from both sides of the debate. People have literally lost their minds! And I could tell, physically, that it took a toll on me. I am a very political person. I am interested greatly in what happens in our country and its leaders.  I don’t always share those opinions or thoughts. My mother didn’t raise an idiot and I have learned when to speak up and when to be quiet and fight silently. But I also tend to carry things internally, and that affects MY well being.

I know this was supposed to be a recap on the Whole 30, but this journey isn’t just about a diet or food to me. I have been this lifestyle for about five years now. It is NEVER just about food. Which is why my emotions are a part of this week’s recap. 

But rest assured, I am good. I am okay. But I noticed that I may not be seeing the results that I would like because of the stress my body may be feeling from this week. 
Have you felt emotionally charged this week? It is okay to admit that you have! I think everyone has been affected somewhat. 

Remember to pray for our nation and its leaders. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with them or not. Pray for them! They have to make decisions that we do not! I do not envy their job.

Finished up week 2 of 22 Minute Hard Corps and the Beachbody Health bet is still going strong! My group is crushing it! 

My current favorite Shakeology recipe is so simple right now.

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

1 scoop greenberry Shakeology 

1/4 cup frozen berries

1 tsp coconut oil

Extra ice


Be a Size You,
Tiffany Harper 

My Favorite Meals from Whole 30 So Far

So, who saw my fail on IG the other day. Haha!

I love Panera Bread, and truthfully, they have awesome healthy options for those who are looking to eat well.  But since I am doing the Whole 30, a lot of things, like BREAD, are not allowed.

I was so excited to chat with my sister friend and we were busy talking and I was just thinking about grabbing something nutritious, that I forgot about the rules a little bit. Ordered an egg white, spinach, and avocado power sandwich. Woops! By the time I realized my mistake, my hungry self wolfed it down.

It was really good though! LOL!

I wanted to share a couple of my favorite recipes with you guys so far that I have enjoyed this week and last week.  I shared two on my week 1 recap, but here are  a couple more.

Please note that I am no food photographer, nor am I one to really recreate fancy recipes.  I love cookbooks and following their suggestions. I am just not that creative in the kitchen, even though I do enjoy cooking.

On Monday, I made Lemon Rosemary Salmon. AMAZING!

I got the recipe for the Salmon from Practical Paleo cookbook (page 375).  It called for it to be broiled, but you can bake it as well. A really simple and easy recipe and I added Kale and Sweet Potato Zoodles for veggies. My hubby devoured it. And we had plenty left over for lunch the next day. Score!

Another great recipe I made, that I actually wasn’t sure I was going to like was the Mediterranean Baked Chicken with Cauliflower, also from Practical Paleo (page 294).

Mediterranean flavors are so interesting! There is cinnamon, paprika, citrus notes, garlic, onion, and so much more. I really, really enjoyed this dish. And the Cauliflower with all the capers and bacon…yes please! Such a great meal.

Dan and I have really enjoyed eating this way the last couple of weeks. Obviously, we have not been perfect. It has also taken our kids a bit of an adjustment to since I am enforcing more veggies and protein and less processed meals for them. I just can’t make multiple meals for their tastes. They will come around and I require that they at least try a few bites of what I have made for dinner.  They don’t have to like everything I make, but they should at least try it. So for those of you struggling with your kids eating healthy, give it time. Every parent has a kid or two who doesn’t want to eat their veggies. But keep introducing them to new flavors and include them in the kitchen.  (Fellow control freak mamas, I hear you. Do the best you can to include them. They really just want to be with you, more than they actually want to cook.)

What are your favorite Paleo recipes? Did you discover recipes that you were surprised you would like?  This has been such a fun experience for me, even if I have not done it perfectly!  Only a couple more weeks to go!

Be a Size You,


Starting Whole 30…

Here we go! The first day of Whole 30 and I am super excited!!!

To prepare myself for these next 30 days, I actually made Whole 30 friendly recipes the week before, just to get an idea of what to expect. These meals were paleo by nature and they were also incredibly delicious!

One recipe I made was the Sweet Potato soup on Saturday. While I was making it, I was 100% certain no one in my family would eat it. It was such an easy recipe, but I thought for sure I would have to dump it out. I even added some crispy crumbled bacon to add on top.

I was wrong. The kid’s didn’t eat it, but Dan did. He had two big bowls! He loved it! I nearly died! Lol!

Here is what is on the meal schedule for this week (for dinner).

Monday: Coconut Curry chicken with zoodles & roasted veggies.

Tuesday: Bacon Burgers, salad and oven home fries

Wednesday: leftover chicken or burgers and a side of sweet potatoes or home fries and veggies

Thursday: Lemon Pepper Salmon with cauliflower rice and roasted veggies

Friday: breakfast for dinner! Spinach frittata, bacon, roasted sweet potatoes and red bell peppers and Brussels sprouts.

So excited to try new things! Saturday will be grocery day and Sunday will be meal prep ( Both of those days will mean lots of left overs for us.)

Most of the recipes for these meals I have found in the Whole 30 cookbook and some of my favorite Paleo food bloggers. (Will share them soon!)

I also started 22 Minute Hard Corps, as well as continuing to drink Shakeology.

Also, the Beachbody Health get kicked off today and my online group has gotten off to an amazing start! I am so proud of them! 
Be a Size You,

Be a Size You goes on the Whole 30!

I will be honest and tell you that I have considered trying the Whole 30 many times, but never decided to take the leap, until now.

I will spare you all the reasons, except one. 

Sometimes, those in certain food/nutrition camps, are incredibly self righteous and a little legalistic for my taste. You mention that you don’t eat Paleo or you use a certain brand of supplements and they are all over you like ugly on an ape.

I don’t have time for rude people, or snotty people. So, I would just do my thing.

And it has worked. I workout at home 6 days a week, I follow a relatively clean diet of whole, nutrient dense foods, as well as drink Shakeology. I am the healthiest I have ever been and as a thirty-five year old wife and mom of two, that feels pretty awesome.

But I like trying new things. I have heard amazing things about Whole 30 that Dan and I decided that we are going to give this a go, together!


What is Whole 30? Many of you reading this are probably very well aware of it or you have friends doing it, but in a nutshell, it is not a cleanse. It is a 30 day nutrition reset that has you eating REAL, Whole, nutrients dense foods and eliminating the ones that most people consume in their diet that they may not realize is harming their body and therefore it is failing to function at its most optimal. Whole 30 is about helping you help your insides. Did I mention it was not a cleanse?

You eat food people! Yes! 🙌🏻
If you haven’t, I highly suggest reading “It Starts with Food” first, and then grabbing your copy of the Whole 30 book as well, if you decide while reading the first book to give it a go. Both of those books are available at the above website or through Amazon.

*Side note, you will. The science provided in the book is fascinating. What’s the worst that could happen by doing the Whole 30? You eat food that is tasty and nutritious?*

I have long believed that food plays a very big role in our overall health. I believe this because I have seen countless women try to kill themselves in the gym, or even with the workouts I do, but their eating habits don’t change and they don’t feel as good or see the results they are hoping for. The truth is, you cannot outexercise a poor diet and think it is going to Fix your health. You must start with your plate.

I also wanted to do this with Dan, for Dan. He has been struggling with some chronic pain, he gets headaches quite a bit, among other things and he desires to be his healthiest self this year. I want him to succeed and I think this will be an amazing thing for him. Because, again, he gets to eat food. This man of mine does not do cleanses. Ha!

Dan and I begin on January 9th. I will be blogging my journey and popping on FB live to share my thoughts, as well as posting on IG as well. 

Another note here, because I know you will ask. I will be drinking Shakeology during the Whole 30. I know that in the book it says not to. But while I agree with them on the majority of their information, I disagree with them on Shakeology as an educated consumer and advocate for my own health. This is a decision I am making for myself and not for you. You must make your own decisions regarding Whole 30 and their guidelines and for your health. 

Stay tuned and Be a Size You,