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Are You Ready for Summer?

Can you believe it is June already? I can’t. It really does feel like 2017 is just flying by.

My kids get out of school really soon, and we are all so ready to head to the beach and enjoy lazy summer days.

But, I am also ready to challenge myself even more with my health and fitness. I have been loving my 21 Day fitness program so far and I am already starting to see results from just 7 12 days in.  That is huge!!!! I will be taking photos soon, so stay tuned so you can see my progress.  It has inspired me and I think it will inspire a lot of you!

Speaking of inspire, how are you feeling right now about summer? Are you inspired and feel like you have reached your summer goals?  Or are you still hoping for something to change.

Can I challenge you?

Watch this!


I am only taking 10 women. And they must be serious and ready to commit to getting results.

If you that describes you, apply here: Be a Size You Community

Be a Size You,


It’s HERE! YouV2!!!!

For those of you who have felt like you have been left out of the fitness community because the workouts are too intense or too much for your body and you don’t feel ready to go THAT hard…..

Now there is something finally for you.


I had briefly gone over what YouV2 was and the workout over in this post. So every question you may have regarding the length of workouts, cost, specific links and more are in that post. So head there if you have questions.

I will be honest when I say that at first, I wasn’t excited about this program.

You will have to keep in mind that I have been on my fitness journey for seven years now.  Six years as a Beachbody Coach.  So I had to go back to when I first began.

While I didn’t have 50 pounds to lose, I definitely had 20 plus and I didn’t like how I felt or looked. I was tired.  But I also didn’t feel like I could do the extreme programs like P90X or Insanity.

No. Way.

I just wanted something that would help consistently move and not feel defeated after the first day. I wanted a program that would provide me with the tools I needed to push play and be motivated and that I would at least have a little fun. I like fun. I bet you do too.

Did I push myself to more intense programs later on? Absolutely! Eventually, I built up enough  strength and confidence to take on new challenges.  But that didn’t happen in month one. Or month two.

 But it is not just about me. It is about others. That’s the point. 

So for those of you who have a considerable journey ahead of you and you want to start but you aren’t ready for Insanity or Crossfit, then this is a place just for you.

Can I encourage you to reach out to your coach or to me if you don’t have one, to get started? I have a virtual fitness community starting on Monday, May 22nd and I would love to have you join us! 

Be a Size You,


P.S. Did you know the kids can join in too??!! YAAAAASSSSSS! Let’s make family fitness a thing!

Bust Those Workout Excuses

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There are a lot of moments when we don’t feel like working out.  I totally get it, because there are plenty of moments when I don’t feel like it either!!!

Part of my job as a coach is to help my customers stay committed to their goals, even when their want to has gone and left them!  It happens even to the best of us.

Here are some common reasons you may not want to workout, and how you can bust through them and get your sweat on!

  1. “I am too tired at the end of the day.”
If you are a full time working gal, or maybe you stay at home but your day is jam packed with errands and activities, this one you may say to yourself a lot.  I know I did! If you are in a position where getting a workout in first thing in the morning is not an option for you, then fuel up in the afternoon. Grab a protein rich snack or protein shake, something that will give you energy during that 2 O’clock slump that so often comes.  Extra coffee is not what will help you feel more energized. Nutrients are what will give your body the pep it needs to keep going. Second, find a buddy to sweat with. Enlist some support. That support and accountability will help you push through when you feel tired.
  2. “I don’t have time to workout for an hour a day.”
Good news! I don’t either!  I workout max for 30 minutes a day.  Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to workout for long periods of time to break a sweat or see results. You absolutely can workout for less time and get what you need from your session. Try HIIT workouts, which can range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes and trust me, you will get what you need!
3. “The workout seems really hard. I am not ready for that.”
That is okay.  If a workout you are doing is really hard, chances are you may be compromising form in order to just get through it.   It is okay to evaluate where you are physically, and challenge yourself a bit, but be realistic. For someone who has never done a workout program before or they are new to fitness, I would never recommend a program like Insanity or P90X.  I want them to reach their goals, not feel defeated!  They can work their way up to those intense fitness programs. Start where you are, master them, then move up as you can.  Consistency is what matters!
4. “I travel a lot and I don’t know the area/can’t workout/no gym available.”
Three words: Beachbody on Demand. Trust me.  I think this is genius for everyone, but especially for those of you who travel a great deal for work or are always on the go.  You can have access to thousands of workouts right from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, and you can workout in your hotel room or even in the hotel gym. See? No excuses!!!
5. “I have young kids and I can’t workout right now while they are little.”
I am going to be honest with you. Yes, you can.  You just have to be a little more creative and willing to sacrifice some leisure time.  Meaning you workout while they nap and you don’t sit on the couch catching up on TV or YouTube. Or you get up earlier (I have been known to get up at 4:30AM because my 2 year old at the time would wake up at 5 everyday!!!) Or you go to bed a little later.  Or enlist your husband to help watch the kids so you can practice a little self care.  You are choosing to workout for your kids. Not in spite of them. It was when my babies were little when my fitness story began.  I realized that by not taking care of my body, I wasn’t able to give them the energy and attention they desired and needed because I was too tired and physically unable to. Did you know that exercise gives you energy?  Don’t put off yourself just because you have children.  Motherhood is not martyrdom. It is a calling, so we want to be well enough to fulfill that calling!
Image via Google Images
Image via Google Images
We all make excuses. We all have those feelings of “I don’t want to.” But push through them, so you can truly Be a Size You!