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Why You Don’t Need More Inspiration or Motivation

Inspiration is everywhere. Have you noticed that? Whether we are being inspired to create a beautiful home, or new delicious recipes that will wow your family and friends, or outfit inspirations, we are literally inundated with inspiration and ideas that are meant to move us to action.

Pinterest is a dreamers haven. But I have also found it is the place where dreams go to die.


Because being inspired is not the same as action.  Honestly, it is easy to be inspired. Dare I say, it is even easy to be motivated.

Action, on the other hand, is harder. Because that means you have to make a decision to move or do something based on what you have seen.

If what you saw inspired you enough to move, and you actually took action, then fantastic! It worked!!!

But, if you are constantly being inspired but nothing happens….then you don’t need anymore inspiration. 

You need an action plan. You need to move.

People like to chat about being inspired. But being inspired costs you nothing. Literally. It is free. I post on social media every day my workouts, or about something I have read that encouraged me, in order to inspire and encourage all of you. And it is all free for you. I don’t charge for my inspiration. I give that away because I know it can benefit the heart of the reader.

But, if you come to me wanting my help to take action, I will require YOU to put some skin in the game. That means, you will have to invest your time and dollars in order for you to reach your desired goal. Action requires skin in the game. It does not require more motivation or inspiration. Those help to keep momentum. Heck, we all love an “Atta Girl!” Now and then! No shame in that!

But if you aren’t willing to move and put some skin on, then you are wanting to achieve anything. 

Are you ready for this? I say this in love. Completely. Because I love you.

You just want to be inspired. You aren’t looking to change. You don’t want to change, yet. You are not there yet. 

“But why do I have to spend so much money to get healthy/build my business/get training/etc.

Because. If you put into it, it will matter more to you. You will care more. It will hurt more because it cost you something. My journey was not free. It still isn’t. I invest regularly into my health, my relationships, my home, my business, because it matters to me! I have skin in this. It matters.

I know that part is painful. We don’t like to give any part of ourselves if we aren’t sure if it will work out. There are no guarantees, really.

But what if. Just what if you decided to take that inspiration, invest in it, and be surprised by the outcome. 

You may discover it was worth it.

Be a Size You,

P.S. If you are ready to take charge of your health, and put some skin in the game, I always offer one on one support. Apply here so I can help you reach your health and fitness goals. 

Mama, Take Charge & Don’t Be Afraid

After I had my son back in 2009, I definitely felt the pressure to get back into pre-pregnancy shape. 

If you are a mama, I am sure you have felt it.

We are surrounded by articles and tips on how to bounce back in 10 weeks after pushing out a kid or having our bodies cut open to give life. We see celebrities who do it and they say “make no excuses! I work out for two hours everyday!” While they have their nannies or staff watch their children.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a nanny. And even though I don’t work outside the home, I still don’t have two hours to kill it at the gym. I make it work with what I have. Which is why I really love having something like Beachbody on Demand (basically the Netflix for fitness) to help me stay in shape without the added stress of child care or driving to the gym. I like the gym. I like fitness classes, but I can’t always get there. My home is my consistent gym. 

Mamas, what if I could simplify all of this for you? What if, especially on the days that were really hard and busy, all you had to do was push play.

What if, for simply one meal a day, you could have something that would nutritionally fill in the gaps so you didn’t have to succumb to the drive thru….and it made you feel good.

What if, we worked out together virtually. We high-fived each other virtually. We connected and shared together as we worked towards our goals and it came without deadlines. Without stress. Without added pressure.

You can have goals without trying to compete with everyone else. What if you could do you?!

I created my virtual fitness groups to be a place where we can achieve our goals together, and become friends in the process. Where we feel supported and not pressured.

Where our worth isn’t measured by the scale, but by Him who created us. 

My next group that begins on Monday, April 23rd will be that place.

We will workout virtually together.

We will share new recipes and learn together.

We will lift each other up.

We will have at least one meal a day that fills in the gaps nutritionally and gives us a quick win for the day. 

We will have fun. We will see transformation. It will be beautiful. Just like you.

I only have 5 spots open for this next group, so if you would like to be a part of it, you will need to comment below or email me at coachtiffanyharper@gmail.com.

I am so excited to workout with you.

Be a Size You,

Tiffany Harper 

Week 6 of 22 Minute Hard Corps

I decided to take some photos this week. And I am so excited.

Left: February 17 2017.  Right: December 2016

What? Yes. This is legit. I honestly don’t know how much weight, if any, I have lost. I haven’t been on the scale. I don’t hate the scale, but I rarely use it.

Pictures tell me a lot more anyway. 

I feel amazing. I officially finish week 6 of 22 Minute Hard Corps on Saturday and I only have two more weeks into the program. But I couldn’t wait to share my results so far. I am so dang excited!!! I know a lot of you have been watching me, but you haven’t really taken the leap yet to try this program out for yourself.

I thought I would answer some questions that I get pretty often.

1. Is it hard?

Yes. Absolutely. Is it doable? Yes. Absolutely. For those who maybe feel they have too much weight to lose before they do this program, Tony Horton specifically created this program so you can do it. They have a modifier you can follow for any move that feels too intense for you. Even one of his directives during the workout is “modify to finish.” He wants you to get the results you want and to finish strong. 

2. Do you need a ton of equipment or space? 

Nope. I workout at home and I only use my mat for core workouts, a couple set of light and heavy dumbells, and a resistance band for pull-ups/chin ups (which you don’t do often). 

I workout in my living room. I have worked out in a fifth wheel. So I am telling you, you don’t need a ton of space. You can get in shape anywhere.

3. Do I have to count calories or follow a strict nutrition plan? 

Well, let me ask you this? How serious are you about getting in shape? Do you kind of want to commit or do you really want results? You get what you put in! I am seeing incredible results because this is challenging. I don’t want to put in all this effort and then just feed my body crap. No thanks. So, I follow a more paleo diet along with Shakeology and Beachbody Performance. But if you aren’t willing to work on what is on your plate, don’t bother with a quality fitness program like this one. You won’t get the results you want and you will have wasted your time and your money. 

4. Why is it so expensive?

Because it is quality. Because you get a program that pushes you for two months, gives you a calendar so you know what day you are doing what workout (meaning you don’t have to figure it out on your own and that saves you TIME), you get a nutrition guide so you can know what meals to eat to get the most out of your workouts (which saves you from paying for a nutritionist/personal trainer because professionals put that nutrition guide together and Tony Horton himself is your trainer!) If you missed my post yesterday about what your health is worth to you, I highly recommend reading it! I see too many people paying for the cheapest gym, and yet they are stuck in the same spot because they don’t have a real plan together. That’s the point. Get a quality plan and stick with it! 

5. Do I have to drink Shakeology/Beachbody performance? I want to do the workout but I am not sure about supplements.

Totally get that. Short answer is no. You don’t have to. But again, I ask you. Do you want to get the most out of this program? Shakeology and performance are not quick fixes. They are to be used in conjunction with your healthy nutrition plan. But I will say that those who have gotten the best results from this program and others like it are those who have followed the plan and drank Shakeology/Beachbody Performance. They just work. They really do. 

So, what do you think? What concerns do you have? I want to help you overcome them. 

Be a Size You,

Week 2 of Whole 30

The Whole 30 has been so interesting this week! I have really loved the meals I prepared for my family. If you saw my previous post, I shared the Mediterranean chicken that was a hit, as well as the Sweet Potato soup and Lemon Rosemary salmon. With a ton of veggies and Shakeology as well during the second week, I feel good.

But then at the same time, I don’t.

Anybody else feel the emotional toll from this week? I found myself glued to social media and the news with all the hoopla in regards to the inauguration, the women’s march, the anger, the fear, etc.

It was like my body was doing all the things necessary to take care of itself, but the stress of everything I was seeing was invading my body and my body was fighting to survive.

My mind too. It is true when the Bible teaches us to guard our hearts and minds. Because what goes in….will manifest itself in other ways. 

My heart was so broken over the anger and fear and ugliness that I witness from both sides of the debate. People have literally lost their minds! And I could tell, physically, that it took a toll on me. I am a very political person. I am interested greatly in what happens in our country and its leaders.  I don’t always share those opinions or thoughts. My mother didn’t raise an idiot and I have learned when to speak up and when to be quiet and fight silently. But I also tend to carry things internally, and that affects MY well being.

I know this was supposed to be a recap on the Whole 30, but this journey isn’t just about a diet or food to me. I have been this lifestyle for about five years now. It is NEVER just about food. Which is why my emotions are a part of this week’s recap. 

But rest assured, I am good. I am okay. But I noticed that I may not be seeing the results that I would like because of the stress my body may be feeling from this week. 
Have you felt emotionally charged this week? It is okay to admit that you have! I think everyone has been affected somewhat. 

Remember to pray for our nation and its leaders. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with them or not. Pray for them! They have to make decisions that we do not! I do not envy their job.

Finished up week 2 of 22 Minute Hard Corps and the Beachbody Health bet is still going strong! My group is crushing it! 

My current favorite Shakeology recipe is so simple right now.

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

1 scoop greenberry Shakeology 

1/4 cup frozen berries

1 tsp coconut oil

Extra ice


Be a Size You,
Tiffany Harper 

The Struggle Is Real, Ladies!

2015-02-17 16.05.23-2

My husband began his weight loss journey on Father’s Day. He is a crazy man.  Anyway, he has really been wanting to get back in shape and to his credit, he created a plan that he could follow and I have been trying to make meals that will help him reach his goals.

But remember, he started on Father’s Day. Today is Wednesday. Literally 3 days later.

He has lost 4.5 pounds.

I have been working out for the last 5 years. Lost a ton of weight. Gained some back. Decided this past week to challenge myself with a fitness program from start to finish. Been following it this week to a T and following the nutrition guide (and stick out my tongue and literally move around in circles because, well, LIFE! Just kidding….not really)

I have lost .5 pounds.

Do you feel me ladies??!!!!

I know I am not the only one who is one the struggle bus when it comes to fitness and nutrition. It can be so frustrating when we see our husbands begin their journey’s and it appears to be so much easier for them. They lose weight faster or see change faster. I get it!

But don’t give up.

You see, men will also lose and change faster than we will. The majority of men naturally have more muscle mass on their bodies.  That means, they are burning more at rest than we are. Women have to work to build those muscles. We have some, but they are not as defined as men’s are. It is what it is and that is how we are designed.

Personally, I like the fact that my man has all of those muscles naturally. *wink* Don’t worry, this is a G rated blog post!

But even though my own transformation may not happen as quickly as Dan’s, I am not going to quit. I am going to continue working out to my current program (21 Day Fix Extreme in case you are wondering. It is so hard but I love it!). I am going to remind myself often that every day I choose to push play and nourish my body means I am one step closer to living healthier and living well.

Dan roots me on regularly and notices how hard I work. He is always quick to tell me about the changes he sees in me and in my health (and in my attitude! LOL!)

If you don’t have someone like that in your life, grab some girlfriends to do this with you. Health is a continual journey. It is not a one time destination. We all need some cheerleaders in your life. Find yourself some!

Your body is a temple created by God.  Treat it well. Be grateful that you are able to move it each day. There are many through no fault of their own who are not able to move their limbs like we do. Be grateful for the opportunities.

The struggle happens. It is a part of the journey. But don’t quit.  You got this!

Sweat. Nourish. Pray. Inspire.

Be a Size You,



Transformation Tuesday: Lauren Bello

I am so  excited to share with you this Transformation story!

Lauren has been a part of several of my online fitness accountability groups and she is a brand new teammate as well with Team Fuel!

She tried out the fitness program, Cize, because she needed something a little different for her routine. And she was drawn to it because, hello! Dancing!  Who doesn’t like to dance?!

Here are her before and after photos:

Lauren Bello

Lauren Bello
Lauren Bello

Here are her own words regarding her transformation:

“I lost 1.5 inches in my waist and only a few pounds, but I feel more energetic and there is a noticeable difference in my before and after photos.  This totally encourages me to keep at it! I never expected results from ‘just dancing’ but the proof is in the photos. I can’t tell you how vital this visual is in my progress. I’m really excited to complete my next challenge!”

Lauren completed 30 days of Cize and drank Shakeology as well as followed the nutrition guide that came along with the program. She is onto the brand new 22 Minute Hard Corps program to continue her journey.

So proud of this girl right here! I know 30 days (or even 60 and 90 days can seem intimidating), but everyone is on their own journey.  Lauren is proof that when you are willing to attempt something to reach a goal, and you stick with it, you will reach where you are going.

Please give her a ton of LOVE because she worked hard!

Be a Size You,


P.S. My next online fitness group begins April 11th and I am still accepting signups.  Are you ready to Be a Size You?


It Is Not About The Scale or What You Look Like

Allow me to be real with you all for a second.

Here a couple of photos of me:

2016-03-07 15.42.08I am going to be starting the 22 Minute HardCorps workout March 21st with several other individuals. So I took my before photos (featured on the right).

I am so proud of where my body is right now.  I am stronger than I have ever been and I am 34 years old.  My body has been pregnant 3 times, and has given birth to 2 beautiful children.  It has gone through changes and challenges. It has aged.

I feel fantastic.

The photo on the left is from when I finished the 21 Day Fix Extreme back in 2015.  I was super proud of those results as well. I worked hard. I followed the nutrition to a T. I worked out in a 35 foot single wide trailer on the side of a mountain. I gave no excuses.

I love both photos that I am showing you right now.

I don’t give a care at all what someone thinks of my body right now. I know, even with the rolls I see now, my body is stronger than ever before.

Why am I sharing this with you?  Why am I sharing two photos where it looks like in one, I slightly let myself go?

Because I want you to see how a women’s body will change with the different seasons of her life.

In the photo on the right, it is obvious that I am not as “tight” as the photo on the left.  My goals were different in the summer. I wanted to see what I could ultimately accomplish in 21 days of being tight in my nutrition and pushing my body a little harder. Those are the results from that effort.

In the photo on the right, I have still been working out and eating clean.  My clean eating has been about 85% on target.  But in no way, shape, or form am I unhealthy, fat, or any other derogatory label ourselves with. My goals were just different. But my body is still strong.

Can I just encourage you in this very moment to not obsess over that blasted scale? Or about whether or not you have six pack abs? Can I just encourage you to work out so you can be strong? So you can have a better quality of life overall? That when you nourish your body with foods that fuel you and give you life instead of make you miserable?

No matter what your pictures may say to you today, I want you to remember that if you are up everyday pushing play and nourishing yourself, you are moving farther than those who choose to do nothing and are sitting on the couch. They aren’t ready yet to change their life.

But you are. You are willing to do what no one else will do in order to Be a Size You.

Go get Em. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are of worth. The scale can’t measure that.  A six pack can’t measure that.

Be a Size You,

Tiffany Harper

You Matter

Did you know that? Did you know, sweet woman, that you matter in this world?

That while you may be doing all the mundane activities no one else seems to recognize: wiping little noses, cleaning dirty dishes, cooking meals that often bring complaints, dropping off little ones at school or daycare so you can work a 9-6 job that you aren’t even sure you enjoy…you still matter.

You are important and you are of great value.  You matter to those closest to you, and you matter to your Heavenly Father who created you.

In the shuffle of serving everyone else and making sure their needs are met, I often hear from my fellow hard-working women that they cannot take the time to be a part of my fitness groups because they are simply too busy.

But my friend, if you are busy, then you cannot afford to put your health last.  You simply can’t.

What if I told you that there is a better way? That you don’t have to be obsessed with weight loss, but you could simply choose to do something to feel better. To move a little more than you did before?

What if you started your day, each day, like this:


Read His word. Dig in. Pray.  Start by nourishing your soul with the good of the Lord and His promises. His truth will center you and prepare you for the day.


What if for just 30-40 minutes a day, which calculates to really only 2% of your entire day, you moved your body? Did you know, that movement, creates not only endorphins, but it just feels good? There is a reason why people say they never regret a workout. They always regret not working out, especially when they are capable of moving.  You don’t have to spend two hours at the gym for an exercise to be effective. You can be an amazing woman, wife, and mom and sweat.


Just like we want to speak uplifting words to our own hearts and the hearts of those we love, let’s choose foods that nourish our bodies. As busy as we are, we can’t afford to not have life giving nutrients fill our stomachs.  We must be intentional. It doesn’t have to be tricky, or extremely expensive, or take a ton of man hours in the kitchen, but it does take some effort. You don’t want your children to live off of sugary drinks and foods, why would you choose to do that to your own body?


What if I told you that you didn’t have to do this alone? That it could be fun. That you could build new relationships and deeper connections with other women who choose to believe that They Matter. That you Matter.  That you can feel good in this skin you are in, and love your family well. I will do all I can to encourage you and uplift you and celebrate you. Because you matter.


Not just physically, although some of you may have some physical goals to work towards and that is awesome! But you will also transform on the inside. You will begin to love the body God created you with. You will want to take care of the body He gave you.  You will workout and eat well, not because of your hatred for your body, but out of love for your creator and to honor Him daily with your body.  Your heart will transform and you will seek Him through everything.  You will have more energy to serve those you love. You may discover a new passion you never thought you had. You may inspire others to join you in living a life worth living. Doesn’t that kind of life sound amazing?

Do you believe You Matter? I would love to have you in my upcoming fitness accountability group beginning soon.  You can apply here to be considered for a spot in my group and to truly transformed from the inside out.

Be a Size You,


Transformation Tuesday: Hammer and Chisel Results!

I did it!

60 Day Results!
60 Day Results!

I am so unbelievably proud of myself for pushing through this program. It. Was. TOUGH!  Mostly because it was very different from the kind of programs I have done in the past.  Usually, my workouts incorporate more cardio/HIIT training and some weight lifting. But with H&C, there was a lot more lifting, and going heavy.

I will be honest and say that I was disappointed that I didn’t drop more in weight. But that was not the program’s fault. That was mine.  I tried hard to stick with the nutrition plan for the most part, but as soon as January hit, I felt like our weekends and evenings became really busy, and I slacked in my meal planning a bit. Again, that was my fault, not the program.  But overall, I am really happy with how my results turned out. Look at my arms! Woooooo!

2016-02-02 16.51.07

When I started, I had struggled with staying within the 5 to 8 pound weight range for lifting. Heck, there were some moments when I could barely finish with a pair of 8 pounds! How sad! I loved that this program challenged me to go heavier little by little. Now I can push to failure with 10-15 pound weights. And I am going to challenge myself to keep getting stronger.  My momma arms do a lot of work. I want to keep them strong.  And bonus ladies! By lifting heavier, you don’t look like a body builder!

Here is a before that I put together, when I just began the program. I am so happy with how far I have come.  Totally celebrating this journey!  I think, because I missed some of the cardio, I might do Cize next.  What do you think?  I like to change it up!

2015-12-15 17.29.01
Left (2010) Right (Nov 2015)

If you have any questions about Hammer and Chisel, or about my next Be a Size You bootcamp, I would love to connect with you and help you reach your goals!

Be a Size You,


Updated to add: If you are viewing this post via a mobile device, the photos are showing upside down. They are right side up via a desktop. I am working to fix this as soon as possible. Thank you.


Transformation Tuesday: Michelle Bradley

I love Tuesdays because that means I get to celebrate the accomplishments and successes of all of you!  You guys are amazing and you work hard, and you kick butt. So thankful for you!

Today’s Transformation Tuesday features my sweet and dearest friend, Michelle Bradley.  I have known this gal for more than 10 years. She and I met at church. We served the high school group together. We went on many adventures together!  Lots of tears shed together when boys broke our hearts.  When our expectations for life in ministry fell short thanks to reality, we had each other. I am so thankful for this woman!

She chose to do the 21 Day Fix and Shakeology.  She wasn’t afraid to buy a workout program, but she was afraid that she wouldn’t finish what she started. She would often use words to describe herself that I truly felt didn’t fit her. Lazy. Undisciplined.  Unmotivated. Easily discouraged. But when I see her, I see a woman who has overcome immense challenges to become who she is. She is kind. Compassionate. Sensitive. Friendly. Extroverted. An excellent listener.  She is BEAUTIFUL on the inside. And what you see now physically just shows you how hard she worked.

Michelle Bradley 21 Day Fix Results
Michelle Bradley 21 Day Fix Results

She lost 3 pounds and 10 inches off of her entire body. That is in 21 Days.  She also has gained a newfound confidence in herself, and she has fallen in love with fitness. Not because it makes you look physically good, but because there is so much to live for. When we feel good, we can do more. We can live more of our life and do more things in this lifetime. We can serve more people.  It can help transform us inside and out.  This has been my greatest joy to see my friend transform.

So proud of you Michelle! You absolutely killed it! I can’t wait to see your results from Hammer and Chisel!

Have any questions about Being a Size You? Are you ready to begin your own transformation journey?  Would love to connect with you in my next Be a Size You Bootcamp!