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My Life Changed When……

I finally had enough of not feeling good in my skin.

I wanted to develop healthy habits, but I wanted to do it the right way. Problem was, I didn’t really know what the “right way” was or meant or how to go about it.

I spent a lot of money and time on things that gave a false hope. Supplements couldn’t change my life….my new habits had to.

That meant that I had to move my body and build stronger muscles and workout.

That meant that I had to learn more about quality nutrition. Not just focus on low calorie, but on REAL food that gave my body what it needed to function at its most optimal.

It meant I had to say no to the things I enjoyed previously because they no longer served me in my pursuit of my goals. It meant being okay with being uncomfortable because that was how change was going to happen. I couldn’t take the easy way out.

Beachbody changed my life and helped me develop habits that I lacked. It gave me the confidence to finish a 21 day, 30 day, 60 day, or even a 90 day program because all I had to do was follow the workout calendar, get off my butt and push play.

Beachbody changed my life in that it wasn’t just about working out, but fueling our bodies. It meant following the nutrition guide that came with my program because it was designed to help me succeed. I wasn’t smarter than the program. I let the experts help me where I couldn’t help myself.

Beachbody changed my life in that it provided incredible high quality nutrition, Shakeology, meant to give me one nutrient dense and brainless meal a day, so that I could stay with my goals even as a busy mama and wife. It didn’t replace healthy eating and living, it enhanced it. It expedited my results and help me cut my habit of snacking.

Beachbody changed my life in the fact that I have a HUGE community of women who want the same thing: healthier lives. We support each other. Push each other. Celebrate each other. Some of us have taken on the roles as coaches to help other women do the same thing……encourage women to live healthier and fuller lives.

Beachbody hasn’t been instant gratification. It is hard work and a willingness to surrender to the process in order to reach a certain results. There is no room for know it alls and for those who aren’t willing to work for what they want. The incredible value that Beachbody has provided me for life (with a virtual gym in my living room with a few thousand dollars worth of workouts…no matter where I go?!) is far greater than anything else out there.

I don’t say that with arrogance. I say that with confidence. Because I am literally living proof of what can be achieved if we are willing to work for it.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work that hard.

If you are ready to finally take action on your health, I would love to help you 1:1 in October and provide the tools I have successfully used so you reach your goals.

Be a Size You,


Your Before and After Photos Are Real…

No matter what naysayers may say.

I was offended the other day. Not because of anything that was said to me personally. Normally, I don’t let comments on social media bother me that much. I might utter to myself that their comments are ridiculous, but I rarely bother to post anything of my own in public. I am able to move on for the most part and not worry about the comment, or that individual.

But today, I cannot.

Yesterday, a popular fitness blogger posted a photo of her “before” and “after” and showed how she posted them within ten minutes of each other. Her point was that photos can be manipulated with just a few tricks and with body positioning. She was right.  They can be manipulated.  My issue wasn’t with her photo.

I got heated when I started reading the comments. My fault. I shouldn’t have read them.

But I did.  And I was pissed.

For all of you who bust your butt, and share your journey, even though it is scary most of the time. Because you don’t want to be judged and ridiculed and not believed when it comes to you trying to better your quality of life.  I know what it feels like to have someone tell me that my results are not real because what I am doing, a fitness program that can be found on an infomercial, and I drink a whole foods nutrient dense shake, is a fake. A scam. That I manipulate my results to make money.

That I am a scam. I know what that feels like.  I know some of you have heard it from your own family members and from those you don’t even know.

But I am not a scam. And you aren’t either. Don’t you dare let someone say that about you. We bust our butts to reach our goals and we are consistent, while they criticize from their couches on their fancy phones. I have been doing these types of programs for 5 years! Does that sound like a scam to you? It sure doesn’t to me!

It is true that people do manipulate their photos to try to get a quick buck. But let’s be real. Those people don’t last long in the world of health and fitness because they aren’t committed to their life and to the lives of others. They make their money and they disappear. But not you.   You purchased a program called the 21 Day Fix (or insert your  30-90 day program here).  And yes, that program only runs for 21 days or so. Yet you choose to do multiple rounds of it.  I know some of you who have done it for almost 10 rounds and have transformed their entire bodies with that very program.

Scam? I think not.  It means you put in the work. They chose to open their mouth and spout out opinions about something they know nothing about.

I see it happen in church too. There are a lot of people who have opinions about how ministry should be done, but they only warm the seats. They don’t help or lift a finger.

It happens everywhere.

What I have learned is that people will always be down on what they are not up on. Since they refuse to ask any real questions about why you choose to do what you do. Why you choose to drink your protein shakes, and workout to home fitness programs, they don’t really care to know. They will simply tell you to not fall for the fads. Just workout and eat right.

That is what they say. Just workout and eat right. But you and I both know that isn’t a real plan. That is both condescending and self-righteous.

You and I both know that choosing an actual fitness plan, that gives you actual workouts to do. A nutrition guide that tells you what foods will help you reach your specific goals. Even drinking a meal replacement shake for those busy days when you know cooking may be really hard to do so you don’t fall off track and you can stay committed to yourself. That is a plan.

Your before and After photos? The ones you choose to share with everyone even though your knees are shaking?  I know they are real.  And those who care about you know they are real, too. You busted your butt to get to where you are. Maybe you are still in the midst of your journey. But don’t let haters and naysayers keep you from posting your photos and inviting your friends to try what you have tried, in order to help them better their lives.

Let those with hot air talk. They turn into white noise anyway. Eventually, no one listens.

You do you. You be a Size you and you keep sharing your stories, your videos, your transformations.

Tiffany before after



Transformation Tuesday: Michelle Bradley

I love Tuesdays because that means I get to celebrate the accomplishments and successes of all of you!  You guys are amazing and you work hard, and you kick butt. So thankful for you!

Today’s Transformation Tuesday features my sweet and dearest friend, Michelle Bradley.  I have known this gal for more than 10 years. She and I met at church. We served the high school group together. We went on many adventures together!  Lots of tears shed together when boys broke our hearts.  When our expectations for life in ministry fell short thanks to reality, we had each other. I am so thankful for this woman!

She chose to do the 21 Day Fix and Shakeology.  She wasn’t afraid to buy a workout program, but she was afraid that she wouldn’t finish what she started. She would often use words to describe herself that I truly felt didn’t fit her. Lazy. Undisciplined.  Unmotivated. Easily discouraged. But when I see her, I see a woman who has overcome immense challenges to become who she is. She is kind. Compassionate. Sensitive. Friendly. Extroverted. An excellent listener.  She is BEAUTIFUL on the inside. And what you see now physically just shows you how hard she worked.

Michelle Bradley 21 Day Fix Results
Michelle Bradley 21 Day Fix Results

She lost 3 pounds and 10 inches off of her entire body. That is in 21 Days.  She also has gained a newfound confidence in herself, and she has fallen in love with fitness. Not because it makes you look physically good, but because there is so much to live for. When we feel good, we can do more. We can live more of our life and do more things in this lifetime. We can serve more people.  It can help transform us inside and out.  This has been my greatest joy to see my friend transform.

So proud of you Michelle! You absolutely killed it! I can’t wait to see your results from Hammer and Chisel!

Have any questions about Being a Size You? Are you ready to begin your own transformation journey?  Would love to connect with you in my next Be a Size You Bootcamp!


Transformation Tuesday: a 21 Day Fix Story



One of my favorite parts of my job is hearing how my boot campers are doing.  Whether they have chosen to complete their program alone with must me, or they enroll themselves into one of my groups, my goal is always the same:

To help THEM succeed!

I am excited to share this transformation story with you all. She is the sweetest girl ever and I am so proud of her. In the beginning, she had her doubts as to whether this would actually work for her. She was not a girl that needed to lose a ton of weight, but she wanted to be healthier. It was that important to her.

She wanted to remain anonymous, but she chose to share these words with me (and all of you) regarding her experience so far with the 21 Day Fix:

“I love 21 Day Fix! The recipes are so simple and easy, even *I* can cook! For at least a month, I’ve been eating cleaner and working out more. Now I have more energy, uplifted mood, better mental acuity/stamina, and more confidence. I’m better at my job! I worked 5 days straight last week..and I STILL had enough energy to shop, meal prep, and cook on Saturday. Even my PMS symptoms such as anxiety, irritability, and horrible memory are greatly reduced if not eliminated. I’m functional and much easier to live with. I think it’s safe to say that 21 Day Fix is a worthwhile investment!!”

I love that this particular transformation is not so much a physical one, but an emotional and mental one. So many people tell me they are not able to work out because they have NO energy, but clearly my challenger realized by spending merely 30 minutes a day of physical activity, and eating healthier by following the nutrition guide, it gave her energy to perform her job well, as well as function in other areas of her life.

Congratulations, sweet girl! I am so proud of you!!!

If you would like to learn more about the 21 Day Fix, or you are looking to have more energy during the day, or looking to reach some weight loss goals, Let’s schedule a time to chat about your goals and get you started.

Be a Size You,