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Why You Don’t Need More Inspiration or Motivation

Inspiration is everywhere. Have you noticed that? Whether we are being inspired to create a beautiful home, or new delicious recipes that will wow your family and friends, or outfit inspirations, we are literally inundated with inspiration and ideas that are meant to move us to action.

Pinterest is a dreamers haven. But I have also found it is the place where dreams go to die.


Because being inspired is not the same as action.  Honestly, it is easy to be inspired. Dare I say, it is even easy to be motivated.

Action, on the other hand, is harder. Because that means you have to make a decision to move or do something based on what you have seen.

If what you saw inspired you enough to move, and you actually took action, then fantastic! It worked!!!

But, if you are constantly being inspired but nothing happens….then you don’t need anymore inspiration. 

You need an action plan. You need to move.

People like to chat about being inspired. But being inspired costs you nothing. Literally. It is free. I post on social media every day my workouts, or about something I have read that encouraged me, in order to inspire and encourage all of you. And it is all free for you. I don’t charge for my inspiration. I give that away because I know it can benefit the heart of the reader.

But, if you come to me wanting my help to take action, I will require YOU to put some skin in the game. That means, you will have to invest your time and dollars in order for you to reach your desired goal. Action requires skin in the game. It does not require more motivation or inspiration. Those help to keep momentum. Heck, we all love an “Atta Girl!” Now and then! No shame in that!

But if you aren’t willing to move and put some skin on, then you are wanting to achieve anything. 

Are you ready for this? I say this in love. Completely. Because I love you.

You just want to be inspired. You aren’t looking to change. You don’t want to change, yet. You are not there yet. 

“But why do I have to spend so much money to get healthy/build my business/get training/etc.

Because. If you put into it, it will matter more to you. You will care more. It will hurt more because it cost you something. My journey was not free. It still isn’t. I invest regularly into my health, my relationships, my home, my business, because it matters to me! I have skin in this. It matters.

I know that part is painful. We don’t like to give any part of ourselves if we aren’t sure if it will work out. There are no guarantees, really.

But what if. Just what if you decided to take that inspiration, invest in it, and be surprised by the outcome. 

You may discover it was worth it.

Be a Size You,

P.S. If you are ready to take charge of your health, and put some skin in the game, I always offer one on one support. Apply here so I can help you reach your health and fitness goals. 

Feed Your Mind

I am a big believer that leaders are readers.  I believe that if you are looking to grow in any area, reading and studying are the way to go.

Growing up, I always considered myself an independent learner.  I fared much better doing research projects than group projects or sitting in a classroom because more often than not, it was on subjects that I was not interested in.

I still have not used chemistry. Well, except for baking because exact measurements matter, but other than that….nope!

But I will spare you my thoughts on education and we will get to the part I am most passionate about: Feeding your mind.

I shared on Facebook my current favorite books that I think y’all should grab and dive into.  Most of these are personal development/nutrition/leadership/ministry related.  If that is not your thing, no worries, I will try to update this week even more books that I have read and love.

Podcasts are incredible resources too. That will get updated on my blog as well.

Some included links for the books mentioned in the video:

Discipline: The Glad Surrender

Sacred Priviledge by Kay Warren

Nothing to Prove by Jennie Allen

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth

Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo

I will try to update even more resources on books, podcasts, resources and more so you all can have more resources as you work on Being a Size You.


So thankful for each of you! Would love to hear what you are reading and learning right now!

Be a Size You,





What’s Next For Me in my Health & Fitness Journey

Hey all!

It has been awhile since I have done a weekly recap of my fitness and health adventures, so I thought I would briefly check in here to share what is going down.

I will be finishing up my first 30 days of Piyo this week. It has actually felt so good to just stretch and not jump. My body feels more flexible. I don’t feel as run down, and I feel stronger too. This was an awesome break from the extreme fitness I was used to.

Starting on Monday, I will be diving into 21 Day Fix Extreme, which is a 3-week fitness and nutrition program. I love the 21 Day Fix Series. Anytime I need something short but effective when it comes to fitness, that is my go to, unless it is dancing. I will be back to lifting weights, cardio and body weight exercises this time, so really focusing on my nutrition for muscle growth and stamina, and having Shakeology to fill in the nutrition gaps I may be missing, as well as a ton of Energize on hand, is what will get me through. Don’t think for a second that this program is easy. Lol!

If you have done the basic 21 Day Fix and don’t know the difference between the Fix and Extreme, here is a handy tool for you. 

For those curious about how I eat, I will follow a mostly Paleo diet. It will still work with this program. 

For those of you in my upcoming Bootcamp that begins Monday, I will be sharing a “how to choose your fitness program” tutorial today in our community. Not in my May Bootcamp but would like to join us? There is still room! Just click on the contact me button or apply here

Nutrition will be huge for me. I have already shared about how my nutrition and changing to a more Paleo lifestyle has helped me in my overall fitness transformation, but I want to share how I think eating differently will help you as well.

It doesn’t have to be technically Paleo. But it should be nutrient dense, and real food. I see so many on social media about women who are looking to get healthier and change their bodies, but they don’t really eat that different. OR they go the extreme route and do a diet or cleanse believing that it will help speed up their metabolism or help them lose weight, but then they find themselves back to where they started. They may see some weight loss in the beginning, but after the diet is over or the juice cleanses are done, it is a heavy reality. 

Food isn’t something you can kind of sort of stick with. You must constantly be researching, experimenting, cooking, trying new things. Food isn’t one size fits all. But I will say the eating whole food is for everyone. Stop buying the pre-packed frozen health food and start making your own. If you need something quick and nutritious so you can avoid junk food, this is why I recommend Shakeology. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated meals. Keep it simple, sister. If you keep telling yourself that it is too expensive, too much time, or that you are too busy, those are excuses that need to go. You need to re-think your priorities and your beliefs. Just tell yourself instead that it is not worth the time, the money, or the effort to do these things in order to be healthier. 

Honestly, when you tell yourself that, how does it sound? 

Because I really believe that nutrition is such a key factor in your results, I will be posting my meals each week on social media. I won’t do it daily, but basically a weekly recap so you can see by what I mean when I say easy, nutritious, and delicious. I promise, it won’t be complicated. 

I will also share my favorite places to eat out that provide locally sourced and organic options. Worth it to find awesome restaurants in your area to help you! 

As always, my heart and mission is to encourage you and push you. You are worth it, sister friend! 

Be a Size You,

SuperBowl Snacks that are Delicious but not Diet Food

Sporting events, like the SuperBowl, are my jam. It is my time to not come up with a fixed dinner menu, but eat a ton of yummy snacks and enjoy a good game. We are a big sports family in our home and we love a little competition. But my husband’s biggest rule is that he wants good snacks. He doesn’t want to move from the couch. He wants to eat all the things and enjoy the game.

You got it dude! I aim to please.

However, since we are eating healthier, I don’t want to blow all of our hard work for the week. I want us to eat something delicious, but it doesn’t feel or look like diet food. Am I right?! 

Those cookbooks above are my two favorite resources right now for meals and snacks, but I have also rounded up my favorite snacks and their links.

Here we go!

SuperBowl Snacks from Fixate The Team Beachbody Blog always have a ton of ideas when it comes to the holidays. It is another favorite resource of mine to go to, especially for my challengers in my virtual bootcamps. There is always something you can find that is nutritious and delicious, but you don’t feel like you are on a diet.

Bacon Wrapped Buffalo Chicken Jalapeños by PaleOMG  

Chicken Wings Two Ways by Balanced Bites 

Buffalo Chicken Dip by Living Loving Paleo 

Oven Fries by Balanced Bites (make a homemade chili to go over these. Would be so amazing!!!!!

Kale Chips by Balanced Bites (add whatever seasoning that you want. The skies the limit. And of course, guacamole. Always the guacamole!) 

Need to have a main dish?

Pressure Cooker Kahlua Pig from Nom Nom Paleo. Grab Lettuce for wraps, or gluten free tortillas, all the fixings and you will have some pretty amazing tacos…and probably leftovers! 

So, who is ready for some Football? Who are you rooting for: The Falcons or The Patriots?

Or are you just watching for the food and the commercials?

Be a Size You,


Starting Whole 30…

Here we go! The first day of Whole 30 and I am super excited!!!

To prepare myself for these next 30 days, I actually made Whole 30 friendly recipes the week before, just to get an idea of what to expect. These meals were paleo by nature and they were also incredibly delicious!

One recipe I made was the Sweet Potato soup on Saturday. While I was making it, I was 100% certain no one in my family would eat it. It was such an easy recipe, but I thought for sure I would have to dump it out. I even added some crispy crumbled bacon to add on top.

I was wrong. The kid’s didn’t eat it, but Dan did. He had two big bowls! He loved it! I nearly died! Lol!

Here is what is on the meal schedule for this week (for dinner).

Monday: Coconut Curry chicken with zoodles & roasted veggies.

Tuesday: Bacon Burgers, salad and oven home fries

Wednesday: leftover chicken or burgers and a side of sweet potatoes or home fries and veggies

Thursday: Lemon Pepper Salmon with cauliflower rice and roasted veggies

Friday: breakfast for dinner! Spinach frittata, bacon, roasted sweet potatoes and red bell peppers and Brussels sprouts.

So excited to try new things! Saturday will be grocery day and Sunday will be meal prep ( Both of those days will mean lots of left overs for us.)

Most of the recipes for these meals I have found in the Whole 30 cookbook and some of my favorite Paleo food bloggers. (Will share them soon!)

I also started 22 Minute Hard Corps, as well as continuing to drink Shakeology.

Also, the Beachbody Health get kicked off today and my online group has gotten off to an amazing start! I am so proud of them! 
Be a Size You,

Be a Size You goes on the Whole 30!

I will be honest and tell you that I have considered trying the Whole 30 many times, but never decided to take the leap, until now.

I will spare you all the reasons, except one. 

Sometimes, those in certain food/nutrition camps, are incredibly self righteous and a little legalistic for my taste. You mention that you don’t eat Paleo or you use a certain brand of supplements and they are all over you like ugly on an ape.

I don’t have time for rude people, or snotty people. So, I would just do my thing.

And it has worked. I workout at home 6 days a week, I follow a relatively clean diet of whole, nutrient dense foods, as well as drink Shakeology. I am the healthiest I have ever been and as a thirty-five year old wife and mom of two, that feels pretty awesome.

But I like trying new things. I have heard amazing things about Whole 30 that Dan and I decided that we are going to give this a go, together!


What is Whole 30? Many of you reading this are probably very well aware of it or you have friends doing it, but in a nutshell, it is not a cleanse. It is a 30 day nutrition reset that has you eating REAL, Whole, nutrients dense foods and eliminating the ones that most people consume in their diet that they may not realize is harming their body and therefore it is failing to function at its most optimal. Whole 30 is about helping you help your insides. Did I mention it was not a cleanse?

You eat food people! Yes! 🙌🏻
If you haven’t, I highly suggest reading “It Starts with Food” first, and then grabbing your copy of the Whole 30 book as well, if you decide while reading the first book to give it a go. Both of those books are available at the above website or through Amazon.

*Side note, you will. The science provided in the book is fascinating. What’s the worst that could happen by doing the Whole 30? You eat food that is tasty and nutritious?*

I have long believed that food plays a very big role in our overall health. I believe this because I have seen countless women try to kill themselves in the gym, or even with the workouts I do, but their eating habits don’t change and they don’t feel as good or see the results they are hoping for. The truth is, you cannot outexercise a poor diet and think it is going to Fix your health. You must start with your plate.

I also wanted to do this with Dan, for Dan. He has been struggling with some chronic pain, he gets headaches quite a bit, among other things and he desires to be his healthiest self this year. I want him to succeed and I think this will be an amazing thing for him. Because, again, he gets to eat food. This man of mine does not do cleanses. Ha!

Dan and I begin on January 9th. I will be blogging my journey and popping on FB live to share my thoughts, as well as posting on IG as well. 

Another note here, because I know you will ask. I will be drinking Shakeology during the Whole 30. I know that in the book it says not to. But while I agree with them on the majority of their information, I disagree with them on Shakeology as an educated consumer and advocate for my own health. This is a decision I am making for myself and not for you. You must make your own decisions regarding Whole 30 and their guidelines and for your health. 

Stay tuned and Be a Size You,