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Self Care is Not Just For Fitness

You have probably heard that word, self care, a whole lot. Usually, it goes along with someone who is inviting you to join them on a journey towards being healthier and being more fit.

That is definitely part of it! A healthy body is part of the whole self care movement, but that is not the only piece! There are so many ways we busy mamas can take care of ourselves so that we can pour into those we love and give ourselves to the ministries and passions we are focused on.

Here are some of my favorite ways to get in a little me time:

*Getting my hair/nails done
*shopping (Did you see my last blog post?)
*Night out with the girls
*Reading an uplifting book
*Learning a new skill
*Soothing music
*Bath time and using my favorite essential oils/natural skin care products
*Going to the beach or any place that has water
*Hiking or fun outdoor activity with girlfriends
*Study a new topic
*Try a new healthy food restaurant
*Test out a new recipe or bake something yummy
*Being creative and putting together pretty outfits for myself, friends, and family.
*Singing, by myself, out loud in my home.
*Taking a nap! (Do it!)

As you can see, there are so many ways to fill your tank. We give a ton to those around us. If you are a mama, you probably feel like you are constantly running on empty.

But, it is hard to pour into others if you yourself are running on empty. It really is.

Fill your tank, then let that overflow into others.

We are such a busy society! Who the heck told us that in order to be great or worth anything, we had to run ourselves ragged? Who said busier was better?

Who said being a wife and mom was an act of a martyr? Um no.

There are sacrifices, yes. Obviously. But being a wife and a mom isn't a prison sentence. It isn't horrible. Let's knock that off.

Let's take care of ourselves and do things that bring us beauty, joy, pleasure, and then let's bring those very things to those we love.

What are your favorite ways to practice self care?

Be a Size You,


Why You Don’t Need More Inspiration or Motivation

Inspiration is everywhere. Have you noticed that? Whether we are being inspired to create a beautiful home, or new delicious recipes that will wow your family and friends, or outfit inspirations, we are literally inundated with inspiration and ideas that are meant to move us to action.

Pinterest is a dreamers haven. But I have also found it is the place where dreams go to die.


Because being inspired is not the same as action.  Honestly, it is easy to be inspired. Dare I say, it is even easy to be motivated.

Action, on the other hand, is harder. Because that means you have to make a decision to move or do something based on what you have seen.

If what you saw inspired you enough to move, and you actually took action, then fantastic! It worked!!!

But, if you are constantly being inspired but nothing happens….then you don’t need anymore inspiration. 

You need an action plan. You need to move.

People like to chat about being inspired. But being inspired costs you nothing. Literally. It is free. I post on social media every day my workouts, or about something I have read that encouraged me, in order to inspire and encourage all of you. And it is all free for you. I don’t charge for my inspiration. I give that away because I know it can benefit the heart of the reader.

But, if you come to me wanting my help to take action, I will require YOU to put some skin in the game. That means, you will have to invest your time and dollars in order for you to reach your desired goal. Action requires skin in the game. It does not require more motivation or inspiration. Those help to keep momentum. Heck, we all love an “Atta Girl!” Now and then! No shame in that!

But if you aren’t willing to move and put some skin on, then you are wanting to achieve anything. 

Are you ready for this? I say this in love. Completely. Because I love you.

You just want to be inspired. You aren’t looking to change. You don’t want to change, yet. You are not there yet. 

“But why do I have to spend so much money to get healthy/build my business/get training/etc.

Because. If you put into it, it will matter more to you. You will care more. It will hurt more because it cost you something. My journey was not free. It still isn’t. I invest regularly into my health, my relationships, my home, my business, because it matters to me! I have skin in this. It matters.

I know that part is painful. We don’t like to give any part of ourselves if we aren’t sure if it will work out. There are no guarantees, really.

But what if. Just what if you decided to take that inspiration, invest in it, and be surprised by the outcome. 

You may discover it was worth it.

Be a Size You,

P.S. If you are ready to take charge of your health, and put some skin in the game, I always offer one on one support. Apply here so I can help you reach your health and fitness goals. 

Hope In Front Of Me

Lately, I have been having heart breaking conversations with friends and those I have connected with via social media. 

Loss, marriage struggles, job loss, financial struggle, parenting, and so much more.

It seems walking out our faith takes a lot out of us. It is hard some days.

And for a lot of us, it may feel like those days are never going to come to an end.

Music has always been an encourager in my life. I know I have mentioned before, but when a song comes on with just the right words that match what my heart is feeling, it is like I am strengthened or moved to action. It is like God allows powerful words into my life that will remind me of the hope I have.

We were cleaning the house today, and the song by Danny Gokey “Hope In Front of Me” came on.
I was touched by these words:

There’s hope in front of me

There’s a light, I still see it

There’s a hand still holding me

Even when I don’t believe it

I might be down but I’m not dead

There’s brighter days still up ahead

Even after all I’ve seen

There’s hope in front me

Danny Gokey “Hope In Front of Me” 2014

You might be down, but girlfriend…you are not dead!

The same God who created the heavens and earth sees you and loves you.

The same God who can raise the dead to life can raise you from whatever valley you find yourself in. As painful as it is and hurt as you may be feeling right, God absolutely 100% hears your cries for help. It may not come in the time you wish, but He has not left you alone. 

I remember those long nights when my heart was so broken, I was so unsure of what tomorrow would bring. I wasn’t sure I could take much more. But sister, that is the point. We cannot rely on our own strength in hard times. It is in His strength and power that we are able to overcome. He did not call us to be wonder women. He called us to be His. 

And when we allow our brokenness and pain to be laid bare at Him who can heal, you see the glory of who He is and just what He is capable of doing in the lives and hearts of His precious daughters. 

So you are not dead. There is hope for those of us in Christ.

Be a Size You,


Beauty in the Weeds

When my son was a toddler, he would constantly pluck these yellow “flowers” and give them to me. He thought they were pretty.

He wanted to bless his momma with them. 

They would often come to me crumbled in his chubby hands, but I cherished them regardless.

Because even though most considered them to weeds and most of the time we wouldn’t pay much attention to them, my son did. He noticed them. He stopped to pick them for me and give them to the person he loved. They were pretty to him, even though they may be ugly to the rest of us.

Our family has been through several seasons of wading through the weeds. Whether it be through job transition, parenting struggles, marriage struggles, it is what it is. Being down in the weeds is hard and it can be difficult to find beauty during that time.

I remember one point when Dan had lost his job. We had no income to speak of coming in, except for my very small business which wasn’t making enough to cover rent or really anything else, and constantly stressed about how we would pay the bills and survive. What about our kids? How would we feed them? How do we nurture them when our world felt like it was crumbling all around us.

Then came the “flowers.” My son’s flowers. During that time when he would pick those little yellow buds from overgrown grass, it was at the time when Dan and I were uncertain if the lights would stay on. If we would lose our apartment. If we would have to move in with family (we did, eventually), if Dan would find another job (he did, praise God!). If our marriage would survive (obviously, we are going on almost 13 years of marriage!)

God opened my eyes to see that beauty and His hope is found everywhere. In all of my worry and anxiety and fear, I forgot to cling to hope. I was afraid we wouldn’t be provided for. And yet we were. He provides for us in our need, not necessarily our wants. We had to sacrifice, to be sure. We had to say goodbye to the things we had grown accustomed to. We couldn’t do as many fun things as we had liked or wished. 

But He still provided. And we are still together as a family. We still had each other. God mended our brokenness and brought us closer together so that while our time was hard, we still had our family. We still had love. And that made us fight harder to see beauty in the weeds.

I don’t know where you are today. Struggle seems to be all around my friends lately. I am lifting you up today. 

Can I encourage you, as you wander through overgrown fields of worry, anxiety, fear, uncertainty and more, that you look for beauty. You look for hope. And remember that the God of the universe cares for you? 

For even the flowers are cared for. They have no need to worry about what the day will bring or how to dress. God has taken care of it. 

And He, more so, will take care of you. Is that easier said than done? Sure. But believe anyway. 

“And why are you anxious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which today is alive and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will He not much more clothe you, O you of little faith?” Matthew 6:28-30

Be a Size You,


Week 2 of Whole 30

The Whole 30 has been so interesting this week! I have really loved the meals I prepared for my family. If you saw my previous post, I shared the Mediterranean chicken that was a hit, as well as the Sweet Potato soup and Lemon Rosemary salmon. With a ton of veggies and Shakeology as well during the second week, I feel good.

But then at the same time, I don’t.

Anybody else feel the emotional toll from this week? I found myself glued to social media and the news with all the hoopla in regards to the inauguration, the women’s march, the anger, the fear, etc.

It was like my body was doing all the things necessary to take care of itself, but the stress of everything I was seeing was invading my body and my body was fighting to survive.

My mind too. It is true when the Bible teaches us to guard our hearts and minds. Because what goes in….will manifest itself in other ways. 

My heart was so broken over the anger and fear and ugliness that I witness from both sides of the debate. People have literally lost their minds! And I could tell, physically, that it took a toll on me. I am a very political person. I am interested greatly in what happens in our country and its leaders.  I don’t always share those opinions or thoughts. My mother didn’t raise an idiot and I have learned when to speak up and when to be quiet and fight silently. But I also tend to carry things internally, and that affects MY well being.

I know this was supposed to be a recap on the Whole 30, but this journey isn’t just about a diet or food to me. I have been this lifestyle for about five years now. It is NEVER just about food. Which is why my emotions are a part of this week’s recap. 

But rest assured, I am good. I am okay. But I noticed that I may not be seeing the results that I would like because of the stress my body may be feeling from this week. 
Have you felt emotionally charged this week? It is okay to admit that you have! I think everyone has been affected somewhat. 

Remember to pray for our nation and its leaders. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with them or not. Pray for them! They have to make decisions that we do not! I do not envy their job.

Finished up week 2 of 22 Minute Hard Corps and the Beachbody Health bet is still going strong! My group is crushing it! 

My current favorite Shakeology recipe is so simple right now.

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

1 scoop greenberry Shakeology 

1/4 cup frozen berries

1 tsp coconut oil

Extra ice


Be a Size You,
Tiffany Harper 

You May Be Offended…

But don’t be. Not by the message I want to share with you. I say it from a place of love and from a place of excuses.

A place that I was in several years ago. 

Back in 2010-2011, I was at my lowest point physically and emotionally. My youngest child was over a year. I still looked pregnant. I was tired 90% of the time. My household lived off of junk food because I literally had no energy to cook or really do anything else. I was suffering. My family suffered because of my lack of self care. I decided no more.

I won’t tell you that one month into my new lifestyle of working out and eating right changed everything. I didn’t drop weight just like that. It took me 9 months to lose the baby weight and then some. I won’t tell you that I never experienced set backs or moments of failure. I ate poorly sometimes, but I paid for it as well. I experienced the consequences of my choices.

And that is the message. Every decision you make results in a consequence. Either a positive or a negative. We live in a time where people don’t like to be told that something is bad or may be harmful. We call that shaming. We are a society that is afraid of constructive criticism. 

But, it would be unloving of me, in the work that I do, to not give you the truth.

I realize you could do all the easier things and be happier. I realize that you may be able achieve some success with supplements and other tricks that the diet industry provides. But what I am here to tell you is that those supplements? Those tricks? They are just that. Supplemental. They cannot and will not take the place of the work. Period.

We can sugar coat and make it sound like I am shaming or putting down people,  but hear me when I say I am not shaming people with their excuses.

I am showing them that they are MORE than their excuses. That you can push yourself to do the things that others are not willing to do. One month won’t change a whole lot. Two months. Three months maybe. But for most of us? 

The people that bust their butt in the gym or run marathons don’t take the easy route. They train. They discipline. They plan. They know that in time, they will see the results for their hard work. Time, consistency, and patience is the key. 

It takes several months before we see the efforts of our hard work bear fruit. 

When someone sells you on the idea of easy because they say they are into shaming, that is a sales pitch. When they tell you to “just do what you want.” That isn’t love. 

I don’t tell my kids to just do whatever they want. I train them to understand that some things are not beneficial to them. That some things require the discipline of saying NO. It would be unloving of me to just let them eat whatever they wanted because that meant I didn’t care about their growing bodies. I made that mistake before. I won’t make it again. 

Nothing worth having is easy. 

I know that choosing to exercise and eat right sounds super hard. I have been there. I made a lot of excuses. If you are a mama of little ones, I totally get it. The days start super early and it seems you never get to put up your feet. But you matter, Mama.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to look like anyone else. 

Just choose to move. Place those babes in a stroller and go for a walk or a run. Let your heart build endurance and your lungs feel the burn as they expand and bring in more oxygen to your body for optimal function. So that you feel good. You might feel a little tired. But it is good. You did good work, mama.

Don’t be afraid of healthy meals. Start small. Start quick. Start easy. Make fun and yummy breakfast smoothies that the whole family can enjoy. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Allow them to be a part of the journey. This is for life. This is for you. This is for them.

The biggest part of this lifestyle is your mindset. We have been fooled to believe that the quick fixes are what help us. But honestly, in order to have some success and see results, there will be trial and error and some pain. Don’t be afraid of it. I am a constant work in progress. I don’t have everything figured out. But I do know with everything in my heart and soul, that a good workout, and healthy and filling meal, His word, and choosing joy does more good than any special pill you can buy off the market. I will take that to the bank.

So be encouraged sister. I know that words like mine are sold to you as words meant to shame. I promise. It isn’t. I believe you are MORE than the excuses you tell yourself. You are more than what the scale says. You are more than what a product can offer you.

You are a woman of great value and you are loved. If I am selling anything, that is what I will sell you.

Be a Size You,


To Those Who Are Disappointed

Reuters/Carlos Barria
Reuters/Carlos Barria

It is over. The Election is finally over and I think for the majority of this country, we are finally breathing.  It has been extremely rough, hasn’t it America?

Personally, I find myself exhausted from all of the nastiness, the names we called each other. The fear and hate and attitudes we had towards one another because of who we chose to support in this election.  It was hard.  I am tired. I bet you are too. I can only imagine how the candidates and those who campaigned with them feel.

For those of you who are hurting and are extremely disappointed and feeling fearful, I am so sorry.  I take no pleasure in your heartache.  We may have very well been on the opposite side of the coin when it comes to policies and government, but you are a human being no less, and your feelings and heartache matters to me.

You still have a voice and you still matter in this world.

So,  what do you teach your children post election?

To be kind.  To love others. To put others needs before themselves. To be humble.  To not fear but choose love and hope instead.

Even if you feel that our new President-elect does not represent those very things, YOU can still teach them in your home.

Be an example to your children.  You can express disappointment without getting into the political bias, fear, and hatred in your own home. Be above it.

This morning, as I took my children to school, I listened to the chatter on the playground. Children were discussing things, in fear, like:

“Trump hates all Mexicans and will build a wall or blow up Mexico.”

“Clinton is evil and wants to just let bad people into our country.”

“Clinton is a liar.”

“Trump is stupid.  He is mean. Those who voted for him are racist.”

And so on. On an elementary school playground. I had to prepare the heart of my 10 year old daughter, whom God has created as a tender hearted person, for the possibility that someone would tell her that if her parent’s voted for a particular candidate, then her parents are clearly ________.

If you are a parent, and you are disappointed today, be above reproach. Show kindness, humility, graciousness.  Express your disappointment, you absolutely have that right.  But remember that your precious ones are watching how YOU react. How You will behave. How you will treat others. They will take their cues from you.

For those who are disappointment, my heart breaks for you. I am so sorry that you are feeling all of this fear, anger, and anxiety. I encourage you to mediate on Philippians 4:8:

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things.”

Praying for you and for our entire Country today. God is still on the throne.

What a Beautiful Name-HIllsong
What a Beautiful Name-HIllsong

Be a Size You,


Discipline and Joy..It can Co-Exist

This past Thursday I had the amazing opportunity to speak to a crowd of incredible wives and moms are our church’s Mom 2 Mom community. 

I don’t take that opportunity lightly. I am humbled. I don’t participate in public speaking very often and I have very little experience….so the chance to chat with these women was so exciting and nerve wrecking! 

My talk was about discipline and joy. It is something I believe in so passionately because I think many women, unfortunately, have a poor view of discipline. It is often associated with terms like “restriction”, “diet”, “no fun”, or “perfection” that we become afraid of it.

But discipline can provide freedom and protection when we choose to see it as a way to grow and become the mighty women of God intended us to be! You can’t grow in Christ by chance. It must be with all diligence and in pursuit of His truth! You must be willing to do what others are not in order to obtain what it is you desire. 

Because I work in health and fitness, I can easily share examples of how discipline in caring for this incredible body God gave me in order to serve His people has been a blessing and produced joy in my life. 

I want to share with you something I discovered with the Proverbs 31 women this week. She was a woman of discipline and self care:

“She seeks wool and flax, and works with willing hands.” Proverbs 31:13 She is not idle. She makes sure to use her hands and is willing to do so. It is mundane work but she has disciplined herself to do it.

“She rises while it is yet night and provides food for her household and portions for her maidens.” 31:15 She gets up early in order to make sure those in her care are nourished and provided for so they can begin their hard work.

“She considers a field and buys it; with the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard.” 31:16 She is Entreprenurial! She is disciplined to consider an investment and think about whether it would be a blessing for her family.

“She dresses herself with strength and makes her arms strong.” 31:17 I believe this woman practices self care. No, she wasn’t at the gym for 2 hours a day, but I think she made sure her body was healthy enough for the hard work that is found in caring for a household. The role of wife and mother is not martyrdom. It is a delight to her and she wants to be healthy both in spirit and in physical health. A broken vessel cannot hold water. If you are sick or lack adequate strength, it is hard to serve others to the best of your ability.

And you know what I discovered at the end? It was to her great joy that she was disciplined in these areas. Her grown children took notice and celebrated her! As did her husband! 

“Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.” 31:28

She didn’t do these things to earn praise. She did them because it was her calling and she did them with delight. 

“Duty is easy. Delight takes effort.” -Michelle Myers

We can choose joy when we choose to practice a life of discipline. We can also experience joy when we choose to care for our human vessels because they are a reflection of our character and who we choose to follow. We choose to care for this very body because God created our bodies and He cherishes His daughters. We want to honor Him by taking care of it, so that we can focus on the things that God has called us to and on what truly matters to us. 

“For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.” Hebrews 12:11

Let us choose to submit our hearts, bodies, and lives to following Christ and doing the very things that others are not willing to do, so that more and more will be drawn to Him and surrender their hearts to Him. 

Let’s be disciplined so that we look different than the rest of the world. That we look like followers of Christ.

Be a Size You,


If Apostle Paul Ran for President, Do You Think He Would Win?

*This is kind of a political post, and kind of not one. 

That sounds like a funny question right? What does the apostle Paul, the man who wrote the majority of the New Testament and shared the gospel with Gentiles like me, have to do with the election?

I don’t know, actually, but he keeps coming to my mind when I think about how we Christians are behaving when it comes to the two candidates on the ballot for November. I am not going to say who I am voting for, but I am pretty sure that you are a smart person, and based on my beliefs, you can probably guess. And I am okay with that.

Apostle Paul is one of my favorite people in the bible. Most of us who study God’s word and desire to share it with others often share a mini crush on Paul. He speaks the truth, there is nothing PC about him. His words that he penned, inspired by the Holy Spirit have encouraged us and convicted us as we walk with our Lord and shout the good news to the masses.

But if he ran for president? I don’t think he would win.

At least, not according to the voices of many evangelicals today. We Christians love to focus on the wrongs of others and we are often unable to see them as redeemable.

Paul, formerly known as Saul, sought after those who were followers of The Way. He imprisoned them. Had them murdered. He was a Pharisee who knew the law up and down, left and right. He sought to eliminate all of those who called on the name of this person named Jesus.

That is until Jesus met him on the road to Damascus, and the rest is history as laid out in the pages of the Bible.

I can imagine the fear and anxiety some believers may have felt when they heard that the man who had sought to destroy them, was now a fellow believer.  He once had been blind but now he saw the truth. Can you imagine?  What would you believe? A former murderer and prosecutor is now changed and is good? How do you trust that? I think that says a lot about our God. That he would use a man who was depraved in His sin to set the world on fire for Christ.  Imperfect. Ugly. Murderous. Hate-filled.


I also think of King David. Do you think, based on today’s society, that if King David ran for President, he would win? I don’t think so. Not based on some evangelicals answer and responses to sin or to one’s past failures.

King David had an affair with a married woman, then had her husband killed in order to cover up the affair. If that had been recorded on video and come up during election season, do you think Christians would be willing to vote for him?   If you have been paying attention to the election, uh, that would be a big FAT NO. Yet, David was classified as a man after God’s  own heart.

Imagine that.

And don’t forget King Solomon, David’s son.  How many wives and concubines did he have?  A womanizer in biblical times. Yet, he was able to build the temple.  He wrote much of the book of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. He was considered the wisest man in the world in his time. God used a man who many today would consider as someone who objectified women to rule over His people.

Imagine that.

In all of our ugliness and our imperfections, the messiness of sin, God still chooses to use us to further His Kingdom and to tell others about His son. To those who are not believers, they will not understand this. It will be foolishness to them. In fact, they will use these three very men as examples of why religion is so bad. But God says that He loved the world so much that He gave His only begotten Son so that everyone who believed in Him would not perish in their sin but have eternal life.


Even for Donald Trump. Even for Hilary Clinton.

Does that make you uncomfortable? It should.

When it comes to who to vote for into office, the ship has sailed on finding a person with absolutely perfect character to become the leader of our nation. It is a hopeful thing, but it is unlikely. We all have ugly inside. I pray to God that the things I did 10 or 20 years ago never come to surface. I have spent the last several months researching positions and what I believe should be the role of the Government.  So obviously, I have chosen a candidate, while wholly imperfect, to vote for because their policies line up with what I believe in regards to government policy.

We are a depraved nation. America has long sought to put their own ideals and push God to the background. We are a nation who makes it own rules when it comes to morality.  We are a nation that says “get in line“, “me first“, “I am entitled“, “It is my body“, “I can do what I want” and so forth. We pick and choose which moral ideals we will follow and crucify so long as we get our way. This must stop.

We must PRAY.  To those who call themselves Christians, I know that we don’t have the nicest and most wholesome candidates up there.  I know it may even literally hurt you to say the name of the candidates and admit to whom you may be voting for.  Heck, you may even be completely undecided and want to bang your head into a wall. I feel you! But this is our reality right now. Be praying. God sees what is going on. He is still on the throne now, and He will be on the throne after the elections. He is one the throne forever. This world is not our home, but we can still use our voice to impact it for the good of the Kingdom.

“For at one time you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light.” Ephesians 5:8

I have so much more to say, but words fail me.

Praying for our nation today.

Be a Size You,




I love that word. Radiant. 2016-10-07-18-10-59

The word is defined as this: sending out light; shining or glowing brightly.

What an incredible word to use to describe those of us who claim Jesus as our Lord and Savior and choose follow Him with hearts abandoned.

I had the incredible opportunity to attend our church’s women’s conference and it was such a blessing to my heart.  There were so many amazing nuggets that I took away from this weekend and I rabidly scribbled them down in my little notebook because I didn’t want to miss them.  I wanted these words so that I could go back and read them again and of course, share them with you.

Here are several of my favorites:

“Hope is like oxygen.”-Nancy Ortberg

“Hope is what lives in between faith and denial.” Nancy Ortberg

“Hope is really a journey to believe that God is good.” Nancy Ortberg

“In a broken world, hope is hard work.” Nancy Ortberg (this…wow…I really needed that!)

“God’s power is activated in your life when you believe He is who He says He is.” -Karissa Harrison

“Your addiction to comfort is the enemy of your purpose.” -Karissa Harrison (Whew!! Again, such a good word!)

“Fear drives us to be selfish.” -Karissa Harrison

“Action is often required before provision.” -Karissa Harrison

Just an incredible time of digging into God’s word and listening as these two women with incredible insight share their wisdom with us so that we could grow closer to our God and then go forth into the world with God confidence in who He says He is and what He says about us. So that we may be shine brightly in a dark and hurting world.

I loved that Karissa Harrison, our women’s pastor, challenged us to recite God’s word over and over again:

“For God gave us not a Spirit of fear, but of power and love and self-control.” 2 Timothy 1:7

Spending time with other women at the church and hearing their stories and what God was teaching them that weekend was refreshing and encouraging.


Let’s be Radiant.

Be a Size You,