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Self Care is Not Just For Fitness

You have probably heard that word, self care, a whole lot. Usually, it goes along with someone who is inviting you to join them on a journey towards being healthier and being more fit.

That is definitely part of it! A healthy body is part of the whole self care movement, but that is not the only piece! There are so many ways we busy mamas can take care of ourselves so that we can pour into those we love and give ourselves to the ministries and passions we are focused on.

Here are some of my favorite ways to get in a little me time:

*Getting my hair/nails done
*shopping (Did you see my last blog post?)
*Night out with the girls
*Reading an uplifting book
*Learning a new skill
*Soothing music
*Bath time and using my favorite essential oils/natural skin care products
*Going to the beach or any place that has water
*Hiking or fun outdoor activity with girlfriends
*Study a new topic
*Try a new healthy food restaurant
*Test out a new recipe or bake something yummy
*Being creative and putting together pretty outfits for myself, friends, and family.
*Singing, by myself, out loud in my home.
*Taking a nap! (Do it!)

As you can see, there are so many ways to fill your tank. We give a ton to those around us. If you are a mama, you probably feel like you are constantly running on empty.

But, it is hard to pour into others if you yourself are running on empty. It really is.

Fill your tank, then let that overflow into others.

We are such a busy society! Who the heck told us that in order to be great or worth anything, we had to run ourselves ragged? Who said busier was better?

Who said being a wife and mom was an act of a martyr? Um no.

There are sacrifices, yes. Obviously. But being a wife and a mom isn't a prison sentence. It isn't horrible. Let's knock that off.

Let's take care of ourselves and do things that bring us beauty, joy, pleasure, and then let's bring those very things to those we love.

What are your favorite ways to practice self care?

Be a Size You,


Feed Your Mind

I am a big believer that leaders are readers.  I believe that if you are looking to grow in any area, reading and studying are the way to go.

Growing up, I always considered myself an independent learner.  I fared much better doing research projects than group projects or sitting in a classroom because more often than not, it was on subjects that I was not interested in.

I still have not used chemistry. Well, except for baking because exact measurements matter, but other than that….nope!

But I will spare you my thoughts on education and we will get to the part I am most passionate about: Feeding your mind.

I shared on Facebook my current favorite books that I think y’all should grab and dive into.  Most of these are personal development/nutrition/leadership/ministry related.  If that is not your thing, no worries, I will try to update this week even more books that I have read and love.

Podcasts are incredible resources too. That will get updated on my blog as well.

Some included links for the books mentioned in the video:

Discipline: The Glad Surrender

Sacred Priviledge by Kay Warren

Nothing to Prove by Jennie Allen

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth

Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo

I will try to update even more resources on books, podcasts, resources and more so you all can have more resources as you work on Being a Size You.


So thankful for each of you! Would love to hear what you are reading and learning right now!

Be a Size You,





Protein Energy Bites


Did someone say protein?

I hate buying protein bars. Personally, I think they are overpriced and really not that good. If I can make them myself, I will.

One reason why I am thankful for Shakeology is for the fact that it is complete nutrition in a shake, and a great powder to use for “baking”……only this recipe is a no bake.

No raw eggs. No weird ingredients, just goodness.

This is a standard recipe that many of us coaches have used, but you can easily switch it up and make different versions of these protein bites to please your palate.

My kids love these and while they can last a week, they won’t.

You will need to practice serious self control. Ha!

Protein energy bites

3 scoops/packets of Vanilla Shakeology or Vegan Shakeology 

1/2 cup raw honey

1/2 cup unsweetened shredded coconut

1/2 cup organic almond butter (or nut butter of choice)

1/2 cup semi-sweet or dark chocolate chips

Place all ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix together well. Roll dough into small balls (should make roughly around 12 balls) and let sit in the freezer for 10-15 minutes to set.

Then store in a container for up to a week. 

Enjoy! I also went live earlier this week with another version of this recipe. Equally as good!!!

Cookie Dough Protein bites 

Be a Size You,


The Widow Maker

Yesterday was a blur. And mostly because Monday did not happen like it normally does.

I was in my groove. I was working, I was getting my 7 Day Keep It Simple challengers ready to kick off on Monday. I was conversing with friends, and I was enjoying a peaceful and productive day.

That changed quickly after phone call from my sister. My Dad had suffered a heart attack and was in the hospital. 

That I needed to hurry. I don’t even remember responding at first. I think she even asked me if I was still on the line. I was in tears and thankfully, Dan was home and got up and was right at my side.

All I remember was being frantic, trying to figure out how to head to the hospital, which was an hour away from us, how to get the kids. Should we take the kids? Did we even have time? Was my Dad even alive? I had no other info except “heart attack” and “get to hospital”.

Dan decided to drive us because I was just in no condition to drive. I was shaking. 

I remember yelling out “Not today God. You can’t take him today.”

I wasn’t trying to boss God around, although my husband now jokes that I was being bossy. But I was desperate. It is was in my pleading and praying that I had no other words or thoughts except “No. Please NO.”

I am sure there are theological errors in how I prayed yesterday. I will let God correct me.

My Dad is alive. We got to the hospital. He was talking. He was joking with us. I could tell he was trying to brush it off a little bit. I am sure it was a little humbling with your entire family there, especially your grown daughters, clucking and crying over you. I don’t like people asking me what is wrong or worrying over me. I get that from my Dad. 

They called it the Widow Maker, the heart attack my Dad had. Most men that experience this type of heart attack don’t even make it to the hospital. Death is not instant but it is almost always certain. He almost died. I cried all the way to the hospital and suddenly in the room, hearing the Doctor share what they had to do in order to help fix him and stabilize him. I am still processing everything. I am not even sure if this post makes any sense. 

I left the hospital thanking God for His mercy. That my Daddy is still here. Changes are going to have to be made. My Dad had to cancel some big trips and plans. But I would much rather have him here.

This morning, I woke up a little more heavy hearted, but ready.

I did some yoga from Beachbody on Demand and spent time listening to worship music and praying.

Listening to my Mom and my Aunt talk about our health family history put all of this in perspective.

It was a wake up call again for me. Our family is a ticking time bomb of health concerns. Cancer. Diabetes. Heart Disease. That runs in my family. But I don’t have to play victim. I can’t prevent everything from happening to me. I don’t have that kind of power.

But I can be pro-active. I can choose to eat differently. I can know my family health history and live in a way that can reduce my risks. This is in no way to shame my Daddy. I am so thankful.

But I am wide awake right now. I well aware of the dangers. I have always a researcher. You better believe when I got home last night that I started researching for my Daddy. For myself. For my family. 

Because just because it is a part of your family history doesn’t mean you have to just take it lying down. I am too stubborn to live that way. That is not a hill I am willing to die on. 

So far, our prayers are that there was little to no permanent damage to his heart. He will be at the hospital for the next few days. I am so grateful to this community. Thank you in advance for praying for us. Your outpouring of love and support on social media has been overwhelming and we are so incredibly humbled and grateful. 

Be a Size You,


22 Minute Hard Corps Week 7 Recap

It has been amazing weekend.

I am lying in my hotel room bed right this minute as I type this post. I have just finished an incredible conference with fellow new leaders in Beachbody, who earned the right to be here. We had to be invited in order to come.

My heart is so full of so many incredible messages, stories, encouragement, and good training. I have so much to share,  but I must take the time to process it all. Will blog more soon!

For right now, let’s recap how week 7 has done for 22 Minute HC!

On Monday, I hit a wall. For anyone who has done a program and get near the final two weeks, you hit that moment where you feel like you have done enough and you can stop. But I was and still am determined to finish this program. I told myself I would do it. I would PERSEVERE through it (more on why that word is so meaningful in another post) and make it happen. 

It was hard, but Week 7 ended strong. Monday through Friday, I was able to stick to the calendar. Saturday, I was at NLC 2017 and worked out with Joel and Jericho from Core De Force. But come Monday, it is back to finishing up my last week of 22.

I am a little sad it is over. It has been such a tough program for me physically, but I have fallen in love with it. I would tell everyone to do it! I mean, it is 22 minutes long! You absolutely can do anything in 22 minutes. I wish fellow mamas like myself wouldn’t put themselves down and would stop believing that they are not capable of erasing old habits and creating new ones and transforming their lives to be healthier. If you are a momma and you believe that, stop right now. Change your attitude. Believe me when I say that if I, an average, nothing special woman, can do this, YOU can too!
On deck for this week:

Monday: Resistance 3

Tuesday: Cardio 3 and Core 2

Wednesday: Resistance 2

Thursday: Cardio 2 and Core 2

Friday: Resistance 3

Saturday: Cardio 3 and Core 2

Sunday: Final fit test! Take measurements and photos!!! Aaaaahhhhh! 

Menu hasn’t been planned since I am not at home this moment, but stay tuned! 

Thanks for joining me. 

Be a Size You,


Health & Fitness & Your Daughter

Today I saw an alarming statistic posted on one of my favorite Facebook pages for pre-teens. It was concerning young girls and body image.

Image from Secret Keeper Girl

I have read these kinds of statistics before, and they should raise the hair on your neck for good reason. 

Here are some more from Oxygen Magazine (March/April 2017)

*9.5 teaspoons is the amount of sugar per day the American Heart Association recommends (6 tsp for children over the age of two)

*20 teaspoons is the amount the average American consumes!

*$147 Billion is what the cost of obesity is in the US

* 66% of the adults in the US are classified as overweight or obese

* 33% of children and adolescents in the US considered to be overweight or obese

Does that wake you up a bit. Where is that conversation in the churches? Because I don’t hear it very often. 

I am not saying that we should focus on weight. Both of the statistics that are provided are right. It should concern us as parents. And it needs to be addressed. 

Young girls are affected from all sides in regards to their beauty, their weight, their appearance and so much more. And as you and I both know, as they get older, it will get worse. The messaging from the world is confusing. 

But it doesn’t have to be. Not in your home. You can take control of this discussion and this topic. 

As a Christian woman who is a momma to an athletic pre-teen girl, I am taking very seriously these types of conversations. I am not perfect by any means, but I don’t shy away from this issue. Her health is important to me. She has also shared that she wants to be a competitive Olympic swimmer. Whether that actually happens or not is not the issue. I must deal with the topic of her body image and her self care and health. 

I never say in front of my kids that I am on a diet. I might share that I am trying something new to help my health, my body, or my physical performance, but I don’t say “mommy is fat and I need to go on a diet.”

I am not fat. Not even in the slightest. I have been unhealthy. I have been honest with Madi especially about my journey as a wife and momma and with my health. 

I don’t want my daughter to be fearful of the body she has. God made her. I want to teach her how to care for it because it is shows stewardship of what God has given us.

 I also do not shy away from saying what is not good for her (and Sean). I am their mother and I love them.  I love the sugary treat once in awhile as much as anyone. But I am very clear that a treat or dessert or surgery snack is not acceptable for every day. I am okay with telling them no to something that I know won’t benefit them or keep them healthy. I am okay with being that mom. 

But perhaps you are a mom who does need to lose weight. Perhaps the doctor has told you that you need to make changes because it is affecting your health.

Can I encourage you to not say diet in front of your kids? Can I encourage you to share with them (because they will notice that you are cooking differently and doing things differently) that you need to make healthy changes because you want to be around for them? Because you love them? And you love that God has created you and you want to honor Him? 

If your whole family has to make healthy changes, pray first how to address it. How will you speak in your home so that your daughter doesn’t see it as a fat vs skinny issue, but a health and stewardship one. That has to start with you. 

Your daughter will be fed many messages, especially if she attends public school or is active on social media or is away from you for any length of time. You can’t put the blame on them. It must start with the firm foundation you have set in your home. It won’t look perfect, and you will get some of this wrong. 

In my house I try to say this: 

“My body is a temple. Your body is a temple. God created it. How will I treat it?” 

I think as parents, especially Christian ones, we are afraid to talk about weight or health because it seems frivolous and vain and not Kingdom worthy. But it is. Your daughter’s heart can be affected by this. So yes, it is Kingdom worthy. If you care for your daughter, you won’t shy away from having this type of conversation. Too many young girls are struggling because we have shied away from talking about it. We don’t want to damage or hurt their feelings or seem like we are obsessed with body image. This is deeper than skinny or fat. 

Also, please note. For those whose daughters are now struggling with an eating disorder, it beyond self image, although that can trigger it. There are deeper issues going on at that point. Seek professional help and resources. Also, a great book to read would be by my friend Michelle Myers, The Look That Kills

Stop being afraid and start talking Mama. She may roll her eyes or think you are being lame or uncool. I don’t care. I care about her soul and her heart and her walk with Jesus. I’ll be uncool any day of the week if it means I am training her to see truth and not fall victim to the lies the rest of the world throw at her. But I have full confidence that for the most part, she will value the time she gets with you and that you want to share with her and talk to her about tough topics. 

A couple of great resources for you:

Raising Body Confident Daughters by Dannah Gresh 

It’s Great To be a Girl! By Dannah Gresh and Suzy Welbel 

These would be perfect books to pick up today at the library or from Amazon or even from Secret Keeper Girl! 

Be encouraged, mama. This doesn’t have to be weird. Or yucky. Pray. Seek truth. Even seek guidance. And go talk to that precious princess God has given to you to love and care for.

Be a Size You,


What Is Your Health Worth to You?

Quite often, the biggest reason why people will not join one of my Be a Size You bootcamps is because of money. Spending money on themselves when it comes to their health is terrifying to most because they either believe that:

A. It is wasteful and that they shouldn’t have to spend money in order to get healthy


B. They don’t feel good about spending money on themselves. It feels selfish.

I will be honest and say that it drives me absolutely bonkers when someone tells me that they can’t join my bootcamp to get healthier because of money, but literally I see them in Facebook groups buying hundreds of dollars in clothes, buying a pet, going to a concert….you get the picture?

I am not against those things. I buy clothes and like going to concerts. But they showed me that they placed their value not in their health, but in the stuff.

Let’s face it. Health and fitness is not exactly the way to instant gratification. Buying new clothes or going to a concert gives us immediate satisfaction. Like we got our money’s worth.

Fitness and health takes awhile. You don’t see results in one day. Most of the time, your investment won’t show any results until a few months in.

But is your health worth it? I think it is. Obviously, because I have been committed to working out and eating healthy and drinking Shakeology for the last 6 years:

But is it to you? 

How much would you pay if it meant you could play with your kids without feeling tired all the time?

How much would you pay if it meant you could reverse Type 2 Diabetes, have a stronger heart, be given a second chance to live?

What is that worth to you?

I don’t believe that health and fitness is free. It costs you a lot. It costs you your time. It requires sacrifice. It requires effort. It requires investment. I believe humans are worth the investment. New clothes or a new dog or new toys might bring satisfaction for a moment.

But for the person who invests in their health? They will see that investment go way farther than cute leggings ever will. (Again, no shame in buying leggings. I have a TON and I love them!)

Enough with the “I will do the bare minimum.” NO. Go all in. You are worth it! Do it. You won’t regret it!

I have spots open for my March bootcamp. For serious people. For those who are finally ready to really do something.

Take advantage of the All Access plan. You get every fitness program so you aren’t bored. You get these plans for one whole year. You get your first 30 days of Shakeology. You get me as your personal coach to really help you make this a lifestyle, not a short term plan. You will get me for as long as you want. I won’t abandon you. I want YOU to reach your goals. 

Invest in yourself for your life. There is no quick fix to this. Enough with those. What do you really have to lose, except maybe a few pounds or maybe the chains that have been holding you back from living a Be a Size You life? Email me so you can finally join. 

Be a Size You,

Be a Size You goes on the Whole 30!

I will be honest and tell you that I have considered trying the Whole 30 many times, but never decided to take the leap, until now.

I will spare you all the reasons, except one. 

Sometimes, those in certain food/nutrition camps, are incredibly self righteous and a little legalistic for my taste. You mention that you don’t eat Paleo or you use a certain brand of supplements and they are all over you like ugly on an ape.

I don’t have time for rude people, or snotty people. So, I would just do my thing.

And it has worked. I workout at home 6 days a week, I follow a relatively clean diet of whole, nutrient dense foods, as well as drink Shakeology. I am the healthiest I have ever been and as a thirty-five year old wife and mom of two, that feels pretty awesome.

But I like trying new things. I have heard amazing things about Whole 30 that Dan and I decided that we are going to give this a go, together!


What is Whole 30? Many of you reading this are probably very well aware of it or you have friends doing it, but in a nutshell, it is not a cleanse. It is a 30 day nutrition reset that has you eating REAL, Whole, nutrients dense foods and eliminating the ones that most people consume in their diet that they may not realize is harming their body and therefore it is failing to function at its most optimal. Whole 30 is about helping you help your insides. Did I mention it was not a cleanse?

You eat food people! Yes! 🙌🏻
If you haven’t, I highly suggest reading “It Starts with Food” first, and then grabbing your copy of the Whole 30 book as well, if you decide while reading the first book to give it a go. Both of those books are available at the above website or through Amazon.

*Side note, you will. The science provided in the book is fascinating. What’s the worst that could happen by doing the Whole 30? You eat food that is tasty and nutritious?*

I have long believed that food plays a very big role in our overall health. I believe this because I have seen countless women try to kill themselves in the gym, or even with the workouts I do, but their eating habits don’t change and they don’t feel as good or see the results they are hoping for. The truth is, you cannot outexercise a poor diet and think it is going to Fix your health. You must start with your plate.

I also wanted to do this with Dan, for Dan. He has been struggling with some chronic pain, he gets headaches quite a bit, among other things and he desires to be his healthiest self this year. I want him to succeed and I think this will be an amazing thing for him. Because, again, he gets to eat food. This man of mine does not do cleanses. Ha!

Dan and I begin on January 9th. I will be blogging my journey and popping on FB live to share my thoughts, as well as posting on IG as well. 

Another note here, because I know you will ask. I will be drinking Shakeology during the Whole 30. I know that in the book it says not to. But while I agree with them on the majority of their information, I disagree with them on Shakeology as an educated consumer and advocate for my own health. This is a decision I am making for myself and not for you. You must make your own decisions regarding Whole 30 and their guidelines and for your health. 

Stay tuned and Be a Size You,


Hit the Ultimate Reset Button on Your Health

Let me be 100% honest with you.

My workouts have SUCKED wind lately.  Sucked wind is a spiritual term.  So don’t get mad at me.

I have felt so tired, unmotivated, I can barely push through them.

At first, I naturally thought that it was the fitness program. “I am just bored.” I would constantly tell myself. “Find something new.”

But changing wasn’t helping. And if I could be even more honest with you, my nutrition wasn’t totally on point either.

Our family has been so incredibly busy these last 2 months that I have slipped in my meal planning. We are grabbing quick and easy over nutrient dense (aside from Shakeology) because we are literally in our car every single night of the week either for work, our kids extra curricular activities, or for a small group.

I have been irritable, bloated, and overall I just feel yucky. I don’t look yucky.

It is an internal thing. My body doesn’t feel good.

It has been hard. I know some of you understand where I am coming from because you are there.

So I decided I needed to do a major overhaul to get back to feeling good inside.


I have never claimed to be perfect in this health and fitness journey. I am constantly on a path to growth. I mess up a lot, but thankful for resources that can help me get back on my feet.  There is no shame in admitting that something needs to change and then doing it!

Beginning November 1st, Be a Size You is embarking on a 21 Day journey to Ultimate Health.  I personally will be doing the Beachbody Ultimate Resource, which is essentially a major focus on our internal health and gut. Many would call it a detox, however, there is NO STARVING in this program. You will be eating food everyday, and they are delicious meals that will fill your tummy but also cleanse your insides.  Whole food can do that.

So what is the Ultimate Reset?

Here are some basic points about the program:

*It is designed to help your body’s detoxification process

*You will eat three whole food, nutrient dense meals a day.

*It is a 21 Day program. 

*Helps lose weight

*Improve overall health and energy

*The 21 Day program includes targeted supplements that will help your body remove toxins from your body and function at its most optimal.

*It is not an exercise program, although it is encouraged to do low impact exercises (think walking, light stretching. No strenuous workouts! Your body will be working hard for the next 21 Days. It needs the break.)


Since I will be doing this program as well, I will be drinking Vegan Shakeology as well as following the meal plan that comes with it.  You will get specific meals that you can eat during this program, recipes, and if you join my group, my support.  I am here to do this with you!

So how can you join or learn more to see if the Ultimate Reset is really for you? Let me first start by saying that even though it will only be for 21 days, this is not a program you can kind of commit to. In order to see the full benefits from the Reset, you must commit fully to the plan.  It will take some preparation on your part, but if you are willing, you will notice a difference and see results.  Nothing will truly change unless you change things.  You must be willing to put in the work and the sacrifice in order to see change.  This isn’t a quick fix.  It is designed to be  a reboot on your insides so that you can get back on track and feel good inside your skin.  I would never recommend you to do anything that would be harmful or pointless. I want those I work with to experience true change.

If you would like to be considered for my private group, you can apply here. Please, only apply if you are serious about being a part of the Ultimate Reset and my group, and if you are not already a coach or currently working with a Coach.

Be a Size You,


Build Strength Inside and Out

When I am asked about what I do as a Beachbody Coach, most people, I assume, think I am mostly involved with sales. While people certainly invest in a fitness program and purchase from me, that is the smallest piece of what me and my team actually we do.

We pride ourselves on Functional Fitness. What does that mean? It means we are less focused on the idea of six pack abs and tight bodies, and more on the intentional side of health and fitness. We work to help people find a fitness routine that fits their current needs and lifestyle and work alongside them as their guide and cheerleader to ensure they are successful in whatever they are trying to achieve. That doesn’t mean that people don’t work to lose weight or build muscle or lean out, as those are goals we help with, but we are more concerned with building health and strength inside and out and for a lifetime, not just for a season.

How do we go about doing that? We create online fitness groups. We call them bootcamps, challenge groups, communities, but the idea is the same. We connect with each individual to see what their needs are. We make it about them. We help them clarify what they absolutely want to achieve, and we walk them through purchasing a fitness and nutritional plan that will work best for them in their season of life. 

Our groups will often run for 21, 30, 60, or 90 days and we are their guides through the entire thing.

I also personally add scripture and Devotionals to my groups because I believe God absolutely has a place in our health and fitness journey. He created our bodies for a glorious purpose. Why not include Him and honor Him with our bodies. 

That is what I do as a Coach! We serve others in health. It is so fun and rewarding because it means that we are giving people real solutions for their needs. We don’t just give them supplements, we help them develop discipline to make their lives better and to feel good, inside and out. 

Have more questions about what being a coach and what it actually looks like? Or just questions in general? Leave them below or fill out my Team Application to schedule a chat with me! I cannot wait to hear from you. 

Be a Size You,