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The Habits of a Fit Person

This question was answered on social media today by one of the fitness trainers I follow, and while her answer was “technically” true….I want to add more to the conversation.

Her answer was that a fit person doesn’t skip workouts, even when on vacation or during holidays.

Yes, it is true that, for the most part, those who consider themselves fit, don’t cancel their workouts for things like holidays or vacation.  But, I think a fit person’s habits go much deeper than just not skipping their workouts.

I am in a season of my life where my workouts are at a much slower pace than before.  I don’t really have a specific physical goal in mind right now.  With the constant change our family is experiencing, God is directing my heart towards other areas that need nourishing and a health check up.

Things like dealing with stress effectively, my attitude when things don’t go my way (again), and how to stop hanging out with worry and doubt and start clinging to faith. (Watch this awesome Video that I saw this morning….it inspired me so much!)

The habits of a Fit person is one that looks similar on the surface (the workouts, the nutrition, etc), but very different in terms of their emotional state and well being.

A fit person has:

*Faith in the process– they realize that some seasons are going to be about goal setting and goal reaching and other seasons will be slower. But they understand the value of moving their body for their overall health

*The wisdom to rest– They know when their body has reached its limits. When it is time to slow down. To put aside the pressure of looking or feeling a certain way.  That maintenance is a healthy by-product of the fit life. That their LIFE is not a fitness competition.

*The ability to be present and enjoy those they are around, even if they are surrounded by food they should refrain from- This one, I think is hardest because we live in a diet minded society.  We constantly hear and see the list of Don’t Eat This in magazines, social media and nutrition plans. The fit person recognizes what works for them.  What doesn’t serve them, and they are experiencing FREEDOM to abstain and still enjoy being in the presence of their friends and family. This is especially true during the holiday season.  All those baked goods and rich foods are tempting, and they are delicious!  But, the fit minded woman will choose her favorites without guilt and happily say no to the things that she doesn’t enjoy or need in her life.

*Joy and Freedom– She is not in prison to her fitness plan or her nutrition program.  The whole point of her deciding to embark on this journey to being healthier was to bring her freedom.  Freedom from foods dictating her emotions and keeping her in chains. The joy of God directing her steps as she stepped outside of her comfort zone and treated her body with care for the first time in who knows how long.  She is working to break free from the chains and the lies the enemy has told her for so long about her body, her worth, her appearance, her value……and she hears the truth for the first time in a long time.

When I started the mission of Be a Size You, it was so important to me that women experience true freedom and joy and have faith in the process.  I get frustrated with fitness programs and nutrition programs sometimes, because they can seem rigid even if they weren’t designed to be so, and when a person is just beginning their journey, their old habits are hard to break and the lies are still very loud in their minds.  It takes time, it takes encouragement, it takes a lot of grace, and it isn’t just as simple as saying “fit people don’t skip workouts.”

It is so much more than that. So much more.  I have been guilty of saying “No Excuses” before as a virtual health coach, but I am thankful that God has been laying me low to teach me how to better love and serve those who want to live well and truly “Be a Size You.”

Praying for each of you as you embark on your own personal journey of fitness, faith, and health.  I am always here to help you. It is my greatest joy to serve you in that way.

Be a Size You,


Don’t Just Watch Me. Join Me.

Finishing up my first month of 22 Minute Hard Corps and I could not be more excited. I think this has become a new favorite program for me. If you know me, you know that it has taken me multiple tries to even get through one full week of Tony Horton’s fitness programs. I don’t know why it was so hard for me, but this time I was determined to do this program from start to finish. And now I am nearly 30 days in. Yes!!!!

I see some of you watching me and following me, and encouraging me on my social media pages. And it means so much. But now, I don’t want you to just watch.

I want you to join me.

Yes, I want you to join me in doing 22 Minute Hard Corps. The entire program. From start to finish. 

I have my next bootcamp starting soon, and guess what?

You can do this workout entirely from your home.

But you won’t be alone. You will have me. 

You will get 60 days of workouts that are 22 minutes long and guaranteed to kick your butt and get you results, as long as you push play!

You will get a nutrition guide from the program so that you will properly fuel your body, PLUS I will be sharing with you the meals that my family and I have enjoyed while I have been on this program. Do not think diet food. We are talking REAL food that your entire family will love, as well as special tips for those of you with picky eaters.

You will also be drinking your daily dose of dense nutrition and/or taking Beachbody Performance. I am going to be real with you. You need either both Shakeology and performance or one of them. You want optimal results? Follow the system. Don’t short cut it. I have been drinking Shakeology and using Beachbody Performance Energize and it has made a huge difference in my performance and longevity. Don’t kid yourself. I am not in the business of kind of making you healthy and get in shape. I want to help you transform inside and out. 

You will be plugged into an online virtual community created by me with other women who will be doing this program (or others if they are doing Beachbody on Demand…more on that in a bit). There, I will encourage, motivate, work out with you, post recipes, tips, and so much more. This group is for your benefit. 

If you like the idea of 22 Minute Hard Corps, but you like more variety for your workouts (especially if you will be working out at home), then I highly suggest the All Access Beachbody on Demand membership package. You get access to hundreds of workouts, even new ones that will be launched in 2017, and it is for the whole year. Plus, you get your first 30 days of Shakeology as well. For way less than what you would pay for a gym membership, nutritionist, and personal trainer combined. Seriously. 

I am ready to help you reach your goals. If you have more questions, fill out the contact tap or email me at coachtiffanyharper@gmail.com

You ready to go?

Here are your options to start:

22 Minute Hard Corps challenge

All Access Beachbody On Demand pack

Be a Size You,


P.S. Links and prices are for US. If you are from Canada, please message me so I can get you the correct links and prices. 

My Favorite Tools for March

Hey all!

I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite tools for March when it comes to my health and fitness routine.  I know I like to read about how others stay on track with their favorite gear so I always appreciate it when someone takes the time to share with others instead of hoarding all of that information for themselves!

This month, I am loving the following items:

2016-03-29 15.27.30


I have shared about the portion control containers before, so I won’t go into too much detail again, but because I am doing the 22 Minute HardCorps program for the next couple of months, these little guys have been a HUGE help to keeping me on track with my nutrition and within the correct portions. Especially for carbs and fats.  I mean, who really likes limiting avocados and cheese and bread! LOL!

I am also loving the Fixate cookbook from Autumn Calabrese (the creator of the 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme). Most people use it to pair alongside her fitness programs, but I still think it is very useful to use alongside any Beachbody program.  The recipes go along with the containers and since most of our programs now are gearing towards that system with their nutrition guides, it is truly helpful to have additional meal ideas.  Most of the time, I make the same thing for breakfast and lunch, and I always have Shakeology every day, but for dinner, I like to change it up!

Shakeology is another favorite.  If you have not tried the new Café Latte flavor, please do yourself a favor and get yourself a bag? Please. It is so good. If you are a coffee ice cream lover, or you love a good latte but don’t want all the junk with it, this is PERFECTION.

My Mini Vegetable Spiralizer. Zoodles, anyone? I know it is not a brand new tool on the market, but I am just in love with this little guy. When I want to eat lean and green and I have used up my yellow containers for the day, the spiralizer saves the day because I get my veggies, but I can make them in a different way.  Love that about kitchen tools.

Veggie tray.  I am not the cleanest cook in the world.  And I hate it when I spend time chopping my veggies, and they don’t make it into the hot skillet or in my containers! They end up on the floor! Why!!!  So that little kitchen gadget helps me to scoop up my veggies and get them to where they need to be.  That alone makes my hubby happy because then it is not such a mess in the kitchen!

Water. Duh. Always a favorite. Okay, maybe not always a favorite, but it is always necessary. Did you know most people are dehydrated, but because thirst cues are similar to hunger cues, they assume they are hungry? Grab for a glass of water first! It is a natural cleanse for your insides.

Beachbody Performance Energize Pre-Workout. Y’all.  I need this for my current program. It is tough. Energize keeps me going. It really helps on those mornings when my body is dragging and I don’t feel like doing a whole lot.  Plus, it tastes amazing. I don’t get that weird cracked out feeling that other pre-workouts give you.

Those are my favorites for March!  I would love to hear about what you are loving this month!

Be a Size You,


*I am a Beachbody Coach and therefore, some of my favorites listed above, if you purchase from the link provided, I do earn a small commission.  That being said, I stand by what I share and I will never share what I don’t love with you guys.  You can always count on me to be honest with you! Thank you for supporting me and my little family so that I can continue to invest in you guys!*