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Coach of the Week: Michelle Bradley

Meet Team Be a Size You Coach of the Week: My friend Michelle Bradley.

She and I go back a long time.  I met her at church after I competed in a local pageant with one of her best friends and she just walked up to me and said,

“Didn’t you compete in the Miss Diamond Bar pageant with Kelly? I was there. Hi, I’m her friend, Michelle.”

And the three of us became besties!  No joke!  Some of my favorite memories in my twenties have the three of us in them because we loved Jesus and we were a little nuts. Ha!!  Oh, and Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s breakup broke our hearts but that didn’t stop us from busting out all the songs full blast in either Michelle’s VW Jetta or my Silver Mustang or Kelly’s Civic (We are basic white girls. hahahaha!)

Michelle joined my team two years ago, and honestly, this was after she told me no several times prior.  She just didn’t think she had what it took to be an online health coach.  And to be fair, most people have those objections.

So when she finally decided to jump on board, I was so excited.

She is the epitome of someone who fights for her Why.

Michelle’s Mom died of Breast Cancer when she was a senior in high school. Imagine that. For those of you who have lost a parent, either recently or at a very young age, it is traumatizing and heart breaking.  You never get over it, but you learn to live without a person daily in your life.  That is so hard.

Michelle fights for her health daily.  She doubts herself often, which is where I come in and tell her to knock that off. That she can do this. That she is worth the effort. That people that follow her do gain incredible value from her story telling and from her sharing her heart with them.

When she gives it her all, she kills it.

The last several week, she has been following an intense endurance program to the T. The workouts and the nutrition plan. She hasn’t cheated.  She hasn’t given up on herself. She is fighting daily because her WHY is bigger than this whole fitness thing is.

She wants to be around as long as she can, Lord willing, for her kids. She wants to prevent disease, which runs in her family, as much as she can so prayerfully she can spare her children from experiencing the heartbreak of losing their mama like she did.  She knows that she cannot keep it from happening if it will happen, but she refuses to allow “genetics” dictate her future.

So she pushes play. And she keeps fighting.  She chooses to change her life one day at a time.  She fights for those kids. For her husband.

That is a Coach. That is what we do.

Michelle is also incredibly loyal and is always in your corner. You want a true cheerleader, confidant, friend, supporter? Michelle is that woman you want on your team.  She is sensitive and will hear your concerns, and also love you with the truth.  I am so thankful that she is on my team, that we get to do this business of making women better, healthier, live longer, and fight for their families.

If you don’t already, be sure to follow Michelle on Social Media: @michellebradly05 .  Be inspired by her and go join the movement.

Congratulations Michelle! You deserve this!

Be a Size You,

Tiffany Harper

*Have you ever considered becoming a virtual health coach and joining my girl tribe?  I am always looking for women who want to live healthier, and help others live healthier too. For more information, please apply and schedule a time to chat with me about being a part of Be a Size You and our movement.

Coach of the Week: Hannah O’Polka

I am so excited to share another Coach of the Week post with you all.

I have been wanting so badly to share more about my incredible team of women that make up Be a Size You. We are growing so I know that each week, I will be able to celebrate these amazing women and their accomplishments in their businesses.

I know that in the eyes of many, it is thought that no one can succeed in a business like ours. But I will tell you: that is false. The gals I am featuring are literal proof that if you work hard and treat this like a business and your Why is big enough, you can transform the world and your family’s future.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Hannah O’Polka. I actually inherited her from a coach of mine that had quit, and she and I instantly connected. She is determined and she doesn’t allow failures keep her from working to grow, either to grow herself or to impact those she comes in contact with.

She has been on my team for a few years, and we met in person for the first time at last year’s annual conference (she lives in Iowa, I reside in California).

What makes her earn the title of Coach of the Week?

*She is a Diamond Coach and well on her way to 2 Star.

*regularly featured on my Top Volume Leader board.

*Constantly inviting people to join her movement of being a healthier wife and mama.

*Used to have a job as an in home day care provider and was able to QUIT thanks to being able to replace that income with Beachbody income! (Yes, you read that right!)

*She is incredibly gifted in the kitchen and constantly shares yummy recipes and tips.

*She constantly provides training and tools for those in our team to help them grow their businesses. She is not selfish with her information. She gives a ton!

I am so proud of this girl. You can bet that you will see more from her.

Be sure to follow her on social media: @afitlifewithhannah

Congratulations, Hannah! You earned this!!

Thinking about joining our team and our movement? Let’s connect to see if Team Be a Size You is the right team for you! Apply here to learn more about our amazing opportunity!

Be a Size You,


*Income disclaimer: Team Beachbody® does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings for the most recent information on the actual incomes of all our Coaches.

Coach of the Week: Alesha Haley

Awhile back I decided to create a new feature for my team in order to celebrate those who were crushing their businesses and truly making a difference in their lives and in the lives of others.

And truly, it was hard to pick my first Coach to feature as I have quite a few gals who are just amazing, but I had to choose one.

Introducing my sweet friend, Alesha Haley.  She has been a coach on my team for 2 years and let me tell you, when she started, she took off like a rocket.

She was like a dream coach.  She had created online fitness accountability previously to becoming an online health coach with Beachbody, and she had fallen in love with helping people with find real solutions to their health and fitness struggles.

Over the last month, something triggered in her soul and that passion she had for truly making a difference in the lives of others resurfaced.

*She is consistently on the Top Volume Earner leader board that I share each week in our team page.

*She regularly posts valuable information and recipes to those that follow her on social media.

*She is a wife and mom to two adorable little girls.

*She created her own Team Manual for her brand new coaches who choose to join her team.

*She is creative and willingly shares everything she learns and uses for her business with her team, because she is that committed to helping them succeed.

*She is passionate and one of the sweetest women I know, and have yet to meet in person (which will happen soon!!!)

I have been so inspired by her hard work and passion that it has truly inspired and pushed me to be a better leader for my team and to consistently add more value to all of you who follow me so that you can be a better version of yourself. Because truly, isn’t that worth the hard work?

You can follow Alesha and all of her amazingness over on IG (@Alesha_haley) and on her blog.

Congratulations Alesha! Keep up the hard work!

Be a Size You,


P.S. Thinking of joining my team, Team Be a Size You, and helping us in our mission to help women live healthier, more fulfilling lives?  Apply today and let’s chat to see if online health coaching would be a great fit for you!

From Dreamer to Hope Dealer

I am so proud of the work I get to do as a Beachbody Coach.

I know many folks are now shying away from working in any sort of network marketing company. Usually for reasons that are understandable.

*It is too salesy
*I don't want to be that friend.
*It is all a pyramid scheme
*Only the people at the top make money
*People who work in those type of businesses only care about money.

I hear ya. I had all of those reasons too. I didn't want to be that person. I didn't want to be annoying. I worried about what others would think.

But when I started working on my health and fitness journey back in 2011, and then I started sharing my journey and transformation with others, and then others were telling me how my encouragement helped them to get started, I realized I had found my calling.

No, not in fitness, surprisingly, although I do enjoy fitness and health and eating healthy. And I love Beachbody's programs and Shakeology and supplements.

No, I had found my calling in being a story teller, and pushing people to move from just dreaming about it to doing it.

I became a hope Dealer.

I joined a team of hope dealers.

Here is the deal. I can workout every day and tell you that you should workout too, but I can't make you do it.

But if I constantly tell you my story, and I invite you to join me in this story, so that you begin telling yours…..then I have done my job.

I have had women join my fitness groups who felt discouraged from the very beginning because they didn't believe they could ever finish a fitness program from start to finish simply because they had failed in the past.

My job is to help you see and know that yes, you can.

I don't preach quick fixes. Heck no. This whole working out and eating to nourish deal is for life. You need lifetime habits, girlfriend.

I also help women recognize their dreams for their families. Meaning, they have the opportunity to change their financial future simply by working and doing what I do. There are no guarantees. They have to work. They have to treat it like a job they show up to every day, but I am watching women on my team quit their full time jobs to stay at home, and contribute income and help their family and spouses.

That is hope made possible.

I get to help women who are broken and discouraged, whether due to their health or their life, and walk with them to see transformation. From broken to whole.

Working in health and fitness has very little to do with fitness programs. Those are just products to sell. And they are amazing products/tools that people can use to get healthy. They work.

But the real work, the most inspiring work, the most gratifying work is the work behind the scenes. Working with your friends who also love Jesus and are fellow hope dealers.

And watching lives be transformed.

I am looking for more women like this.

Hello dreamers who want to be hope dealers.

I am taking on 5 women to join my team. Join my mission to help women love the skin they are in, transform their life and the lives of others.

Is that woman you?

I would love to chat with you to see if Team Be a Size You would be a good fit for you.

You can apply here, and I will schedule an appointment to chat.

Don't be afraid of asking. You have nothing to lose by learning more. No pressure.

Just possible dreams being realized.

Be a Size You,


Beachbody Health Bet is Back in January!


It is back!!! For those of you who missed out on the Beachbody Health Bet back in September, you get another chance. Plus, this will be a perfect opportunity for you to work on some of those health goals you have set for yourself for 2017.  You absolutely can achieve anything you want to, so long as you are willing to put in the work.

Here is what you need to know.

Beachbody is putting in $1M of its own money into a big pot that you can earn a share of, but there at some rules.  In order to earn your share of the $1M (and P.S. that pot is likely to go up to $2M and up depending on how many participate), you must complete the rules entirely. There will be no exceptions.


  1. You must be a participant in my Challenge group on the My challenge tracker app. If you want to be in my group, you must be my customer and challenger in order to be included in my group. You also need to have a valid First and Last Name, email address, and shipping address on record with your Team Beachbody Account by February 6th (so you can receive your payout.)
  2. You must log in a minimum of 5 Shakeology uses, each accompanied by a photo during each qualification week.  (1/15, 1/22, 1/29, & 2/5).
  3. You must log a minimum of 3 workouts during each qualification week. They do not have to be Beachbody workouts and no photo is required.


My group is not open to other Beachbody Coaches unless you are a new coach on my team. If you are a coach and you want to participate, you definitely need to run your own group and invite your friends to get healthy with you! The Beachbody Health Bet is also only open to those in the US (including Puerto Rico), and Canada (excluding Quebec).

If you are interested in joining me in this round and/or you missed it last time, let’s connect! I would love to hear about your Be a Size You goals for 2017 and how the Beachbody Health Bet can help you get there!

Be a Size You,



What Is Coaching?

What is Coaching?

I probably get asked that question more than anything. So I am inviting you to an opportunity to learn about what I actually do as a Beachbody Coach.

Here is what I want from you first. Have an open mind. An open heart. And a willingness to learn and serve.

If health and fitness is something you enjoy and you have a desire to help other women become healthier, then I want you to be a part of Team Be a Size You.

Coaching is not a job where perfect people with perfect bodies tell others what to do.

We serve in health. Each of us has our own health and fitness beginning, and truthfully, each of us are still a work in progress. But we love people and we want to help them discover the joy of health and fitness. That it isn’t a horrible chore and that it isn’t about shoving supplements down our throats.

We offer real solutions to people’s struggles. Fitness and nutrition and accountability combined. That formula works. 

I will share my story as well as share answer the questions I get the most like:

*How you can save money on your favorite Beachbody programs and products.

*Earn additional income for your family and possibly pay off debt or get back home to your family.

*Stay accountable to your own goals and learn new leadership skills.

*Work with your friends to end the trend of obesity!
And so much more! It will be live so, but guess what?! You don’t have to leave your house! Come in some comfy clothes and grab your favorite beverage and hang out online with me for a bit as I share my story. 

It will be Monday, August 8th at 5:00 PM PST. You can go here and RSVP

I cannot wait to chat with y’all!!!! My favorite part about my job is meeting new people and hearing their stories and sharing why I do what I do. 

See you there!

Be a Size You,


Income disclaimer: Team Beachbody makes no guarantees of income with the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each coach’s income is determined by their efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings to learn more. 

Build Strength Inside and Out

When I am asked about what I do as a Beachbody Coach, most people, I assume, think I am mostly involved with sales. While people certainly invest in a fitness program and purchase from me, that is the smallest piece of what me and my team actually we do.

We pride ourselves on Functional Fitness. What does that mean? It means we are less focused on the idea of six pack abs and tight bodies, and more on the intentional side of health and fitness. We work to help people find a fitness routine that fits their current needs and lifestyle and work alongside them as their guide and cheerleader to ensure they are successful in whatever they are trying to achieve. That doesn’t mean that people don’t work to lose weight or build muscle or lean out, as those are goals we help with, but we are more concerned with building health and strength inside and out and for a lifetime, not just for a season.

How do we go about doing that? We create online fitness groups. We call them bootcamps, challenge groups, communities, but the idea is the same. We connect with each individual to see what their needs are. We make it about them. We help them clarify what they absolutely want to achieve, and we walk them through purchasing a fitness and nutritional plan that will work best for them in their season of life. 

Our groups will often run for 21, 30, 60, or 90 days and we are their guides through the entire thing.

I also personally add scripture and Devotionals to my groups because I believe God absolutely has a place in our health and fitness journey. He created our bodies for a glorious purpose. Why not include Him and honor Him with our bodies. 

That is what I do as a Coach! We serve others in health. It is so fun and rewarding because it means that we are giving people real solutions for their needs. We don’t just give them supplements, we help them develop discipline to make their lives better and to feel good, inside and out. 

Have more questions about what being a coach and what it actually looks like? Or just questions in general? Leave them below or fill out my Team Application to schedule a chat with me! I cannot wait to hear from you. 

Be a Size You,


Team Work Makes Dreams Come True

Photo via Success

Team Be a Size You hit a major milestone in our mission to help end the trend of obesity and help others live healthier lives.

We hit 3 Star Diamond. What does that mean? It means that at least 3 of my teammates have reached the highest rank they can achieve in their business: a Diamond Coach. It is not easy to reach this level because it takes effort, sacrifice, a willingness to work hard and lead others towards being successful in their own businesses. You can’t have a selfish attitude when you are leading a team. These ladies worked hard and they earned the success!

I love this business because it truly is a team effort. When my leaders succeed, I succeed. Team Be a Size You would be nothing without the incredible group of women (and a few good men) who serve others in health and love people where they are at. The bonuses, income, vacations and incentives are all extra. We get a front row seat into the lives of people who want live healthier lives and live their lives to the fullest. What a blessing that is!

I am opening up spots for those to join Team Be a Size You. What are the qualification? You don’t have to look like a fitness model or be a health and fitness expert, but you must be a motivated, joy filled  individual who desires to help others and serve others. 

If you would like to see if our team would be a good fit for you and learn more about what we do as Beachbody Coaches, fill out the application to qualify for a chat with me. I want to hear about your goals and see if we can be partners in health together. Stay tuned to the blog this week for more sneak peeks into our Team and what we do! I can’t wait to welcome you to our team! 

Be a Size You,