My Valentine 

It is easy to criticize your spouse rather than share all the good things about them. Marriage is the hardest relationship you will have. Don’t let the world fool you into believing that loving a spouse shouldn’t be that hard.

Loving a human being who also happens to be a sinner just like you is HARD. It will require a lot of grace. A lot of forgiveness. A lot of communication. A lot of hugging and walking it out. When it comes to humanity, love is hard.

I want to share with you my Valentine. He doesn’t appear on my social media pages very often. In fact, he would rather not have his picture taken. So when he does make an appearance, I like to tease him a little bit and make a big announcement. He just rolls his eyes 😂.

I try to catch photos of him doing what he is meant to be doing. 

Teaching. Sharing. Playing with his kids. Hanging out with me.

He will never tell you what he is good at. You have to ask. You have to dig. You have to be willing to dig deep and then push him to do the things he is good at.

He is not an insecure man. But he is encouraged by words of affirmation. Gifts encourage him. When I am affectionate and smile at him, it moves him to do more and to move mountains. 

He is BEYOND generous. I cannot tell you how many times I, the budget nerd, will have to tell him to stop buying lunch for fellow staff and friends because I didn’t calculate it in the budget. He will never stop though. He spoils me with gifts and he regularly buys the kids little things just because he thinks of them.And truthfully, God takes care of us. I would rather have a generous, loving man and a little less in the bank account, than an abundance of cash with a cold heart. My prayer with my business is that I can make more than enough so he can continue to be generous, and I won’t have to yell at him 😂. 

He is a leader, but he is not boastful. He has an uncanny ability to find leaders, even in people most would not expect to be leaders. At our old college group, he found kids that had a heart for Jesus but unsure how to serve. He gave them a chance on the leadership team. Quite a few discovered their calling to serve the local church. THAT is what a leader does. He inspires. Equips. And let’s them go do their thing. 

He is a great teacher. He loves reading God’s word and learning. He loves to share with you what God has taught Him. It is hard to believe that at one point in his life, this man struggled with a learning disability as a child, and was told he probably wouldn’t get through college. I am inspired by his story.

Our marriage has had a lot of road bumps. We have had job loss. We struggled to love each other through hard times. Hurtful words have been said. We have had to forgive each other over and over again. We have had to say I love you over and over again.

I am so proud of this man I call my husband. He is happy to let me do my thing on social media. Behind the scenes, know that I have this strong, Jesus loving man encouraging me through every day and loving this hard to love gal. 

Happy Valentine’s Day, my love,


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