Make the Shift in Your Fitness and Your Life

It takes a single shift in your thinking to jumpstart your health and fitness journey.

It is not easy! I totally get that! So many of us are hearing that it is so hard to get in shape.

Do you have any of these reasons?

*I have no time to workout.

*I have no time to make healthy meals.

*I don’t have the money.

*It costs too much to eat healthy.

*My kids are too young and I have no one to watch them so I can workout.

*I need someone to be with me to workout.

*I am going on vacation, school is starting, Christmas break, this holiday is coming up (you get the picture?)

We have a lot of reasons for NOT making the Shift and starting. They may seem very valid, but, those reasons are not there to help you.

They deter you. You have now allowed those reasons to control your choices. They make the decisions for your health. Not you.

But not anymore. Not this time.

It is time to Make the Shift from your excuses and Take Charge of your own health!

*Beginning July 24th, my Make The Shift fitness and nutrition group begins and it will be 3 weeks of workouts that build in length and intensity. 

*A nutrition guide so you know what to eat and how to truly nourish your body from the inside out with foods that make you feel good. No more diet mentality. Eat Real Food and Feel Good.

*Simplified Nutrition and Superfoods (AKA Momma Fuel) to help give you daily wins in your nutrition.

*Daily support from me as your friend and coach to help you reach your goals and help you Make The Shift to truly transform your life and your health. There is nothing special about the first. Start today.

*I will be doing it with you! You won’t be on your own in this journey. You can bet that I will be sweating it out and nourishing my body as well, and sharing all of my FAVORITE recipes with you. You deserve it!!! 

I am only taking 10 women who truly want to lose anywhere from 10-15 pounds and are willing to give it their all because they believe in themselves. Be sure to email me with “Make The Shift” in the subject line. 

 Need help with your belief?

That is what I am here for!

Are you ready? 

Yes. You. Are.

Be a Size You,


P.S. I can only work with those who do not already have a coach and is not currently a coach. You must also reside in the US, Puerto Rico or Canada. Thank you for understanding!