If You Could Be or Do Anything….

Last night, the Harper’s hung out at Angel Stadium for the annual Freeway series and it was awesome! 

Sean is a HUGE Dodger fan and Madi is an Angel fan. We are a house divided folks! But don’t worry. We don’t take our rivalries too seriously. It is all in good fun. 

It was so incredible to be around so much blue and red! It was packed! There was so much noise and shouting for our teams. I asked Sean if he could do or be anything growing up, what would it be.

His answer was to play professional baseball. With the Dodgers. 

Sean lives and breathes baseball. He loves it. It makes him sad when the season is over, whether for the major leagues or for little league. He wakes up thinking about it. He plays all the time. He works on his skills. He asks his dad to go to the park so they can practice. He wants to fulfill that dream so bad! It is awesome to watch. 

It got me thinking about my own dreams. And yours! 

Actually, to be fair I didn’t really think about all that until this morning. Because last night I was too busy bragging about the Angel’s crazy win!

*Don’t mind the photobomber. I have no idea who he is. Sorry dude.*

If you could do or be anything, what would it be. What are your gifts? What do you want to share?

God has been doing a major work in my heart lately about my dreams. If I could do anything, I literally would just write and share all the time. 

I want God to teach me so much. To constantly be showing me new things about Himself and helping me grow in Him, and then I want to go and write it out. I want to inspire and move women toward Jesus. 

I get tired of the hustle, too. This feeling of constantly performing. It has been a major conviction in my life recently. Not because I have been dishonest, but because I am always trying to prove what I am doing. I need to remember that I don’t have to prove myself to anyone. God has already defined who I am. He has already crafted me for good work. I am not defined by the workouts I post. By how often I eat clean. My what I wear. None of that.

He has done it all. He is enough.

So it really excites me with all that He is doing in my heart. That heavy weight of perfection and striving is slowly being lifted. It feels good.

And it feels good to dream too.

So, what would you want to do? What drives you? What gets you excited? What steps will you take to make it happen?

Be a Size You,