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Gifts To Give This Season

I know Christmas is not about getting gifts, but I sure do love buying and giving gifts to those I love.  It is probably one of my favorite shopping season because of all the deals that can be found in nearly every store.

I like to shop at the big box stores as much as anyone, but I am going to encourage you this season to buy a few of your gifts from small business owners. Trust me when I say that you will get personal care and customer service when you order from a fellow mama.  That isn’t to say big box stores don’t care or offer good customer service, but it is different. You will see.

A few gifts I am eyeing to give this season:

Lola Jane Naturals Bath and Body products.  I discovered them on Instagram while stalking Magnolia’s Silobration IG stories.  They were one of the vendors at the event and I just ooh’d and aah’d over all of their products.  They have fizzing bath cubes in different scents, natural body care for mama and baby, skin care and so much more.  They are a natural company using the finest ingredients and I am just obsessed. Their sets will be perfect as gifts!

Accessories, leggings, scarves. Those always make fantastic gifts. They are easy and well priced.  I know that my sister and my mom always love a good scarf or a good pair of fuzzy socks as gifts because those are gifts that they will use all the time.  Practical gifts are good, folks! You can find some fun goodies in my Poshmark closet!

I am part hippy. I admit it.  I love the idea of filling up my home with holistic care than with a whole bunch of over the counter medication.  I realize those do have uses, especially when natural remedies don’t work, but I want us to utilize nature first before reaching for the drugs.  Essential oils are my favorite and this company, Plant Therapy is one of my favorite oil companies to purchase my oils from.  My kids are obsessed with having their own set of oils that are safe for them to use and diffuse in their room during the day or at night when they have trouble sleeping. They are an incredibly family owned business and I highly recommend them!

They don’t just offer oils, either. They have other products as well such as diffusers (this one is on my Christmas wish list) and other accessories, books, tools and more!

My friends up in Washington have this gorgeous shop called Born Again Brand. They are a Scripture Typography company and you have to check out their items. That coffee mug you see is one of them listed and is available for purchase. I love a good coffee mug as a gift. I can never have too many mugs. They have homegoods, wall décor, travel mugs and their designs are beautiful and each come with an inspiring scripture designed onto their products.  LOVE.  Go check them out and tell them Tiff said Hi!

What are some of your favorite items to give as gifts?

Also, if you are looking to earn cash back for shopping, be sure and check out There are a ton of stores that have partnered with Ebates and you get cashback on your purchases from (anywhere from 1%-sometimes 8% Cash back!). It is totally free to join and a great way to make back some money while shopping.  You can use this link to get yourself set up (I do get a small credit if you choose to signup through this link).

Then get to shopping! A few of the shops I listed offers cash back through Ebates!

Happy Shopping,



The Marriage Getaway

I just came back from a really fun overnight with this guy:

My husband, Dan.

This month, we will be celebrating 13 years of marriage, and this past Thursday (October 5th) was his 39th birthday. We have known each other since we were 21 and 24 years old. We have had some amazing times together. We have had extremely hard moments in our marriage, storms we weren’t sure we would make it through.

We have said loving words and harsh words to one another. We have had to repent and forgive one another over and over again.

We are raising two awesome little people together, two kids we would give our very lives for. We have fun and we have struggles.

So often, I hear people say that love and marriage shouldn’t be that hard. But disagree. Marriage will be the hardest relationship you will ever go through. There are so many factors that want to try and rip you two apart. You are two imperfect people trying to make a life together. It won’t be smooth sailing all the time. In fact, a lot of the time, you will drive each other crazy. And a lot of the time, you won’t be able to imagine your life without them. So you fight for the good. You fight for your spouse.

That isn’t to say that sometimes, people who have to walk away, because of abuse or infidelity, shouldn’t. But a lot of marriages will end because they feel like they are just different people. They grew apart.

You will always grow apart if you don’t tend to your garden. If you don’t water it, nourish it, give it attention, support it, if you choose to starve it….then yes, you will grow apart.

Marriage getaways have been so important to Dan and me. When life gets rough, we try to take a day with just to two of us and be alone. Together. No kids. Just us doing what we enjoy (eating, resting, shopping, listening to good music, coffee drinking) and being together. We start dreaming together again.

I have noticed that when we find ourselves bickering with each other over the stupidest things, it usually means we need a break together. It usually means we have neglected something in our marriage and in each other and this little getaway will help us figure it out. Because then we aren’t distracted by all the other things we have going on…..we can focus on our relationship…the most important one.

It doesn’t mean our problems go away, but it does mean we can come back refreshed and ready to tackle whatever it is we need to tackle or fix or update. Just like we sometimes need to recharge our personal batteries, we need to recharge our marriage batteries.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, or even necessarily a whole weekend away, but you must make it an effort to just be with you two. Alone. Fighting for a great marriage is worth it.

So, for our getaway, what did we do? Since it was Dan’s birthday and our anniversary this month, Dan’s parents gifted him a hotel night at the Morongo Resort and Casino , where Dan had won two free tickets to see Gavin Degraw in concert.

It was amazing and so fun. So thankful that we got to experience it together. Love this guy of mine.

And also, Gavin Degraw is FANTASTIC live!!!! So good! It was standing room only at the nightclub they had there and we were so close. It was so fun. Definitely want to go back!

Have you done a getaway lately with your spouse? If not, maybe you should plan one now! It is so good for your marriage. ❤️

Be a Size You,


The Entitlement Trap

Entitlement.  We hear that word a lot nowadays, and unfortunately, most of the time it is tied to my Millennial brothers and sisters. We see jokes, commercials, social media and even songs shared around the globe, calling those who are young and still learning their world entitled, spoiled, lazy, expect much and not willing to work…..the list goes on.

But y’all, the attitude of entitlement is not limited to those of a certain age.  I have seen it played out in churches (oh yes!!!!!), in businesses, social media, government.

Many of us are caught in a trap, and we need to get out of it.  This attitude of “I AM Entitled” is a trap.

Yesterday, one of my favorite fitness communities launched a brand new app for their followers. I had purchased their Nutrition Plan back in 2011 because I really needed the help in eating good and nutrient dense food (this was way before Shakeology and the Fix containers!)  They spent 18 months on this particular app, which the thinking and brainstorming behind it probably took almost three years, and it looks beautiful! If you have heard of Tone It Up, you know what I am talking about. These lovely ladies are funny, engaging and work hard to make fitness fun and get you results.  I don’t do their workouts nearly as often anymore since I mostly do Beachbody, but I still LOVE their community and message.

So imagine my surprise when I saw folks who were upset that Karena and Katrina were actually charging a membership to the Studio portion (where you would have exclusive access to new workouts and new TIU Studio Trainers) and they felt that wasn’t right and that it should be FREE.

Wait….what?  I will be honest. This makes me so angry.  These women give a ton of content for free. All you have to do is go on YouTube and see hundreds of workouts they have created and provided that you don’t even have to pay for.  They blog (which you don’t have to pay for) tips, recipes, health and beauty advice.  Every year, they have their biggest fitness series, The Bikini Series that runs for eight weeks to kick off summer, and don’t have to pay for it! Those who are Nutrition Plan members, like me, even get an eight week bikini series guide (with recipes and a meal plan!) for free…..just for being a member.

And you are mad because these women created protein powder that you have to buy at a store and will charge you $12.99 a month to access exclusive content in the app? Which by the way, $12.99 is a great deal!  It basically means for three months, you only pay $40 for your workouts.

The fact that so many felt that because they were customers or members of the nutrition plan, they should be entitled to a discount or free.  That is not how the world works.  This is Karena and Katrina’s job. Their job is to create valuable content for you all to reach your health and fitness goals, and believe it or not, they are the ones who are entitled to being paid for their hard work.

But it is not just the fitness community. Trust me when I say that I hear it plenty of times from people who want my time and energy in my fitness challenge groups that I run each month, but are not willing to invest.  If you want my time, you must be willing to put some skin in the game.  I am worth the investment. I deserve to be paid for my work. Do you go to your job and not get paid? I didn’t think so. Nothing is free. Stop expecting it to be.  If you cannot afford something, fine. Go get creative and do your own thing for free. But don’t get upset when those whose job it is to create content want to get paid for their work.

You know where I see entitlement the most?  In churches.

I am not trying to shoot my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, but it is prevalent in many churches. This is slightly different than someone owning a business and wanting to get paid for their work, but the attitude is there.

When it comes to churches, many attend or leave a church based on what it can do or doesn’t do for them.  I rarely hear people say they leave a certain church because they felt the teachings were in error or they were in disagreement.  Mostly, it is because it is not what they want. Not the style of worship.  They don’t like that there isn’t a coffee shop on campus. Church is too big, so they must not be spiritual enough. Church is too small so it must not be spiritual enough. They come, saying they want to be a part of a family, but once the church or the leaders do something they don’t like, they are very quick to criticize and even threaten to leave….and tell others why they are leaving!

Have you ever heard any of the following statements? Have you ever said any of them?

“I have been a member of this church for a long time, and the changes they are making are not how I would make them.”

“They don’t sing the type of worship I like so I’m leaving.”

“They don’t provide the right programs for me.”

“I am upset that they don’t have a VBS for my kids to attend (and I am not willing to volunteer at VBS either)”

“I should not have to serve in XYZ ministries because that is why they have pastors. That is what they pay them to do.” 

“The pastor(s) weren’t on call to answer my “emergency phone call” to the church at 9PM. That is what they are paid to do.” (Yeah, no. Sorry. Pastors have families too and they deserve to be with them.  If it is a  real emergency, I highly suggest calling 911 or local law enforcement. I once had a woman corner me on my husband’s first day at our old church and tell me that someone needs to be on call 24/7 for phone calls to the church at night. I almost told her thanks for volunteering. I had to refrain myself so Dan would still have a job. )

I could go on and on.  I have heard a ton of statements from those who are unwilling to sacrifice and serve, but are quick to complain when they are displeased.

Forgive me, but the church was not created for your pleasure.  Jesus did not call on Peter to build the church so that we can create programs to make those who attend happy and entertained. The church was created to make disciples, to train and equip,  and to build the kingdom and to fulfill the great commission. The church is to give God the glory, not to enlighten your senses.

I am starting to rant. I apologize. But this is something that makes me so angry and it breaks my heart because friends…..this attitude is a TRAP!

We must own our faith. We must be willing to serve God’s church. We must realize that we must die to self and pray for our leaders and pastors as they work and seek God’s will for your church and for the congregation and for the direction that particular church wants to go in.  It is not easy. Their decisions that they make, more often than not, have been heavily prayed over and they realize that people will be disappointed and people will choose to leave.

I am not saying that Pastor’s shouldn’t listen to the congregation or hear their concerns.  I am not saying that events, activities, programs are a bad thing.  But if you leave the church and grumble out loud to others because you think you are entitled to certain things and they aren’t serving you…..a heart check in necessary.

It is okay to not attend a church that you don’t enjoy. Lord knows we have visited churches and chose as a family not to attend for whatever reason. But, we refuse to harm the leaders and those who do attend by having the attitude of “they didn’t do it my way so I will take my ball and go home.” That is not kingdom attitude. That is a self-serving, entitled attitude.

Let’s be better than that.  We are Christ followers.  We want to love God, and love His people. Let’s do better than that.  Let’s Kingdom build, not tear it down with our own hands.

Be a Size You,


Be Brave Enough to Try

What have you always wanted to do, but thought you couldn’t do it because you had never done it before and you were afraid you would be bad at it?

I thought I would throw this out there to the universe, because, well, why not?!

I have always wanted to have my own clothing boutique.

Don’t worry, I am not making a major announcement, at least not today, but I thought I would be a good thing to chat about today. How many times are we told to not pursue something simply because we have never done it before or we don’t know how to do it.

“Everything is figureoutable”-Gary Vaynerchuk

I was talking to my husband about this the other night, how we have so much information and education and tools at our fingertips that literally, if we wanted to learn more about something, we could just GOOGLE it.

You can google how to start a business selling your own crafts out of your bedroom.

How to create a YouTube channel that provides incredible value and content.

Even how to make money on your blog just by writing and being able to direct people where to buy a product or tool.

You can even begin impactful and meaningful non-profits or organizations or ministries, simply by being willing to educate yourself and take those first action steps to be bad at it, so that you can learn and grow and be better.

Why is this idea of not doing something simply because we don’t know how or have never done it before so powerful, so crippling? Why do we allow it to control our decisions or dreams?

I am not saying we should not seek advice or wise counsel. The bible even tells us that seeking wise counsel from wise individuals is for our benefit.

And truthfully, not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. It takes work and patience and diligence and a willingness to fail sometimes.  Most people are more comfortable with security and having a 9-5 job, because they believe that is stable (which I don’t think it actually is, but that is my personal opinion, not fact.)

I love this quote about being brave enough to try something new. Of course you are not going to know all the answers and you may mess up a bit. Of course it is going to feel awkward and uncertain and even a bit scary.

But I think that is the beauty of it, really. You learn something new about yourself and you get to grow and become better.  We all want to become better. But in order to do that, you have to make attempts at doing things you weren’t familiar with.

Choose to grow, sister friend!

What are some things you have always wanted to do, but too afraid to because you didn’t know much about it?


Be a Size You,

Tiffany Harper


Don’t Show Off-Just Show Up tank from Cross Training Couture

I have entered a new season of parenting, and to be honest, while I was a little nervous…I wasn’t exactly terrified of the pre-teens.

I have been blessed with a daughter who is a true joy.  She is definitely coming into her own when it comes to her growing into who she is. And with every sweet precious girl, a little bit of sass is apparent (she is her mother’s daughter!)

But I can’t complain about her.  When she was a precious babe, I would hear from so many well meaning parents who would tell me to just wait until she became a teenager. Just wait. Then I would want to pull my hair out. Then I would agonize over having a daughter.

But, and perhaps this is me being naïve, I don’t think we are in for hard years with our daughter.  Our precious Madi.  I don’t mean that we are going to go through life bump free. But I don’t think that when she becomes a teenager, life will suddenly become terrible with her.

Being the momma of a daughter is special.  Some of us are blessed to have more than one daughter.  My daddy had three girls who looked up to him and thought the world of him. Our Daddy was our first knight in shining armor. He was our hero.  Madi looks at her daddy and sees a man who loves her unconditionally. The bar is set really high for the special young man who will one day love our daughter and marry her. I am praying for him specifically. I can’t wait for that young man to one day join our family.

But for now, our daughter is ours.  She is being raised in our household.  We are striving to teach her His word. To cling to what is good. To love others and to serve God with her whole heart and mind and body.

Madi is entering a stage and age groups where the need for attention is real. Showing off, being front and center, being noticed, wanting to be valued…those are real messages that will be vying for my daughter’s attention and for her heart.

So, as her momma, who understands the pull of the world and whose own heart has been pulled and affected, I want her to cling to this:

“That according to the riches of his glory He may grant you to be strengthened with power through His Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith-that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may have strength to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.” Ephesians 3:16-19 ESV

I want her to know who she is and to WHO she belongs to.

My daughter is also an athlete. The shirt she is wearing tonight says “Don’t show off-Just Show Up.”

In the fitness world, it is easy to see how that applies.  We show up each day for our workouts.  We don’t show off our awesome muscles just because we want to look good. If it is a part of our life, we do it daily, regardless.

As we walk it out with Jesus, we need to show up daily.  Christianity is not a cool club to belong to.  My daughter will soon see from some of those who don’t share her beliefs that being a Christ follower isn’t so easy.  It takes showing up.

I want my daughter ultimately to realize that she doesn’t need to show off in order to gain anyone’s love or approval.  With so many things that will be vying for her attention and heart, I want her to instead focus on showing up in the things that matter.

*Show up in love and compassion for her friends that are in need of it, even if she is without words.

*Show up each day in His word, so that she may be empowered by His Holy Spirit and to be guided by Him when she faces decisions she is unsure about.

*Show up in offering grace, even when others withhold it, for God did not withhold His own son from us.

*Show up daily by offering hope found only in Jesus.

*Show up daily as a friend. As a Daughter. As a princess of the King.

She doesn’t need to compete or show off in order to prove how valuable she is. God loves my precious daughter.  He loves her more than I do.  He wants good for her, He wants to give good gifts to her more than I do.

My job is not to make her life pleasurable and happy. Happy is a by-product.  My job as her mother is to raise her to walk with the King and to love Him with her whole heart, mind and soul. That will take the rest of her life, and she will most definitely falter some moments. But grace upon grace and the willingness to run towards Him even in failure, she will learn and grow to fall more in love with Him and fulfill His will.

I can’t wait to see what God does in the life of my beautiful daughter.

Be a Size You,



What You Eat is More Valuable than Pushing Play

As someone who spend a great deal of working out, this may come as sort of a surprise to you. But I think it needs to be said.

What you put on your plate will ultimately determine whether or not you will succeed in your fitness program of choice.

We see many on social media toting the advice that we need to push harder. Work out more. So more cardio. Lift more weights. Do crossfit. Tabata. HIIT. Fitness, fitness, and more fitness is what we see.

I follow a ton of women on social media who I believe are incredibly healthy and workout, but I am more impressed by one simple fact: they eat to supply their bodies with the best nutrition to perform at it’s most optimal. They view food as a way of sourcing energy to their heart, lungs, muscles, and more. They eat Whole Foods, clean, do their research, and invest in the best quality as much as they can (even if they have a budget!) and their results from that hard work shows. 

Eating well for your body is hard work. A lot more hard work. You have to research, plan out, budget out, and then implement. Eating healthier doesn’t just happen and it doesn’t come from a microwaveable pre-packaged meal.

Nourishing our bodies means we slow down a little bit. We cook a little bit more. No one said you have to be a supreme chef in order to create a delicious and healthy meal. I am not a chef. No where close to it. I probably ruin a lot more dinners than I care to admit. But we need to cook more as a society. We are so ingrained with this idea of fast and easy and convenient. Let’s be the ones who decide to flip that bird on it’s head. 

Let’s change it, shall we? 

Maybe we can’t buy all the healthy things we see and hear about. But we can buy more fruits and veggies than we do chips and other snacks. 

We may not be able to make elaborate meals for dinner every night, but we can take out that instant pot or slow cooker and have something healthy and delicious ready when we are. 

We may not always be able to sit at the dinner table together, but we can make more of an effort to try to and have a meal as a family more often than not. We can say not to busy and stressful schedules and embrace slower speeds and a good home cooked meal. Who said we have to be busy all the time. I am done keeping up with the Joneses. Aren’t you?

But, I am not done sharing with you all that you are worth eating good food. You are worth putting good food in your bodies and in your kids bodies. I know it means a little more effort from you, and I am sorry about that. The last thing you need, fellow mama, is pressure or more work. 

But I do fully believe that us mamas don’t just need to work out. We need nourishment. Just as we need an uplifting word from a good friend regularly, and just as we need daily spiritual nourishment for our souls in God’s word, we need good, clean, wholesome, nutritious foods to nourish our bodies.

Our families, our men, our children, want us around as long as possible. You are worth it. 

Be a Size You,


What We Do While We Wait

“How are you doing, sweetheart?” 

My mother in love has always been a nurturing and compassionate and sensitive woman. She is always the first one to ask how you are doing. And she really cares to know your answer when she asks. 

I told her I was fine. My typical answer when I don’t want to talk about my feelings. I rarely want to talk about them. To be honest, I am much better at writing how I feel and processing everything that way as opposed to having a conversation with someone face to face and having to truly express my emotions. I hate crying. I hate feeling like I am on the verge of tears. 

“Really?,” She said, at first. “Are you really okay?”

Of course, was my reply. 

“You are amazing. I don’t know how you do it and you don’t complain.” She said.

I appreciated her compliment. I needed to hear it. I needed her encouragement.

Truth is, as comforting as her words were to me in that moment, I don’t really believe I am all that amazing. I choose stone face over emotion most of the time. I lack the patience to deal with all that we are dealing with.

What are we dealing with?

The waiting. 

Six month ago, Dan truly believed it was time to start looking for a church he could pastor. Not as a college pastor or a small group pastor, but a teaching pastor. Senior Pastor. This was huge as for so long, Dan didn’t think the door would ever open because he did not finish his education and obtain his M.Div. 

But, encouraged by the leadership at our church, Dan stepped down from his position at our church, and we have been praying and he has been applying.

We thought one church was going to call us to serve them, but it turned out to be a no. That was a heartbreaker. We fell in love with that church. The people. We could see us living in that community. In that State. We were ready.

Yet, God said no.

And to be honest, I was a little angry and frustrated. I was also tired. 

Our church was extremely generous and helped us for a few months, but now the weight is completely on me to provide with my business and on the generosity of friends. So thankful.

God has been so good to us and has provided our every need. We are not rich in things, but we are taken care of. I could name off all the miraculous to you in complete gratitude of His provision. The fact that I am still able to be at home while we lay in wait is a miracle in itself. 

But, I won’t lie and say that I am energized. I am not. I am tired. Tired of the hustle at times. God has also been doing a major work in my heart about what I should be doing and how to minister and love His people. I am also tired because I am desperate for a place we can stay at for a long time. Our whole family is tired of moving every two years. 

Our children are tired. My husband is tired. I know he so wants to be at a church he can serve at and love on and teach and be there for many, many years. We want that. 

We want to be firmly rooted and planted somewhere.

This season has been a long one. And it seems like it happens in cycles of every two years. It is hard. It is tiring. I don’t share this for you to pity me. Military families go through this far more often than we do. Their struggle is real. 

It has been a struggle battling the discontentment I feel often, and trying to seek joy in the things that truly matter: being home with my family. More time with Dan since he is home more. More time with friends. More home cooked meals. Less busy. 

More moments together that I know will become more of a fight to have once Dan finds the church we will serve at. Our family will always be first. We will fight for it, but it will be a struggle. It always is for ministry families. 

I want to complain and cry and scream and tell everyone I know about how I hate the process of pastors applying to churches and how long it takes to get hired.  I have to fight the urge to be dramatic. It comes naturally to me to be resentful and critical. Fighting it and laying down my urges to lash out have to be a daily thing.

And so, in the meantime, I will let God do His job. I will do mine: pray and abide. 

I know God has a place for us somewhere. We feel confident in His calling of us to ministry in the local church. So I will do my best not to stomp my foot in impatience. (This is so hard for me! Ha!) 

“Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever.” Ephesians 3:20-21 ESV 

Whatever my feelings are right now about this whole waiting thing, and about the calling on my husband’s life, I know and believe that God is able to do far more than I could ever ask or think of. 

So when I say we want to be rooted and planted, and to serve the local church, our greatest desire, God can go even beyond that. 

Which is my very hope.

Be a Size You,


Make the Shift in Your Fitness and Your Life

It takes a single shift in your thinking to jumpstart your health and fitness journey.

It is not easy! I totally get that! So many of us are hearing that it is so hard to get in shape.

Do you have any of these reasons?

*I have no time to workout.

*I have no time to make healthy meals.

*I don’t have the money.

*It costs too much to eat healthy.

*My kids are too young and I have no one to watch them so I can workout.

*I need someone to be with me to workout.

*I am going on vacation, school is starting, Christmas break, this holiday is coming up (you get the picture?)

We have a lot of reasons for NOT making the Shift and starting. They may seem very valid, but, those reasons are not there to help you.

They deter you. You have now allowed those reasons to control your choices. They make the decisions for your health. Not you.

But not anymore. Not this time.

It is time to Make the Shift from your excuses and Take Charge of your own health!

*Beginning July 24th, my Make The Shift fitness and nutrition group begins and it will be 3 weeks of workouts that build in length and intensity. 

*A nutrition guide so you know what to eat and how to truly nourish your body from the inside out with foods that make you feel good. No more diet mentality. Eat Real Food and Feel Good.

*Simplified Nutrition and Superfoods (AKA Momma Fuel) to help give you daily wins in your nutrition.

*Daily support from me as your friend and coach to help you reach your goals and help you Make The Shift to truly transform your life and your health. There is nothing special about the first. Start today.

*I will be doing it with you! You won’t be on your own in this journey. You can bet that I will be sweating it out and nourishing my body as well, and sharing all of my FAVORITE recipes with you. You deserve it!!! 

I am only taking 10 women who truly want to lose anywhere from 10-15 pounds and are willing to give it their all because they believe in themselves. Be sure to email me with “Make The Shift” in the subject line. 

 Need help with your belief?

That is what I am here for!

Are you ready? 

Yes. You. Are.

Be a Size You,


P.S. I can only work with those who do not already have a coach and is not currently a coach. You must also reside in the US, Puerto Rico or Canada. Thank you for understanding! 

If You Could Be or Do Anything….

Last night, the Harper’s hung out at Angel Stadium for the annual Freeway series and it was awesome! 

Sean is a HUGE Dodger fan and Madi is an Angel fan. We are a house divided folks! But don’t worry. We don’t take our rivalries too seriously. It is all in good fun. 

It was so incredible to be around so much blue and red! It was packed! There was so much noise and shouting for our teams. I asked Sean if he could do or be anything growing up, what would it be.

His answer was to play professional baseball. With the Dodgers. 

Sean lives and breathes baseball. He loves it. It makes him sad when the season is over, whether for the major leagues or for little league. He wakes up thinking about it. He plays all the time. He works on his skills. He asks his dad to go to the park so they can practice. He wants to fulfill that dream so bad! It is awesome to watch. 

It got me thinking about my own dreams. And yours! 

Actually, to be fair I didn’t really think about all that until this morning. Because last night I was too busy bragging about the Angel’s crazy win!

*Don’t mind the photobomber. I have no idea who he is. Sorry dude.*

If you could do or be anything, what would it be. What are your gifts? What do you want to share?

God has been doing a major work in my heart lately about my dreams. If I could do anything, I literally would just write and share all the time. 

I want God to teach me so much. To constantly be showing me new things about Himself and helping me grow in Him, and then I want to go and write it out. I want to inspire and move women toward Jesus. 

I get tired of the hustle, too. This feeling of constantly performing. It has been a major conviction in my life recently. Not because I have been dishonest, but because I am always trying to prove what I am doing. I need to remember that I don’t have to prove myself to anyone. God has already defined who I am. He has already crafted me for good work. I am not defined by the workouts I post. By how often I eat clean. My what I wear. None of that.

He has done it all. He is enough.

So it really excites me with all that He is doing in my heart. That heavy weight of perfection and striving is slowly being lifted. It feels good.

And it feels good to dream too.

So, what would you want to do? What drives you? What gets you excited? What steps will you take to make it happen?

Be a Size You,


How to Eat Healthy & Not Lose Your Mind

Healthy eating. Anybody else seem so confused and frustrated by all the different ways to eat out there? 

I was for so long. Holy moly. It couldn’t be that complicated, right?

Actually, it was. 

Here is the thing. I was constantly buying the idea that I had to sweat for many hours and eat way less in order to get the results I wanted. If I wanted to be shredded, than LESS calories was the goal.

And I did. I consumed less calories and worked out a ton to eliminate a lot more.

Big problem arose as I noticed I was tired more, not energized, even though I was working so hard.

Turns out, the right calories and nutrients matter. It is not necessarily just a matter of eating less and working out more.

Now, I eat three, nutrient dense meals a day and my workouts are only about 30 minutes max. I have not spent more than 45 minutes in a workout in 5 years. 

I don’t really calorie count. I do pay attention to portion sizes (because let’s be real. This girl loves chips and salsa and avocados and cheese and potatoes.) 

But I do pay attention to the kinds of foods I choose. I have a burger or something more rich when I feel like it. I still drink my coffee with creamer. But 90% of the time, my nutrition is good.

And yours can be too.

When I grocery shop, I spend very little time in the middle of the grocery store, unless I am needing to stock up on gluten free flours or other pantry items. I spend a great deal of time in the produce section AND the meat/deli section. 

That is one way to truly cut costs in your grocery bill. One of my meals consist of Shakeology, and I buy that as a 30 day supply  on autoship so it doesn’t add more expense to my grocery budget. 

My main items that I buy are:

*seasonal veggies and fruit

*grassfed beef

*organic free range chicken

*sustainble sourced fish

*healthy fats, cheese, almond milk

And whatever else I want for the week.

I made a video on my YouTube channel sharing my grocery haul from this past Sunday. Everything that I spent cost me a total of $93. Those items will last me for a week for a family of four. 

Another thing. I don’t really buy snack foods. My husband does. He loves his popcorn and candy. I don’t personally buy it. I will make Shakeology balls (recipe coming this week) and other treats that we can have as a family if we are wanting something sweet. But buying the extra snacks add to our budget. My kids do enjoy Larabars and the Cliff ZKids bars, but I try to make my own if I can. I want to keep it as simple as possible and I want to have my kids eat more fruit and veggies and it is hard for them to do that if I keep distracting them with other options. 

5/22 Grocery Haul

Planning for meals doesn’t have to be super hard, either. You have to do a little research and some trial and error on what works best for your family. You don’t have to be Paleo this, or Vegan that in order to be healthy. Train your brain to think “just choose more Whole Foods” and you will notice a difference in how you and your family feel. 

Don’t try to make fancy healthy dinners all the time. Maybe once in awhile you can. But keep it simple, girlfriend. Chances are, you are like me and super busy. Who the heck has time to cook for hours?! I don’t! Instead of stressing yourself out and feeling defeated, find several easy meals you can put regularly on rotation and go from there! You can do this, mama! 

Stay tuned for a Shakeology recipe that isn’t a shake! 🙌🏻 

You can do this. If you commit to 30 days of shopping differently without any agendas, and really buying whole food, you will find it is easier (and cheaper!) than you realized. But you have to try. 

Be a Size You,