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Laughlin and Other Musings

I am back home, sitting in my favorite comfy chair and already missing the river views. I love Laughlin. Our hotel of choice is Harrah’s.

I spent a great deal of time hanging out with my Mama. And when she was off playing the machines and losing money (sorry, Mom!) I was out at the beach area laying out and reading my book. It was just what I needed. Time alone by the water to just relax and breathe.

While in Laughlin, most of the time we don’t really leave our hotel. There are plenty of restaurants and our hotel on the strip is the only one with a beach. So we stayed where we were which was just fine.

I didn’t take photos of many of my food choices, but there was no “dieting” while I was away. I did my best to pick healthier options, but for the most part, I indulged and felt really no guilt. I have no plans on “getting back on track.” I actually really hate that idea, personally. It sounds like I am constantly dieting and I am not.

This weekend, I chose to look at it as being a little off my normal routine. Now, with being back home, I am just going to hope back into it. Like normal. More on that idea later!

Swimsuit can be found here. I also like this one, which is similar.

My biggest takeaway from the time away was just how stressed I am and how much I carry it. I work really hard. I don’t believe in being lazy or waiting for others to help me with what I need. I have also really been encouraged, thanks to my book, that while we are in the wait, it is okay to still Cultivate that time.

Waiting doesn’t mean that we just sit around and do nothing. Waiting a lot of times means what we are truly meant to do or what we really want just isn’t here yet, but it is still important to take care of the things that matter. Don’t neglect those things.

It was nice to hang out with my Mama, whom I don’t get to see very often, thanks to distance and busy schedules. She had a good time and we LOVED the buffet! Haha! Although, I have no pictures of her because she also refuses to take photos. But I promise, she was there!

This time away was just what I needed. I needed the time to relax and rest. To not stress out so much. Being by the water helps you do that, you know.

Until next time, Laughlin. Thanks for being so good to us!!!

Be a Size You,


Hey There!

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