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Gifts To Give This Season

I know Christmas is not about getting gifts, but I sure do love buying and giving gifts to those I love.  It is probably one of my favorite shopping season because of all the deals that can be found in nearly every store.

I like to shop at the big box stores as much as anyone, but I am going to encourage you this season to buy a few of your gifts from small business owners. Trust me when I say that you will get personal care and customer service when you order from a fellow mama.  That isn’t to say big box stores don’t care or offer good customer service, but it is different. You will see.

A few gifts I am eyeing to give this season:

Lola Jane Naturals Bath and Body products.  I discovered them on Instagram while stalking Magnolia’s Silobration IG stories.  They were one of the vendors at the event and I just ooh’d and aah’d over all of their products.  They have fizzing bath cubes in different scents, natural body care for mama and baby, skin care and so much more.  They are a natural company using the finest ingredients and I am just obsessed. Their sets will be perfect as gifts!

Accessories, leggings, scarves. Those always make fantastic gifts. They are easy and well priced.  I know that my sister and my mom always love a good scarf or a good pair of fuzzy socks as gifts because those are gifts that they will use all the time.  Practical gifts are good, folks! You can find some fun goodies in my Poshmark closet!

I am part hippy. I admit it.  I love the idea of filling up my home with holistic care than with a whole bunch of over the counter medication.  I realize those do have uses, especially when natural remedies don’t work, but I want us to utilize nature first before reaching for the drugs.  Essential oils are my favorite and this company, Plant Therapy is one of my favorite oil companies to purchase my oils from.  My kids are obsessed with having their own set of oils that are safe for them to use and diffuse in their room during the day or at night when they have trouble sleeping. They are an incredibly family owned business and I highly recommend them!

They don’t just offer oils, either. They have other products as well such as diffusers (this one is on my Christmas wish list) and other accessories, books, tools and more!

My friends up in Washington have this gorgeous shop called Born Again Brand. They are a Scripture Typography company and you have to check out their items. That coffee mug you see is one of them listed and is available for purchase. I love a good coffee mug as a gift. I can never have too many mugs. They have homegoods, wall décor, travel mugs and their designs are beautiful and each come with an inspiring scripture designed onto their products.  LOVE.  Go check them out and tell them Tiff said Hi!

What are some of your favorite items to give as gifts?

Also, if you are looking to earn cash back for shopping, be sure and check out There are a ton of stores that have partnered with Ebates and you get cashback on your purchases from (anywhere from 1%-sometimes 8% Cash back!). It is totally free to join and a great way to make back some money while shopping.  You can use this link to get yourself set up (I do get a small credit if you choose to signup through this link).

Then get to shopping! A few of the shops I listed offers cash back through Ebates!

Happy Shopping,



Big Weekend Coming up and Some Jane Goodies

Happy Thursday!!! I am so excited that the weekend is almost here!  Today, I am prepping some snack food for our College Football viewing, as well as helping Madi out at her Swim a thon that will be taking place Saturday.  This is her swim team’s biggest fundraiser of the year and all the money they raise will go towards the needs of the team and swimmers and to host meets, etc.  Madi is loving her time on the swim team.  She has stated that she would love to compete at the Olympics when they are in LA in 2028 so here we go!!!  So proud of this chick!

I have something fun to share with y’all.  It is no secret that I enjoy shopping and sharing with you guys the cutest clothes that I find on the interwebs. There are so many amazing women who own the cutest boutiques, and I am constantly in heaven, much to my husband’s horror.  He hides the wallet!

I also love a really good deal and if you have never heard of, allow me to introduce you! I was introduced to this company last year by my sweet friend, after I asked her  about a really cute shirt she was wearing in a video. She told me that she practically gets most of her clothes from there.  I didn’t know what to expect, and I was hesitant at first because there are a lot of clothing websites on Facebook and Instagram that aren’t legit and will scam you of your money (and they aren’t even located in the US and the shipping takes forever, if it even arrives at all.)

But I have been so happy with Jane.  A lot of my favorite pieces in my closet have come from this store and I love that they partner with boutiques and small businesses and they are at a great price point!

Dress  and booties from

Here are some pieces I am eyeing right now on their site:

Ankle Booties / 3 Colors


Ruffle Sleeve Babydoll Top

Slide Loafers with Tassel / 6-11!

Fall Floral Swing Dress!

They even have stuff for your home and your children!

Striped Turkish Hand Towels

Oversized Farmhouse Style Vinyl Designs

Personalized Hoodie Sets / 0-24 Months

(basically, I need a cute little girl to dress up!)

There are a ton of great items on this site. And a lot of these items that are shown (among others) are only available for a short period of time. It is essentially a deal site where you can buy really cute clothes, accessories, home goods, and more at a special deal and then once the time is up, that’s it! And things do sell out often on this site, so if you see something you LOVE, don’t hesitate to grab it.

You can also download the app as well, but take it from  me, that is really dangerous. LOL!

I hope you will check them out!  I would love to hear what you think.  Expect me to share a lot of deals on my facebook and Instagram when I come upon them because I truly do love this site!

Be  a Size You,


FTC disclaimer: Some of the links included are affiliate links.  Should you choose to click on them or purchase through those links, I do receive a small commission. That being said, I only share what I truly love and believe that others would benefit from. I will always share my honest opinion on products, regardless of whether I was paid or not.

Friday Favorites Roundup

Happy Friday, friends!

We made it to the end of the week and the weekend is upon us.  I am so dang excited for the weekend. Why?

Because on Sunday, I leave for Laughlin. Yaaasss! I will be traveling with my Mama for a late birthday getaway and I can’t wait to plop my butt in the river and just relax.  Sometimes, when you start to wig out, you need a break.  And my favorite place to relax is by the river. So excited!

I have decided that each week, I will do a Friday Favorites Roundup of my favorite things that happened or I saw or I read or purchased. I love being inspired by pretty things, and I am sure many of you do too!

I got these amazing 1. state Iddah Performance Cutaway booties at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale as a birthday gift to myself and they are gorgeous! They come in so many colors.  I originally had wanted a different color, but after I placed my order, I got an email letting me know that the color I had wanted had sold out. So I went online and bought the black instead.  They are so cute and they are great with dresses and with jeans. Love them!

I have been obsessed with graphic tee’s and pretty skirts lately.  I had purchased this limited edition Lularoe Metallic skirt sometime during the holiday season last year, but I never got to wear it.  This week, I decided to wear it with my Greatest Commandment Tee from Cross Training Couture.  For the skirt, since mine was a limited edition piece, I am not sure many LLR consultants will still have them, but you can find similar pieces here , here, here.

It is no secret that I do enjoy cooking, but I truly don’t have a ton of time, especially now that school is back in session and baseball will be starting up soon, and not to mention swim has never ended! Holy cow!  I know I am really late to the Instant Pot game, but I finally tried it out awhile ago, and I am in love. So much that I got rid of my slow cooker, since my instant pot has the slow cooker function on it. The one that is linked is on sale, and I am not sure if it is still available, but you can definitely try and see if it is!  When they drop in price, they go fast!

I made an incredible dish called Lemon Garlic chicken from Predominately Paleo and it was a huge hit!  My husband wasn’t too sure about the Zoodles I had with the dish, but he gobbled it up so I call that a win in my book. And he even ate left overs…….yaaaaaassssss!

I also seem to be obsessed with anything blush when it comes to workout apparel.  I fully believe that when you buy yourself new workout clothes and gear, you are far more motivated to crush it. Yes? No? This is what I tell myself anyway! My husband and wallet may disagree with me, but that is my story and I am sticking to it! These are some of the things I am crushing on right now and are currently  on my want to buy real soon list.

And last, I am so inspired by my Back to School, Mama community. We started on Monday, and they are seriously crushing it! I am one proud coach as I know when you are a busy mama and things get super busy, it can be so hard to get into a healthy routine for yourself, but these women are willing to try and do it. And they are succeeding and pushing me to stay committed. I love it!!!
What inspired you this week? I would love to hear!
Be a Size You,

Back To School Ideas for Kids

My kids start school soon, and lately, we have been shopping and trying to pick out some outfit essentials so that the kids feel their best, also allows them to move with ease and function. I remember as a kid, I didn't want to be limited in movement when I came to my wardrobe. I wanted to be able to still run and plan, but I also didn't want to look like a slob either!

My kids enjoy shopping at Old Navy, and they are having a Back to School sale right now (and if you shop online, I believe you can get an additional 30% off of your order), I thought I would share some of my favorite items that I saw while browsing.

For girls:
I love a good top, especially when it could be worn with many different things.

I saw something similar to this for women at Nordstrom. So on trend!

Graphic tees always are a hit!!

Chambray tops are a staple in every closet.

This jacket!!! Love!!!!

Such a cute dress!

I need those pink high tops in my size. And those colored leggings! Love!

My husband cries every time I go shopping with Madi. It is dangerous, people!

For the boys:

My son has a shirt like this with hot dogs on it. Yes. Hot dogs. It is awesome!!!

If your boy needs a cool bomber jacket, we really liked this one!

I like to grab these style shirts for Sean in a variety of colors. They are a simple style, but they go great with jeans and shorts, and Sean always looks good in them. They are really great for cooler weather.

Dry Fit shirts are a must. My son plays constantly, so we need plenty of these around.

Sean really likes Old Navy's shorts, but he doesn't care for their denim. I only buy the Denizen by Levi brand for Sean, which can be found at Target. But these shorts fit him pretty well.

We have also had awesome luck with Old Navy's shoes for Sean! Those high tops and sneakers! So cool!!!

This is obviously a pretty small list, but that is just what I saw at Old Navy online and I thought I would share with you. Happy shopping!!!

When do your kids go back to school? Or did they already start?

Be a Size You,


*Disclosure: Old Navy did not pay or provide any clothes or goods with this blog post. All opinions are my own.*

Mom Chic for Fall


I know. For those of you who live in Southern California, it is not even close to fall weather. We are still seeing 100 degree temps. The image of sweaters, booties, jeans and leggings sends us into hives!

But, in case you didn't know, I am not a normal California girl. I am so excited for Fall!

Fall to me means:

College Football (Go Trojans!)
Warm lattes
Fire place
Cooler temps
Cute clothes!

There is just something about boots and sweaters and skinny jeans that gets me so excited. I like to shop ahead of time and browse my favorite online boutiques, or even hit some of the sales to score some really cute pieces.

My family and I had a HUGE garage sale to get rid of a lot of stuff we had accumulated over the last several years. I am embarrassed by how much of that was clothes that we no longer wore.

You guys. What the heck??!! That is horrendous! No one should have that many clothes!!!

Thankfully, a lot of sweet mamas and kids were able to buy some new to them items, and the rest that weren't sold, we were able to give away. Huge win and relief. I don't want to be a hoarder.

But back to the reason for this post: for my mamas who are looking to be chic and comfy for Fall.

It is not impossible. I promise, even for those of you who are in the middle of nursing babes and lacking sleep, you can still look and feel good. I also have a 5 Minute beauty routine that I personally use to help me look wide awake (even if I need four or five cups of coffee!)

It doesn't take much. I promise.

For those of you who are looking for effortless style, here is what I have found lately that I am loving.


I am a sucker for a good bootie. I am really digging the fact that gray colors are considered neutrals and that they go with everything!!! Everything!!! Dresses, jeans, skirts,

These particular pair I found from a site I am in love with and is fairly new to me called Gray Monroe.

Some more shoes that are a little more on the high end, but are gorgeous nonetheless can be found at Nordstrom. Please tell me you took advantage of the anniversary sale this weekend! I did and I got these really cute booties in black:

I wanted to grab these ones as well in Greystone, but I decided to wait. We will see about November.

I also saw some amazing tops that I thought would be perfect for a play date, school activities, errands, and even date night.

These styles are also available from Gray Monroe and they get new arrivals each week. Also, if you sign up for their email list, you get first dibs on sales and specials and new arrivals. Yay!!!

I am so eyeing that mauve off the shoulder top and the cream sweater. Those are mine! 😍😍

Are you excited for Fall? Or are you clinging on to summer and dreading the changing of the seasons?

And most importantly, who is your favorite College Football team? I must know these things!

*Some of the links provided are a referral link. If you choose to purchase from that link, I do get a very small commission. Thank you and enjoy shopping!!*

Be a Size You,


Fall Outfits I have Been Loving

I love dressing for Fall.

Get me some skinny jeans or leggings, oversized tops and sweaters, scarves, booties or boots, and I am so good to go.  If you haven’t guessed, I LOVE shopping. I love clothes. I love helping my friends find cute outfits and deals and helping them feel like the cute sassy mamas that they are.  My mission is really to help women feel good in their skin and say so long to insecurity. (Great book by Beth Moore by the way! Go read it!)

Here are just a few of my favorite outfits recently:




We are still experiencing high temps here in SoCal, but pretty soon, I won’t be able to wear those cute shorts or dresses. But these have been my favorite go to pieces so far.  I love oversized tops.  And if you recognize a few of those pieces, yes, they are LuLaRoe.  I don’t know what happened, but I have become obsessed with their clothing.

I don’t sell it, but I know several amazing gals who would love to style you if you have ever wanted to try them out. Their leggings? Like buttah!



There are also some great pieces at H&M, Old Navy, Brickyard Buffalo,, and of course, Target!!!! That is where I stock up on most of my seasonal wear.  I also love layering too, which comes in really handy when the weather cools down and you have dresses that can go from summer to fall.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match and get creative.  IG and Pinterest are great places to get inspiration so you can find a style all your own and rock it!

Be a Size You,


Summer Resort from Ruche

My absolute FAVORITE shop, Ruche, has unleashed their brand new look book for Summer. 

If you haven't had a chance to check them out, you really should.  They have the absolute best vintage style attire I have ever seen.

Gorgeous fabrics and their prices are pretty good.  

Check out their lookbook:

And if any of my family is reading this post….my birthday is coming up. 

That is all. =).
Have a great day everyone!

Hey There!

I have an interview up at today. Come by to say hello and learn a little more about my role as a Pastor’s Wife and Illuminate!
Plus, you will get to meet some other really amazing women. So if you are a PW or a women in ministry, come on over!

I Got It At Ross

New Shoes

Do you like my boots? I got them at Ross.

Yes I said Ross.  Now, for those who know me, I don't normally shop at Ross.  I don't have the patience to go through that place and find things that I would actually use or wear.

I am kind of picky. And impatient. ha!

But Dan and I had the opportunity to have lunch together last week and he suggested that we stop into the store to browse.  He loves Ross. He always finds great stuff there. 

I do not.

He has patience.

I do not.

Except this time….I scored. Totally scored! I had been looking for nice black boots for awhile now and I just wasn't entirely sure I wanted to spend $40 plus bucks on them.  I am kind of on a budget.  It sucks but you do what you have to do!

These literally popped out at me. And they said buy me! Because if you don't I will be gone!

They really did say that. Honest.

They cost me a whopping $22.00.  I say well worth it!

Tell me about your shopping victories!  


P.S. Do you like my picture? I played around with my photos over at picnik.  Love that site! Plus, it is free!

New loves

Most of you know just how much I adore Etsy.  I introduced one of my best friends to this site and she is now obsessed as well.  I am in awe of how many creative people there are out there in this world.  I am a huge advocate of buying and making homemade decor, jewelry and other goodness instead of always searching for them at a department store.  Here are a couple of my newest faves:

Everyday Fairytale

My jaw literally dropped when I saw the goodness that was displayed at this gal's shop.   I am secretly trying to figure out how I am going to get my hands on this lovely without getting caught by hubby. But alas he reads my blog and now he probably knows about my scheming.  Boooo!

Her pieces are gorgeous and she has some gorgeous embellished dresses and tanks as well.  I love how romantic everything looks. They would be perfect for Christmas gifts. 

The Leather Store

My bestie Sheena introduced me to this store after she showed off her GORGEOUS black handbag Thursday evening at our monthly dinner.  I freaked out and demanded that she share the info with me.   I am a sucker for gorgeous handbags and this one I want.

Here and here are other shops I am sure you will love.

Miss RubySue

I have mentioned this shop before and I will mention her again.  Probably one of the sweetest woman EVER and so creative.  I LOVE her pieces.  I already have one of her adorable headbands and I am really wanting more of her stuff.  I don't know what it is but this shop always stops me in my tracks and has me in awe of her color combinations. I  ADORE this shop.

Brag About It

This shop features handstamped jewelry and I love it. I think I might ask for this one for Christmas and get Sean and Madi's names stamped on them.  Beautiful huh?

Sugar and Spice

If you have a little girl like I do, then you will definitely want to check out these hair pieces.  I adore them and I want to grab a couple for Madi. She has beautiful hair and she is really starting to get into hair accessories.  I love that about having a girl.  Everyday is dress up.

So support handmade and check these shops out.  If you have shops that you love…..please share them with us! I love finding new shops!