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Choose Your Own Adventure

I am going through an incredible online bible study through the book of Ephesians with Sarah Koontz and being reminded that we are worthy of our calling in Christ.

Lately, my fitness routine has been at some what of a standstill. It doesn’t mean that I am not working out, but just that I am not doing as much. I am not kicking up the intensity. I am choosing to dance more than a grueling HIIT.

I walk more than I run.

It has been good for this Mama’s soul as she prays and waits and wonders what God will do next for our little family.

What is our next adventure?

In our study today in Ephesians, Sarah mentioned that we are kind of on a choose your adventure journey….the gift of free will and choosing what we will do here on earth with what He has given us.  Our gifts and talents should be stewarded for Kingdom purposes, but it is easy to get lost on our way and some of our choices in our journey take us away.  Our choices do affect us.

With that all said, I am forever grateful that there are promises put in place long before I ever got here.  That when I chose Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I became a Co-heir in the inheritance.  I did nothing to earn that.  And neither did you, sweet sister.

Let’s worship Him today in that very thought and praise Him for His wonderful gift!

Read Ephesians 3:1-7 today and get a glimpse of this wonderful promise. As we exhibit free will, let it not be so that we can be more popular, more powerful, more rich, more influential, but to share the hope that we have in Christ Jesus!

As you workout today, or perhaps you are like me and taking it a little bit easier in your fitness routine, or you need something uplifting to listen to while working around the house (or on the job!), here is my Worship Playlist.


Oh Happy Day

I thought today, since it is lazy Monday, I would post a song that the Illuminate worship band sang last night.  

It rocked the house and got everyone with their hands raised, leaping in the air worshiping our Father in heaven. Oh yeah! 

It was an awesome sight to see =).

Enjoy friends!  


Happy Day-by Jesus Culture

Get It Right

I watch Glee. And the song that Rachel Berry sings "Get It Right" hit me square in the heart.  

Because it completely goes with my post yesterday.  

I am not sad or frustrated.  Just learning.  

But this song inspired me.

Sometimes I try so hard to fix things around me.  My best intentions often make things worse instead of making them better.

And that hurts.  And then I hurt everyone else. And I want to start all over.  

I think we all try to do things right.  And I think we see how often we fail and it is humbling.  

But again, we are human. And growing.

And that's okay.




I found this cute video by a singer I really like: Britt Nicole

I realize she will probably appeal more to the teens, but I love this kind of stuff ;).

We hear a lot of noise all around us.  

People think what they want of us.  How the world says we are to be, look like and feel. 

They even voice their opinions on what we should believe.

My prayer is that you will tune out those voices and tune in to the only Voice that really matters.



Hey There!

I have an interview up at today. Come by to say hello and learn a little more about my role as a Pastor’s Wife and Illuminate!
Plus, you will get to meet some other really amazing women. So if you are a PW or a women in ministry, come on over!

Beautiful Beautiful

Last weekend I sang at Illuminate.  This was the first time I had sung in over a year.  It was challenging yet I find myself revived. Reliving a dream and once again doing something that I love doing. 

Music is such a big part of my life.  I pay close attention to the lyrics of a song.  Because those are words that were written down by the author.  They came from the heart. There is a purpose behind those words. 

And often times those very lyrics speak to other individuals, like me, and help them through their darkest moments.

Lately, I have been filling up my iPod with so many songs that have just been hitting a cord with me lately. 

Like this one.

Francesca Battistelli's song Beautiful, Beautiful instantly struck my heart.  The lyrics are simple in that she tries to describe how God grabbed ahold of her heart and her life…and made it so beautiful. It can't be explained. It just is. 

To experience God's love is something that I can never find adequate words to describe.  How he grabbed me from certain death, took my sin upon Himself and died on the cross…the cross that was meant for me. 

Check out the song.  I am in love with it.

Beautiful, Beautiful (Francesca Battestilli)

Don’t know how it is You looked at me

And saw the person that I could be

Awakening my heart

Breaking through the dark

Suddenly Your grace


Like sunlight burning at midnight

Making my life something so

Beautiful, beautiful

Mercy reaching to save me

All that I need

You are so

Beautiful, beautiful

Now there’s a joy inside I can’t contain

But even perfect days can end in rain

And though it’s pouring down

I see You through the clouds

Shining on my face


I have come undone

But I have just begun

Changing by Your grace