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Feed Your Mind

I am a big believer that leaders are readers.  I believe that if you are looking to grow in any area, reading and studying are the way to go.

Growing up, I always considered myself an independent learner.  I fared much better doing research projects than group projects or sitting in a classroom because more often than not, it was on subjects that I was not interested in.

I still have not used chemistry. Well, except for baking because exact measurements matter, but other than that….nope!

But I will spare you my thoughts on education and we will get to the part I am most passionate about: Feeding your mind.

I shared on Facebook my current favorite books that I think y’all should grab and dive into.  Most of these are personal development/nutrition/leadership/ministry related.  If that is not your thing, no worries, I will try to update this week even more books that I have read and love.

Podcasts are incredible resources too. That will get updated on my blog as well.

Some included links for the books mentioned in the video:

Discipline: The Glad Surrender

Sacred Priviledge by Kay Warren

Nothing to Prove by Jennie Allen

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth

Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo

I will try to update even more resources on books, podcasts, resources and more so you all can have more resources as you work on Being a Size You.


So thankful for each of you! Would love to hear what you are reading and learning right now!

Be a Size You,





Leaders Listen

In my devotions awhile back, I read Exodus 18.  Moses and his Father In Law Jethro had finally been able to see each other after years away.  Jethro had heard about all the Lord had done for Israel and went up to see Moses.

During his stay, he observed Moses judging all of the people from morning until evening.  

Jethro, in his loving concern for Moses, pointed out wisely that the task Moses had taken on was too big for him. And he gave advice to him concerning how to do the work God had called him to and how to establish other leaders that were Godly and wise and utilize them to help Moses with governing the people.  

In no way was Jethro trying to usurp Moses authority or to keep him from leading.  But he wisely saw that the task was far too large for any one man (or woman!) to do alone.  Moses listened to wisdom and acted upon it.  

How often as leaders do we take on good, but rather large tasks all by ourselves?  It is good to enlist help! Duplicate ourselves when it comes to leaders so that we are not doing it alone! We are not meant to do this alone. In Illuminate, Dan has leaders who interact with a lot of our members when it comes to prayer, life groups, questions, events.  Dan is the Pastor, but he cannot do it alone! We have over 100 college students attending. Can you imagine Dan trying to take all of that by himself?  I would never see my husband.  And then that would make me a very crabby wife! *smile*

Dan tries to seek the wisdom of other pastors because they often can see things that he can't.  And he utilizes the advice that he believes will best benefit Illuminate and the people attending.  

Leaders listen.  

Often times pride and ego can get in the way and we can miss out on spectacular opportunities to see God at work.  So don't be that leader!  Be the leader who is open to wisdom, who is a constant sponge willing to learn more and seek those who have walked before you. They more than likely have much to share with you.