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Laughlin and Other Musings

I am back home, sitting in my favorite comfy chair and already missing the river views. I love Laughlin. Our hotel of choice is Harrah’s.

I spent a great deal of time hanging out with my Mama. And when she was off playing the machines and losing money (sorry, Mom!) I was out at the beach area laying out and reading my book. It was just what I needed. Time alone by the water to just relax and breathe.

While in Laughlin, most of the time we don’t really leave our hotel. There are plenty of restaurants and our hotel on the strip is the only one with a beach. So we stayed where we were which was just fine.

I didn’t take photos of many of my food choices, but there was no “dieting” while I was away. I did my best to pick healthier options, but for the most part, I indulged and felt really no guilt. I have no plans on “getting back on track.” I actually really hate that idea, personally. It sounds like I am constantly dieting and I am not.

This weekend, I chose to look at it as being a little off my normal routine. Now, with being back home, I am just going to hope back into it. Like normal. More on that idea later!

Swimsuit can be found here. I also like this one, which is similar.

My biggest takeaway from the time away was just how stressed I am and how much I carry it. I work really hard. I don’t believe in being lazy or waiting for others to help me with what I need. I have also really been encouraged, thanks to my book, that while we are in the wait, it is okay to still Cultivate that time.

Waiting doesn’t mean that we just sit around and do nothing. Waiting a lot of times means what we are truly meant to do or what we really want just isn’t here yet, but it is still important to take care of the things that matter. Don’t neglect those things.

It was nice to hang out with my Mama, whom I don’t get to see very often, thanks to distance and busy schedules. She had a good time and we LOVED the buffet! Haha! Although, I have no pictures of her because she also refuses to take photos. But I promise, she was there!

This time away was just what I needed. I needed the time to relax and rest. To not stress out so much. Being by the water helps you do that, you know.

Until next time, Laughlin. Thanks for being so good to us!!!

Be a Size You,


A Girly Day Out

Today I got to hang out with a bunch of girls.

Madi, my sister Sheena and I headed out to Old Towne Orange to check out The Perfect Circle Cupcakery. Their adorable, Breakfast at Tiffany's themed bake shop was on Food Network's Cupcake Wars this past week and they won!

So of course there was a line for their cupcakes. And oh my gosh was it so worth the wait. The cupcakes were delicious!!!!! Check them out if you are ever in Orange County.

Madi was so excited to meet the girl she rooted for on the show. Her reason for the owner being her favorite?

She was blonde. Easy enough right?

Sheena and I loved the vintage feel of the shops. I think next time we will go with just the two of us to get our shop on. Hehe.

I think I need more girly dates in my life. I adore being a girl ;).

What did you do this Saturday?


A Girly Day Out

A Girly Day Out

A Girly Day Out

It’s About My Family (Photo Heavy)

A couple of weeks ago, my SIL Carrie rounded the entire Harper clan together to capture us in photo.  We have expanded over the years with little ones and she noticed that the last family photo we had together was for our (Dan and Tiff) wedding!  

That was six years ago.  So much has changed since then.

This is just a small portion of my family, Dan's side.  As you can see, there are quite a few of us.   

Introducing the Harper's (all photography by Amy Salessi Photography)


Mom and Dad Harper with their boys:


Mom and Dad H. with all the grandkids:


And here are a few photos that I just love of my little family:






The best part about all of these photos?  They were a gift for Mom and Dad H.  Two large prints of their grandkids and of their boys. And then a 16 x 20 canvas that will be arriving soon.

Mom was in tears.  *smile* 

I hope you had a beautiful Christmas with your family!


What a weekend!

This past weekend was spent moving boxes into our new home. We have not officially spent the night there yet as there is no fridge (we bought one on Saturday and will be there Tuesday) and no food. And I really don’t want us to eat out any more than we have to. So essentially we will be at my InLaws house for just a couple more days.

Then we are on our own.

I am ready to create (remember my word of the year?) a home for my family. To create memories, meals, laughter an so much more in this new little house we have.

My parents, my sister Sheena and her husband Jeremy came over to help us clean up a little bit on Saturday. My mom was so happy about the place we got. Because of the location Dan works in, it is pretty expensive in housing. Not that anywhere else in California is really cheap, but just add an Orange County zipcode and holy cow.

For awhile there I doubted we would find anything.

But can I just say God is faithful??!! Oh Yes He is! And you can’t tell me otherwise!

I have some photos of Madi and Sean so far in their new environment. It is no surprise that Madi loves her new home. She is ready to claim her domain. And Sean….he just wants to crawl and (almost) walk everywhere. He is fast the little booger.

By the way, can I just tell you all that I loathe baby toys? Especially the ones you jav to assemble? That darn bouncer took me FOREVER!

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend. What did you do?


What a weekend!

What a weekend!

What a weekend!

What a weekend!

Most Social 3 Year Old Award

My niece Jenna wrote a sweet essay about her cousin Madi, awarding her the Most Social 3 Year Old Award. I absolutely loved it and I asked Jenna if I could share it with all of you.


Imagination Station by Jenna Harper

One day at my grandparents house all the cousins were invited to come and make cookies. One of the younger cousins, Jared, doesn’t like chocolate. So we couldn’t make chocolate chip cookies. Then Maddie said to Jared, “You don’t like chocolate? Well Dylan likes chocolate.” Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Dan, Maddie’s parents, both asked Maddie,” Who is Dylan?” “Maddie responded,” He is my boyfriend,” said Maddie. Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Dan stopped dead in their tracks, looked at each other and smiled. Madison Taylor Harper is my 3 year old cousin. Everyone in the family calls her Maddie. She is a dramatic, outgoing, girly, a social butterfly and keeps everyone smiling. That is why I am giving her the Most Social 3 year old award.

​One of the reasons I think Maddie deserves this award is because she has great verbal skills, especially for a 3 year old. She has an amazing vocabulary. One time, my Aunt Tiffany asked Maddie, “What is your favorite color?” She responded,” Pink, purple, and red, preferably pink.” The whole family was surprised when she said this. Preferably isn’t usually in a 3 year olds vocabulary. But not that day. She was clear and progressing as she talks every day

​Also, Maddie constantly talks to herself into the mirror. At my grandparents house there is a huge mirror at the end of their starcase. Maddie just stares at herself and talks like she is talking to someone on the other side of the mirror. She also dresses up like a princess and pretends to rule her kingdom. She wears a plastic crown and uses a towel as a royal gown. She has such a vast imagination that she can rule her kingdom as long as she wants. Well at least till naptime.

​Finally, she is so talkative she talks to walls. One day Maddie had nothing to do so she went to go find her mom. She wasn’t paying attention and she ran into a wall. Then, she said to the wall, “Watch where you are going!”She stood there and waited as if the wall was going to give a response. Sometimes Maddie can be hilarious without even knowing it.

​When the family came together for a family reunion we were going to make chocolate chip cookies. Then my younger cousin Jared said he didn’t like chocolate. Then Maddie said “Dylan can have your chocolate chip cookies.” Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Dan asked Maddie,” Who is Dylan.” “Oh” Maddie responded, “He is my boyfriend”. These stories show that Madison Taylor Harper deserves the Most Social 3 year old award. When Maddie does something funny the whole family remembers it. Something she says, something she does or something she pretends to do. Maddie is so creative her mind is just like an Imagination Station.


Most Social 3 Year Old Award

Hey There!

I have an interview up at today. Come by to say hello and learn a little more about my role as a Pastor’s Wife and Illuminate!
Plus, you will get to meet some other really amazing women. So if you are a PW or a women in ministry, come on over!


On Friday this little family went to Disneyland. We are so grateful to people in our church who bless us with gifts and this was one of them!! So thank you Koz and Wayne. We had such an amazing time!

As for Disneyland…as you can see Madi met her princesses. That was the first thing on her agenda. She was so excited!!! I love watching her eyes light up when she sees or does something she loves.

This was Sean’s first time and he was so good the entire time! No meltdowns from either child….even when we had to go home.

Folks that is a miracle right there!

Disneyland=fun for sure!

How was you weekend?






The Wedding of the Year

Forgive me once again for not post all last week. I was busily preparing myself for Sheena and Jeremy’s wedding.

And it finally arrived on September 20, 2009. Our closest family and friends gathered together for this much anticipated event. Sheena and Jeremy have been together for 11 years. All of us were thinking as Sheen walked down the aisle……at last! Jeremy had tears as Sheena, who looked absolutely radiant, walked down the aisle. There was not a dry eye in the house!

Dan was the officiant, I was the matron of honor and Madi was the flower girl. We had the unique opportunity to be apart Sheen and Jer’s day. Madi loved being the flower girl and wearing her beautiful dress.

Below are just a few photos Dan and I captured with my phone. We apologize for the quality as my digital camera has disappeared. And my phone only let’s me post a few photos at a time.



The Wedding of the Year

The Wedding of the Year

The Wedding of the Year

The Wedding of the Year

The Wedding of the Year

Fashion Show For A Good Cause

*Update: here is the website for the organization Shoes That Fit
Hi all! Tonight at the Shoppes in Chino Hills I am participating in a fashion show. My hair and makeup will be done by my über talented sister Sheena Rush. Her work has been featured on E’s The Girls Next Door, Latino Futuro Magazine and more. You can check out her website at She is seriously amazing and I am not just saying that because she is my sister!
The fashion show will also benefit the organization Shoes That Fit, which basically raises money to buy shoes and school supplies for those in need. I absolutely love being apart of something that helps to benefit others and it was one of the biggest reasons why I agreed to be a model. Because you all know I just had a baby!
So if you are in Southern California, then come over to Chino Hills and show your support!
TiffFashion Show For A Good Cause