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Introducing Daily Sunshine-The Nutrition Game Changer for Your Kids

Raise your hands if your kids are PERFECT and eat all of their fruits and veggies without complaining!!!


There is probably one, maybe two people who could raise their hand (honestly…you can’t fool us!) because let’s face it: Kids can be picky.

We do our best to introduce them to good foods that we know are tasty and really good for their growing bodies, but it does take time for them to accept it.  Green colored foods just don’t look as appetizing as beige or candy colored.

I know. I hear you. I am right there with you!

I get asked regularly if Shakeology is good for kids. The short answer is yes, but we also say that it really depends on the kid AND their needs.  One big concern many parents have is that Shakeology, although made with gluten free ingredients, it is not certified gluten free and they were concerned about other possible allergen and sensitivities. In short, we are willing to give the best to our kids!!!!!!  Maybe not to ourselves, but to our kids, we will not spare giving them what they need.

Welcome Daily Sunshine.

Daily Sunshine was specifically created with the nutritional needs of kids in mind. It was made for picky kids and for pickier parents.  It has the nutrition that our kids need to help support their constantly growing bodies. As parents, this is important to us.  If you have a child who struggles with eating their veggies, then you can be sure their bodies are not getting what they need, so this is FOR YOUR CHILD!

Daily Sunshine comes in two flavors: Chocolate and Strawberry Banana. Each flavor is made with organic fruits and vegetables, organic pea protein, and healthy fats, and has 3 grams of fiber, probiotics, Vitamins C& E, calcium, and vitamin D.  I love that Daily Sunshine is soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and non- GMO, and it contains no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.

How do I make Daily Sunshine?

It is so easy! All you need is 1 scoop or packet of your choice flavor and 8 oz of water (or your choice milk if you would like to boost the calorie intake a bit, which with water is 120 calories). It is a high quality snack for your kids and guess what….for you too!!!!

I will advise that this is NOT a meal replacement.  For children and their growing bodies, good quality calories count right now, as they are still growing. Unless your child is under the care of their pediatrician and need to be on a special diet or calorie cutting due to health issues associated with their weight, simply treat Daily Sunshine as a highly nutritious snack.

Here is a great video about Daily Sunshine from the creator, Isabelle Daikler:

My kids also tested for themselves.  I mixed it up for them: Madi drank Strawberry Banana and Sean drank Chocolate.  I only mixed it with water.  While they were doing their homework, I asked them to taste test my new snack option that I had for them.  These are their initial reactions.

*Disclosure: Sean initially said he liked Chocolate, but after he drank it a little more, he did comment that he would like his made next time with milk.  Just so you know! That is his honest opinion.  Today, he just asked for Daily Sunshine for a snack with his homework, which means he does like it and I am happy to make it for him!

What is the difference between Daily Sunshine and Shakeology?

Daily Sunshine provides key nutrients in a simple yet healthy formula designed for young, growing bodies.  Shakeology focuses on providing an array of exotic superfoods, adaptogens, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, and other important nutrients for adult bodies.  While they both have unique ingredients, Daily Sunshine and Shakeology contain some overlapping essential ingredients, but at different levels to suit nutritional needs of kids and adults.

Can I drink both Daily Sunshine and Shakeology?

Yes!!  If you are already consuming Shakeology as part of your nutrition plan, simply use Daily Sunshine as a really simple yet nutritious snack in between meals.

You can order Daily Sunshine here, Try a sampler pack here, and get a Daily Shaker cup here!

Of course, if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to let me know! I would love to share more with you and help you in any way possible.

Be a Size You,

Tiffany Harper

Coach of the Week: Michelle Bradley

Meet Team Be a Size You Coach of the Week: My friend Michelle Bradley.

She and I go back a long time.  I met her at church after I competed in a local pageant with one of her best friends and she just walked up to me and said,

“Didn’t you compete in the Miss Diamond Bar pageant with Kelly? I was there. Hi, I’m her friend, Michelle.”

And the three of us became besties!  No joke!  Some of my favorite memories in my twenties have the three of us in them because we loved Jesus and we were a little nuts. Ha!!  Oh, and Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s breakup broke our hearts but that didn’t stop us from busting out all the songs full blast in either Michelle’s VW Jetta or my Silver Mustang or Kelly’s Civic (We are basic white girls. hahahaha!)

Michelle joined my team two years ago, and honestly, this was after she told me no several times prior.  She just didn’t think she had what it took to be an online health coach.  And to be fair, most people have those objections.

So when she finally decided to jump on board, I was so excited.

She is the epitome of someone who fights for her Why.

Michelle’s Mom died of Breast Cancer when she was a senior in high school. Imagine that. For those of you who have lost a parent, either recently or at a very young age, it is traumatizing and heart breaking.  You never get over it, but you learn to live without a person daily in your life.  That is so hard.

Michelle fights for her health daily.  She doubts herself often, which is where I come in and tell her to knock that off. That she can do this. That she is worth the effort. That people that follow her do gain incredible value from her story telling and from her sharing her heart with them.

When she gives it her all, she kills it.

The last several week, she has been following an intense endurance program to the T. The workouts and the nutrition plan. She hasn’t cheated.  She hasn’t given up on herself. She is fighting daily because her WHY is bigger than this whole fitness thing is.

She wants to be around as long as she can, Lord willing, for her kids. She wants to prevent disease, which runs in her family, as much as she can so prayerfully she can spare her children from experiencing the heartbreak of losing their mama like she did.  She knows that she cannot keep it from happening if it will happen, but she refuses to allow “genetics” dictate her future.

So she pushes play. And she keeps fighting.  She chooses to change her life one day at a time.  She fights for those kids. For her husband.

That is a Coach. That is what we do.

Michelle is also incredibly loyal and is always in your corner. You want a true cheerleader, confidant, friend, supporter? Michelle is that woman you want on your team.  She is sensitive and will hear your concerns, and also love you with the truth.  I am so thankful that she is on my team, that we get to do this business of making women better, healthier, live longer, and fight for their families.

If you don’t already, be sure to follow Michelle on Social Media: @michellebradly05 .  Be inspired by her and go join the movement.

Congratulations Michelle! You deserve this!

Be a Size You,

Tiffany Harper

*Have you ever considered becoming a virtual health coach and joining my girl tribe?  I am always looking for women who want to live healthier, and help others live healthier too. For more information, please apply and schedule a time to chat with me about being a part of Be a Size You and our movement.

Do You Take Supplements Other Than Shakeology?

I actually get this question a lot.

And the answer is YES!  I do!

I would love to share with you what my hubby and I use on a regular basis in order to help us reach and maintain our health goals.

Beachbody Performance Energize

This is the Pre-workout I use the most, to be honest.  I challenge myself regularly to pretty intense workouts and this specific pre-workout gives me enough of the energy push without giving me the feeling that my body was exposed to crack.  I also really like that it is naturally flavored and doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners.  It only comes in Lemon Flavor but that doesn’t bother me one bit.   I know how hard Beachbody works to get the ingredients right and combine sport and science together to give us supplements that are effective and safe and not full of junk.  This one is legit!

Beachbody Performance Recover 

Story time! So my husband has recently begun his own health and fitness journey and for the last 8 weeks, my man has been running, hitting the gym (he doesn’t enjoy working out at home, so he will head to our local gym and sweat it out.) or ride his bike.  Plus, he has been paying closer attention to what he is putting on his plate and I have been cooking more Paleolithic style meals for him to help him reach his goals. He has about 30 pounds to lose, and I am pretty sure he has already cut around 10, if not more.  He is working really hard! I am hoping he will allow me to take one photo of him during his journey so I can brag on him on the blog.

He personally loves the Beachbody Performance Recover in the Orange Flavor.  You guys, I am not kidding when I say that it tastes like an Orange Julius. Who remembers those from the mall? Do they still have those?  I used to get those all the time as a kid. It was how our parents bribed us when we had to do some shopping (although, I don’t think they needed to bribe me when it came to shopping. We all know how I feel about shopping. I LURVE it!)

The chocolate flavor is also really good and reminds me of a Wendy’s Chocolate Frosty. So delicious and refreshing, especially after an intense workout and you need something right away to refuel you.

Want to know something even more awesome? While the Beachbody Performance line is perfect for us average humans who are working on our fabulous health and fitness goals, it was designed for elite athletes in mind as well.

It is NSF certified, which means that it is formulated without any of the banned substances for athletes, which makes it safe for them to use without fear of something being found in their drug testing that they have to go through regularly.

The Beachbody Performance Line (Energize, Recover and Recharge) is the official Sports Nutrition Supplement of the Ironman North American Series.  You can check out this awesome press release here to learn more about this amazing partnership. So for those of you who are considering Ironman or any other elite sport, this is for you!

So there you have it! These supplements are what I use personally and I truly do stand behind them.  One of the things that I felt that Beachbody was lacking for the longest time was really good, performance based supplements.  So many people are intimidated in trying Shakeology, or flat out aren’t interested, but they do want quality protein and pre-workouts to help with their workouts.  I truly think these products are incredible and some of the best on the market!

Be a Size You,

Tiffany Harper

*I am a Beachbody Coach and use these products as well as pay for them.  The product links provided above are my store links and should you choose to purchase from those links (thank you!) I do receive commission from those purchases.

Coach of the Week: Hannah O’Polka

I am so excited to share another Coach of the Week post with you all.

I have been wanting so badly to share more about my incredible team of women that make up Be a Size You. We are growing so I know that each week, I will be able to celebrate these amazing women and their accomplishments in their businesses.

I know that in the eyes of many, it is thought that no one can succeed in a business like ours. But I will tell you: that is false. The gals I am featuring are literal proof that if you work hard and treat this like a business and your Why is big enough, you can transform the world and your family’s future.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Hannah O’Polka. I actually inherited her from a coach of mine that had quit, and she and I instantly connected. She is determined and she doesn’t allow failures keep her from working to grow, either to grow herself or to impact those she comes in contact with.

She has been on my team for a few years, and we met in person for the first time at last year’s annual conference (she lives in Iowa, I reside in California).

What makes her earn the title of Coach of the Week?

*She is a Diamond Coach and well on her way to 2 Star.

*regularly featured on my Top Volume Leader board.

*Constantly inviting people to join her movement of being a healthier wife and mama.

*Used to have a job as an in home day care provider and was able to QUIT thanks to being able to replace that income with Beachbody income! (Yes, you read that right!)

*She is incredibly gifted in the kitchen and constantly shares yummy recipes and tips.

*She constantly provides training and tools for those in our team to help them grow their businesses. She is not selfish with her information. She gives a ton!

I am so proud of this girl. You can bet that you will see more from her.

Be sure to follow her on social media: @afitlifewithhannah

Congratulations, Hannah! You earned this!!

Thinking about joining our team and our movement? Let’s connect to see if Team Be a Size You is the right team for you! Apply here to learn more about our amazing opportunity!

Be a Size You,


*Income disclaimer: Team Beachbody® does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings for the most recent information on the actual incomes of all our Coaches.

Coach of the Week: Alesha Haley

Awhile back I decided to create a new feature for my team in order to celebrate those who were crushing their businesses and truly making a difference in their lives and in the lives of others.

And truly, it was hard to pick my first Coach to feature as I have quite a few gals who are just amazing, but I had to choose one.

Introducing my sweet friend, Alesha Haley.  She has been a coach on my team for 2 years and let me tell you, when she started, she took off like a rocket.

She was like a dream coach.  She had created online fitness accountability previously to becoming an online health coach with Beachbody, and she had fallen in love with helping people with find real solutions to their health and fitness struggles.

Over the last month, something triggered in her soul and that passion she had for truly making a difference in the lives of others resurfaced.

*She is consistently on the Top Volume Earner leader board that I share each week in our team page.

*She regularly posts valuable information and recipes to those that follow her on social media.

*She is a wife and mom to two adorable little girls.

*She created her own Team Manual for her brand new coaches who choose to join her team.

*She is creative and willingly shares everything she learns and uses for her business with her team, because she is that committed to helping them succeed.

*She is passionate and one of the sweetest women I know, and have yet to meet in person (which will happen soon!!!)

I have been so inspired by her hard work and passion that it has truly inspired and pushed me to be a better leader for my team and to consistently add more value to all of you who follow me so that you can be a better version of yourself. Because truly, isn’t that worth the hard work?

You can follow Alesha and all of her amazingness over on IG (@Alesha_haley) and on her blog.

Congratulations Alesha! Keep up the hard work!

Be a Size You,


P.S. Thinking of joining my team, Team Be a Size You, and helping us in our mission to help women live healthier, more fulfilling lives?  Apply today and let’s chat to see if online health coaching would be a great fit for you!

From Dreamer to Hope Dealer

I am so proud of the work I get to do as a Beachbody Coach.

I know many folks are now shying away from working in any sort of network marketing company. Usually for reasons that are understandable.

*It is too salesy
*I don't want to be that friend.
*It is all a pyramid scheme
*Only the people at the top make money
*People who work in those type of businesses only care about money.

I hear ya. I had all of those reasons too. I didn't want to be that person. I didn't want to be annoying. I worried about what others would think.

But when I started working on my health and fitness journey back in 2011, and then I started sharing my journey and transformation with others, and then others were telling me how my encouragement helped them to get started, I realized I had found my calling.

No, not in fitness, surprisingly, although I do enjoy fitness and health and eating healthy. And I love Beachbody's programs and Shakeology and supplements.

No, I had found my calling in being a story teller, and pushing people to move from just dreaming about it to doing it.

I became a hope Dealer.

I joined a team of hope dealers.

Here is the deal. I can workout every day and tell you that you should workout too, but I can't make you do it.

But if I constantly tell you my story, and I invite you to join me in this story, so that you begin telling yours…..then I have done my job.

I have had women join my fitness groups who felt discouraged from the very beginning because they didn't believe they could ever finish a fitness program from start to finish simply because they had failed in the past.

My job is to help you see and know that yes, you can.

I don't preach quick fixes. Heck no. This whole working out and eating to nourish deal is for life. You need lifetime habits, girlfriend.

I also help women recognize their dreams for their families. Meaning, they have the opportunity to change their financial future simply by working and doing what I do. There are no guarantees. They have to work. They have to treat it like a job they show up to every day, but I am watching women on my team quit their full time jobs to stay at home, and contribute income and help their family and spouses.

That is hope made possible.

I get to help women who are broken and discouraged, whether due to their health or their life, and walk with them to see transformation. From broken to whole.

Working in health and fitness has very little to do with fitness programs. Those are just products to sell. And they are amazing products/tools that people can use to get healthy. They work.

But the real work, the most inspiring work, the most gratifying work is the work behind the scenes. Working with your friends who also love Jesus and are fellow hope dealers.

And watching lives be transformed.

I am looking for more women like this.

Hello dreamers who want to be hope dealers.

I am taking on 5 women to join my team. Join my mission to help women love the skin they are in, transform their life and the lives of others.

Is that woman you?

I would love to chat with you to see if Team Be a Size You would be a good fit for you.

You can apply here, and I will schedule an appointment to chat.

Don't be afraid of asking. You have nothing to lose by learning more. No pressure.

Just possible dreams being realized.

Be a Size You,


You V2. 

How many times have you watched me or someone else do a fitness program from Beachbody and had this thought:

“That looks awesome and I bet it works….but I am not physically ready to go that hard yet.”

Mama friend, let me tell you. I hear you loud and clear. Not everyone is ready for bootcamp or crossfit style workouts. That is just the reality. And for the longest time, I have felt like Beachbody was missing those amazing people. Not intentionally. Piyo and Cize and Country Heat are perfect. And 21 Day Fix. But we needed something else.

And you need to see others who are like you doing this. Enough with the skinny Minnie fitness people who don’t look like they need to workout.

You want something different. You want to see something different.

Here you go. Introducing YouV2.

What is it?

Get ready to party, sweat, and celebrate becoming the new you every time you press play. Expect to have lots of fun with feel good party tunes, an incredible group of ladies of all shapes and sizes, and motivation from your biggest cheerleader and trainer, Leandro (creator of Brazilian Butt Lift!) With 4 cardio-dance routines and 2 body-sculpting workouts, Leandro teaches you easy-to-follow moves, step-by-step. And the best part? He picked songs that will make you want to move and groove to the new version of you. (80’s AND 90’s!!!! Yaaaaaasssss!!) 

Who is it for?

Perfect for fitness beginners. Women who want a fun dance-inspired workout that’s easy to follow, fitness beginners, women who have never really worked out or haven’t in a long time, women who want to begin a life-changing journey to look and feel better, women who want to lose weight but don’t like strict programs or diets, mothers.

Yes. This is for you!! 
The workouts will be 30 minutes long for 5 days a week for a total of 4 weeks. And if you want to keep going with the program, you can do multiple rounds, which personally I love because that builds consistency. And consistency gets you results and transforms you. Which is what you want…..right? 

You can see what I am talking about here on YouTube


You can check out the sneak peek that is happening today only over on Beachbody on Demand. 

If you haven’t tried your free trial membership yet, let me know and I can help you get started. And you will get to try out Youv2 and other fitness programs before making a commitment. Which I know we appreciate. Regular gyms only give you a week.

We will give you 30 days. And in your own home to boot. 

I am so excited to test it out today. If you follow me on IG, I will be doing a Instastory on it so be sure and keep your eyes peeled!

Be a Size You,


Core De Force 

Here we go!
I kick off Core De Force, my new fitness program, on March 13th, and I am so excited to challenge myself to something new. 
If you aren’t familiar with the program, or you have never heard of it before, allow me to share a few details with you:
1. It is an MMA style workout. Created by Joel Freeman And Jericho McMatthews, they came up with an intense, but effective program that allows you to utilize the techniques of MMA, and get into incredible shape. There is no equipment required. They will be helping you you use your body weight to get in fighting shape.
2. It is a 30 day program, with the option to go multiple rounds.
3. This is not a cardio/kickbox/dance program. It is not choreographed to the beat. There are awesome tracks included, but you are not dancing! 
4. There is a nutrition guide included in the program, which for most of us is what we need the most. 
5. I got to test it out at the NLC 2017 a couple of weekends ago and it basically solidified my decision to give it a go. I am excited!

Did I mention I was pumped to start? It has been brutal giving my body some downtime to recover from 60 days of 22 Minute HC. But I am glad I did. I am ready to kick some major tail. 
Here is what is on deck for me this coming week. I will be working out through Beachbody On Demand: 
Monday: MMA Speed
Tuesday: Dynamic Strength
Wednesday: MMA Speed
Thursday: Power Sculpt
Friday: MMA Shred
Saturday: Dynamic Strength
Sunday: Active Recovery & Meal plan
For my nutrition:
I will be continuing Shakeology (of course) as well as drinking Beachbody Performance Energize for my pre-workouts and Beachbody Performance Recover for my post workout. I will still be eating mostly Paleo, as well as following the color coded Fix container system as much as I can. I struggle with portions so those containers help a ton!
I can’t wait to get started.
What program are you doing right now? Have you ever considered trying Core De Force?
Be a Size You,


Keep It Simple, Mama

First, big news. I am officially finished with sixty days of 22 Minute Hard Corps. It was not easy. It pushed me physically, but it was awesome and I feel amazing.
My before and after photos and entire summary will be blogged really soon. I am so happy with how I look and feel. I truly believe this is a program anyone can do. You will see results if you are consistent.

But for those of you who are literally feeling like you are struggling to find some ground when it comes to your weight loss goals, I hear you.

It is not easy getting started. We see folks doing all of these seemingly complicated workouts and nutrition plans and we want to jump in on them too. They aren’t bad, but then we realize, once we start, what we got ourselves into.

And then we feel overwhelmed. We look at what we want to achieve and then we see our schedules and we feel defeated.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Let’s keep it simple, Mama!

We don’t have to make fitness complicated. We don’t have to make clean eating complicated. We can keep it simple, make it work for our schedules, and feel good in the process. 

And yes, we can begin the journey towards habits and real results that will last for a lifetime. 

On March 13th, I am kicking off a FREE 7 day Keep it Simple fitness and clean eating group!
Here is what you can expect:

*My favorite healthy and EASY recipes that you can make for your entire family.

*A featured workout move or workout from Beachbody On Demand (if you already have a membership, you can use whatever workout you want. Don’t have a membership? Get a FREE 30 day TRIAL!)

Any workouts shown will be 30 minutes or less. See? Simple! 

*Busy Girl/Mama encouragement (from a fellow busy wife and mama who gets it!)

*An inside look as to how I workout and eat healthy when dealing with a full plate. And most of all, how to KEEP IT SIMPLE and not stressful! 

*Tips and more that will help you establish healthy habits and work toward your own health and fitness goals.

You must commit by Sunday, March 12th. I would hate to start without you!!!! 

Some ground rules:

*If you are a coach, or you are already working with a Beachbody Coach, this group does not apply to you. 

*This group is free, yes, but you still need to show up. 80% of your success will be the willingness to put in the effort. I can’t reach your goals for you. You MUST show up. 

*Have fun. Yep. I said it. I know that seems like an oxymoron, but really, once you discover your soulmate workout and a way of eating that works for you, it is fun. You feel more energized and pushing play or going for that run won’t seem like a chore all the time. You will begin to love how you feel. 

Ready to hop in?  Comment on this post or shoot me an email at to get plugged in! I am so excited to embark on this seven day journey with you!
Be a Size You,


Week 6 of 22 Minute Hard Corps

I decided to take some photos this week. And I am so excited.

Left: February 17 2017.  Right: December 2016

What? Yes. This is legit. I honestly don’t know how much weight, if any, I have lost. I haven’t been on the scale. I don’t hate the scale, but I rarely use it.

Pictures tell me a lot more anyway. 

I feel amazing. I officially finish week 6 of 22 Minute Hard Corps on Saturday and I only have two more weeks into the program. But I couldn’t wait to share my results so far. I am so dang excited!!! I know a lot of you have been watching me, but you haven’t really taken the leap yet to try this program out for yourself.

I thought I would answer some questions that I get pretty often.

1. Is it hard?

Yes. Absolutely. Is it doable? Yes. Absolutely. For those who maybe feel they have too much weight to lose before they do this program, Tony Horton specifically created this program so you can do it. They have a modifier you can follow for any move that feels too intense for you. Even one of his directives during the workout is “modify to finish.” He wants you to get the results you want and to finish strong. 

2. Do you need a ton of equipment or space? 

Nope. I workout at home and I only use my mat for core workouts, a couple set of light and heavy dumbells, and a resistance band for pull-ups/chin ups (which you don’t do often). 

I workout in my living room. I have worked out in a fifth wheel. So I am telling you, you don’t need a ton of space. You can get in shape anywhere.

3. Do I have to count calories or follow a strict nutrition plan? 

Well, let me ask you this? How serious are you about getting in shape? Do you kind of want to commit or do you really want results? You get what you put in! I am seeing incredible results because this is challenging. I don’t want to put in all this effort and then just feed my body crap. No thanks. So, I follow a more paleo diet along with Shakeology and Beachbody Performance. But if you aren’t willing to work on what is on your plate, don’t bother with a quality fitness program like this one. You won’t get the results you want and you will have wasted your time and your money. 

4. Why is it so expensive?

Because it is quality. Because you get a program that pushes you for two months, gives you a calendar so you know what day you are doing what workout (meaning you don’t have to figure it out on your own and that saves you TIME), you get a nutrition guide so you can know what meals to eat to get the most out of your workouts (which saves you from paying for a nutritionist/personal trainer because professionals put that nutrition guide together and Tony Horton himself is your trainer!) If you missed my post yesterday about what your health is worth to you, I highly recommend reading it! I see too many people paying for the cheapest gym, and yet they are stuck in the same spot because they don’t have a real plan together. That’s the point. Get a quality plan and stick with it! 

5. Do I have to drink Shakeology/Beachbody performance? I want to do the workout but I am not sure about supplements.

Totally get that. Short answer is no. You don’t have to. But again, I ask you. Do you want to get the most out of this program? Shakeology and performance are not quick fixes. They are to be used in conjunction with your healthy nutrition plan. But I will say that those who have gotten the best results from this program and others like it are those who have followed the plan and drank Shakeology/Beachbody Performance. They just work. They really do. 

So, what do you think? What concerns do you have? I want to help you overcome them. 

Be a Size You,