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This. Is. Happening!

I have a question for you.

*If you had every single fitness program a company ever created available instantly via your laptop, smartphone and/or tablet so you could workout anywhere, would that make it easier for you to push play? And what if that was available for the entire year? 

*If you had color coded portion control containers so you would know exactly how much to eat, along with portion Fix recipe videos and how-tos, a nutrition guide so it would make your nutrition goals SIMPLE, would that help you?

*What if you had at least one meal a day that was incredibly nutrient dense, and it is clinically progeny to help lower blood pressure, maintain healthy blood sugar levels and help with overall health (among other incredible benefits), would that be a useful tool in your busy life as a wife and mom and working woman? 

*What if everything I just listed above is available to you right now, and it is so incredibly affordable that it almost feels like stealing….would that make you decide to say yes to your health today?

Because today is that day.

Starting today, you can get everything above:
The All Access Beachbody On Demand Challenge Pack

*The entire library of Beachbody’s fitness programs for an entire year, including BRAND new soon to be released programs for 2017.

*The portion Fix containers that are perfectly portioned and color coded so you know what to eat. Along with your BOD access, you will also get nutrition guides and calendars for every fitness program, and episodes of Fixate-Beachbody’s very own cooking show! (YES!)

*One whole month of Shakeology in your choice flavor. If you love it, continue with it or switch to a new flavor to try! 

*Bonus-you get me as your free personal coach. I will be your friend and I will help you reach your health and fitness goals. It doesn’t matter if you are in the beginning stages of your journey or you are an expert, we are never finished. We are always a work in progress. I use BOD everyday and I love it. 

You can get started with your All Access today! But, only for a limited time. Because after April, it will be back to regular price (retails for $199 US).

Still not sure if $160 is a good deal? Let’s put it this way: if you purchased Shakeology by itself for $129.95, it would be like buying every Beachbody fitness program for an additional $30. You are looking at getting nearly $4000 worth of fitness content here!!! 

And we know these fitness programs work. I am living proof. I work hard. I use Beachbody programs and Shakeology and their performance line. It is legit.

So, what say you? Are you ready to finally stop saying that you can’t afford it, and go for it? 

And, as a thank you, those who purchase the pack today from me, gets a FREE gift: the FIXATE cookbook! 

Have more questions? Would love to chat! Shoot me a message over at and I will connect with you right away!
Be a Size You,


Week 1 recap of Core De Force

Y’all, this week has been so much fun!!!!

I just finished up the first week of Core De Force and it has been so amazing so far! But it is challenging. Since it is all body weight and cardio and core, some of the moves, especially if you are someone who has quite a bit of weight to lose, will prove to be very tough. But don’t let that stop you from trying! Remember, the more consistent you are, the longer you push through it, then you will see results. But you have to stop giving up just because it is hard.

The hard is what makes it great.

I am usually not very good at sticking with cardio and body weight exercises. I get tired and they are hard for me. But I love MMA style workouts and this specific is only outlined for 30 days (which of course, you can do more rounds). So I told myself to just do it for thirty days.

Give it everything you got.

I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish 22 either, but I did. Never doubt yourself.

After finishing 22, I am definitely more leaner. I wanted to step on the scale just to see what my starting point was with CDF. Guess what?

I started 22 around 120 pounds.

I am now about 126. Yep, the scale says I gained. But I know what this really means.

It means I built muscle mass, which takes up less space than fat. I did exactly what I wanted with the program. 

The truth is that I don’t really have a lot of weight to lose anymore. I did six years ago, but not anymore. When I started, I looked thin, but I had a lot of excess body fat around my mid section, which actually, for someone my height and size, could be very problematic health wise.

So I lost twenty pounds with Turbo Jam and Turbo Fire and then added in strength training.

Now, I try to incorporate both into every workout I do each day. Thankful for Beachbody that has those kind of programs for me. 

But I digress. What I am trying to say is that the scale? That thing so many of us obsess over? It doesn’t tell the full picture. It doesn’t. If I had allowed the scale to get me discouraged because it didn’t go down after 60 days of working out, I would have missed the incredible transformation and physical results I am seeing.

All because I am believing in a number.

Ladies, NO! Lift weights. The scale cannot measure your heart, your attitude, who you are. It cannot measure your muscles or your effort. Stop giving it more power than it deserves. 

What’s up for next week with CDF?

Here is the schedule:

Monday: MMA Shred + Core Kinetics

Tuesday: Power Sculpt

Wednesday: MMA Shred + Core Kinetics

Thursday: Dynamic Strength 

Friday: MMA Power

Saturday: Power Sculpt

Sunday: Active Recovery and meal prep

So excited for week 2! I am going to share a couple of my favorite recipes this coming week from CDF so stay tuned! I am still drinking Shakeology and Beachbody Performance Energize and Recover. I am also eating a mostly Paleo diet as well.

Be a Size You,

22 Minute Hard Corps Week 5

Can you seriously believe we are finished with Week 5 of this program? I can’t.

I am still amazed that I have been going strong with this program. I am not lying when I said the first time, I quit after two weeks ūüėā.

 But let me show you what is capable in five weeks:

Stronger arms. A flatter belly. A greater appreciation for short workouts that push you but get you results.

Working out LESS but eating more. What?! Yes.

It was even that time of the month and ladies, we all know how rough that can be sometimes.

My body blew right past it. It did not slow me down in the slightest. I was a tad bit more tired (I tend to run low on iron during that time), but I just made sure to eat more foods rich in iron this week with plenty more protein and healthy fats so that I didn’t always reach for the salty chips, which was what I would normally do. 

I am not doing the Whole 30 anymore, but I am still eating a mostly Paleo diet. It is working really well for me and for Dan. While Dan is not doing 22, he has been riding his mountain bike and then cross training at the gym. He is slimming down quite a bit and he feels amazing. So proud of my guy! 

I have also noticed my back muscles are becoming more developed. I don’t have a pull up bar so I have to use resistance bands, so it might take longer for those to show, but they seem to be developing. And that makes me really happy. I am a girl who loves muscles. I am far more interested in that than the scale. The scale can’t measure my muscles. But pictures can!

No new meals this week. I will be testing out some new recipes during week six so I will be sure to share if those are a win!

On deck for week six of 22 Minute Hard Corps:

Monday: Resistance 1

Tuesday: Cardio 2 Core 1

Wednesday: Resistance 3

Thursday: Cardio 1 Core 1

Friday: Resistance 2

Saturday: Cardio 2 and Core 1

Sunday: rest and meal prep 

If you are looking for a workout that will have you in and out in no time and still get results, I would love to coach you through 22! Shoot me an email or let’s connect on FB! 

Getting a Head Start

In the past, I would have waited until January to begin any type or workout program or diet. ¬†The biggest reason was because I didn’t want to deprive myself of the enormous amount of goodies that I loved and wanted to consume during the Christmas season. ¬†And because I was lazy and making a ton of excuses not to workout, while at the same time complaining about how I looked and about how I still needed to lose those last 20 pounds from my pregnancy with Sean.

10 months into my fitness journey and I have found that just putting it off until tomorrow never works. ¬†Tomorrow comes…..and it gets put off again.

So in order to maintain what I have worked so hard for I have decided to challenge myself and really pay attention to what I eat and drink as well as workout at least 6 days a week.

I will be doing TurboFire. And continue drinking Shakeology.

It is not secret that I love this program.  I have been doing it off and on for the last few months, but I have not gone all the way through the program.  My goal is to completely finish it.  Do every single workout in that program.  And then send in my results to Beachbody and get a free shirt ;).

Incentive right?!

One of the biggest reasons why I achieved success was because I had people around me motivating me and doing the same thing I was.

So I am inviting you to join me.  Do this with me.

I know it’s December. I know the holidays are crazy busy and you have gifts to buy and it seems completely selfish to think about yourself and perhaps even spend money on yourself. ¬†But let me paint another picture for you.

What if because you were working out and eating right, you had more energy and ability to do all that needed to be done during the holiday season?  Sound impossible?

It’s not.

Do this with me. ¬†Don’t wait until next year. Do it now.

<3 Tiff~

P.S. If you have never heard of Shakeology, ask me for a free sample! Want to join my challenge?  Ask me!  It will be fun!