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Do a New Thing

I had already shared awhile back that I was leaving Beachbody. I had shared that I really felt God was leading me away, and also, because I really have felt for the longest time that I was on the wrong seat on the bus.

Let me explain.

As someone whose job it was to help people reach their health and fitness goals with the programs and tools I offered, I started to really take notice that while people were encouraged by my words and my actions, I was not the one they went to in order to REACH those health goals. They would go somewhere else. They would hire a personal trainer, join a gym, try a different product or program, whatever. And that is not me blaming them, whatsoever. They were doing their due diligence in finding the best solution for them.

I was just not that solution. And that is okay to admit. I have never, ever wanted to be a personal trainer. I had a Cize Live certification, but really, that was as far as I was going to go with any type of fitness certification. I had no interest in being a fitness professional.

So it really made me think about whether or not I was on the right seat on the bus. My answer came to a defeating: NO.

I also realized that in this business, because I wasn’t gaining customers (people who wanted me to help them with their fitness goals), most of my income was coming from my team. And that was not the reason why I joined. While I realize with Direct Sales/ MLM’s that is part of it, building wealth by building a team, I didn’t want that to be the only way. It wasn’t right to me. The only way you are really successful is if your team is successful. That is a good thing. But I also wanted customers. I wanted to have a business helping people and get them the results they were paying for. That mattered to me.

So it made sense to walk away. And be open to new opportunities that fit who I am a little bit better.

To provide my family with the financial portion that we needed (and we do need it).

To build relationships with other women.

To have fun.

And my favorite part: to possibly do it with my sister.

And I found it in Vegan hair care.

Hair care? Seriously?

Yes. To be honest, this is outside of my comfort zone. It requires being more social. And leaving my house, possibly. And actually talking to friends and hanging out over wine and coffee and not be a hermit. Or cling to staying indoors.

But the opportunity is huge. And honestly……it is just shampoo. That’s it. It doesn’t require people to change their habits or behavior or force them to adjust their budget to add something they have never had before. It is just fun. It is just shampoo.

I have been using it on myself and my family the last couple of weeks, and I can say it had made a difference in my own hair. It feels so much cleaner and more manageable. But that is all I will tell you.

Because this isn’t really about my old business or my new business.

It is about being okay with walking away from something that was good in your life, but realizing it may not fit what you need anymore, and being brave to pursue or open to something new. That can be anything in life.

Just as many of us will leave good jobs for greater ones, for a myriad of reasons, it is the same with everything else.

We pray. We weigh the pros and cons. We try. We fail. We win. We learn. We grow. That is how it goes.

So, if you are stuck spinning your wheels, and you know something needs to change, but you aren’t sure how….be open. Be praying. Be brave. Try. Fail. Then try again.

And be okay with walking away from good to get to Great.



Gifts To Give This Season

I know Christmas is not about getting gifts, but I sure do love buying and giving gifts to those I love.  It is probably one of my favorite shopping season because of all the deals that can be found in nearly every store.

I like to shop at the big box stores as much as anyone, but I am going to encourage you this season to buy a few of your gifts from small business owners. Trust me when I say that you will get personal care and customer service when you order from a fellow mama.  That isn’t to say big box stores don’t care or offer good customer service, but it is different. You will see.

A few gifts I am eyeing to give this season:

Lola Jane Naturals Bath and Body products.  I discovered them on Instagram while stalking Magnolia’s Silobration IG stories.  They were one of the vendors at the event and I just ooh’d and aah’d over all of their products.  They have fizzing bath cubes in different scents, natural body care for mama and baby, skin care and so much more.  They are a natural company using the finest ingredients and I am just obsessed. Their sets will be perfect as gifts!

Accessories, leggings, scarves. Those always make fantastic gifts. They are easy and well priced.  I know that my sister and my mom always love a good scarf or a good pair of fuzzy socks as gifts because those are gifts that they will use all the time.  Practical gifts are good, folks! You can find some fun goodies in my Poshmark closet!

I am part hippy. I admit it.  I love the idea of filling up my home with holistic care than with a whole bunch of over the counter medication.  I realize those do have uses, especially when natural remedies don’t work, but I want us to utilize nature first before reaching for the drugs.  Essential oils are my favorite and this company, Plant Therapy is one of my favorite oil companies to purchase my oils from.  My kids are obsessed with having their own set of oils that are safe for them to use and diffuse in their room during the day or at night when they have trouble sleeping. They are an incredibly family owned business and I highly recommend them!

They don’t just offer oils, either. They have other products as well such as diffusers (this one is on my Christmas wish list) and other accessories, books, tools and more!

My friends up in Washington have this gorgeous shop called Born Again Brand. They are a Scripture Typography company and you have to check out their items. That coffee mug you see is one of them listed and is available for purchase. I love a good coffee mug as a gift. I can never have too many mugs. They have homegoods, wall décor, travel mugs and their designs are beautiful and each come with an inspiring scripture designed onto their products.  LOVE.  Go check them out and tell them Tiff said Hi!

What are some of your favorite items to give as gifts?

Also, if you are looking to earn cash back for shopping, be sure and check out There are a ton of stores that have partnered with Ebates and you get cashback on your purchases from (anywhere from 1%-sometimes 8% Cash back!). It is totally free to join and a great way to make back some money while shopping.  You can use this link to get yourself set up (I do get a small credit if you choose to signup through this link).

Then get to shopping! A few of the shops I listed offers cash back through Ebates!

Happy Shopping,



PoshMark: What It Is and What It Isn’t

Hi guys!

So on my Instastories the other day, I posted a poll to get a sense of whether or not my followers and friends understand what Poshmark is.

My desire is to bring cute, modest, stylish clothing for the everyday woman.

Whether she works outside the home, or she is busy taking care of the littles in the trenches, I don’t think looking and feeling good in the clothes you wear has to be for the elite.

It can be for you, too.

Because come on, who doesn’t feel good in an outfit that she kills it in. Am I right?!

What the poll on IG told me…….

Most of you don’t get it.

And that is okay. Allow me to explain.

What Poshmark is:

*A FREE app that allows you to buy and sell clothes to consumers.

*It is super easy and simple.

*Priority shipping on every purchase.

*Absolutely safe and when you buy an item on Poshmark, payment is not released to the seller until YOU VERIFY that you received the item and you looked it over and verified it as described.

*Ability to buy gently loved items and even barter so that you and the seller can agree on a price you both can feel good about.

*You can make great cash on Poshmark if you have items in your closet that are still in great condition, but you want to make room for.

*Again, the app is FREE!

*If you sell on Poshmark, the money you make on your sales can be used toward any purchases you make on Poshmark, or have it directly deposited to your account or sent a check.

*It is a huge fashion community (check out @poshmark on IG) and you can get a better sense of what they are about. I promise, it is kind of addicting!

*If you are a seller, and you have had a minimum of 10 sales and 4.5 star reviews, you can buy wholesale on Poshmark and sell for retail in the boutique section of your closet! This is what I just recently started doing and let me tell you, it makes the shopping love inside of me so excited. This is what I want to do!

One of the gorgeous scarves I have on sale in my boutique.

What Poshmark is Not:

*It is not a garage sale or a thrift store. This one is hard for newbies because I think they believe they will see mostly items listed for $5. But that will not be the case. A lot of sellers use Poshmark as their way of bringing in supplemental income (some are even making six figures!). Also something to note: a lot of times newbies will try to offer a really low price on an item, and then they find themselves blocked or even reprimanded for doing so. Poshmark takes 20% from each order ($2.95 from orders under $15) so it really upsets a seller when they feel a buyer is disrespecting them with their offer. So if you are one who is buying on Poshmark, be considerate!

*It is not a trade site! No trades. It is actually stipulated in the rules on Poshmark that trades are forbidden. Those who are selling really aren’t interested in trading.

*It is a clothing, accessory and beauty site for buy/sell. So you won’t find things for your home on this site. All items should be gently loved without major issues, or if brand new with tags, labeled as such and whether or not they are boutique items (if you are qualified to have a boutique).

Those are the basics. It is really simple to use. I know on IG it can be hard to understand, but I highly encourage you to download the app if you haven’t already, find me (@tiffharper143) and look around.

Also, if you download for the first time, use code “tiffharper143” at signup so you can save $5. Trust me. Do it!

Now, let’s go shopping!