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Beachbody’s Newest Fitness Program, The Shift Shop, is HERE!

I always get excited when a new fitness program is released because it challenges me to step out of my comfort zones and try something new.

I have obviously tried many fitness programs and I have loved many, while not liking others. That is part of fitness right? You won’t love EVERY fitness program or workout you try.  That is not realistic. But thinking that you may not like it is not a reason to not try.

I also think people are just intimidated by fitness programs because they just seem really hard and they aren’t sure they can keep up.

Enter in The Shift Shop!

What is the Shift Shop? 

It is a 3 week fitness AND nutrition program that is mean to help you:

*Get in Peak Shape

*lose 10 pounds

*get in a quality workout in 24-45 minutes

It Includes:

*New workouts weekly

*A nutrition guide (because we all know that you can’t just workout. You must feed your body!

*Chris Downing is an NASM certified trainer (which means he knows what he is talking about!!)

*Modifications for every workout. 

It was officially released today on Beachbody Demand and in fitness and nutrition packs. I will officially be starting this program on July 24th (Yep, I will do it with all of you!) because I am super excited to see Chris push me and see what my results will be.

If you are a visual person, like me, I like to see videos of what I may be getting myself into. Here is a great video for you to check out!

My group will begin on July 24th. You will want to decide right away that you are in it to complete this three week program.  There are different options for you to choose from in regards to how you want to obtain your program, but I highly recommend doing the Annual All Access fitness and nutrition pack, because not only is The Shift Shop included, but once you are ready to do a new program, you will have access to thousands of Beachbody’s other fitness programs in your living room or wherever you choose to workout. YES!

And just so you know, I pay less for a year’s worth of unlimited workouts (with celebrity trainers by the way!) than most people pay for their yearly gym membership.

I am taking 5 spots for this group.  If you would like to be a part of this 3 week game changing program, fill out the contact information below, and I will connect with you asap!

*Please note: I can only take those who are not currently Beachbody coaches or are actively working with a coach.  Only open to U.S., Canada, & Puerto Rico*


What You Eat is More Valuable than Pushing Play

As someone who spend a great deal of working out, this may come as sort of a surprise to you. But I think it needs to be said.

What you put on your plate will ultimately determine whether or not you will succeed in your fitness program of choice.

We see many on social media toting the advice that we need to push harder. Work out more. So more cardio. Lift more weights. Do crossfit. Tabata. HIIT. Fitness, fitness, and more fitness is what we see.

I follow a ton of women on social media who I believe are incredibly healthy and workout, but I am more impressed by one simple fact: they eat to supply their bodies with the best nutrition to perform at it’s most optimal. They view food as a way of sourcing energy to their heart, lungs, muscles, and more. They eat Whole Foods, clean, do their research, and invest in the best quality as much as they can (even if they have a budget!) and their results from that hard work shows. 

Eating well for your body is hard work. A lot more hard work. You have to research, plan out, budget out, and then implement. Eating healthier doesn’t just happen and it doesn’t come from a microwaveable pre-packaged meal.

Nourishing our bodies means we slow down a little bit. We cook a little bit more. No one said you have to be a supreme chef in order to create a delicious and healthy meal. I am not a chef. No where close to it. I probably ruin a lot more dinners than I care to admit. But we need to cook more as a society. We are so ingrained with this idea of fast and easy and convenient. Let’s be the ones who decide to flip that bird on it’s head. 

Let’s change it, shall we? 

Maybe we can’t buy all the healthy things we see and hear about. But we can buy more fruits and veggies than we do chips and other snacks. 

We may not be able to make elaborate meals for dinner every night, but we can take out that instant pot or slow cooker and have something healthy and delicious ready when we are. 

We may not always be able to sit at the dinner table together, but we can make more of an effort to try to and have a meal as a family more often than not. We can say not to busy and stressful schedules and embrace slower speeds and a good home cooked meal. Who said we have to be busy all the time. I am done keeping up with the Joneses. Aren’t you?

But, I am not done sharing with you all that you are worth eating good food. You are worth putting good food in your bodies and in your kids bodies. I know it means a little more effort from you, and I am sorry about that. The last thing you need, fellow mama, is pressure or more work. 

But I do fully believe that us mamas don’t just need to work out. We need nourishment. Just as we need an uplifting word from a good friend regularly, and just as we need daily spiritual nourishment for our souls in God’s word, we need good, clean, wholesome, nutritious foods to nourish our bodies.

Our families, our men, our children, want us around as long as possible. You are worth it. 

Be a Size You,


What We Do While We Wait

“How are you doing, sweetheart?” 

My mother in love has always been a nurturing and compassionate and sensitive woman. She is always the first one to ask how you are doing. And she really cares to know your answer when she asks. 

I told her I was fine. My typical answer when I don’t want to talk about my feelings. I rarely want to talk about them. To be honest, I am much better at writing how I feel and processing everything that way as opposed to having a conversation with someone face to face and having to truly express my emotions. I hate crying. I hate feeling like I am on the verge of tears. 

“Really?,” She said, at first. “Are you really okay?”

Of course, was my reply. 

“You are amazing. I don’t know how you do it and you don’t complain.” She said.

I appreciated her compliment. I needed to hear it. I needed her encouragement.

Truth is, as comforting as her words were to me in that moment, I don’t really believe I am all that amazing. I choose stone face over emotion most of the time. I lack the patience to deal with all that we are dealing with.

What are we dealing with?

The waiting. 

Six month ago, Dan truly believed it was time to start looking for a church he could pastor. Not as a college pastor or a small group pastor, but a teaching pastor. Senior Pastor. This was huge as for so long, Dan didn’t think the door would ever open because he did not finish his education and obtain his M.Div. 

But, encouraged by the leadership at our church, Dan stepped down from his position at our church, and we have been praying and he has been applying.

We thought one church was going to call us to serve them, but it turned out to be a no. That was a heartbreaker. We fell in love with that church. The people. We could see us living in that community. In that State. We were ready.

Yet, God said no.

And to be honest, I was a little angry and frustrated. I was also tired. 

Our church was extremely generous and helped us for a few months, but now the weight is completely on me to provide with my business and on the generosity of friends. So thankful.

God has been so good to us and has provided our every need. We are not rich in things, but we are taken care of. I could name off all the miraculous to you in complete gratitude of His provision. The fact that I am still able to be at home while we lay in wait is a miracle in itself. 

But, I won’t lie and say that I am energized. I am not. I am tired. Tired of the hustle at times. God has also been doing a major work in my heart about what I should be doing and how to minister and love His people. I am also tired because I am desperate for a place we can stay at for a long time. Our whole family is tired of moving every two years. 

Our children are tired. My husband is tired. I know he so wants to be at a church he can serve at and love on and teach and be there for many, many years. We want that. 

We want to be firmly rooted and planted somewhere.

This season has been a long one. And it seems like it happens in cycles of every two years. It is hard. It is tiring. I don’t share this for you to pity me. Military families go through this far more often than we do. Their struggle is real. 

It has been a struggle battling the discontentment I feel often, and trying to seek joy in the things that truly matter: being home with my family. More time with Dan since he is home more. More time with friends. More home cooked meals. Less busy. 

More moments together that I know will become more of a fight to have once Dan finds the church we will serve at. Our family will always be first. We will fight for it, but it will be a struggle. It always is for ministry families. 

I want to complain and cry and scream and tell everyone I know about how I hate the process of pastors applying to churches and how long it takes to get hired.  I have to fight the urge to be dramatic. It comes naturally to me to be resentful and critical. Fighting it and laying down my urges to lash out have to be a daily thing.

And so, in the meantime, I will let God do His job. I will do mine: pray and abide. 

I know God has a place for us somewhere. We feel confident in His calling of us to ministry in the local church. So I will do my best not to stomp my foot in impatience. (This is so hard for me! Ha!) 

“Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever.” Ephesians 3:20-21 ESV 

Whatever my feelings are right now about this whole waiting thing, and about the calling on my husband’s life, I know and believe that God is able to do far more than I could ever ask or think of. 

So when I say we want to be rooted and planted, and to serve the local church, our greatest desire, God can go even beyond that. 

Which is my very hope.

Be a Size You,


Make the Shift in Your Fitness and Your Life

It takes a single shift in your thinking to jumpstart your health and fitness journey.

It is not easy! I totally get that! So many of us are hearing that it is so hard to get in shape.

Do you have any of these reasons?

*I have no time to workout.

*I have no time to make healthy meals.

*I don’t have the money.

*It costs too much to eat healthy.

*My kids are too young and I have no one to watch them so I can workout.

*I need someone to be with me to workout.

*I am going on vacation, school is starting, Christmas break, this holiday is coming up (you get the picture?)

We have a lot of reasons for NOT making the Shift and starting. They may seem very valid, but, those reasons are not there to help you.

They deter you. You have now allowed those reasons to control your choices. They make the decisions for your health. Not you.

But not anymore. Not this time.

It is time to Make the Shift from your excuses and Take Charge of your own health!

*Beginning July 24th, my Make The Shift fitness and nutrition group begins and it will be 3 weeks of workouts that build in length and intensity. 

*A nutrition guide so you know what to eat and how to truly nourish your body from the inside out with foods that make you feel good. No more diet mentality. Eat Real Food and Feel Good.

*Simplified Nutrition and Superfoods (AKA Momma Fuel) to help give you daily wins in your nutrition.

*Daily support from me as your friend and coach to help you reach your goals and help you Make The Shift to truly transform your life and your health. There is nothing special about the first. Start today.

*I will be doing it with you! You won’t be on your own in this journey. You can bet that I will be sweating it out and nourishing my body as well, and sharing all of my FAVORITE recipes with you. You deserve it!!! 

I am only taking 10 women who truly want to lose anywhere from 10-15 pounds and are willing to give it their all because they believe in themselves. Be sure to email me with “Make The Shift” in the subject line. 

 Need help with your belief?

That is what I am here for!

Are you ready? 

Yes. You. Are.

Be a Size You,


P.S. I can only work with those who do not already have a coach and is not currently a coach. You must also reside in the US, Puerto Rico or Canada. Thank you for understanding! 

Must Have Equipment for Your Home Gym

I have been working out at home for the last 7 years and have not had a gym membership in almost 10 years…even when I wasn’t working out!  Haha!

When I decided to begin my own Be a Size You journey and take care of myself, I knew that a gym membership would have been ideal, but with two young kids and not a ton of time, I really believed that I would have just set myself up for failure by trying to fit in the driving time to the gym. So my husband and I decided that creating a simple space for me to workout at home would be optimal. Plus, I could workout on my own time and not compete with others for machines etc.

I started out really simple: A yoga mat, a couple of weights ( 2 pounds, 3 pounds and 5 pounds!), one resistance band, a workout DVD (and some YouTube), and an old pair of shoes.  That’s it!

For those of you who are just beginning your journey and you are looking to begin creating your workout space at home, trust me when I say you don’t need all the bells and whistles.  You just need a good attitude, willing to spend a little bit of money for tools, and a tiny bit of space to store your tools (notice I didn’t say a ton of space…I will explain why in a bit.)

Here are some of my must haves for your home gym, and a few extras that I think would be great to have if you have additional room in your budget. Most of these can be found on my fitness shopping site, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email. I am here to help!

Beachbody on Demand: Yes. This is necessary. It provides every single fitness program Beachbody has ever created, including the nutrition guides and tips for those programs.  Plus, if you do the annual membership (and get it as a bundle with Shakeology or Beachbody Performance) you save a ton of money.  I am all about having the right tools, but saving money!

Resistance Bands:

I love resistance bands because they offer a different kind of resistance than weights.  Generally, dumbbells are used primarily for upper body exercises and some lower body, but I love that resistance bands can help you build muscles and work on your entire body.  It is a versatile tool and I think it is a must have for those who are creating a home gym. Plus, they aren’t that expensive. Yes!!!!!

Balance Ball:

If you can’t afford a workout bench, and you are really wanting a gym like atmosphere as well as a way to do the strength training exercises that you are used to with gym equipment, a balance ball is a must have. It is great for core work, balance work, resistance work, and also makes a great chair to use while you are working (so you can still work on your core, and work on your posture!)

Yoga Mat:

A yoga mat is needed for Piyo or Yoga or any low impact exercises that require you to be on the floor the majority of the time.  I workout on carpet, but I still enjoy having that cushion barrier between my body and the floor (because, germs and bugs LOL!)

Weights in different pounds.  I don’t have a photo of these, but you can find any weights on Amazon, Target, sporting goods store.  Really, just buy a couple in different weight (one light and one heavy) and you can add as you build muscle.

Now I will share some bonus tools that, if you have some extra room in your budget or you are looking to add to your home gym, you should definitely grab them!

Bowflex Selecttech Weights:

This is on my wish list.  They are not cheap, but if you are looking to eliminate the amount of weights you have to just one adjustable system, these are a must have!!! Amazon always has a good deal running for these, so I highly recommend checking them out there.  I am trying to convince Dan to let me buy these for my birthday next month LOL.  Yes please!

Plyometrics Jump Mat:

A Jump mat would be really good to have, especially if you workout on a hard surface like your garage or you have hard wood floors.  Honestly, plyometrics are hard on the body and especially on your knees. Springy shoes and a springy mat helps a lot with the impact of plyometrics, and can protect you as well.  Obviously, you can always modify and not fully jump through your Plyo workouts, but if you are choosing to jump, this is a great workout tool.

Foam Roller:

I actually believe a Foam Roller should be a necessity in your home gym (think a really inexpensive massage that you can have all the time!) but a lot of people don’t realize the benefits of foam rolling at first. However, for those of us who have been working out our bodies for awhile, foam rolling hurts so good!!  Muscles get tight and sore and they need some TLC, so rolling over those places that you have worked hard helps to heal them and recover.

Strength Slides:

Strength Slides were created to add additional resistance to your Piyo workouts, but really, if you want to take your lower body workouts to the next level, then these are really fun to have! It won’t feel fun when you are doing them, but you will love the results when using them. Perfect for hard floor and carpet!

And that’s it for now!!!  Would love to hear about some of your favorite home gym tools that you have.  Do you have a large area for your workouts? Or is your space small? Mine is small. You don’t need a ton of place to store your equipment, but grabbing a few inexpensive baskets or buckets so they can be placed out of site (for your peace of mind) is useful as well.  I live in a small home right now, so I have a closet designated for my equipment, but when I lived in our trailer on the ranch, I used those big plastic bins and stored them underneath our trailer in one of the compartments. Totally possible. You just have to be willing to be creative.

As always, here to help!  Next week, I will be sharing some of my favorite items to have in the kitchen to cook your healthy meals!

Be a Size You,


*I am an Independent Team Beachbody Coach and some of the links provided are linked to my ID.  Please note that if you purchase from those links, I do receive a small commission.  Thank you for supporting me so that I can continue to share with all of you on your health and fitness journey.*