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Protein Energy Bites


Did someone say protein?

I hate buying protein bars. Personally, I think they are overpriced and really not that good. If I can make them myself, I will.

One reason why I am thankful for Shakeology is for the fact that it is complete nutrition in a shake, and a great powder to use for “baking”……only this recipe is a no bake.

No raw eggs. No weird ingredients, just goodness.

This is a standard recipe that many of us coaches have used, but you can easily switch it up and make different versions of these protein bites to please your palate.

My kids love these and while they can last a week, they won’t.

You will need to practice serious self control. Ha!

Protein energy bites

3 scoops/packets of Vanilla Shakeology or Vegan Shakeology 

1/2 cup raw honey

1/2 cup unsweetened shredded coconut

1/2 cup organic almond butter (or nut butter of choice)

1/2 cup semi-sweet or dark chocolate chips

Place all ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix together well. Roll dough into small balls (should make roughly around 12 balls) and let sit in the freezer for 10-15 minutes to set.

Then store in a container for up to a week. 

Enjoy! I also went live earlier this week with another version of this recipe. Equally as good!!!

Cookie Dough Protein bites 

Be a Size You,


How to Eat Healthy & Not Lose Your Mind

Healthy eating. Anybody else seem so confused and frustrated by all the different ways to eat out there? 

I was for so long. Holy moly. It couldn’t be that complicated, right?

Actually, it was. 

Here is the thing. I was constantly buying the idea that I had to sweat for many hours and eat way less in order to get the results I wanted. If I wanted to be shredded, than LESS calories was the goal.

And I did. I consumed less calories and worked out a ton to eliminate a lot more.

Big problem arose as I noticed I was tired more, not energized, even though I was working so hard.

Turns out, the right calories and nutrients matter. It is not necessarily just a matter of eating less and working out more.

Now, I eat three, nutrient dense meals a day and my workouts are only about 30 minutes max. I have not spent more than 45 minutes in a workout in 5 years. 

I don’t really calorie count. I do pay attention to portion sizes (because let’s be real. This girl loves chips and salsa and avocados and cheese and potatoes.) 

But I do pay attention to the kinds of foods I choose. I have a burger or something more rich when I feel like it. I still drink my coffee with creamer. But 90% of the time, my nutrition is good.

And yours can be too.

When I grocery shop, I spend very little time in the middle of the grocery store, unless I am needing to stock up on gluten free flours or other pantry items. I spend a great deal of time in the produce section AND the meat/deli section. 

That is one way to truly cut costs in your grocery bill. One of my meals consist of Shakeology, and I buy that as a 30 day supply  on autoship so it doesn’t add more expense to my grocery budget. 

My main items that I buy are:

*seasonal veggies and fruit

*grassfed beef

*organic free range chicken

*sustainble sourced fish

*healthy fats, cheese, almond milk

And whatever else I want for the week.

I made a video on my YouTube channel sharing my grocery haul from this past Sunday. Everything that I spent cost me a total of $93. Those items will last me for a week for a family of four. 

Another thing. I don’t really buy snack foods. My husband does. He loves his popcorn and candy. I don’t personally buy it. I will make Shakeology balls (recipe coming this week) and other treats that we can have as a family if we are wanting something sweet. But buying the extra snacks add to our budget. My kids do enjoy Larabars and the Cliff ZKids bars, but I try to make my own if I can. I want to keep it as simple as possible and I want to have my kids eat more fruit and veggies and it is hard for them to do that if I keep distracting them with other options. 

5/22 Grocery Haul

Planning for meals doesn’t have to be super hard, either. You have to do a little research and some trial and error on what works best for your family. You don’t have to be Paleo this, or Vegan that in order to be healthy. Train your brain to think “just choose more Whole Foods” and you will notice a difference in how you and your family feel. 

Don’t try to make fancy healthy dinners all the time. Maybe once in awhile you can. But keep it simple, girlfriend. Chances are, you are like me and super busy. Who the heck has time to cook for hours?! I don’t! Instead of stressing yourself out and feeling defeated, find several easy meals you can put regularly on rotation and go from there! You can do this, mama! 

Stay tuned for a Shakeology recipe that isn’t a shake! đŸ™ŒđŸ» 

You can do this. If you commit to 30 days of shopping differently without any agendas, and really buying whole food, you will find it is easier (and cheaper!) than you realized. But you have to try. 

Be a Size You,


21 Day Fix Extreme Begins 

Alright friends! Here we go! I am kicking off three weeks of intense exercise and I could not be more excited. 

My body has responded well to the break with Piyo. I definitely needed the stretching. Sometimes, I am afraid to take those kinds of breaks because I think of losing my results.

But breaks are good. Low impact is good. It helps our bodies to heal from all the stress we put it through. Exercise is still stress. So take care of your body.

21 Day Fix Extreme is a three week fitness and nutrition program created by Autumn Calabrese (creator of the 21 Day Fix, Country Heat, and co-creator of Hammer & Chisel).  It is a step up from the original Fix so if you have never completed the 21 Day Fix or you have not worked out for awhile, 21 DFX is not for you. 

I will be using Beachbody on Demand to stream my workouts.

I love that everything is fast and convenient for me and at my fingertips. 

The last week, I will try to do the bonus or ultimate workouts. I will play it by ear. 

Nutrition is a biggie with this program. Autumn is much more strict nutritionally with 21 DFX. That is fine for me. 

She has created a nutrition guide for this program that I intend to follow, as well as eating mostly Paleo and drinking Vegan Vanilla Shakeology. 

I will also be taking Beachbody Performance Energize before my workouts each day, with the exception of yoga. 

I have already begun the prep work with my current Virtual Bootcamp community (sign ups open again in June….stay tuned). 

I don’t want to lose weight, BUT I do want to build more muscle mass.  I love muscles. So I will need to pay attention to what I am fueling my body with. It will be important. 

My other goal will be to get a tan. Girlfriend is white. Sorry folks. 

So excited to begin!!!!!

Let’s do this! 

Be a Size You,


The Right Tools 

I am a firm believer in having the right tools on hand whenever you begin a new business, goal, job, even fitness routine. To me, having the necessities makes a big difference than just trying to wing it.

I don’t think you need to have EVERYTHING, but I do think that there are some things that are non negotiable when it comes to your fitness and health.

My kids play sports. Baseball and swim, respectively. 

For Sean, he needs a helmet, a glove, a bat, a cup, cleats, a bucket of balls and a tee to hit off of in between games and practices. He doesn’t NEED a fancy membership to the batting cages, but we do invest in that as well to help him. Getting him to the tools necessary to play means we had to invest. It didn’t come free. But, because we want him to grow as a player and practice and learn, making sure he had the right tools was important.

For Madi, her swim club requires fins, a few practice swimsuits, kickboard, meet swimsuit and swim cap, several goggles and practice swimcaps. Again, we make sure she has what she needs to set her up for success. It requires investment on our part. Madi having the right equipment means she is able to practice efficiently and grow. It doesn’t mean she will be the best swimmer. But it does mean she is prepared for success.

For those of you with kids who play sports….do you just expect your kids to wing it or play their sport without the right tools?

No, right?!

So why do you think you can wing it with your health and fitness goals without the right tools to set you up to succeed? Because it will cost you money?! Of course it will! 

But I promise, it will cost less than what you pay for your kid’s sport gear (I promise!!!!)

You want to set yourself up for success in your health and fitness journey? Here is what you will need:

1. A fitness program with a calendar you can easily follow along with. All the workouts are created for you. You don’t have to spend anytime figuring out yourself (unless you like having a whole bunch of options to choose from, then I recommend BOD) and all you have to do is push play. Follow the calendar! That’s it! Success number 1!

2. A nutrition guide that is included WITH your fitness program. Yes. You can know exactly what to eat. Each program has a nutrition guide that was specifically created with that program. To be real with you, in the beginning, I followed those nutrition guides to a T. They helped me a lot. Now, several years into my journey, I know what foods work best for my body and what helps me get results. But those of you who are just starting, give yourself another win and follow the nutrition guide. Stop saying it is not realistic. YES IT IS. 

3. Shakeology. Yes. I said it. It is necessary. You want to know the biggest reason I hear from fellow moms about why they can’t eat healthier or meal plan? Because they lack time to cook. I understand. So give yourself win #3, and drink Shakeology one meal a day to help fill in the gaps (even when you are eating healthy), fuel your body with nutrients designed to give you optimal nutrition, is clinically proven to help you lose weight, maintain healthy blood sugar levels, give you more energy without those crazy energy drinks or fat burners. Quit calling it a protein shake. It is not a protein shake. It is optimal nutrition. 

4. Get in a community of people who are doing this with you so you won’t be alone. Fitness is more fun when we do it together, let’s be honest. And guess what, after you have the right tools, groups like mine and others are FREE! Yay! In these groups, you make new friendships, discover new foods and recipes to the. We celebrate our victories, both scale and non-scale and so much more. The fit life is fun once we get over the initial hurdle. We just feel so much better and we want everyone to do this with us. 

5. Have a coach like me in your corner. I have been doing this for seven years, six years as a coach. I have been where you have been. I have had similar struggles. My kids were 4 and 1 when I began. I hardly had any time. Sanity was a dream. I just wanted to have energy and feel normal and not look like I was still pregnant. Cooking healthy meals? Had no clue at first what that looked like. We had no money. How was I going to afford an investment like that. It seemed so selfish at first. But I was willing to take a chance on myself. I am so glad I did. 

I feel better at 35 than I did at 25. 

Now, it is your turn. Trust me when I say that all that I have listed above will cost you LESS than what you have had to pay for your kids sports and activities. 

Get the right tools. They matter. Set yourself up for success and don’t wing it. 

Be a Size You,


When Encouragement Leads to Enabling

“Whoever heeds instruction is on the path to life,

but he who rejects reproof leads others astray.”

Proverbs 10:17 ESV

I am about to embark on something that might make some uncomfortable, but I feel, in complete honesty, that it needs to be mentioned.

Friends, not all encouragement is good or for the benefit of others.  Sometimes, what we deem as encouragement can very well be enabling that person in sin, disobedience, and in ways that are detrimental to their health or livelihood.

It is hard nowadays to tell someone the truth about their actions, even if you are coming to them as a friend.  We either don’t want to hurt their feelings, or we don’t feel it is our place to comment, or we are caught in this idea that we are judging if we try to correct or share with someone a differing opinion or perspective.

When I coach those in my Virtual Bootcamp, I am not content to let them stay that way they were before they joined my group. I am all for girl-power and encouragement. I am all for loving our body and the skin we are in.

But, the reason why those gals chose to do my bootcamp was not just so I could be their cheerleader. It was so that I could tell them the truth and help them reach their health and fitness goals.

If someone tells me they are struggling with meal planning or eating healthier, or finding time to workout, and I ask them their schedule or their budget……and they aren’t willing to adjust  or heed the advice I give them…..are they willing wanting to change? Or do they just want to be encouraged and told that what they are doing is working when it clearly is not!

Now, let’s be clear.  Do not be cruel. Being honest with someone about where they are at does not mean that you get to have an attitude and be rude. That’s not honesty or keeping it real.  That just makes you mean. If being mean means keeping it real, no thanks. We don’t have time for mean girls. We are past middle school, got it?

You can encourage, while also offering constructive tips to help that person.

Say a good friend of yours is going through a hard time in her marriage.  She feels her husband does not help a lot with the house and she posts it on Facebook for all to see, are you really encouraging her and helping her by affirming her post and being okay with her criticizing her husband on social media? No. You are enabling destructive behavior because her comments will get back to her husband.  He may very well not be helpful around the house, but we can affirm her heart while also helping her see that there are other ways to deal with issues in their marriage.

If I were her friend, I would have told her to take down the post. How would she feel if her husband posted something similar about her on social media? 

We can love people where they are at, but we must be bold enough to speak up if we see painful or destructive behavior or sin.  We do not want to be enablers. We want to help people out of the pits they find themselves in.  But that takes effort.

Just like someone who wants to lose weight or get healthier needs to get up and do something about it, we must encourage them to do so. We can’t tell them they are doing just fine when we literally see them struggling and on a hamster wheel of failed results.

We can be better friends than that.

Be a Size You,



It’s HERE! YouV2!!!!

For those of you who have felt like you have been left out of the fitness community because the workouts are too intense or too much for your body and you don’t feel ready to go THAT hard…..

Now there is something finally for you.


I had briefly gone over what YouV2 was and the workout over in this post. So every question you may have regarding the length of workouts, cost, specific links and more are in that post. So head there if you have questions.

I will be honest when I say that at first, I wasn’t excited about this program.

You will have to keep in mind that I have been on my fitness journey for seven years now.  Six years as a Beachbody Coach.  So I had to go back to when I first began.

While I didn’t have 50 pounds to lose, I definitely had 20 plus and I didn’t like how I felt or looked. I was tired.  But I also didn’t feel like I could do the extreme programs like P90X or Insanity.

No. Way.

I just wanted something that would help consistently move and not feel defeated after the first day. I wanted a program that would provide me with the tools I needed to push play and be motivated and that I would at least have a little fun. I like fun. I bet you do too.

Did I push myself to more intense programs later on? Absolutely! Eventually, I built up enough  strength and confidence to take on new challenges.  But that didn’t happen in month one. Or month two.

 But it is not just about me. It is about others. That’s the point. 

So for those of you who have a considerable journey ahead of you and you want to start but you aren’t ready for Insanity or Crossfit, then this is a place just for you.

Can I encourage you to reach out to your coach or to me if you don’t have one, to get started? I have a virtual fitness community starting on Monday, May 22nd and I would love to have you join us! 

Be a Size You,


P.S. Did you know the kids can join in too??!! YAAAAASSSSSS! Let’s make family fitness a thing!

What’s Next For Me in my Health & Fitness Journey

Hey all!

It has been awhile since I have done a weekly recap of my fitness and health adventures, so I thought I would briefly check in here to share what is going down.

I will be finishing up my first 30 days of Piyo this week. It has actually felt so good to just stretch and not jump. My body feels more flexible. I don’t feel as run down, and I feel stronger too. This was an awesome break from the extreme fitness I was used to.

Starting on Monday, I will be diving into 21 Day Fix Extreme, which is a 3-week fitness and nutrition program. I love the 21 Day Fix Series. Anytime I need something short but effective when it comes to fitness, that is my go to, unless it is dancing. I will be back to lifting weights, cardio and body weight exercises this time, so really focusing on my nutrition for muscle growth and stamina, and having Shakeology to fill in the nutrition gaps I may be missing, as well as a ton of Energize on hand, is what will get me through. Don’t think for a second that this program is easy. Lol!

If you have done the basic 21 Day Fix and don’t know the difference between the Fix and Extreme, here is a handy tool for you. 

For those curious about how I eat, I will follow a mostly Paleo diet. It will still work with this program. 

For those of you in my upcoming Bootcamp that begins Monday, I will be sharing a “how to choose your fitness program” tutorial today in our community. Not in my May Bootcamp but would like to join us? There is still room! Just click on the contact me button or apply here

Nutrition will be huge for me. I have already shared about how my nutrition and changing to a more Paleo lifestyle has helped me in my overall fitness transformation, but I want to share how I think eating differently will help you as well.

It doesn’t have to be technically Paleo. But it should be nutrient dense, and real food. I see so many on social media about women who are looking to get healthier and change their bodies, but they don’t really eat that different. OR they go the extreme route and do a diet or cleanse believing that it will help speed up their metabolism or help them lose weight, but then they find themselves back to where they started. They may see some weight loss in the beginning, but after the diet is over or the juice cleanses are done, it is a heavy reality. 

Food isn’t something you can kind of sort of stick with. You must constantly be researching, experimenting, cooking, trying new things. Food isn’t one size fits all. But I will say the eating whole food is for everyone. Stop buying the pre-packed frozen health food and start making your own. If you need something quick and nutritious so you can avoid junk food, this is why I recommend Shakeology. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated meals. Keep it simple, sister. If you keep telling yourself that it is too expensive, too much time, or that you are too busy, those are excuses that need to go. You need to re-think your priorities and your beliefs. Just tell yourself instead that it is not worth the time, the money, or the effort to do these things in order to be healthier. 

Honestly, when you tell yourself that, how does it sound? 

Because I really believe that nutrition is such a key factor in your results, I will be posting my meals each week on social media. I won’t do it daily, but basically a weekly recap so you can see by what I mean when I say easy, nutritious, and delicious. I promise, it won’t be complicated. 

I will also share my favorite places to eat out that provide locally sourced and organic options. Worth it to find awesome restaurants in your area to help you! 

As always, my heart and mission is to encourage you and push you. You are worth it, sister friend! 

Be a Size You,

An Ode to Mamas

I got up early this morning. My house is a mess, but I don’t care at the moment. I am literally sitting here looking over photos of my kids and of my Mama.

And now, Sean is up and has decided to snuggle up next to me on this very small leather chair. My day has officially begun.

Yes, on Mother’s Day, we Mamas still show up and do our jobs of nurturing and loving our people. I don’t want a day off from that. (But I will take a day off from laundry, or maybe even cooking!) 

I remember after Dan and I got married twelve years ago that we had decided on the five year plan before beginning our family. We didn’t feel ready to take on tiny people. Y’all, I could not cook to save my life. Or do laundry. Or clean all that well. How in the world was I going to take care of babies when I was struggling to keep my husband alive? (Sorry, babe!)

However, God saw fit to give us Madi in 2006 and then Sean in 2009. 

Being a young mom, at least in today’s climate, it was a struggle. It was hard to grow up and sacrifice a lot of yourself for human beings who needed so much from you. It was both exciting and extremely exhausting. I remember moments of just wanting to hide in the shower by myself for 10 minutes, just to feel clean and to have a good cry. My husband was so good about giving me the emotional space to do that. 

I also remember moments when I would leave for work and tell myself that I would find a way to get home and stay home so that I could be with them. I didn’t want to miss a single milestone. We sacrificed a lot to have me quit my job to stay home. So many didn’t agree with it. But I know WE did the right thing for our family. We have no regrets in that. 

My parents made the same decision when I was born. My mama was working when she became pregnant with me. After she had me, she decided she didn’t want to go back to work. And my dad agreed. It was hard. And several weeks later, they would be expecting my sister Sheena! Ha! Sheena and I are 10 1/2 months apart. You can do the math! 

I don’t think they regret it all. They have never said to us, “I wish I would have worked when I had you.” But my mom wanted to be with us.

I wanted to follow in the example my mom set.

Now, this isn’t a post about how stay at home moms are better. They aren’t. Working mamas get it done and they do what they need to in order to provide for their families. Because they love their kids fiercely as well. 

But this is our story. This is what we chose. And on this Mother’s Day, I am thankful that even through the struggles to pay bills and a lot of the time living paycheck to paycheck, my kids still call me momma and they have awesome memories. We get to play and we get to learn and we get to grow together.

We are in a new stage of parenting. Our kids are older now, and they are beginning to show some independence. They enjoy baseball, swimming, talking with their friends, riding on bikes and scooters, Madi enjoys shopping with me and reading 700 page books. Sean is all about Wimpy Kid and Captain Underpants. Very different from those days of naps and diapers. It makes me a little weepy, actually.

I wonder if that was how my mom felt, watching us grow up and become individuals. The bed time snuggles and Disney movie watching and summertime family beach trips occurred less and less as we got older. I am sure that made my mom’s heart ache just a bit. You forget about the rough patches and you cling to the good. 

So, to my fellow Mama’s, Happy Mother’s Day. You may not get a ton of presents or a day at the spa, but you are cherished. You have people who call you mama. Enjoy today. 

For my precious friends who are grieving today, either due to loss, or empty arms and wombs, you are not forgotten either. I wish I could hug you in person, but here is my virtual heart for you. Praying for you today. 

To my own mother, Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you for your sacrifice, for teaching me to be strong, to be myself, to stand up to injustice or wrong doing, to fight for the people you love. I love you.

Be a Size You,