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This. Is. Happening!

I have a question for you.

*If you had every single fitness program a company ever created available instantly via your laptop, smartphone and/or tablet so you could workout anywhere, would that make it easier for you to push play? And what if that was available for the entire year? 

*If you had color coded portion control containers so you would know exactly how much to eat, along with portion Fix recipe videos and how-tos, a nutrition guide so it would make your nutrition goals SIMPLE, would that help you?

*What if you had at least one meal a day that was incredibly nutrient dense, and it is clinically progeny to help lower blood pressure, maintain healthy blood sugar levels and help with overall health (among other incredible benefits), would that be a useful tool in your busy life as a wife and mom and working woman? 

*What if everything I just listed above is available to you right now, and it is so incredibly affordable that it almost feels like stealing….would that make you decide to say yes to your health today?

Because today is that day.

Starting today, you can get everything above:
The All Access Beachbody On Demand Challenge Pack

*The entire library of Beachbody’s fitness programs for an entire year, including BRAND new soon to be released programs for 2017.

*The portion Fix containers that are perfectly portioned and color coded so you know what to eat. Along with your BOD access, you will also get nutrition guides and calendars for every fitness program, and episodes of Fixate-Beachbody’s very own cooking show! (YES!)

*One whole month of Shakeology in your choice flavor. If you love it, continue with it or switch to a new flavor to try! 

*Bonus-you get me as your free personal coach. I will be your friend and I will help you reach your health and fitness goals. It doesn’t matter if you are in the beginning stages of your journey or you are an expert, we are never finished. We are always a work in progress. I use BOD everyday and I love it. 

You can get started with your All Access today! But, only for a limited time. Because after April, it will be back to regular price (retails for $199 US).

Still not sure if $160 is a good deal? Let’s put it this way: if you purchased Shakeology by itself for $129.95, it would be like buying every Beachbody fitness program for an additional $30. You are looking at getting nearly $4000 worth of fitness content here!!! 

And we know these fitness programs work. I am living proof. I work hard. I use Beachbody programs and Shakeology and their performance line. It is legit.

So, what say you? Are you ready to finally stop saying that you can’t afford it, and go for it? 

And, as a thank you, those who purchase the pack today from me, gets a FREE gift: the FIXATE cookbook! 

Have more questions? Would love to chat! Shoot me a message over at and I will connect with you right away!
Be a Size You,


Week 2 CDF Recap

Such an incredible week with Core De Force

The workouts are getting more challenging and they are definitely longer than 22 minutes! But that is okay. I need the push. 

I think what challenges me so much with this workout are the constant push-ups and the cardiovascular movements that MMA requires. I have to mentally push myself through those kinds of workouts because I tend to quit when it gets really hard. I don’t like hard! Lift weights I can do any day. To me, that is easy. But oh man. Cardio and body weight ūüėę.

Here is a very brief video of one of my routines that I performed this week. Don’t be fooled by it. It is NOT easy. You will be a sweaty mess and exhausted at the end. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. But once you are done, you will also realize how amazing your body feels. And how much stronger you are from the last time you worked out. 

CDF sneak peek 

I am noticing that I am leaning out quite a bit all over. My shoulders definitely look stronger. My core feels so much stronger, which is a big part of this workout. They want to help you build a strong core, hence Core De Force. 

What’s on the schedule for week 3:

Monday: MMA Power + Core Kinetics 

Tuesday: Dynamic Strength + 5 Min. Core on the Floor

Wednesday: MMA Power + Core Kinetics

Thursday: Power Sculpt + 5 Min. Core on the Floor

Friday: MMA Plyo 

Saturday: Dynamic Strength + 5 Min. Core on the Floor

Sunday: Rest day

Meals for the week:

Monday: Ground beef lettuce tacos with house fries

Tuesday: Roasted chicken and veggies

Wednesday: Chorizo and Kale soup from Lexie’s Clean Kitchen cookbook

Thursday: Ground beef meatballs and bacon spinach

Friday & Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: shop and prep

The meals scheduled can always be switched around the days depending on what happens, but that is what I have ready to make at any moment. I like to be prepared and not spend all my money eating out. 

Be a Size You,


When Opportunities Arise, Do We Pray Boldly?

Mug from CrossTraining Couture

The morning I took this picture, it was after a pretty exciting night of opportunity for my family.¬† Let’s just say, if God so wills, it could be a pretty amazing thing for Dan and for our calling into ministry.

I woke up excited, slightly anxious (I hate the waiting and the unknown).  I texted a few soul sisters of mine who I could count on for their prayers and encouragement.

I prayed boldly. I have been praying boldly. When you pray, do you pray bold prayers?

I know so often, we pray generic prayers like

“Lord, if it is your will, then let it be done.”

Which is true. We should be praying in all things for it to be God’s will. That it is because what we are praying for is for Kingdom glory and not for our own. But get specific. It is okay to ask for something specifically.

When Dan decided to leave the Ranch, and he had not job in sight at the time, we prayed boldly together for the opportunity to get back into the local church. That is where our heart was and that is where we wanted to be.¬† I have always believed that God has specifically called Dan to local church ministry.¬† He has had his fair share of tossing around other career ideas, but you can’t burn out the flame of God’s call on your life.

Ministry is Dan’s calling.¬† It won’t die out until God says it is time to be done.

During that time, while in my In Laws home, I created a prayer door.¬† I would use post it notes and place my prayers on that door. I prayed for my kids while they attended school. For our transition into ministry. For provision.¬† I prayed for Dan’s call into ministry.

I prayed for my team.

When Dan got the job at Cornerstone Church, I prayed for a place for us to live. I was even specific about what we would love to live in.  I prayed for the education choice I was going to have to make for my kids.

I didn’t get everything I wanted. But I got everything I needed.

That is what prayer does.¬† It is our way of communicating with our Heavenly Father who sees what we need and even sees what we want.¬† We get to lay it all out in front of Him. And in His goodness, like¬†a loving daddy who desires to give good gifts to his children, that is what our Heavenly Father does. We don’t get everything we want, but we get everything we need.

I see too often women who love Jesus afraid to pray bold prayers because they think that if they do, then it won’t happen. No, sweet sister. Pray your bold prayers! Get on your knees before Him and share those heartfelt desires of yours. What are those needs? What are your dreams?

Do you get excited about the opportunities that come your way? Do you pray boldly for them? Can I challenge you to do that?

Let’s get excited about the possibilities God places in front us to serve His people. Love God. Love His people.¬† Whether they are job opportunities, ministry opportunities, or just the chance coffee date with a new gal pal, get excited about it.

You may not get everything you want. But you will get everything you need.

I am constantly encouraged when I read in Matthew 21:13

“And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.”

I am also encouraged to pray boldly when in Psalm 37:4 calls us to:

“Delight yourselves in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

Delight in my heavenly Father. When I spend time kneeling before Him and pouring out my heart to Him and digging into His precious Word so that I can be more and more like Him, the more my prayers are molded to reflect His heart. I don’t spend time with Him or delight in Him because I want to get what I want.

I delight in Him because I know, like with any good father, that I may not get everything I want.

But I will get everything I need.

And He is faithful always with what we present before Him.

Pray boldly,


I Have a Slight Problem…

I have been shopping for cute fitness gear a lot lately. Spring is here and I am all about the florals and gorgeous pastels!!! Like this gorgeous set I picked up at Old Navy *swoon*

Tank and bottoms from Old Navy

Sometimes, we just need a little motivation for healthy living. And truly, nothing motivates me quite like a new outfit! Whenever I reach a fitness or a business goal, shopping is generally on the reward list. Haha! If I could get paid to shop, I would be all over that! (Actually, you kind of can….heard of Ebates? ūüėė You’re welcome!)

I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite purchases lately and where you can grab them. Some really cute and decently priced items out there! Yes, you can look cute and break a sweat! 

Tanks and bras from Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Dick’s Sporting Goods was having a sale recently so I picked up a couple of pieces. I was looking at Carrie Underwood’s Calia line, but I am still not quite ready to spend $60 on a pair of leggings. And the most I really like to spend on a sports bra is about $40 (and that is pushing it! It better keep the girls in!) The Reebok line has some great bras and tanks, and they hold everything in! Yes, please! 

Tanks and leggings from Fabletics

Have you guys tried Fabletics yet? If you haven’t, you need to! Such amazing, beautiful and functional (so important!) fabrics! I don’t order pieces from them all the time, only when I really need or want something brand new. But I have loved what I have purchased so far. I think they are worth every penny! And they aren’t that expensive as it is! 

Tank from Cross Training Couture

You have already seen the leggings, but I had to share about my newest buy. That tank from Cross Training Couture. Doesn’t it scream spring? And you guys, it is so soft!!!!! I almost didn’t want to sweat in it! One of my new favorites!

Bras from Victoria’s Secret.

I don’t think I have shared about these yet. I purchased them back in December, but these bras are legit! Holds everything in. Perfect for high intensity performance and not that expensive! I think the blue one cost about $30! The other two were $15. Yes!!!!! Don’t write off VS’s sports line. They have some great performing gear. So far, I like their bras the best. I haven’t purchased any pants yet. 

That is what I have for you today! Would love hear where you are shopping for workout clothes?! I know Marshall’s and Target have some great pieces out right now as well!

Be a Size You,

*FTC disclosure: some links included in this post are referral links. So if you choose to make a purchase through those links, I do get a small credit. Please note that I am not employed nor do I get paid for my reviews or opinions with any of these companies mentioned.  I purchased the aforementioned items with my own money. * 

Week 1 recap of Core De Force

Y’all, this week has been so much fun!!!!

I just finished up the first week of Core De Force and it has been so amazing so far! But it is challenging. Since it is all body weight and cardio and core, some of the moves, especially if you are someone who has quite a bit of weight to lose, will prove to be very tough. But don’t let that stop you from trying! Remember, the more consistent you are, the longer you push through it, then you will see results. But you have to stop giving up just because it is hard.

The hard is what makes it great.

I am usually not very good at sticking with cardio and body weight exercises. I get tired and they are hard for me. But I love MMA style workouts and this specific is only outlined for 30 days (which of course, you can do more rounds). So I told myself to just do it for thirty days.

Give it everything you got.

I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish 22 either, but I did. Never doubt yourself.

After finishing 22, I am definitely more leaner. I wanted to step on the scale just to see what my starting point was with CDF. Guess what?

I started 22 around 120 pounds.

I am now about 126. Yep, the scale says I gained. But I know what this really means.

It means I built muscle mass, which takes up less space than fat. I did exactly what I wanted with the program. 

The truth is that I don’t really have a lot of weight to lose anymore. I did six years ago, but not anymore. When I started, I looked thin, but I had a lot of excess body fat around my mid section, which actually, for someone my height and size, could be very problematic health wise.

So I lost twenty pounds with Turbo Jam and Turbo Fire and then added in strength training.

Now, I try to incorporate both into every workout I do each day. Thankful for Beachbody that has those kind of programs for me. 

But I digress. What I am trying to say is that the scale? That thing so many of us obsess over? It doesn’t tell the full picture. It doesn’t. If I had allowed the scale to get me discouraged because it didn’t go down after 60 days of working out, I would have missed the incredible transformation and physical results I am seeing.

All because I am believing in a number.

Ladies, NO! Lift weights. The scale cannot measure your heart, your attitude, who you are. It cannot measure your muscles or your effort. Stop giving it more power than it deserves. 

What’s up for next week with CDF?

Here is the schedule:

Monday: MMA Shred + Core Kinetics

Tuesday: Power Sculpt

Wednesday: MMA Shred + Core Kinetics

Thursday: Dynamic Strength 

Friday: MMA Power

Saturday: Power Sculpt

Sunday: Active Recovery and meal prep

So excited for week 2! I am going to share a couple of my favorite recipes this coming week from CDF so stay tuned! I am still drinking Shakeology and Beachbody Performance Energize and Recover. I am also eating a mostly Paleo diet as well.

Be a Size You,

It Starts With You, Mama

I see you, mama. I see you over there. Loving on your family. Making sure they have everything they need.






You take great pains to make sure that they are cared for. When they are sick, you go without to make sure they have what they need to make sure they get better.

You drive them to their school activities and to their sporting events. You sacrifice a lot for them.

As we should. We put their needs above ours often because we love them.

But we often sacrifice our own health because of it. Repeat after me. 

Motherhood is not martyrdom.

It is a calling. A ministry. We may have to sacrifice a lot because that is what we do, but our health? Our well being? That does not serve your family.

Ask yourself this: if you got extremely sick, what would happen? What could get thrown to the side if you got so sick you could no longer play with your kids? Go on dates with your husband? Wake up in the morning refreshed? Take care of your home?

You think that I am exaggerating, but that is a real possibility for some of you. 30 minutes each day to workout is NOT selfish. 

If you are in a space where you are exhausted all the time and something needs to change, then let’s change it! And please don’t say that you can’t afford to invest in yourself. I promise you that that one time payment on your own health is NOT going to cause your whole family to fall apart.

When I began my journey 6 years ago, we had literally no extra. But something had to change with my health. Desperately. I talked to my husband. It cost $150. We didn’t have $150 extra. But my husband believed I was worth it and together we sacrificed other things for awhile because he knew that if I was healthy and able, then I would be more present for my family. I was worth it to him.

Don’t be afraid to ask your husband. Trust me when I say that he will believe you are worth way more that a couple hundred dollars. You are priceless. You are incredibly valuable to the family. He wants you around for as long as God will allow. 

My next virtual Bootcamp begins Monday, March 20th. You will have a complete fitness plan, nutrition guide, a whole food based nutrient dense shake to make it easier for you to get what you need.

And me. A friend who has been there. Who will support you all the way through. And other mamas in the group who will be rooting you on and encouraging you.

Pray for you. Fight with you. 

But it starts with you. This can’t be MY decision. It must be yours. You must believe you are worth it and that you are ready to change.

Are you? 

Let’s connect.

I would love to hear about your goals and hopes for you and your family’s health and help you get started.

Be a Size You,


Core De Force 

Here we go!
I kick off Core De Force, my new fitness program, on March 13th, and I am so excited to challenge myself to something new. 
If you aren’t familiar with the program, or you have never heard of it before, allow me to share a few details with you:
1. It is an MMA style workout. Created by Joel Freeman And Jericho McMatthews, they came up with an intense, but effective program that allows you to utilize the techniques of MMA, and get into incredible shape. There is no equipment required. They will be helping you you use your body weight to get in fighting shape.
2. It is a 30 day program, with the option to go multiple rounds.
3. This is not a cardio/kickbox/dance program. It is not choreographed to the beat. There are awesome tracks included, but you are not dancing! 
4. There is a nutrition guide included in the program, which for most of us is what we need the most. 
5. I got to test it out at the NLC 2017 a couple of weekends ago and it basically solidified my decision to give it a go. I am excited!

Did I mention I was pumped to start? It has been brutal giving my body some downtime to recover from 60 days of 22 Minute HC. But I am glad I did. I am ready to kick some major tail. 
Here is what is on deck for me this coming week. I will be working out through Beachbody On Demand: 
Monday: MMA Speed
Tuesday: Dynamic Strength
Wednesday: MMA Speed
Thursday: Power Sculpt
Friday: MMA Shred
Saturday: Dynamic Strength
Sunday: Active Recovery & Meal plan
For my nutrition:
I will be continuing Shakeology (of course) as well as drinking Beachbody Performance Energize for my pre-workouts and Beachbody Performance Recover for my post workout. I will still be eating mostly Paleo, as well as following the color coded Fix container system as much as I can. I struggle with portions so those containers help a ton!
I can’t wait to get started.
What program are you doing right now? Have you ever considered trying Core De Force?
Be a Size You,


The Widow Maker

Yesterday was a blur. And mostly because Monday did not happen like it normally does.

I was in my groove. I was working, I was getting my 7 Day Keep It Simple challengers ready to kick off on Monday. I was conversing with friends, and I was enjoying a peaceful and productive day.

That changed quickly after phone call from my sister. My Dad had suffered a heart attack and was in the hospital. 

That I needed to hurry. I don’t even remember responding at first. I think she even asked me if I was still on the line. I was in tears and thankfully, Dan was home and got up and was right at my side.

All I remember was being frantic, trying to figure out how to head to the hospital, which was an hour away from us, how to get the kids. Should we take the kids? Did we even have time? Was my Dad even alive? I had no other info except “heart attack” and “get to hospital”.

Dan decided to drive us because I was just in no condition to drive. I was shaking. 

I remember yelling out “Not today God. You can’t take him today.”

I wasn’t trying to boss God around, although my husband now jokes that I was being bossy. But I was desperate. It is was in my pleading and praying that I had no other words or thoughts except “No. Please NO.”

I am sure there are theological errors in how I prayed yesterday. I will let God correct me.

My Dad is alive. We got to the hospital. He was talking. He was joking with us. I could tell he was trying to brush it off a little bit. I am sure it was a little humbling with your entire family there, especially your grown daughters, clucking and crying over you. I don’t like people asking me what is wrong or worrying over me. I get that from my Dad. 

They called it the Widow Maker, the heart attack my Dad had. Most men that experience this type of heart attack don’t even make it to the hospital. Death is not instant but it is almost always certain. He almost died. I cried all the way to the hospital and suddenly in the room, hearing the Doctor share what they had to do in order to help fix him and stabilize him. I am still processing everything. I am not even sure if this post makes any sense. 

I left the hospital thanking God for His mercy. That my Daddy is still here. Changes are going to have to be made. My Dad had to cancel some big trips and plans. But I would much rather have him here.

This morning, I woke up a little more heavy hearted, but ready.

I did some yoga from Beachbody on Demand and spent time listening to worship music and praying.

Listening to my Mom and my Aunt talk about our health family history put all of this in perspective.

It was a wake up call again for me. Our family is a ticking time bomb of health concerns. Cancer. Diabetes. Heart Disease. That runs in my family. But I don’t have to play victim. I can’t prevent everything from happening to me. I don’t have that kind of power.

But I can be pro-active. I can choose to eat differently. I can know my family health history and live in a way that can reduce my risks. This is in no way to shame my Daddy. I am so thankful.

But I am wide awake right now. I well aware of the dangers. I have always a researcher. You better believe when I got home last night that I started researching for my Daddy. For myself. For my family. 

Because just because it is a part of your family history doesn’t mean you have to just take it lying down. I am too stubborn to live that way. That is not a hill I am willing to die on. 

So far, our prayers are that there was little to no permanent damage to his heart. He will be at the hospital for the next few days. I am so grateful to this community. Thank you in advance for praying for us. Your outpouring of love and support on social media has been overwhelming and we are so incredibly humbled and grateful. 

Be a Size You,


Keep It Simple, Mama

First, big news. I am officially finished with sixty days of 22 Minute Hard Corps. It was not easy. It pushed me physically, but it was awesome and I feel amazing.
My before and after photos and entire summary will be blogged really soon. I am so happy with how I look and feel. I truly believe this is a program anyone can do. You will see results if you are consistent.

But for those of you who are literally feeling like you are struggling to find some ground when it comes to your weight loss goals, I hear you.

It is not easy getting started. We see folks doing all of these seemingly complicated workouts and nutrition plans and we want to jump in on them too. They aren’t bad, but then we realize, once we start, what we got ourselves into.

And then we feel overwhelmed. We look at what we want to achieve and then we see our schedules and we feel defeated.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Let’s keep it simple, Mama!

We don’t have to make fitness complicated. We don’t have to make clean eating complicated. We can keep it simple, make it work for our schedules, and feel good in the process. 

And yes, we can begin the journey towards habits and real results that will last for a lifetime. 

On March 13th, I am kicking off a FREE 7 day Keep it Simple fitness and clean eating group!
Here is what you can expect:

*My favorite healthy and EASY recipes that you can make for your entire family.

*A featured workout move or workout from Beachbody On Demand (if you already have a membership, you can use whatever workout you want. Don’t have a membership? Get a FREE 30 day TRIAL!)

Any workouts shown will be 30 minutes or less. See? Simple! 

*Busy Girl/Mama encouragement (from a fellow busy wife and mama who gets it!)

*An inside look as to how I workout and eat healthy when dealing with a full plate. And most of all, how to KEEP IT SIMPLE and not stressful! 

*Tips and more that will help you establish healthy habits and work toward your own health and fitness goals.

You must commit by Sunday, March 12th. I would hate to start without you!!!! 

Some ground rules:

*If you are a coach, or you are already working with a Beachbody Coach, this group does not apply to you. 

*This group is free, yes, but you still need to show up. 80% of your success will be the willingness to put in the effort. I can’t reach your goals for you. You MUST show up. 

*Have fun. Yep. I said it. I know that seems like an oxymoron, but really, once you discover your soulmate workout and a way of eating that works for you, it is fun. You feel more energized and pushing play or going for that run won’t seem like a chore all the time. You will begin to love how you feel. 

Ready to hop in?  Comment on this post or shoot me an email at to get plugged in! I am so excited to embark on this seven day journey with you!
Be a Size You,


New Leader Conference 2017

Finally, I am able to sit down and type out my greatest takeaways from the New Leader Conference that I had the privilege of being invited to attend this past weekend.

If you don’t know what the New Leader Conference (referred from here on out as the NLC), it is an annual conference that Beachbody holds for those who¬†achieve Two Star Diamond and above in their business and they are invited to attend after meeting qualifications.¬† It is a once in a lifetime invitation for us coaches, so I can’t attend next year as a Leader to this event.¬† This was my one time!

Photo credit: Team Beachbody

I arrived to the JW Marriott Hotel at LA Live in Los Angeles, California and immediately I was able to attend the pre conference party and grab a quick photo with Carl Diakeler, Beachbody’s CEO.¬† He is an amazing human being.¬† I was able to chat with many of the staff members that work at Beachbody and they culture he has created with this company is unparalleled¬†to any other company out there.¬† If you are a staff member at Beachbody, you cannot be a Coach, and many of them said that if they quit their job tomorrow, they would immediately want to sign up as a coach because they have absolutely fallen in love with the vision Carl has created with Team Beachbody and the Coach family.¬† That says a lot to me about the company I am partnered with.¬† They want to be a part of what we are doing in helping people live healthier lives. It is not about pitching products.¬† It is about the revolution to help people.

The next morning, we got to tour the Beachbody HQ’s in Santa Monica.¬† What an amazing company.¬† I went live on my FB page as I toured the facility and it made me so excited. They had a Shakeology Bar and their very own Shakista (like a barista!), a HUGE gym with a multiple TV’s so¬†employees could workout via Beachbody on Demand.¬† They had two large kitchens stocked with Shakeology, Shakeology Boosts, performance formulas, and healthy fruits and veggies for snacking during their work day.

Michael Neimand; Division President Network Marketing at Beachbody
The Shakeology WALL!
Carl Diakeler (CEO) and Michael Neimand going LIVE on FB while we were touring.
Yeah…it is pretty amazing!

It was a pretty amazing day and it felt like the tour went by really fast. There was so much to see and I was just in awe of the offices. I have worked in offices before and they are nothing like Beachbody! I would so work there!

Later that day, we had our opening sessions and trainings with top coaches in the network. More on my takeaways from those sessions in just a little bit.

That night, we had a cocktail party and we got to take pictures with Joel and Jericho, who co-created the Core De Force fitness program (which is what I will be doing next after I complete 22 Minute Hard Corps). I also had a chance to connect with some other coaches and learn what they were doing in their businesses and how they helped their coaches be better. I loved hearing everyone’s story because honestly, every coach had a different struggle or a difference resource that pushed them to get to where they are. There is truly no one size fits all coach.¬† I failed to mention that there were only about 250 coaches that qualified to attend this conference so everyone was super friendly and willing to share their knowledge with you. It made stepping out of your comfort zone (especially if you are an introvert like me!) a little bit easier.

Photo credit: Team Beachbody
Jericho and Joel of Core De Force
Fellow Team Iron Coach (Meghan) and I. Photo credit: Team Beachbody

The next morning, we got our butts handed to us by Joel and Jericho!!!!!

Core de Force is no joke and it was such an amazing workout.  I was so sore the next day when I had to head home.  My arms, abs, and lower body were definitely feeling the after affects!

It was amazing. And I heard through the grapevine that they will be registering soon for those who want to get certified to teach Core De Force Live at our annual Coach conference this year. What do you think friends? Should I do it?  I got certified to teach Cize, so maybe I should add one more! It is an awesome workout!

We had breakfast and Shakeology (of course! Healthiest meal of the day!), then I cleaned up real fast and headed to our next sessions with the top coaches in the network. We also got to hear from Darin Olien, the co-creator of Shakeology, and he really broke down bit by bit why he fought so hard to create a product like Shakeology and why the ingredients in Shakeology are the best the WORLD has to offer and from the best, most nutrient dense soils.  He travels around the world to do his research.  Hearing him share and hearing his passion come through about nutrition. It is not just about getting people to buy a shake. Their very health and lives are involved! We want them healthy!

Team Building
Our One Word

At then end of the conference, we were asked to share one word that would perfectly describe why we were proud to be a part of Team Beachbody. Each person had so many different words that they chose, and each word had a story that was attached to it.

My word? Persevere.

I will share more on my word really soon, but what I see in the coaches is that no matter what, we persevere. Helping people choose health and fitness is not easy.¬† It is not as easy as buying new clothes that they can instantly put on and feel cute in.¬† Or skin care.¬† It is not instantaneous. We aren’t in the business of microwave results. it takes a lot of hard work and sometimes, the results are months in the making.¬† But we push through the no’s, we push past the doubts and even the criticism from those who don’t believe in what we are doing, because ultimately we know that there are those out there who need encouragement, support and hope in their struggle.

They need the push to fight for their own life, and we as Coaches get to do that. We get to help them fight.

We get to see them LIVE again.

My heart is so full after this incredible weekend.  I am excited for my new coaches who will be joining my upcoming New Coach bootcamp (still time to join us!).  I am still trying to process it all and sharing it with my team.  I have encouraged them to put the NLC on their goal board for next year.

It is a must attend event!

Thank you Beachbody for allowing me the opportunity to attend.  It was so incredible. Words fail me.  What Carl and the rest of the team have created for us coaches is superb and it is an honor to be a part of it.

Now, to get to work.

Be a Size You,