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Nashville, Here We Come!

I just landed a few hours ago in this incredible city and it has already taken my breath away. I haven’t really even begun to explore and Coach Summit (Beachbody’s annual conference) doesn’t officially kick off until Thursday evening, but I already have a full schedule for the week. 
I could not be more excited.
My day started at 3 AM PST. To give you some perspective, it is now 10:30 PM EST at the time of this post. It has been a long day folks. 😂😂 I think I took a brief nap at 7:30 PM and woke up around 9:30 so I could FaceTime with my family. 
I totally packed Energize for this week. I knew I would need it. Ha!

Tomorrow, I head to a Cize Live! workshop so I can become certified to be a Cize Live instructor! Most of you know that Cize has been my soulmate workout. This former musical theater geek and show choir diva loves learning choreography and one of my favorite classes at the gym was the hip hop class. So when Cize released last year, I was all over it. Now, I get the chance to learn how to teach you to dance and feel awesome. 

By the way, I love this tank my coach, Michelle Myers sent for her team attending Summit. This is the heartbeat of what we do and what we are about. We sharpen one another and we serve in health. Love God. Love His people. 

Thursday night, everything kicks off with a bang with our Opening Ceremonies. And Surprise! If you were bummed you couldn’t attend Summit this year as a coach, OR you have been curious as to Beachbody is all about, you have the opportunity to watch the Opening Ceremony live that Thursday night. 

And you might recognize someone on stage that night 🤔😜💁🏼
I am so thankful that I get to be here. Last year, I missed out on Summit. It was necessary and a good reason to stay home, but still. Staying behind stung a bit when you saw everyone else’s photos on social media. I was so pumped to be here. And I am so proud of Team Be a Size You this past year. They are rock stars. 
I will be sharing a lot more on snapchat, IG, and FB. So don’t be a stranger and feel free to connect and see what we are up to! 
And if you have been on the fence about joining my team, now is the time to make the leap! We are having a lot of fun and helping a lot of people. We would love to have you join us! 
Be a Size You,

What You Need to Know About Country Heat

Photo by Team Beachbody
Photo by Team Beachbody

If you haven’t heard, Beachbody is releasing a new fitness program called Country Heat. Personally, I am so excited! Country Heat is brought to you by Autumn Calabrese, the brains behind the infamous 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, and the Chisel behind Hammer & Chisel. So you know, this program is going to be GOOD!

I am a huge country music fan, so I just about screamed with excitement when I heard about this. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first when I tried out the sneak peeks (see video below) but I really enjoyed what I saw so far, so I am ready to make Country Heat my next fitness program!

I was a also huge fan of Shaun T’s fitness program, Cize, because it incorporated real choreographed dance routines and it provided tools to help me stay in shape in a non traditional way. For a lot of folks, the idea of going to a gym and lifting weights or doing traditional cardio is daunting.  If they don’t enjoy traditional exercises, it can be difficult to get motivated to start and stick with a program.  But with Cize, it helped put the fun back into fitness.

It is the same idea with Country Heat. You can dance, sweat, and still burn calories and yes, lose weight, with this program. Plus, you will have fun doing it.  With programs like this one, I like to grab a few gal pals and do it together because who really enjoys dancing alone??!! Not me!

Here is what you need to know:

  1. Each workout/dance routine is 30 minutes long.  That is 2% of your day. Anyone can workout for 30 minutes a day.  It is more of a line dance sequence than a hip hop dance routine.  Line Dancing breaks down the steps and then you do them for a certain amount of counts until the caller changes the steps. So while you are learning dance moves, it will be in line dance fashion.
  2. Follow the nutrition plan. With Autumn’s programs, she is very serious about the fact that you can’t out exercise a bad diet.  What you put in your mouth matters. If you are looking for results with  Country Heat, follow the nutrition guide she has set up with the program.  It will be color coded portion control system that she incorporated into 21 Day Fix and Hammer and Chisel. She does this because it truly does work.  So don’t skip it!
  3. You don’t need to be a great dancer to do this program. This is for EVERYONE.  I honestly mean it.  You can learn the steps. You can learn the moves and you can get better at it if you are consistent. It is just like trying to do push ups, pull ups, or any other exercise move. You may not be very good at it at first, but if you do it every day, you will get better. Use that same idea with Country Heat. Be consistent and show up!
  4. Follow the 15 minute breakdown. For those of you who feel you have no rhythm or struggle with choreography, this is for you.  Yes, it is 15 minutes so it will add to your 30 minute workout, but she does an excellent job explaining and demonstrating the moves you will see in that specific dance routine. So don’t skip it. It really does help you prepare.
  5. Get in a challenge group for accountability.  It will make doing this program a lot more fun, and it will help you finish what you started.  When others are expecting you to show up each day, you will be less likely to quit. Ask me how you can get plugged into my next group if you would like the accountability.


Here is a brief sneak peek of me doing Country Heat:

When does it release?

Good news!  Country Heat challenge packs will be released July 27th only to those who are customers of Team Beachbody and/or have a coach. To be the first to hear of it’s release, you will need to include your email address and you could possibly win a free copy of Country Heat! As soon as you enter in your information, you will then get an email that will let you know right away of its release and how to purchase.

If you have anymore questions about Country Heat, or about my upcoming challenge groups for accountability, comment below or send me a quick message and I would love to chat and hear about your goals and answer your questions.

Be a Size You,


Lessons from Family, Vacation, & Mickey Mouse

Vacation is so very important. Time with your family is so very important.
I learned a lot while in hot, sticky, glorious Florida. 
The Harper’s spent a total of two weeks playing and hiking the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. We had a blast, although I never really did get used to Florida’s weather. There were a couple days where it was ridiculously hot, and then a huge storm pulled in right over us, complete with a torrential downpour! 😂
Thank you Jesus for ponchos!

I learned that when you are on vacation with 16 family members, you have to give a lot. Selfishness will never win and you will be found out by those around you.
Putting your differences aside and putting another person’s needs before your own will have to be something you say often to yourself, and follow through.

I learned that being present really matters to these kids of mine. I learned that they really want me to play with them. To not worry so much about how I will look but to really get off my butt and play with them. Put on that bathing suit, and get in the water. To go down that water slide. Who cares if your stomach doesn’t look flat. Your kids don’t care. Play with them. Laugh with them. Be around them.
My kids are 10 and 7 now. Soon, I won’t be their number one playmate.

I fell in love with Disney and learned to dream some new big dreams. I was inspired by what Walt Disney had dreamed and put together with an incredible team of fellow dreamers. You can’t help but get caught up in the magic of it all. 
At almost 35 years old, I am really excited about life right now. Most people dread getting older. I am rejuvenated by the possibilities of what this next year may bring. Lord willing, it will be a time of growth, fun, and new blessings.
Be a Size You,

Be a Team and Build Friendships

As we speak, this week I am getting ready to head to Beachbody’s Annual Conference, Coach Summit, to hang out with 23,000 other coaches in Nashville, TN! 

It is going to be an incredible week of fitness, inspiration, and training. I am really excited to glean from other leaders in the company and learn how to be a better leader for my team, and to better help all of you reach your health and fitness goals. Make sure you are following me on social media so you can see all the Live updates. I will be posting a lot! 😜

My favorite aspect of this business is that not only do I get to build a team and make a living helping and serving others, I also get to do this with friends, as well as make new friends in the process. Many of the people within Team Be a Size You have become connected thanks to social media. We met through IG, FB, Snapchat, blogs, emails, and even online bootcamps. We have prayed for one another and encouraged one another to use the gifts God has created us with in order to serve others. Isn’t that really what a team of people do in a business together? Gather their individual strengths in order to help meet a need in others. We have something that has blessed our lives, and we want to share that blessing with other people. And we do that together.

We are not fitness experts. We don’t come into this thinking Beachbody is the only way. 

But it is a way. It is a good way. And it can be a sustainable way for us to live healthy lives, and should we choose, stay at home and bring in additional income to help our families. We work hard, but we have fun too.

There will be training and tips and resources for you, so that while you may decide to build a business for yourself, you won’t be by yourself. You will have all of us rooting you on and helping you along the way. 

If you are interested in working with like-minded people who share your faith and desire to serve others and you are excited about health and fitness, fill out this application and let’s chat to see if Team Be a Size You would be a good fit for you! 

Be a Size You,


Build Strength Inside and Out

When I am asked about what I do as a Beachbody Coach, most people, I assume, think I am mostly involved with sales. While people certainly invest in a fitness program and purchase from me, that is the smallest piece of what me and my team actually we do.

We pride ourselves on Functional Fitness. What does that mean? It means we are less focused on the idea of six pack abs and tight bodies, and more on the intentional side of health and fitness. We work to help people find a fitness routine that fits their current needs and lifestyle and work alongside them as their guide and cheerleader to ensure they are successful in whatever they are trying to achieve. That doesn’t mean that people don’t work to lose weight or build muscle or lean out, as those are goals we help with, but we are more concerned with building health and strength inside and out and for a lifetime, not just for a season.

How do we go about doing that? We create online fitness groups. We call them bootcamps, challenge groups, communities, but the idea is the same. We connect with each individual to see what their needs are. We make it about them. We help them clarify what they absolutely want to achieve, and we walk them through purchasing a fitness and nutritional plan that will work best for them in their season of life. 

Our groups will often run for 21, 30, 60, or 90 days and we are their guides through the entire thing.

I also personally add scripture and Devotionals to my groups because I believe God absolutely has a place in our health and fitness journey. He created our bodies for a glorious purpose. Why not include Him and honor Him with our bodies. 

That is what I do as a Coach! We serve others in health. It is so fun and rewarding because it means that we are giving people real solutions for their needs. We don’t just give them supplements, we help them develop discipline to make their lives better and to feel good, inside and out. 

Have more questions about what being a coach and what it actually looks like? Or just questions in general? Leave them below or fill out my Team Application to schedule a chat with me! I cannot wait to hear from you. 

Be a Size You,


Team Work Makes Dreams Come True

Photo via Success

Team Be a Size You hit a major milestone in our mission to help end the trend of obesity and help others live healthier lives.

We hit 3 Star Diamond. What does that mean? It means that at least 3 of my teammates have reached the highest rank they can achieve in their business: a Diamond Coach. It is not easy to reach this level because it takes effort, sacrifice, a willingness to work hard and lead others towards being successful in their own businesses. You can’t have a selfish attitude when you are leading a team. These ladies worked hard and they earned the success!

I love this business because it truly is a team effort. When my leaders succeed, I succeed. Team Be a Size You would be nothing without the incredible group of women (and a few good men) who serve others in health and love people where they are at. The bonuses, income, vacations and incentives are all extra. We get a front row seat into the lives of people who want live healthier lives and live their lives to the fullest. What a blessing that is!

I am opening up spots for those to join Team Be a Size You. What are the qualification? You don’t have to look like a fitness model or be a health and fitness expert, but you must be a motivated, joy filled  individual who desires to help others and serve others. 

If you would like to see if our team would be a good fit for you and learn more about what we do as Beachbody Coaches, fill out the application to qualify for a chat with me. I want to hear about your goals and see if we can be partners in health together. Stay tuned to the blog this week for more sneak peeks into our Team and what we do! I can’t wait to welcome you to our team! 

Be a Size You,


We Were Created for Good

In our pursuit of purpose, I believe most of us miss the mark on why we were created in the first place.

God does not need our attention or companionship. He does not need our money or anything flashy from us in order to fill His ego. He does not need a relationship with us.

Yet, He created us. He desired one with us. He wanted it because He saw that it was good. 

We were created for good. We were created for good works in Christ Jesus (see Ephesians 2:10) so that we may bring Him glory, but also so that others would come to know Him who loves us.

Often, when we talk of purpose, we think of big agendas and influence. Who doesn’t like to feel important or that they have a voice in this world, especially now. But purpose has very little to do with big bank accounts or big business. Each of us were created in Christ to fulfill good works in His name, whether we be a stay at home mom, working mama, or the CEO of a large company. 

If we pay attention to the word of God, we don’t see Him direct us to find purpose in our careers, but to follow Him and be led by the Holy Spirit to obey Him. I truly believe then, our purpose is made clear. 

Be a Size You,


Vacay-The Be a Size You Way 

If you have been following me on IG, you know that the Harper’s are on vacation in sunny Florida. We have been spending a ton of time with Mickey and his friends and we have definitely needed this time away to just enjoy each other and have some fun! 

When on vacation, it is so easy to get stressed out about how you are going to get all of your workouts in, and how you will eat healthier, but remember, the Be a Size You way is about functional fitness and health. Enjoy your time away. Do not stress. But pack some essentials to help you stay on track.

Here is what I brought along with me to Florida:

1. Single serving packets of Shakeology. Chances are, I won’t be eating 100% clean on this trip. That is okay. I want to make sure that I do get good nutrition while away, which Shakeology absolutely provides for me in that area. 

2. Beachbody on Demand. I like the ease of not having to carry around DVD’s on flights and on vacation. Too much for this mama to remember! Since I already have my iPad and smartphone with me, viola! Log in and start working out. No excuses. I have chosen to do more low impact exercises and ones with minimal equipment (Cize, Piyo, etc) since I am not near a gym, but if you are fortunate enough to be near a fitness center with plenty of equipment, go for a more challenging workout on Demand! 

3. Comfortable shoes and clothes.  I pack my workout clothes! I pick the ones that inspire me to get moving. I love Cross Training Couture tanks and colorful bottoms and my favorite sneakers so that I will see them and get motivated to move! Also, I will challenge myself to take it outside for a run if I can!

4. Consider your location. We are in Florida and walking a ton of hours throughout the theme parks. That is a ton of activity. So if you can’t get a traditional workout in, count your steps for that day in mileage while on vacay. You won’t always be able to do a traditional fitness program on vacation. That is not realistic and remember, your focus is purely functional fitness. Enjoy your time with your family. 

5. Don’t stress about 100% clean eating while on vacation. There are a ton of incredible options for food when you are out and about. I will often pack healthier snacks and even lunches for our trips to to theme park so we can save money, and then splurge on fun treats that we may not get at home. And guess what, you still get to have fun!

Fitness and health on vacation doesn’t have to cause you stress. That is not freedom. Being a Size You isn’t a prison. I don’t believe that God sent His son to die for us and to free us from our sins, just so we can go and put ourselves in a prison of our own making when it comes to physical fitness. 

I hope those tips helps you a bit! I also like to keep myself accountable within my Bootcamps. The support there helps me as well to remember why I do this each and every day!

Be a Size You,


Doing Fitness Together Brings Greater Results

When I decided to get into a routine of working out and eating healthy, I wanted to do it by myself. I really believed that I could do it all on my own. I didn’t need anybody or any coach telling me how to get in shape. I grew up as an athlete and a performer. I knew I could figure out how to discipline myself on my own to get the results I wanted.

And I did! I was able to figure it out! I didn’t have a coach. I invested in what I needed to invest in and I did what I had to do and I got the results.

But….I found that when I started having people around me who were interested in getting in shape as well, it made my journey a lot more fun and a lot more rewarding.

All of us appreciate words of encouragement on a job well done, especially when we are working so hard. We want to know that others see our efforts. Think about a time when you achieved a spectacular goal, and you were so excited about it, but no one said anything to you about it. It kind of stings! We start to feel to doubt the purpose behind our efforts. 

I know we can’t always expect people to congratulate us or support us on our hard work and efforts. That is just the way it is. People are people and sometimes, we are distracted with our own issues and worries. And that is okay.

We can still create communities of people in our lives who will uplift us and encourage us.

We can do things by ourselves with no problem. You don’t have to get in shape by joining a challenge group or buying a fitness program or drinking Shakeology or doing it with everyone else. You CAN do it all on your own.

But ask yourself, is being alone really worth it? Look around those who are achieving their health and fitness goals. What do you notice about them and why is it different from those who go it alone?

I will say it. Those that do it with others have more joy. It is their enjoyment in the journey. They have a community of people who are pushing them. They have support. They have more fun. They are able to keep going when it gets hard because they have folks who won’t let them quit.

That’s the difference.

That is why I run my bootcamps each month. It is way more enjoyable to do this functional fitness life together than on our own. I have created so many brand new relationships from this lifestyle that I don’t regret at all ever getting started. The sacrifices have been worth it.

I still have spots in my next Be a Size You bootcamp beginning July 18th. If you are ready to start your be a size you journey, go here to see if my bootcamp will be a good fit for you! 

Doing this thing together will create greater results, because you won’t be on your own. You will have people who will make sure you don’t quit. 

Your Commitment Matters

2016-05-31 10.18.43

People have a hard time wanting to commit.  Whether that be in a dating relationship, ministry, exercise program, playdate, you name it.  People are afraid of commitment!

It is like they fear that if they commit, they will be stuck doing it forever.  But friends, that is far from the case!

Some commitments are a long time and some are simply for a season. But your YES matters. Why?

Your credibility is at stake.  If you are someone who finds yourself saying yes to everyone, but you don’t follow through, or you flake out after things get tough, then I can guarantee that people will be leery of approaching you with other commitments.

I am always brought to this verse when I pray about commitments in my life that I am being asked to consider:

“Let what you say be simply ‘yes’ or ‘no’, anything more than this comes from evil.” Matthew 5:37

Here is why this verse always gives me pause when it comes to decision making.

God is not fickle. He does not ask us to do things for His Kingdom, and then turns around and says never mind when things get difficult. He doesn’t tease us. He doesn’t make promises He cannot keep.

We are created in His image. For those of us who have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, we reflect Him.  We rely on the Holy Spirit (that was promised to us at conversion) to guide us and enable us to do His will. That means, if we say yes to something (so long as it is not illegal, evil, or sinful), don’t you think the Holy Spirit can empower us to finish through with our yes?

Sometimes, saying yes will be uncomfortable. Sometimes, we are not going to LOVE what we are doing.  It can be hard.  Most people don’t like hard. We like easy. We like little risk. We don’t want to sacrifice our time, treasures, or talents for the good of others if it doesn’t automatically bless us or make us look good!  (That sounds so harsh, but it is a reality! I have been in ministry for nearly 13 years.  The stories I could share, but won’t!)

That doesn’t mean we say yes to everything that comes our way. Some opportunities, no matter how good they may be, just don’t fit either because of our current season or interests. Say yes to those you can honestly commit to and with a joyful heart, even if it means someone else is blessed!

And when you say yes, or no, stand by it.  Don’t go back and forth. Remember, God was not and is not fickle. We are more like Him when we do this because then we are trustworthy. Just as God is trustworthy.

Be a Size You,