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My Favorite Tools for March

Hey all!

I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite tools for March when it comes to my health and fitness routine.  I know I like to read about how others stay on track with their favorite gear so I always appreciate it when someone takes the time to share with others instead of hoarding all of that information for themselves!

This month, I am loving the following items:

2016-03-29 15.27.30


I have shared about the portion control containers before, so I won’t go into too much detail again, but because I am doing the 22 Minute HardCorps program for the next couple of months, these little guys have been a HUGE help to keeping me on track with my nutrition and within the correct portions. Especially for carbs and fats.  I mean, who really likes limiting avocados and cheese and bread! LOL!

I am also loving the Fixate cookbook from Autumn Calabrese (the creator of the 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme). Most people use it to pair alongside her fitness programs, but I still think it is very useful to use alongside any Beachbody program.  The recipes go along with the containers and since most of our programs now are gearing towards that system with their nutrition guides, it is truly helpful to have additional meal ideas.  Most of the time, I make the same thing for breakfast and lunch, and I always have Shakeology every day, but for dinner, I like to change it up!

Shakeology is another favorite.  If you have not tried the new Café Latte flavor, please do yourself a favor and get yourself a bag? Please. It is so good. If you are a coffee ice cream lover, or you love a good latte but don’t want all the junk with it, this is PERFECTION.

My Mini Vegetable Spiralizer. Zoodles, anyone? I know it is not a brand new tool on the market, but I am just in love with this little guy. When I want to eat lean and green and I have used up my yellow containers for the day, the spiralizer saves the day because I get my veggies, but I can make them in a different way.  Love that about kitchen tools.

Veggie tray.  I am not the cleanest cook in the world.  And I hate it when I spend time chopping my veggies, and they don’t make it into the hot skillet or in my containers! They end up on the floor! Why!!!  So that little kitchen gadget helps me to scoop up my veggies and get them to where they need to be.  That alone makes my hubby happy because then it is not such a mess in the kitchen!

Water. Duh. Always a favorite. Okay, maybe not always a favorite, but it is always necessary. Did you know most people are dehydrated, but because thirst cues are similar to hunger cues, they assume they are hungry? Grab for a glass of water first! It is a natural cleanse for your insides.

Beachbody Performance Energize Pre-Workout. Y’all.  I need this for my current program. It is tough. Energize keeps me going. It really helps on those mornings when my body is dragging and I don’t feel like doing a whole lot.  Plus, it tastes amazing. I don’t get that weird cracked out feeling that other pre-workouts give you.

Those are my favorites for March!  I would love to hear about what you are loving this month!

Be a Size You,


*I am a Beachbody Coach and therefore, some of my favorites listed above, if you purchase from the link provided, I do earn a small commission.  That being said, I stand by what I share and I will never share what I don’t love with you guys.  You can always count on me to be honest with you! Thank you for supporting me and my little family so that I can continue to invest in you guys!*

Are You Willing to Risk it?

2016-03-29 13.54.36

I don’t really like the word “risk.” Let’s be real. Who does?!  Safe is a much better place to be in, or so we think.

Safe means we won’t experience the possibility of failure. Loss. Defeat.  Why would anyone want to willingly put themselves through those scenarios?  Just stay in your lane, don’t color outside the lines and everything will be alright.

Or will it?

Will you really grow from a place of safety? I can probably think of only a handful of times where staying in the safe lane actually taught me anything of value….and those lessons weren’t good ones!

I work in health and fitness.  I talk to several women a day trying to help them reach their health and fitness goals, or help them grow their businesses. Risk is part of it.  It has to be.

We grow and change when we step outside of our comfort zones.

I was talking to a friend about becoming a leader on my team.  She told me no because she didn’t believe those types of businesses actually worked.  “People don’t really succeed in making a real living doing what you do. It is all a scam.”

So I shared with her my own journey and how I have been able to grow my business (mind you, a doubled my business while living on the side of a mountain in a single wide trailer!) along with the stories of hundreds of other successful coaches.

Her reason for saying no that time?

“See, you had to work really hard to get there. And a lot of people fail.  That means it still isn’t a feasible option for people.”

It was then that I understand what she was saying no to. She wanted the opportunity, but she didn’t want to do the work.

Work and risk go hand and hand. In order to achieve success, you will have to take risks and be willing to fail. That is why so many people say no to joining my team.  I have a lot who say yes, but I honestly hear many who say no as well. We live in a society where we want things easily and without too much effort.

You want to achieve your health and fitness goals? Well, you better be willing to sacrifice something and get the tools you need to reach them.  You cannot expect to reach your goals for nothing.  I have yet to hear of a person who reached their dreams and it costing them NOTHING.  It doesn’t happen.

You want to become  a leader and lead people to become greater versions of themselves? You better be willing to lead yourself, sacrifice something, take risks and be willing to fail.  Failure is not fun, but it also isn’t final. Real extraordinary leaders fail, but they fail because they tried something.

You want to change the financial trajectory of your family’s future? You better be willing to sacrifice, count the costs, and get to work.  It will be tough, but you can change the bleak outlook you may find yourself in.

But, if you are wanting the opportunity and you want it to cost you nothing, you will be sorely disappointed when you don’t achieve what it is you are wishing for.

Get out of the safe lane.  Take a risk.  If it is a dream on your heart, are you willing to work for it?

Be a Size You,


P.S. Because I shared a little bit about my success with Team Beachbody, I want to put this disclaimer:

Team Beachbody® does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings for the most recent information on the actual incomes of all our Coaches.


I Want To ……..

2016-03-20 17.06.03

Do you have a dream on your heart? Maybe it is something that you have put off because of the reality of your life right now.

Maybe it is financial. Or you are in between careers. Or you are struggling with your health. Marital issues. Fear. Lack of faith.

It could be a lot of things.

I know for myself, my dreams for myself and my family took a hit when my husband lost his job in the summer of 2013. It was heart-wrenching and we struggled. My husband was without a job for nearly 8 months. For those of you who have been through the trial of job loss, you know the anxiety and worry and stress that is felt during that time.

It is hard to dream when things look so bleak.

I wanted to minister to women, but how could I do that if we were struggling to stay afloat in our home?

I wanted to nourish and take care of my family, but how could I do that with such limited income (and lack thereof) and not a whole lot of resources.

I wanted my husband to pursue his dreams of pastoring a local church and teaching others God’s word and leading them to walk with Jesus faithfully, but how could he do that when not working at a church and struggling with self-doubt and wondering if he would ever be work in a church again?

Those doubts and fears you feel sometimes? When things are dark and dreams lose their luster? They are real.

But, something changed in me when God called our family to live on the side of a mountain in a single wide, 35′ trailer on a ranch serving men who were overcoming drug and alcohol addictions. Something transformed inside of me and in our family during our time on the mountain.

That story, I get to share with you tonight. I also get to brag about this amazing community of women and fellow friends, who are joining me in this journey to help people live more fulfilling lives.  To be a Size you. It isn’t a gimmick. It takes work. It is an opportunity.

But my story is real.  Will you be my special guest tonight?  I would love to have you join me.

If you would like to listen in, or learn more about Team Fuel (my team of amazing women just like you!), Go here.

So tell me, what are you dreaming about but reality is holding you back?

Be a Size You,


Show Them Grace


Photo by Suzy Collins at Freedom Grace & Fitness
Photo by Suzy Collins at Freedom Grace & Fitness

How excited are you right now?

You have just begun your journey into Being a Size You. I know this decision comes with a lot of nerves and decisions, and learning new tricks along the way, but can I encourage you in one thing?

One thing so simple, but is truly one of the hardest parts of your journey?

Show grace.

For yourself. For your family.

When I began my journey towards Being a Size You, I have to admit that I wasn’t very sensitive.  My husband had graciously allowed me to purchase a plan that cost us a great deal of money.  It was what I needed and he knew I needed it.  So it was a sacrifice for both of us, especially him, since he was the only one providing income for our family at the time.

In my selfishness, I automatically took the position that if I was going to be cooking all of these new recipes and educate myself on eating healthier and working out more, then my family better follow suit.

Because I was not about to cook different meals just because they didn’t like what I served. I was not their slave!

But, sister, that is the wrong approach.

I am in no way telling you to make several different meals in order to appease your family. This is not about you slaving in the kitchen. But remember, just as this is all new to you….it is also new to them.

My poor husband was shocked when I started buying all of these vegetables that we both had never heard before. In my eagerness to try Quinoa because it was all the rage, I served it undercooked. He literally thought he was eating birdseed.

He thought I had fed him birdseed!

Looking back, I was not very considerate of my family and the changes that were about to happen to them as well.  Being a Size you is not just about you.

Your entire family will be involved. Change will have to happen for everyone. So show a little grace. Have some patience. Not every meal you serve that is healthier for you will necessarily be a winner for them. They may hate it and swear off veggies for the rest of their lives! But they will come around. Some people make the adjustments better than others.  But have patience with your family. Have patience with yourself. Go with the flow as much as possible while still working towards your Be a Size You goals.

This journey is to be a lifelong process because truly, I want you around for life.

So show them grace.

And have fun. Enjoy the process.

Be a Size You,


Live a Life By Design

Team Fuel Opportunity call

What is it that you dream of doing during your lifetime, but you feel limited because of:






*Your story

*Your health



Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to do something big with my life.  Due to my love of performance and the stage, I naturally envisioned myself becoming a world class performer, and therefore gaining influence, power, wealth, and accolades.

That was my something big when I was a little girl. Then, I got married and had two children with this incredible man. My dreams shifted.

I now have a mission in my heart to minister to women from all walks of life to Be a Size You. To realize, deep down inside of themselves, that they are of incredible worth. That what they see in the mirror does not determine their destiny or about how much God loves them. Because He loves us infinitely more than we could ever imagine.

I want to spread a message of hope.  That we can trust the God because He is good. And that He has given each of us special gifts: natural gifts from birth and spiritual gifts upon our confession of faith in Christ, to do an immeasurable amount of good.

That we can bless others with our stories. That we can see miracles beyond belief.

That we can weave a tale of love, hope, passion, ministry, faith, just by choosing to do our something big.

One of the main reasons I chose to become a Beachbody Coach was because I wanted to make my ministry of Be a Size you possible.  With a husband who works hard in ministry, but his paycheck does not reflect his hours or his effort, we were limited. I wanted to help my family.  I wanted to no longer experience stress every time we put gas in our car, or went to the grocery store, about whether or not we would have enough to pay bills.

I wanted to pour into the ministry of Be a Size You so that more women can hear a message of hope, instead them constantly hearing that they weren’t good enough because they didn’t look like the girl on the cover of a health and fitness magazine.

I wanted to be able to give abundantly more to organizations that we care about, so that they could continue their important work of helping those in need.

So now I ask you, what life, if all of those factors listed above didn’t exist, would you design for yourself, for your family, for your dreams?

I invite you to hear my story, and all about my team and what we truly do as Coaches.  I ask that you give an hour of your time to hear my heart as I share why I love this company, why I choose to do what I do, and how you can be a part of our mission to help others and live a life by design.

You can apply here if you are interested in learning more about Team Fuel and about my upcoming webinar. I would love to have you as my very special guest that day!

Be a Size You,


Team Beachbody® does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings for the most recent information on the actual incomes of all our Coaches.


Your Before and After Photos Are Real…

No matter what naysayers may say.

I was offended the other day. Not because of anything that was said to me personally. Normally, I don’t let comments on social media bother me that much. I might utter to myself that their comments are ridiculous, but I rarely bother to post anything of my own in public. I am able to move on for the most part and not worry about the comment, or that individual.

But today, I cannot.

Yesterday, a popular fitness blogger posted a photo of her “before” and “after” and showed how she posted them within ten minutes of each other. Her point was that photos can be manipulated with just a few tricks and with body positioning. She was right.  They can be manipulated.  My issue wasn’t with her photo.

I got heated when I started reading the comments. My fault. I shouldn’t have read them.

But I did.  And I was pissed.

For all of you who bust your butt, and share your journey, even though it is scary most of the time. Because you don’t want to be judged and ridiculed and not believed when it comes to you trying to better your quality of life.  I know what it feels like to have someone tell me that my results are not real because what I am doing, a fitness program that can be found on an infomercial, and I drink a whole foods nutrient dense shake, is a fake. A scam. That I manipulate my results to make money.

That I am a scam. I know what that feels like.  I know some of you have heard it from your own family members and from those you don’t even know.

But I am not a scam. And you aren’t either. Don’t you dare let someone say that about you. We bust our butts to reach our goals and we are consistent, while they criticize from their couches on their fancy phones. I have been doing these types of programs for 5 years! Does that sound like a scam to you? It sure doesn’t to me!

It is true that people do manipulate their photos to try to get a quick buck. But let’s be real. Those people don’t last long in the world of health and fitness because they aren’t committed to their life and to the lives of others. They make their money and they disappear. But not you.   You purchased a program called the 21 Day Fix (or insert your  30-90 day program here).  And yes, that program only runs for 21 days or so. Yet you choose to do multiple rounds of it.  I know some of you who have done it for almost 10 rounds and have transformed their entire bodies with that very program.

Scam? I think not.  It means you put in the work. They chose to open their mouth and spout out opinions about something they know nothing about.

I see it happen in church too. There are a lot of people who have opinions about how ministry should be done, but they only warm the seats. They don’t help or lift a finger.

It happens everywhere.

What I have learned is that people will always be down on what they are not up on. Since they refuse to ask any real questions about why you choose to do what you do. Why you choose to drink your protein shakes, and workout to home fitness programs, they don’t really care to know. They will simply tell you to not fall for the fads. Just workout and eat right.

That is what they say. Just workout and eat right. But you and I both know that isn’t a real plan. That is both condescending and self-righteous.

You and I both know that choosing an actual fitness plan, that gives you actual workouts to do. A nutrition guide that tells you what foods will help you reach your specific goals. Even drinking a meal replacement shake for those busy days when you know cooking may be really hard to do so you don’t fall off track and you can stay committed to yourself. That is a plan.

Your before and After photos? The ones you choose to share with everyone even though your knees are shaking?  I know they are real.  And those who care about you know they are real, too. You busted your butt to get to where you are. Maybe you are still in the midst of your journey. But don’t let haters and naysayers keep you from posting your photos and inviting your friends to try what you have tried, in order to help them better their lives.

Let those with hot air talk. They turn into white noise anyway. Eventually, no one listens.

You do you. You be a Size you and you keep sharing your stories, your videos, your transformations.

Tiffany before after



Color Coded Portion Container Tips

2016-03-09 16.05.20

When individuals get their fitness programs, and they take out these colorful containers, they are often thrown into a tailspin. These cute little boxes may look complicated and a lot of work, but they really aren’t once you know how to utilize them. It doesn’t take that long to figure out how to use them either!

Let’s break down what these containers are, shall we?

These containers are meant to help you eat the correct amount of food in relation to portion size for each meal.  The good thing is, a scale is not needed, and you don’t have to count calories.  Each color represents a food group, and whatever fits into that specific container, you can eat!

Before you begin your fitness program, you will want to read the Get Started guide that is included. This will break down how to take your before and after photos. It will tell you how to get connected for support. It will also explain options for nutrition to make sure your body is getting what it needs for optimal results. This is important, especially if you are doing a program specifically for weight loss or muscle building reasons.

The guide will also share with you a caloric intake calculator.  Now, you won’t necessarily be spending a lot of time counting calories, but it is a good idea to know what range you should be in so you can reach your goals. Too little or too many calories will sabotage you.

The calculator does some of the hard work for you. It lets you know what specific calorie bracket you should be eating within.  Then, with that information, you will know how many of those colored containers you should be consuming each day.

Green Container=Veggies
Green Container=Veggies

Here are a few examples:

Kale (1 cup)

Watercress, (1 cup cooked or raw)

Collard Greens, (1 cup cooked or raw

Spinach, (1 cup cooked or raw)

Brussels Sprouts, (1 cup chopped or 5 medium)



Raspberries (1 cup)

Blueberries (1 cup)

Blackberries (1 cup)

Strawberries (1 cup)

Pomegranate, 1 small

and more..


Boneless, skinless chicken or turkey breast (3/4 cup cooked, chopped)

Lean ground chicken or turkey (3/4 cup cooked)

Fish, fresh water (catfish, tilapia, trout), 3/4 cooked, flaked

Fish, cold water, wild-caught (cod, salmon, halibut, tuna, mahi-mahi) 3/4 cup cooked, flaked

Game: buffalo 3/4 cup cooked, chopped

And more….


Sweet potato, 1/2 cup chopped

Yams, 1/2 cup chopped

Plantains, 1/2 cup sliced or 1/2 medium

Quinoa, 1/2 cup cooked

Beans, (kidney, black, garbanzo, white, lima, fava, etc), 1/2 cup cooked, drained

Lentils, 1/2 cup cooked, drained

Edamame, 1/2 cup shelled

Blue=Healthy Fats
Blue=Healthy Fats

Avocado, 1/4 cup mashed, or 1/4 medium

12 Almonds, whole, raw

8 cashews, whole, raw

14 peanuts, whole, raw

Feta cheese, 1/4 cup crumbled

Goat Cheese, 1/4 cup crumbled

Hummus, 1/4 cup

Orange=Seeds & Dressings
Orange=Seeds & Dressings

Pumpkin seeds, 2 Tbsp raw

Sunflower seeds, 2 Tbsp, raw

Fitness program approved dressings and sauces

That little container may seem too small for dressings, but I promise, it is plenty!

You also have tsp portions as well for your oils and nut butters.

There is so much more you can eat using these containers, as I just gave a few examples. Even though you are working on portion control, you won’t starve on any nutrition guide that uses these containers. You will get plenty to eat and your body will feel satisfied and nourished.

So no food scales (unless you love using it!). Don’t obsess over your calories (although be mindful so that you are taking care of your body). Get in the nutrients. Trust the process. If you have questions about how I use the containers with my workouts and meal planning, I would love to chat with you!  I promise, it might seem complicated, but it really isn’t. Anyone, even those of you who consider yourself nutrition illiterate, can do this.

Be a Size You,


P.S. Don’t forget that those who commit to doing my 22 Minute Hard Corps Bootcamp and purchases a challenge pack from me, will get these containers for FREE as a thank you!



It Is Not About The Scale or What You Look Like

Allow me to be real with you all for a second.

Here a couple of photos of me:

2016-03-07 15.42.08I am going to be starting the 22 Minute HardCorps workout March 21st with several other individuals. So I took my before photos (featured on the right).

I am so proud of where my body is right now.  I am stronger than I have ever been and I am 34 years old.  My body has been pregnant 3 times, and has given birth to 2 beautiful children.  It has gone through changes and challenges. It has aged.

I feel fantastic.

The photo on the left is from when I finished the 21 Day Fix Extreme back in 2015.  I was super proud of those results as well. I worked hard. I followed the nutrition to a T. I worked out in a 35 foot single wide trailer on the side of a mountain. I gave no excuses.

I love both photos that I am showing you right now.

I don’t give a care at all what someone thinks of my body right now. I know, even with the rolls I see now, my body is stronger than ever before.

Why am I sharing this with you?  Why am I sharing two photos where it looks like in one, I slightly let myself go?

Because I want you to see how a women’s body will change with the different seasons of her life.

In the photo on the right, it is obvious that I am not as “tight” as the photo on the left.  My goals were different in the summer. I wanted to see what I could ultimately accomplish in 21 days of being tight in my nutrition and pushing my body a little harder. Those are the results from that effort.

In the photo on the right, I have still been working out and eating clean.  My clean eating has been about 85% on target.  But in no way, shape, or form am I unhealthy, fat, or any other derogatory label ourselves with. My goals were just different. But my body is still strong.

Can I just encourage you in this very moment to not obsess over that blasted scale? Or about whether or not you have six pack abs? Can I just encourage you to work out so you can be strong? So you can have a better quality of life overall? That when you nourish your body with foods that fuel you and give you life instead of make you miserable?

No matter what your pictures may say to you today, I want you to remember that if you are up everyday pushing play and nourishing yourself, you are moving farther than those who choose to do nothing and are sitting on the couch. They aren’t ready yet to change their life.

But you are. You are willing to do what no one else will do in order to Be a Size You.

Go get Em. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are of worth. The scale can’t measure that.  A six pack can’t measure that.

Be a Size You,

Tiffany Harper

Loving Our Neighbors

Photo by Suzy Collins via She Works His Way
Photo by Suzy Collins via She Works His Way

“Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.” 1 John 4:7 ESV

“By this we know love, that he laid down his life for us, and we ought to lay down our lives for the brothers.” 1 John 3:16 ESV

Have you ever felt, that perhaps as Christians, we are more known for the things we are against, than we are about our love for Jesus and for God’s people?

Have you been getting that sense?

When I watch the news at home, or when I am perusing social media, I see a lot of adjectives that describe those who follow Christ, and they aren’t pretty. The fruit of the Spirit is not evident in the eyes of public opinion.

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.” Galatians 5: 22-23 ESV

It is more evident about what we are against than what we are for during the political seasons in our country. It is the truth. More and more Christians will stand up with their Bibles blazing and their cherry picked verses to share why America is going in a terrible direction. We will share Memes that are passive aggressive in nature to let those who are not believers (without calling them out by name) why they are wrong.

I even read a comment on IG from a Christian woman that said if she were to be at a location where there was drinking or a bar, even if she were not participating in drinking, and she was with her friends who were drinking,  it would still be a sin and it would ruin HER Christian testimony.


Sisters, there is a time to hold onto convictions. There are certain things I choose not to do because I know people are watching and I never want to make a new believer or even a person who is searching confused. I am not saying that we should not live above reproach. If you read the passages above Galatians 5:22-23, it lays out the Spirit of the flesh. (Context matters!)

Yet, when I look back on ministry of Jesus, He hung with sinners. He hung with tax collectors, fishermen, even a liar who would betray Him. Yet He loved, and He served them, and He prayed over them.

He broke bread with them. He wept over them.

Isn’t Jesus the example?  What does it serve us, truly, to mock others? To be angry? The direction of our country may not be ideal, very true, but I still believe GOD is in control.

If we see a fellow sister in Christ who may be acting or behaving or making choices that are dangerous or even sinful, social media is not the place for correction. Speaking the truth and reprimands should always be done in love and with a desire to restore a believer. It should never be done to condemn. We are not perfect people.  I can easily list off my own sins.

My point is this, sisters, we need to LOVE more. We need exhibit the Fruit of the Spirit. We need to pray for the Holy Spirit to fill us daily because cannot exhibit His love, His peace, His kindness, His gentleness, patience, goodness, self-control, faithfulness, joy on our own. It is impossible.

May we use our public testimonies not to tell those who do not follow Him what we are against, but what we are for. We cannot expect those who do not know Him to believe in Him or to behave like Christians. But, we can pray. We can love them.

We are for His kingdom. We are for love. We are for joy. They will know that we follow Him when we exhibit His standard of righteousness and love.

Be a Size You,



What is 22 Minute Hard Corps?

I am so excited because today is Launch Day for a program that I have been waiting for since I heard of it’s upcoming release. For all of you who enjoy bootcamp style workouts, you LOVE Tony Horton, or you just want to get ready for the summer and feel good in your own skin as well as work out alongside America’s heroes (our VETS!), pay attention.

Photo by Beachbody
Photo by Beachbody

*What is 22 Minute Hard Corps?*

This is a new program created by Tony Horton (who has also created P90, P90X, P90X2, P90X3…the man is legit!) and it is a 60 day bootcamp style fitness program designed to sculpt, strengthen, and train your body in just 22 minutes a day. Yes. 22 minutes.

*Can you really get in shape in just 22 minutes a day?*

YES you can!  Listen, the reality is we don’t need to kill ourselves for hours in a gym in order to get results. And quite frankly, coming from a gal who struggles to stay focused or sit still for 30 minutes, this type of workouts, where I am in and then done, are totally for me.  But don’t think that you can workout for 22 minutes and just coast. You will have to give it everything you got in the time given to you in order to get the most out of this workout. Don’t expect results if you aren’t willing to work for them!

*Is this a quick Fix?*

No way.  Tony Horton doesn’t do quick fixes, and neither do I. You will have a complete fitness program, a nutrition guide so you will know what to eat and how much, plus support if you choose to begin your 22 Minute Hard Corps journey through me (and you get a free bonus workout if you do!).

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 10.30.19 AM

*But I am not in the military. I don’t think I could do a workout like this.*

Tony made sure to develop this program for everyone.  No matter your fitness level, you can do these workouts with him and the Vets featured. There will be a few modifiers within each workout so if you can’t do certain moves, modify and you will still get the results you will still get in a great workout.

*What comes with the program?*

You will get:

8 challenging workouts on 2 DVDs
• Quick Start Mission Guide
• 8-week Basic Training Action Plan
• Rations for Results Nutrition Field Guide
• Cold Start pre-workout drill
• Hell Week Challenge Card
• HARD CORPS: Battle Buddy Workout DVD (Network Exclusive)

*Do you need any extra equipment?*

You will need dumbbells or pull up bar ( or a resistance band with a door attachment.)   The harder you go, the faster you will grow!

Are you ready to commit?

Good! You can do this. You will feel amazing, whether you want to get in shape for the summer, or just feel good for life.  The biggest thing that you will have to do is commit to doing this and going all 60 days. You CAN do this.

I will be hosting a 22 Minute Hard Corps Bootcamp and if you would like to be considered for this group, click on the photo below to apply.

22 minute hard corps

I cannot wait to hear from you. It is going to be EPIC.

Be a Size You,

Tiffany Harper