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The Three C’s

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We have a choice.  We aren’t robots or puppets. We get to choose how we want to live our life.

That doesn’t mean that we always make the right choice. But we make one.

When people tell me they want to change, I usually ask them what they are willing to do in order to change.

When they say they want help, are they willing to listen and accept the help I give them.

You have a choice. You can accept help. Or you can refuse.

People who experience true change in their lives don’t experience it by doing nothing.

They experience change because they chose to do something hard. Something beyond their comfort zone.  They sacrificed something.  They took a chance.

But yet they were successful. The ones who expect to change yet do nothing…Fail.

Make a choice. Take a chance. Experience change.

<3 Tiff

Happy Monday!

Today is rather rainy and cold in SoCal so we are trying to make the most of it.  While Madi was at school I bundled Sean up as best as I could and let him play in the puddles and ruin my umbrella.

Good thing that umbrella  was only a dollar.  Otherwise I would have cried. Thanks Forever 21.

Excited for all the pink that is showing up in stores across the country and over the internet. I love pink and I am about to go pink cray-cray in this house. My poor husband.  😉

What are you up to this Monday? Is it rainy where you are? Go play in the puddles!

<3 Tiff

A Changed Life Requires Action

Today in my study of James with my BFF Beth Moore (at least I think we are BFF’s…she may not know that yet.) we studied James 1:22-25.

About the man who looked intently at himself in the mirror, as though studying every inch of himself. Then walking away and instantly forgetting what he looked like.

Isn’t that absurd?  How do you not know your own face?! And how could you study it yet still not remember.

We do it all the time as believers.

We do it all the time as individuals.

I so often hear folks say this whenever they read a bible verse, an inspiring message from a charismatic speaker, or come home from a powerful event that left them speechless:

It Changed My Life.

But did it really?  Just because we may be touched by something does not mean it changes us.

Because quite frankly change requires action. And a lot of us don’t do much of it I’m afraid. I am very much guilty of uttering those words above after reading something in a magazine, or a powerful story on the internet….yet it doesn’t really change me. It just makes me emotional.

A changed life tends to shift and reshape. It takes on the appearance of something different. Hopefully something better.

If you have experienced the healing power of surrendering your life to Christ, then you know what I mean. When you say you are changed, it means you are completely different from the person you used to be. Completely. Different.

So often we sit on the sofa of life,  allowing it to pass us by as others are experiencing discovery and new life. We clap and applaud those who become healthier individuals physically and spiritually, speak kindly about those who travel on missions trip telling thousands about Jesus, Praise God for those who overcome addictions and walk away from certain death when most of us wrote them off. We sit and watch. We don’t do anything except sit on the sideline.


We study scripture hoping to grab a piece that will inspire us for a moment. Then we go on with the rest of our day, forgetting all that we studied. We say we are changed. But who are we kidding. We don’t feel changed. And we don’t act changed.

The living Word of God was meant to be applied!  It was meant to be lived. It is more than just a book full of verses for us to memorize and recite when we feel it is appropriate during church. It is meant to be a living edge sword. Powerful enough to convict, to heal, to bring LIFE!

So why don’t we do this? I ask myself this question too! Why?  WHY?

Friends we must allow the Word and the Holy Spirit to be active in our lives so that we can truly experience a changed life.  Because that is where we will find true purpose.

<3 Tiff


Project Life

I have decided that this year I will do Project Life. If you are unfamiliar with PL, it is a fantastic way to document those precious photos that often sit in our drawers or on our computers, never to be printed or seen by the world.

At least….that was my issue. LOL!

I ordered my kit last Thursday and it arrived yesterday afternoon.

I went with the Cobalt core kit, the White Signature Album, and Photo Pocket Pages Design F. They were out of Design A, but I plan on purchasing those as soon as they are restocked.

I plan on doing my album on a monthly basis.  I will choose photos that I feel best reflect that month, what we celebrated, what we did etc. I only really have time to work on this monthly, so I thought it would be best to do it this way for this year. We will see how this goes. I haven’t scrap booked in 3 years so I am a little rusty on creativity and design.

Over all I am really excited to do Project Life. I can’t wait until January 2013 when I can look back at the year and see all that we did as a family.

Are you doing Project Life? Please share inspiration! If no, what projects are you working on for 2012?

<3 Tiff

What You Won’t See Me Post

Lately I have been trying to post motivating pictures of healthy women and strong women on my blog and Facebook.

The problem is…a lot of them are not wearing a ton of clothing and they don’t exactly fit the type of women I serve or want to serve.

So here’s the thing. You won’t find me posting skimpy clothed women on my pages.  I just won’t do it. You won’t find images of me online showing off my stomach or any other part of my anatomy to prove that I am in shape. I might flex my arms, but that is about it.

My reasoning?  I serve a higher purpose.  I am married to a man who has eyes only for me.  I have two children that look up to me set healthy examples.  I don’t want my daughter to ever see a photo of me posted online dressed inappropriately and feel she doesn’t measure up and that she has to do the same thing to gain acceptance.  I love and serve college age women who have suffered enough on the hands of media telling them what is beautiful.

I don’t want that.

Please hear me when I say that I am not judging those who do.  That is their choice. That is how they choose to show the results they have worked so hard on. I don’t judge them. But this is my personal conviction.

Most of the  women who come to me just want to have more energy, more strength and to have a piece of themselves back as well as take care of their families.  They aren’t really looking to be on the cover of fitness magazine. They just want to do something. My purpose is to show women (and men!) that being healthy and strong is more than being a certain size dress.  Making the effort to become a healthier individual is not easy. The first step is often the most difficult.  I don’t need to post pictures of half naked women in order to prove that healthy is beautiful.

I have several gals who are showing that to me now just by working out, eating right and wearing smiles.

<3 Tiff

Sunday Worship

Do not be deceived, my beloved brothers. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. Of His own will He brought us forth by the word of truth that we should be a kind of firstfruits of His creatures. James 1:16-18 ESV

Happy Sunday to my sweet readers.

Every good and perfect gift is from God. Every single one.  If it was good…it was from God =).

Give thanks to Him today for those precious gifts  He has bestowed upon His children.

<3 Tiff

Having Days of Indulgence

Yesterday morning at my Bible study, one of the fabulous women that attend every Thursday and help set up brought in a very tempting blueberry bread dish as well as a quiche made with bacon and cheese.

As you can see I ate most of it:

Whoops….I guess some would say that makes me a hypocrite.

But actually, it doesn’t.

Listen, well have days where we will indulge ourselves in some of our favorite foods that are less that great for us. Okay, fine….they really aren’t that great at all. (Even though they taste divine at the time).

Even tonight I had Mexican food with friends and a cupcake.

But now I know it is time to get back on track.  Because I can’t eat like that all the time.  Once in awhile is fine. Enjoy yourself.  Just don’t do it every weekend. Get back on track.  Start incorporating more greens and fruits in your diet as a way of detoxing any of the junk that is probably still in your system.

Drink plenty of water.

If you are on Shakeology, be sure and continue incorporating that as one of your meals as well.

Work out. Find a workout that makes you excited about everyday. Yes there is such a thing!

Being a healthy individual who chooses to eat well most of the time is not a prison sentence.  It is a life giver.  More often than not, those who choose to eat healthier and work out consistently refuse to go back to the habits they had  before….making cheat days less likely.  It isn’t because they look down on those who do have cheat days, but because they love how they feel after eating well and HATE how they feel after choosing poorly.

But if you have been consistently working out, eating right then one day of indulgence will not set you back. It is the habitual choice to eat poorly that will harm you.


<3 Tiff

Revive Your Prayer Life

Prayer is an essential and critical part of our relationship with God.  It is how we communicate every heart-felt plea, cry, desire to Him who loves us.

But a lot of times our prayer life is the last thing we think about. Often times, it’s on life support!

Two friends of mine have come up with practical ways to organize and keep track of  your prayer requests.  Both of them have stated it has changed their prayer life and their relationship with God…for better!  Isn’t that how it should be?

Gina Garland has created a Prayer Notebook that she uses everyday and has them organized in categories. She has created a fantastic and informative video, plus a packet with instructions on how to get the most of out your notebook.  I highly recommend you watch it.

My friend Michelle Myers has organized her prayers by using a prayer calendar.  She sets apart certain days for certain topics, people, ministry so that it helps keep her organized and committed to praying and less overwhelmed.

Both of these women, as I, are in ministry.  So there is often no shortage of prayer requests.  So organization is a must. I know it doesn’t sound natural and we often like our prayers to be organic. But most of the time it won’t happen naturally.  Reminders, journals, calendars are excellent ways to make sure our communication with God is a regular act of worship.

I love Gina’s journal and I plan on using Michelle’s tips while organizing my prayers.


<3 Tiff

Enjoying The Little Things

I have been enjoying the most amazing moments with my family.

1. Enjoying a picnic in 73 degree weather. 2. Reading stories at Barnes and Noble. 3. A very tired Sean. So cute. 4. a lovely Wax heart created by me. 5. My fave salad at Veggie Grill at the Irvine Spectrum.

What are you doing to enjoy those precious moments with your family?