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Getting a Head Start

In the past, I would have waited until January to begin any type or workout program or diet.  The biggest reason was because I didn’t want to deprive myself of the enormous amount of goodies that I loved and wanted to consume during the Christmas season.  And because I was lazy and making a ton of excuses not to workout, while at the same time complaining about how I looked and about how I still needed to lose those last 20 pounds from my pregnancy with Sean.

10 months into my fitness journey and I have found that just putting it off until tomorrow never works.  Tomorrow comes…..and it gets put off again.

So in order to maintain what I have worked so hard for I have decided to challenge myself and really pay attention to what I eat and drink as well as workout at least 6 days a week.

I will be doing TurboFire. And continue drinking Shakeology.

It is not secret that I love this program.  I have been doing it off and on for the last few months, but I have not gone all the way through the program.  My goal is to completely finish it.  Do every single workout in that program.  And then send in my results to Beachbody and get a free shirt ;).

Incentive right?!

One of the biggest reasons why I achieved success was because I had people around me motivating me and doing the same thing I was.

So I am inviting you to join me.  Do this with me.

I know it’s December. I know the holidays are crazy busy and you have gifts to buy and it seems completely selfish to think about yourself and perhaps even spend money on yourself.  But let me paint another picture for you.

What if because you were working out and eating right, you had more energy and ability to do all that needed to be done during the holiday season?  Sound impossible?

It’s not.

Do this with me.  Don’t wait until next year. Do it now.

<3 Tiff~

P.S. If you have never heard of Shakeology, ask me for a free sample! Want to join my challenge?  Ask me!  It will be fun!

Sausage and Herb Stuffing

On Wednesday evening I made my own stuffing using a recipe I found on Food Network.

I had never made stuffing, or really, any Thanksgiving dish so I was very excited to give this one a try.

Ina Garten Sausage and Herb Stuffing

A small note: if you are not using homemade chicken stock (which the recipe recommends) then reduce the amount of salt.  It wasn’t too salty, but I really did not like putting that much salt in my stuffing!  Now I know better!

<3 Tiff~

Black Friday Anyone?

I have seen a ton of my FB friends shopping Black Friday today. Actually, they were up all night snagging the best deals across town and they are probably now in bed.

The hardcore Black Friday peeps wait in line and get there early. I salute them because you know what, I really wanted to go out and shop……but I am just too dang lazy. Ha!

I am more of a shop online kind of girl. I am one of those crazy peeps who would much rather pay shipping than brave the stores during the holiday season. Which is why I am really excited about discovering Shop At Home.

Shop At Home is a fantastic resource to find tons of online shops plus the opportunity to earn cash back on your purchases.  Most of the time it ranges from 2-3% but for Black Friday and even Cyber Monday…your cash back %’s increase. There are thousands of shops you can shop from by using Shop At Home.

Membership is free so feel free to check it out. Go to Shop At Home and get started on your Christmas shopping!

<3 Tiff

P.S. This is not a paid advertisement, however the link provided is my personal link from Shop At Home that I use to share with friends.

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is how we feel right about now:

Last night Dan and I hosted a small Thanksgiving for a young gal in my small group. It was my first time roasting a turkey and taking on such a monumental task in the kitchen.  I don’t want to toot my horn, but I am really pleased with myself.

And I didn’t stress out. Double bonus.

Today, I am so thankful that I got to spend time with my Mom, Dad, Sisters and Brother….as well as grandparents and aunts and uncles.  It was an absolute spectacular day and I pray that God will allow me another year with my loved ones.  The sounds of laughter and the scents of delicious food absolutely fill me to the brim and I am so blessed to have all of this.

I pray that your Thanksgiving was just as magical.  And I also pray that you know just how much God truly loves you.



Picnic in the Park Photoshoot


Back in October my Dad, my sister and I got together for a fun little photoshoot at our local park.  It is one of my favorite parks to photograph at because of it’s little stream, the gorgeous sunlight that peeks through the trees and all of the greenery.

I could stay there all day if I could.

And Madi got to participate as well. To say she loved it would be an understatement. She adores the camera. On her *wink*.

I have  been dying to show  some of these to you.  Enjoy.

Wardrobe: Dress (Ruche), Shoes (Reflections), Tights/ring (F21), Headband (Bean and the Sprout)

Makeup and Hair: Sheena Rush

Photography: Mitchell Rush

Thanks for looking everyone!

<3 Tiff

Sunday Worship

I apologize that this week’s “Sunday Worship” post  does not have scripture attached.  Today I have blind-sided by the appearance of a head cold that I am determined to have gone by tomorrow.

Oh and not to mention that this week I will be roasting my first turkey EVER.

So cold, you are not welcome. So there. Move along.

I am at home right now with my two munchkins and they have decided to forgo toys today.

Playing in an Ottoman is much more fun anyway.

Btw…I am watching them.  No need to sound the alarm. I am a self proclaimed worry wart.

I hope you all have a blessed Sunday.

<3 Tiff

Coffee Date & Carlos Oscar

Last night for date night Dan and I were attending a comedy night with Carlos Oscar. The night was for Knott Avenue’s incredible Recovering Life ministry so that they could continue ministering into the lives of  those who are recovering from very serious addictions and start over.  Dan and I are loving what James and his staff are doing with this ministry.

Before we went to the show we stopped by an adorable little coffee shop called “Coffee D’ate”.

It was adorable!  We love our Starbucks coffee, but in all  reality, the atmosphere leaves much to be desired.  It is located in Buena Park and it is so cute. I loved it. (Even Dan said it was cute hehe).

We had coffee in big white mugs

And a Belgian Waffle topped with ice cream, fruity pebbles, fruit and chocolate syrup.

Definitely a deviation from what I normally eat. But oh it was so delicious.  Definitely worth the splurge.

I highly recommend this little place. It is small but it is so cute.

Then we headed back over to anxiously await Carlos Oscar.  I love to laugh and I was absolutely excited about this show.

A perfect date  night!

<3 Tiff~

Welcome Food Lovers!

I am not a chef.  I don’t pretend to be.  The truth of the matter is, I cannot cook anything without a recipe in front of me.  I love to cook, and I am getting pretty good at it, but I need instructions to make sure I am putting together ingredients that will taste well together.

Otherwise, it might prove to be inedible. And my family needs to eat.

Since trying to encourage my family to eat healthier I have had to branch out from my normal foodie blogs and find new ones that provided delicious menu options and used relatively familiar ingredients.  My husband is not a fan of things that are so extremely different that you can’t find it in the grocery store kind of meals.

I am sure most of you are the same way.

That being said, experimenting is a fun way of trying new foods and breaking out of a rut.  So if a recipe calls for whole wheat flour, then I will pick some up. Do not be afraid of different.

Here are my favorite sites as of late for healthy eats:

Daily Garnish: Emily Malone is a culinary arts Grad and a vegetarian.  She just had a sweet baby boy and he is oh so cute. Plus, her recipes you can find pinned on my pinterest page because she makes every single vegetable look delectable.  I encourage you to check her out.

Love Veggies and Yoga: Averie is so pretty I wanted to hate her. Yet she creates the most decadent looking (yet nutritionally dense) desserts I have ever seen. So I don’t hate her. Not even close.

Skinny Taste: Great stuff on this site!

These are just a few. Venture out and try something new! Try at least one new healthy recipe and then share with the rest of us!

<3 Tiff

Choose a Lifestyle, Lose the Excuses

I absolutely hate the word “diet”.

And I hate it even more when people say “I’m on a diet”.  What they really should say is “I am restricting myself on certain foods (carbs, sugar etc) and making myself eat boring healthy food”.

Why do I say that? Because when I ask them what their diet consists of it is usually them not eating carbs or eliminating all sweets or things that contain sugar and they eat grilled chicken breasts and plain salads every day.

No wonder people fail at diets so often.  Choosing to live a healthier lifestyle should not put you in prison.  It can be hard to make better food choices due to the many “convenient” yet unhealthy options out there today, but I can assure you that since beginning my own journey towards health and fitness 9 months ago I have not once felt like I was in prison.

I found new websites that encouraged healthy eating.

Subscribed to fitness magazines that included yummy, yet very nutritious recipes that my entire family could love.

I found that when I ate healthier I loved the way I felt afterwards. But when I caved to the convenience of a McDonald’s drive-thru, I noticed the awful response my body had.

Another  phrase I absolutely hate hearing is “I don’t have time”.  I am going to be 100% honest here and say that I believe time isn’t really the issue.

You are.

I say this in all love.  Often times we are the biggest obstacle in our own success.  We tell ourselves we don’t have time to workout or plan menus or commit to our health and you know what you are probably right.

You can’t do it, because maybe you don’t really want to.  I made the “I don’t have time excuse” so many times, until one day I looked at myself in the mirror, sick and tired of being sick and tired, and decided to put in 100% effort into taking care of myself.  Decide now to take care of YOU!

“Eating healthy and working out is too expensive” is another excuse.  Yet, how often do we see people scrambling to pay for the latest Apple device, drive through Starbucks to pay for a $5.00 cup of coffee daily and buy expensive, yet nutritionally deficient convenience food. I know in this economy money is tight, yet I think we sometimes aren’t good stewards of our bodies and time and dollars when we spend the dollars we do have on things that  won’t help us.  Do you know that many times when money gets tight in a families life, the first thing to go is the gym membership?  But they keep cable! (Totally not judging….I have done this very thing!)

There is a saying “Invest in your health, or invest in your illness”. The longer you go without investing in your own wellness, eventually you will be paying a lot more in medical bills.

And that is far more expensive and costly. In fact, it could cost you your life.

In no way am I wanting to step on toes. But I have made all of the above excuses and when I made the decision to choose differently, I saw success. Nine months on this journey and at age 30 I can say I am the healthiest I have been since high school.

So choose a lifestyle, and lose the excuses.

<3 Tiff

*If you are reading this, and you are tired of making excuses, every month I am doing 30 day challenges that include exercise, nutrition and accountability.  Contact me if you are serious about changing your life for good. Contact me for details.*