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Progress is Messy

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We all want to achieve greatness. Reach our goals.

We work hard.  We write out our to-do lists. Sometimes we lose sleep trying to achieve what others say is impossible.

Our dreams.  Yes, a lot of times they will say your dreams are impossible.

We often picture progress as going upwards. That if we keep moving upwards, then we are being successful.

But the reality is……progress is messy.

We hit road blocks, lose motivation, get lost in the busyness of life.

We lose our way.

Then someone inspires us with a word, a song, a phrase, a quote….a hug.

We start running towards that impossible dream again.

That is progress.

It isn’t always going to be neatly packaged in a pretty bow. It will be full of ups and downs, starts and stops, successes and failures.

But you keep going.

You will get there.



Be a size YOU.

This post has been sitting in my heart, nearly typed out as I have been battling with the balance of sharing with all of you the advantages of living a healthy lifestyle and yet living in accordance with what I believe in God’s word.

I do not want anyone to see me as a woman who pressures other women to be skinny girls.  That we should only focus on weight loss and exercise.

No. I want to focus on the whole woman. The woman who is healthy physically, emotionally, spiritually.

I don’t want you to be a size two. I want you to be a size YOU.

What does that mean?

I believe that true beauty comes from the inside out.  A healthy person is not someone who is necessarily able to fit into smaller clothes.  If that person embraces fear, insecurities, heartache, instability, lack of faith etc….then they are not healthy completely.  When you find yourself rotting on the inside, it is hard to appreciate the health you appear to “have” from the outside.

Being a size YOU means that you are healthy emotionally.  You are healthy physically and spiritually.  You take care of yourself knowing that you do it because there are things in your life that must be done.  You have a young family, a husband, ministry, jobs, responsibilities that should you fall incredibly ill, those very responsibilities would suffer.

This is not about the scale, although most of us do weigh ourselves from time to time.

It is about being strong inside and out to do all that God has asked of you!  It is so important that we do good works. That we are grateful for the one body that God has specifically designed us to have.  To treat it as a temple acceptable for worship and capable of doing good towards others and furthering His cause.

So friends don’t get caught up on the scale.  Don’t believe for a second the person who tells you that a size 2 is what you need to be.

Cosmopolitan did not create you.

God did.


1 Timothy 2:9-10; Romans 12:1


Sunday Worship

Psalm 116:1

 “I love the Lord because He has heard my appeal for mercy.” HCSB

Tonight we kick off part 2 of our Sex Rehab series over at Illuminate.  I believe that God has so much to say on the subject.  How we can pick apart what is truth and what is false, what culture tells us and what God shares with us is so essential to our walk with Him.

And yet sometimes, we fail. We fall for the lies because we either lost sight of the truth or we never found it.  So we settle for false because it brings comfort.


But I am so glad my God is a merciful God.  Which is why I shared the above scripture with you today.

I love God because He has heard my cry for mercy.

Thank you Jesus.



It’s Saturday

 San Diego. October 2010

Fall is finally upon us, although the weather still held at about 80 plus degrees.

But I am noticing the leaves changing.  The streets by my apartment are lines with trees and I have the pleasure of watching their green color turn to a beautiful amber and fall slowly to the sidewalk.

I am a hopeless romantic when it comes to Fall. It is probably my favorite season right after Summer.

And speaking of romantic, I think I need to start planning a trip with my man for our 7 year wedding anniversary.

Any ideas as to what we should do? I was thinking going up north this year.  Santa Barbara. Yountville. Napa Valley.

Have a blessed weekend friends!


The Pharaoh of Comparison

Yesterday at bible study I was struck deep in the chest about something.

Our women’s group is going through Priscilla Shirer’s study “He Speaks To Me”.  In her video session, she was encouraging us to be undivided in our worship. To not be distracted by the things around us.  To not be held captive by anything but give it all, everything you have, to God.

She spoke of the different captors in our lives, Pharaohs she called them, that keep us captive in our thinking and behavior.

My captor?

The Pharaoh of Comparison.

I believe a lot of us struggle with comparing ourselves to others. If you are a woman, this is especially true.  I find myself looking at other women and marvel at their abilities and attributes and I can’t help but start to question my own abilities and attributes.

“Why can’t I be as creative as Elizabeth?”

“I wish I could speak as well in front of people as my friend Bre.”

“I don’t have as much energy as so and so”.

“I want to write like Sarah. She is so incredible with her use of words and I’m not”.

Do you see where I am going?  When I do this, then I try to be like them.

Instead of trying to be myself. The girl that God specifically created and crafted with a specific personality, gifts and attributes.  I have passions of my own to use for God’s glory and for ministry.  But I get so lost in trying to be someone else that I put my own gifting on the back burner…or buried in some dark closet.

And then Priscilla said this and it shook me to my core and snapped me back to see just how unique God made me:

“If you are too busy trying to play someone else-who in the world is going to play you.”

Friends don’t be held captive by this captor. He is only as strong as you allow him to be. Allow the Holy Spirit to break you free and realize your own full potential, gifts and abilities to glorify Him and worship Him fully.

An undistracted worship for our King.



Get Your Couch Potatoes Off the Couch

Get Your Couch Potatoes Off the Couch – iVillage – StumbleUpon.

I saw this great article about getting our kids off the couch and getting them active.

I know for my kids, they would much rather watch VeggieTales than go run around. Well, at least my 5 year old would. My 2 year old has not figured out how to sit still yet!

So I often have to get creative and get them outside or just doing something active so that they are not sitting most of the day.  In the summer it was easy. We went swimming practically every day.

But now that school is here, laziness is beginning to set in for both kids and momma!

I hope the article inspires all of you to get moving and enjoy time together without having to resort to sitting on the couch.

What are you doing to keep your kids healthy and active?



Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Things

  Photo from Christmas 2010

This sweet little gal is outgoing, fun, friendly and happy…most of the time.

She is not, however, very adventurous.

That accolade belongs to my son who is too adventurous for me and he gives me a heart attack daily.

Madi can be very timid when it comes to trying out new foods or new activities.  It can be a real battle in our household whenever I try out a new recipe for the family to enjoy (and it just so happens to be healthy!).  She will start to cry, pout, stall, and whip out all of her tricks and tools in order to avoid trying anything new.

She is a creature of comfort. She knows what she likes and she chooses not to stray too far away from her preferences.

Last night was one of those instances where she had to try a new soup for dinner.  She didn’t want to. She cried big crocodile tears. I told her all she had to do was take a couple of bites. If she didn’t like it, she didn’t have to finish it.  She finally conceded to my suggestion.

And guess what.

She loved it.  And she asked me tonight before she went to bed to make it again.

How often are we like children? Afraid to try new things? To step out of our comfortable little settings and activities? I have nothing against being comfortable. But I don’t want to be in that place forever.

Is this you? Are you too comfortable to move?

You are in a relationship that seems to go nowhere, but you stay. Comfortable.

In a job you don’t really enjoy, but the pay is good so you will put up with it. Comfortable.

There is an opportunity you would love to jump on, but you hesitate to try because you don’t want to rock the steady boat you are currently on.  You don’t want to take risks. Comfortable.

I could go on and on with examples, but I am sure you get the gist of what I am sharing with you.

Friends, a lot of times stepping out in faith does not equal comfortable. It can mean the exact opposite. It can stretch us, pull us and mold us into places and positions we never even imagined.  God can use anyone, but I really believe He wants us to be like clay…so that He can mold us and position us in the way He sees fit and aligns with His will for our lives. Madi had to submit full trust into me in regards to soup.  We must submit our full trust in God when it comes to stepping out of our comfort zone and in our lives.

I pray that today is the day that you try something new. That you pray for God to mold you, move you and perhaps make you a tad uncomfortable.



Keep Silent or Speak Up?

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When you spend a great deal of time using Social Media to interact with friends, family and strangers you will often read or see things that you don’t necessarily agree with.

Or they make you downright angry, defensive.

Maybe those comments are directed right at you.

How do you respond?

In the past, it was so easy for me to say my piece. To attack if I felt “led to correct” an individual for their opinion.

But I am learning that the best thing I can do is keep silent. Even if I don’t agree.  Does that mean I don’t stand by my convictions? Quite the contrary.  I have mine and some of the people I follow online have theirs…and we are very different in our beliefs!

I have learned after making quite a few mistakes and opening my mouth a tad too often, that I really don’t have to speak up every time.

I have learned the art and beauty of remaining silent.  To not get involved in the drama.

So often it is hard to interpret the true meaning behind someone’s words online. You can’t always tell if they were angry, sad, happy, or sarcastic. Those emotions don’t translate very well in written form.  If I feel that it is something that needs to be addressed, I stop, pray and really think about what I want to say or if I should say anything.

Often times I will begin writing a response and I feel a tiny nudge that says “stop”.

I also believe that whatever you say in public, good or bad, sticks with you.  So if you are constantly airing your opinions online, you become a very noisy gong and many will refuse to even listen to you after a certain point.

So know when to keep silent and when to speak up.  Know that it is often better to let those who choose to be negative….be negative. Ignore them and choose to align yourself with things that are positive, uplifting, will encourage and not tear down.



Sunday Worship

“For you, O Lord, are good and forgiving, abounding in steadfast love to all who call upon you”. Psalm 86:5

This is the verse my daughter is to memorize for her Sunday school class this week and I thought it was absolutely perfect to share with all of you.

God is so good, and so forgiving. He is abounding in love and grace and it is never ending.

Have a beautiful Sunday.