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Forks Over Knives

Today I finally got to see the documentary Forks Over Knives. I had seen a trailer back on another blog and since then I have been anxiously awaiting its release to DVD.

I am absolutely, one hundred percent passionate about eating healthy, a fit lifestyle and taking care of the bodies God has given us. We only have one here on this earth. This video helped open my eyes to the staggering truth regarding how much processed meat and animal fats we as a country consume, as well as the stunning facts and benefits that eating a whole, holistic plant based diet can produce.

Imagine reducing Cancer and diabetes just by changing the way we look at food. Imagine if we lived differently from all the rest, ate mostly vegetables, worked out regularly…..


While I am certainly not a Vegan, I do support the idea of a rather Vegan lifestyle. I know in my own house, we will probably not go entirely without chicken or fish. (My husband loves meat…so leaner meats will be in our house).  

But eliminating McDonalds and Taco Bell from the family menu….that is entirely my goal. 

I have included the trailer for you:

My Buddy

On Saturday Madi and Dan headed out to see their cousin ride in a rodeo.  (Sorry folks, no pictures).  Dan forgot to bring a camera. 


I have really cute photos of a certain two year old that I got to hang out with since we couldn't go for that TWO HOUR DRIVE up north.  

So here you go.  My little buddy. Warning: you are about to witness some serious cuteness. You might want to think of having some babies, or more, if you keep staring at them. Just saying.



I see you 😉



Have a great Tuesday sweet friends!


A New Adventure Awaits Her.

It is the first day of school for the Harper's.

Madi begins Kindergarten


She is ready to spread her wings, make new friends and learn new things.  To learn to read and write sentences and act grown up.


Okay and still be silly ;).


I could tell she was a little nervous, so before she went into her classroom we recited a simple motto to help ease her nerves:

"Be yourself, Be Kind and remember that God is always with you." 

It seemed to help my sweet girl as she gave me a radiant smile and then she was off to her new adventure.



Have fun today Madi! We love you so much.

Mommy, Daddy and Sean

Gigi and The Royal Tea Party

I am a huge fan of Gigi-God's Little Princess . Today I was watching with Madison and Sean the episode where Princess Gigi had a very important announcement for her best friend Frances.

Throughout the movie she kept coming up with extravagant and "royal" ways to tell her friend that she was God's little princess too.  But nothing was working out quite as she hoped. Poor Gigi became so discouraged by the end that she was ready to give up….until she learned that Frances was still waiting for her, by a window, to see what Gigi was trying to share.

And that sweet little girl decided not to give up and gave her best friend a royal tea party, as well as the best news Frances had ever heard.

Friends, in this sweet little story God reminded me to never give up on telling those we love about God's greatest gift to us all. We may not always have the right words to say. The circumstances may seem rather dire or unpleasant. We may be afraid of rejection from our closest peers.

But things don't need to be perfect in presentation.  We don't need extravagant signs or messages or advertising.  We don't even need "fancy" tea parties. Or fancy gifts to lure them into our churches.  We aren't selling Jesus.

We are sharing Him.  

"They will glorify God for your obedience to the confession of the gospel of Christ, and for your generosity in sharing with them and with others through the proof provided by this service." 2 Corinthians 9:13 HCSB

Be bold friends!


Oh Happy Day

I thought today, since it is lazy Monday, I would post a song that the Illuminate worship band sang last night.  

It rocked the house and got everyone with their hands raised, leaping in the air worshiping our Father in heaven. Oh yeah! 

It was an awesome sight to see =).

Enjoy friends!  


Happy Day-by Jesus Culture

Beach Days

Beach days are my absolute favorite.

The Beach

Happy kids

Sandy boy

Now we only have one more week until our summer is over. And then Madi heads off to school for a brand new adventure. 

I don't want summer to end.

How are you spending your last days of summer?


A Tip for the Ladies

A couple of Sundays ago at Illuminate, Dan and I had a Q & A with the group.  

It was a lot of fun!  I don't often get the chance to be onstage with my husband during his messages, so this is always a special treat for me.

At one point though I had to address the ladies about something that I have seen, as well as done too many times myself, whenever  a relationship does not pan out. Or it ends badly.

And while watching the Bachelor Pad last night with Dan and observing the antics of Vienna….I stand even firmer on my point.

Ladies, I do not want to sound rude but sometimes we just need to put our big girl panties on when it comes to breakups.  You can really tell how mature an individual is by how they react to uncomfortable situations. 

If you were in a relationship, and it ended, and it ended badly…..then let it die. Try your very best to move on.  But whatever you do, don't try and talk bad about the guy. If he was  jerk well trust me, it will all be revealed that he is a jerk.  The next girl that dates him will see it.

And please spare me this: "I am just trying to warn the other girls…"

No. If it is your best friend or sister, then I might consider this excuse. But chances are that they witnessed the demise of this relationship and they are not interested in dating your ex.  The real reason for talking bad about someone isn't to warn them. It is to create drama. And it does not make you look sweet girl.

It makes you look like a drama queen, bitter, jealous etc.  And those are not pretty characteristics.  Nor does it glorify God.  

In no way am I trying to be harsh. (Guys you should probably listen to this as well).  But I believe this is a huge mistake that all of us have made, including me!  And I hated how I felt after I bad mouthed an ex.  

Yes the pain of a relationship ending is very real and can be very raw and agonizing. I have been there! The healing might take awhile. Again, been there! But gossipping about another individual will not help with the pain. Surrounding yourself with those you love, praying and seeking God and time will close all wounds.

And I would like to leave a little disclaimer. This is not talking about abusive relationships (physical, emotional or spiritual).  Clearly, those relationships must be dealt with by your pastor and/or your local law enforcement.  I am talking about regular, relatively healthy and normal dating relationships that just don't work out.   Just thought I would put that out there because I know someone would probably point that out.  

Praying for you ladies today as you seek God's best and pursue Him and glorify Him.

Blessings to you! 


Being Silly


On Mondays after Illuminate I am pretty much useless.

You are lucky if I am able to get dinner on the table.  And the good Lord knows that there will be no real housework done today.

But I do make time to be silly with my babies. Like today for instance. Sean leaped onto my back and we took a photo together.

I adore random moments like this.  

I am so thankful for lazy Mondays.  

Have a blessed evening friends.


Micah 6:8 Vision


This Sunday at Illuminate, we will launch a brand new series which hones in on the principles behind Micah 6:8-

"He has told you, O man, what is good;

and what does the Lord require of you

but to do justice and to love kindness, and to walk humbly 

with your God?"  (ESV)

I am excited for this passage.  A reminder of what the Lord desires of us.  To love Him. To love People.  

To be the church that not focuses so much on the inner walls of our community, but seeks to spread the glorious riches of the Gospel to those on the outside. Not by merely speaking words but by our actions. 

Seeking justice and care for orphans and homeless.

Being kind to our neighbor…whomever they may be and regardless of whatever they believe.  

Walking and living humbly before our Creator, the One who orchestrates our comings and our goings, our lives and who orchestrated the greatest sacrifice recorded in history so that we may have eternal life.

Are you excited?

I know I am. I am ready for Dan to unpack all that God has revealed within his heart. The vision for not just Illuminate but for everyone.

See you there.


A Cinderella Story

"In my own little corner

In my own little chair

I can be whatever I want to be." ~Cinderella (Rogers and Hammerstein)

On a gorgeous Saturday morning, Madi had the opportunity to attend a dinner theater, which just happened to be having performances of Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella.

I was so excited for her to witness this show. Growing up, I was able to see it on TV and my parents recorded it for me and my sister so that we could watch it over and over to our hearts content. Learning the songs and routines together and even performing them at Talent shows. (Well at least my sister did ha!)

Much to my surprise, Dan and I got to tag along too!  We made arrangements for my parents to watch Sean and off we were to the Candlelight Pavilion to see Cinderella.

It did not disappoint.  

Dan joked that I was more excited than Madi was for the show. Which was probably true.  It is one of my favorites.  

Madi wore her favorite princess crown and dressed in her pretty dress and felt like a princess.  


She even got to take a picture with Cinderella herself!


She had such a great time!

If you have never seen Cinderella the musical, it is much better than the Disney version (no offense Disney!) 

Costumes, music and magic oh my! Perfect for little girls =).

We had a wonderful time being with Madi and enjoying the day with her.  Thanks Mom and Dad Harper!