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Sunday Worship

At Knott Avenue Christian Church, our Senior Pastor Shane Womack, has been taking the congregation through the book of Job.

The scriptural truths from this book are enlightening and encouraging to me, as well as convicting as often when I am exeriencing any sort of hardship, I tend to get angry and demand my way with God. I tend to feel as though He just isn't listening to me, which in truth, that is far from the case.

This past year, I have been clinging to Scripture more than ever before.  His words provide comfort, healing and respite for my often tired and restless soul. 

"Your testimonies are my delight; they are my counselors." Psalm 119:24

The above verse was quoted today during service and I thought to myself, "Yes…This!"

God's word is delight.  It is my ultimate Counselor.  So many times I have reached for things outside of the Word of God in order to find a solution to my problem. Or  solution for my life ha! And yet, God has provided His perfect counsel for us in the form of the Bible.  And we as believers have the Holy Spirit that teaches us and corrects us, encourages and admonishes, loves and builds us up.  

Why on earth would I want to go anywhere else for direction.  

Yes Lord Your Word is my delight. A Lamp for my feet.  

Has God's word encouraged you today? Please share =).


Fair Fun!

Yesterday we went out to the fair to make good on the tickets we were so graciously given by one of our college students.  At the OC Fair, kids are free (SCORE!) so we were so excited to be able to take them along with us and enjoy some awesome fair rides and food.

We slid down slides


Pet cute farm animals




Took fun farm animal pictures


And of course we consumed cotton candy, ice cream and bbq.  We weren't brave enough to try fried twinkies or any other fried delicacy.  I like my heart just the way it is thank you.

Poor Sean was a tad small to go on most of the rides, but we did find him a huge sand box to play in. 


We had a great time! The kids came home completely pooped, which meant that they went to bed without too much of a fight.  Win/Win for everyone ;).

What did you all do for fun this week?


Can I Take Your Picture?

In September of 2009 I lost my beautiful Canon Powershot. Sean was born in July and I had not yet uploaded his birth photos onto my computer.

Needless to say, I cried.

I have yet to replace said Canon. Not because I haven't wanted to, but mostly because, well, at the time we couldn't afford it.  

So now I am on the lookout for a small portable camera so I can capture the lovely faces of my children.

Instax camera
I loved polaroids growing up and I believe Fujifilm has created an awesome product to match it.  The instant pictures are perfect for instant scrapbook projects for the kids and I love instant gratification when it comes to photography.  Plus, it is gorgeous.


Lomography. Need I say more.

Canon powershot

The Canon Powershot. I still love it and it is a great point and shoot. And it fits right into my purse so I don't have to lug too many bags around in order to take pictures. 

What cameras are you all drooling over? What do you have right now that you are using?  



Book Worm Alert

It is no secret in my family that I love reading.  I can read an entire book of roughly 740 pages, if it is really good, in a day and a half. 

I'm that awesome. Okay maybe not awesome. Just really nerdy.

I am okay with being a nerd.  Nerds are cool….so says Zachary Levi. Go NERDS!


Anyway, yes I love to read and one of my wishes is to eventually get a Kindle.


The Kindle is perfect because I can house all of my books in one spot and not have to worry about putting them away when I am done reading them. I hate clutter (and funny….my house is completely cluttered…no wonder I am going nuts.) and I hate having my books get ruined because there is no place to put them. So having a Kindle would be awesome. 

Do any of you have an e-reader? What do you think? Do you prefer books or are you stoked about your e-reader? Please share!


It’s Almost My Birthday

My birthday is coming up next week (August 4th peeps!) and I am ready to celebrate the entire month of August because this birthday will be a special one.

I am turning 30.

Holy Cow!

I am so excited for this new stage of life. Of course, I do wish the gray hair would have waited until I was about 40 to make its grand entrance……

but you don't always get to choose certain things in life. Ha! I blame you Dad ;).

My husband always asks me every year what I would like for my birthday.  Most humble people I know go "Oh I don't want anything" blah blah blah.

I am not one of those people. LOL!!!! Just keeping it real! 

I love gifts. I don't always expect them. I don't get mad if I don't get any gifts. I truly appreciate the thought. But I would be a downright LIAR if I told you that I didn't make a birthday list. 

Now you know a little more about me. I am sorry if you are disappointed ;).

This week, I will be posting sites and photos of some things that have caught my eye over the past year. They are on my birthday wishlist, but I often find awesome things online that I have to share with y'all so that you can grab them too.

And if your birthday is in July or August like mine….then you can add them to your wishlist as well.

And everyone wins!

Happy Wednesday!



Scarlet Fever Anyone?

This weekend, I spent my time cuddling with this little guy:


We had to take him to Urgent Care on Friday because he wasn't eating and was very lethargic. Which by the way is very unlike my son.

Seriously, the child is like a human hurricane tearing through my house every day.

So to see him be so, well, clingy and sad was very hard for this momma to see.

Turns out he had scarlet fever and Pharyngitis (which is basically a fancy term for a throat infection). So they gave him antibiotics.

And we spent the entire weekend cuddling.

Today  he was (practically) back to normal and now Madi and I are not feeling well.

Ahhhh life sure is fun huh?  

Let the craziness begin!  


A Ray Of Hope

Sex Trafficking is happening all over the world.

Even here in the US.  It is not something that is often talked about in coffee shops while meeting with friends. Or over cocktails during a girls night out.

But it is happening. And it is real. 

And it isn't going away.

Unless we help do something about it.

Many of these individuals who are trafficked are young girls. Some are as young as my daughter Madison.

It makes me sick to my stomach and heartbroken for these girls who should be playing with dolls or dressing up in play clothes.

They should not be performing acts of prostitution for greedy men and women.  

International Justice Mission is just one organization leading the fight against trafficking.  They have a story of a beautiful young girl named "Suhana" who was trafficked not once, but twice.

And rescued.

Here is her story.


A Boy, A Girl and Chris Isaak

Last night Dan and I took an impromptu date night to see Chris Isaak with our best buds.


We don't often get the chance to just buy concert tickets and stay out until 10 PM. But thanks to my awesome sister Sheena, she was willing to babysit and we got to see Chris Isaak.

And boy is he awesome.


I know with all of the lights you can't really see him, but he was there. 

This was my first time seeing Chris perform. Dan is a big fan so he was excited to be able to share this with me. 

A great night with great friends.


And Harmonie's (middle) husband was there but he got cut off from the photo. =(. He was there! We didn't forget you Eric!

What has been your favorite impromptu date night?


Summer Resort from Ruche

My absolute FAVORITE shop, Ruche, has unleashed their brand new look book for Summer. 

If you haven't had a chance to check them out, you really should.  They have the absolute best vintage style attire I have ever seen.

Gorgeous fabrics and their prices are pretty good.  

Check out their lookbook:

And if any of my family is reading this post….my birthday is coming up. 

That is all. =).
Have a great day everyone!