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Changes and Loving Summer

We have been a busy bunch over  here. Summer is finally here and let me tell you that I absolutely, positively love this season.

Experiencing a couple of changes here. Nothing major.  But still, change is fun and can be really exciting:

Like getting a new haircut


Anticipating this little guy's second birthday on the 4th of July


A change in the weather (finally the sun is out!) means spending tons of time in the pool


In the summer I absolutely adore the heat.  Call me crazy, but I love 80 degree and above temperatures.  I know. I'm nuts.

But I can't help it! Plus, summer to me means:

*Farmers Markets

*Strawberries, blueberries, Raspberries, Watermelon

*Beaches and sunblock

*Pretty maxi dresses with wedges


*Family Vacations

Yes, this season is pure heaven for me.

What do you love about summer?


Something For Your Daughters

Every night Dan and I have taken turns to read Madi a devotional or Bible Story before she goes to bed.  We have both honestly tried to make the task of instructing and teaching of our children in the Lord a priority.  

We aren't perfect at it. To be honest, sometimes we just want them to go to bed! But Madi has now become so accustomed to this schedule and to her Bible readings, that she absolutely looks forward to the stories and she DEMANDS that we read them.

I would rather have it this way than any other way.

Lately we have been reading a devotional that we absolutely love and Madi seems to really resonate with its teachings. 


I had heard Sheri Rose Shepherd at our Women's Retreat a couple of years ago and loved her. And I loved that she wrote a devotional for little girls and regarded them as princesses of the King. In fact, these devotionals are written in the form of a letter from our loving God.

Madi loves them and she understands the lessons very well. If you have a little girl, I highly recommend it.  



You Know I Love My Pageants

I didn't get to watch Miss USA last night because our TV has died.

It has been a very quiet week. Ha!

But I just want to boast after I heard the news this morning:

Miss USA 2011


Congratulations on being crowned Miss USA 2011!

Good luck in Brazil!


P.S. Yes I know I am a total dork….but I love my pageants. And I love my State ;).

Sunday Worship

Happy Father's Day to all you Daddy's out there.  

Especially to my husband, who is the best dad to our two little munchkins. Life will never be the same now that they are in our lives =).

May the Lord richly bless you today as you spend time with your loved ones.

Of course, we cannot forget those who are without their daddies today.  May God show you His compassion and mercy today. 

"As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him" Psalm 103:13



When Tragedy and Grace Collide

His name is Larry. 

He is one of our regular attenders at Illuminate.  Prone to judgement due to his tattoos on his face and body, nose piercings and thin build. 

He has experienced many individuals criticize him for his appearance, or judge him because he doesn't "look" or "behave" like everyone else.

But Dan and I love Larry.  

A couple of weeks ago, Larry lost his sister in a drunk driving accident.

A marine was behind the wheel of the vehicle that took her life.

We as a congregation prayed over Larry and his family. That God would reveal Himself. That grace would flow.  That peace would fill hearts. And we praised God that his sister was with the Him, healed and whole.  

What transpired the next week brought us to tears and to our knees in praise.

Larry had the opportunity to meet with the young man right after his sister's memorial service.

Sitting with his brother in law, the marine sitting with his sister and brother, Larry began a conversation of forgiveness.  

Larry, speaking of the peace he had because his sister was in heaven. 

Larry, a young man so many glance over or throw judgement towards, forgave a man who killed his sister. 

Larry, who in the eyes of the world had every right to hate the person in front of him, showed this man grace and led him to the One who could ultimately forgive. 

And Heal.

And not only did Larry forgive and lead that young man to the Lord, but the young marine's brother and sister joined God's family as well.

I learned a lot that night.

I learned that God truly can use anyone to further His Kingdom. To  exhibit His love and grace and healing on those broken, tossed and abandoned. That He doesn't just use the Pastors of His churches.

He uses the ordinary, those with issues, struggles, pain in their souls to bring forth His glory.





Edible Playdough

On Tuesday, I headed out to get my hair done (because folks, it was looking rather shabby). 

So my MIL watched the kids for a few hours.

And because she loves keeping these kids busy with creative play, they made edible playdough using peanut butter.



First, you will need to create edible playdough. My  MIL used this recipe here. A total of 3 ingredients.  That is my kind of recipe! If you are lactose intolerant, I believe you can substitute corn meal for the dried milk.

Roll out the dough as you would for cookies.  I did a rough roll out, but basically until it was about 1-2 inches thick. But roll out to your preferance! 

Grab some cookie cutters


 And make some shapes!!!


Grab some treats from around your cupboards. Whatever you have on hand will work. 

We used: 

*Red hots (Sean kept eating these. They didn't seem to bother him a bit. For some adults I know, this is  horrifying.)

*Chocolate chips and hershey kisses

*Sliced almonds



Madi enjoyed decorating her shapes.  And they taste pretty good too!

Just a quick note. You don't have to chill the dough before decorating it, but if you want to pick it up and place it on a sheet, (or eat it!)  it is rather sticky.  So if you prefer, leave it in the fridge for about 20 minutes and it should help firm up the dough.


This little girl had a great time.  I hope your kids enjoy it too!

Plus, if they eat it….you won't have a heart attack. 

Edible playdough for the win!


I Did It! A 5K Update.


On Saturday, June 11th, I completed my very first 5K since high school.

I am now officially addicted. Wow.  I cannot believe how amazing it felt to cross that finish line of after a few months of training.  

For someone who claimed to hate running so much, I found out that day how much I actually enjoyed it. 

I am ready for the next one.

My results are as follows..nothing stellar..but I am super proud!

Out of 1200 or so people I finished about 706th.

Time: 33:16.7 (which equates to about 10:44/mile.

Thanks everyone for all of your support and encouragement these last few weeks via FB and Twitter.  Love to you all!

Now it's your turn. What did you accomplish this past weekend? Or what do you plan to accomplish this week?