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*Woke up feeling rather crummy.*

*My spirits being lifted through the magical melodies of Mindy Gledhill. Her song California is being played over and over again on my laptop.*

*Pasta e Fagioli is currently cooking in the crockpot. A perfect soup for this windy day.*

*Hoping to begin my Christmas shopping this weekend. I am jealous that my friend KK has started.  She beat me to it ;).*

*Praying for so many this morning.  For marriages, for health issues, for their walk with the Lord.*

Blessings on this Wednesday,


Our Weekend Together in a Collage


Our weekend in San Diego was amazing. It was so nice to just be together and go out whenever we felt like without having to pack a diaper bag. ha!!!  We haven't been able to do that for a few years.  We felt like kids again!

We stayed in an old hotel called the Ramada Inn  in the Gaslamp District.  The Hotel even had an old school elevator! So awesome. We ate yummy Mexican, Italian and Thai food.  So amazing were our meals this weekend. We don't even want to think about the calories we consumed.

I ate a heavenly cupcake at Heavenly cupcake . Pumpkin cupcake with ginger cream cheese frosting if you wanted to know ;). 

We headed out to Sea World. We got soaked on a ride we didn't realize was a water ride. (Note to everyone…Journey To Atlantis is in fact a water ride.  Don't make our mistake.)

We fed dolphins and walked around enjoying the sights.

Of course we shopped. Btw..Lucky Brand jeans are having a great sale. I got a pair of jeans that were regularly $99 for $11.95. STEAL! 

We practically walked everywhere around Downtown.  What a gorgeous area.  We would so come again!

What did you do this past weekend?


It’s Raining


It's a perfect day for Tomato soup and grilled cheese.  

To run around in our rain boots and jump in the puddles.  

To laugh at the baby as he smiles and giggles over the drops showering his little red head with sprinkles.  

Normally, I am a major grump when it comes to rain.  But lately I have been trying to enjoy these different seasons. The changing of the weather.  To try and make new discoveries and not cry over the fact that I am being pelted with water while trying to get my kids strapped into the car.

Okay maybe I am still a bit of grump.  But trying to be a little less so ;).

Happy Tuesday everyone!


October 15th, 2010


Hello friends!  Today is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.  For me, I choose to celebrate this day in remembrance of the beautiful baby we never got to meet or hold.  He or she was lost to us at 13 weeks gestation.  It makes heaven so desirable knowing my baby is there with Jesus. 

I will be praying for those who too have experienced the loss of their babies…whether it be through miscarriage, infancy or at birth.  If you are a mother or father who have experienced loss or have been given an unfavorable diagnosis with your baby, please leave a comment and I will pray over you today.



P.S. At 7PM Tonight, join many families from around the country lighting a candle in remembrance of their baby.  If you need support, please visit .


Have You Been Watching?

For those of us over the age of 25, we remember the rescue of baby Jessica many, many years ago.  I remember sitting with my mom and dad as they were glued to the tv screen watching the rescue of a little baby who fell down a hole.  

Many of us have been thinking and praying for the Chilean Miners who have spent the past two months of their lives separated from family and friends while being trapped in a mine.  

This is a huge moment. Keep praying and watching.  If you can't watch on TV, here is the link to CNN who I believe is broadcasting this live.



Fashion According to Madison

The past few days I have been taking pictures of Madi and her fashion choices.  I think it is absolutely hilarious that she loves to put together her own outfits.  She has some rules too and she doesn't believe in always matching or even coordinating.  Funky is definitely the way to go sometimes. 

Fashionable Madi

This is today's outfit.  She wanted to wear the scarf and her purple dress today.  I told her she had to layer since it was kind of chilly.  I think she looks adorable.  Even with her pink scarf.  But hey purple and pink go together in our world.

Madi and fashion

This was a few days ago while out with the family.  Polka dot dress, skull and cross bone (the girly ones) baby legs and black shoes.  Dan raised his eyebrows at this outfit and wasn't sure he wanted to be seen with such a thrown together outfit.  But hey…when you are four, sometimes you have to experiment!


You remember this outfit.  The winter-esque boots  and hat with her shorts and t-shirt. She loves this outfit.  I have no idea why. But she still looks cute.

Here are Madi's fashion rules:

*Any color goes together.  They are all a part of the rainbow right?

*Accessories are a must. No outfit is really complete without a little something special.

*There is really no need to do too much with your hair especially if it is curly.  Wild hair is cool.

=). Enjoy your weekend friends! I hope this made you giggle!  I wish I was as brave as Madi in her fashion choices.


What Would You Do?

Say you are serving in ministry as a pastor in one state and you feel God is directing you and your family elsewhere.

Would you listen or would you hesitate?

What if God was prompting you to plant a new church in a different state.  Would you and your family instantly say "Yes Lord!" and pack your things? Or would you stay put, certain you heard the Lord incorrectly?

What if you found out you were expecting a brand new baby and you are in a new city, new state, beginning a new life and new ministry?  Would you stomp your feet in frustration and stress over how to provide for such a child? Or would you thank God for this brand new little life and trust in His provision.

What if you just found out that that very unborn baby now had an uncertain future?  Doctors tell you that chances of survival are slim to nothing. That your baby is very sick and will most likely die. 

What would you do?  Would you cling to your Heavenly Father, praying to Him and trusting in His goodness even though the situation looks bleak?  Or would you throw your fists up in anger and curse Him?  

What would you do?

On Monday, friends of mine shared heartbreaking news with us all.  

Would you visit their blog and share some encouragement with them today?  They are in the midst of a grand adventure in creating a brand new church in Indiana and they need our prayers.  Please pray for their little boy as they travel along this painful journey.

I believe in a God who can perform miracles and I believe in a God of comfort in our darkest moments. I believe in a God who does not abandon us during the storms of life, but instead chooses to renew our strength and mount us up with wings like the eagles when we wait for Him.

Praying for my friends today.  


Isaiah 40:30-31