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Do You Like?

So on Saturday afternoon, while the babies were napping..I thought I would update my blog header a little bit.  I was kind of tired of the old one (though I loved it) and wanted something a tad more vibrant. 

I get bored easily. Drives my husband UP THE WALL!

*ahem* so I headed over to one of my fave websites to see if they had any blog headers that I could purchase and use for my personal little blog.

Lo and behold….THEY DO!

I purchased the header above over at House of 3 and they have so many cute designs that if you really wanted to, you would be able to find something that fit your personality and fit your blog.

Go check it out if you haven't already!

Have a blessed day my friends!


New loves

Most of you know just how much I adore Etsy.  I introduced one of my best friends to this site and she is now obsessed as well.  I am in awe of how many creative people there are out there in this world.  I am a huge advocate of buying and making homemade decor, jewelry and other goodness instead of always searching for them at a department store.  Here are a couple of my newest faves:

Everyday Fairytale

My jaw literally dropped when I saw the goodness that was displayed at this gal's shop.   I am secretly trying to figure out how I am going to get my hands on this lovely without getting caught by hubby. But alas he reads my blog and now he probably knows about my scheming.  Boooo!

Her pieces are gorgeous and she has some gorgeous embellished dresses and tanks as well.  I love how romantic everything looks. They would be perfect for Christmas gifts. 

The Leather Store

My bestie Sheena introduced me to this store after she showed off her GORGEOUS black handbag Thursday evening at our monthly dinner.  I freaked out and demanded that she share the info with me.   I am a sucker for gorgeous handbags and this one I want.

Here and here are other shops I am sure you will love.

Miss RubySue

I have mentioned this shop before and I will mention her again.  Probably one of the sweetest woman EVER and so creative.  I LOVE her pieces.  I already have one of her adorable headbands and I am really wanting more of her stuff.  I don't know what it is but this shop always stops me in my tracks and has me in awe of her color combinations. I  ADORE this shop.

Brag About It

This shop features handstamped jewelry and I love it. I think I might ask for this one for Christmas and get Sean and Madi's names stamped on them.  Beautiful huh?

Sugar and Spice

If you have a little girl like I do, then you will definitely want to check out these hair pieces.  I adore them and I want to grab a couple for Madi. She has beautiful hair and she is really starting to get into hair accessories.  I love that about having a girl.  Everyday is dress up.

So support handmade and check these shops out.  If you have shops that you love…..please share them with us! I love finding new shops!



Jillian Michaels Kicks My Butt

30 day shred

So basically, this DVD has become my best friend the last couple of weeks.  I had purchased this awhile ago and I started it the week of my sister's wedding. 

You know, because I totally thought I would get ripped in 5 days.  Didn't happen.

Anyway, I am completely committed to working out and getting back into shape now that Sean is out of my body.  I am not trying to lose 20 pounds…but mostly just tone up my flabby self and have enough strength to carry both Madi and Sean.  They are kind of needy.  LOL!

I don't necessarily work out everyday, but generally every other day.  As long as I get in 3 to 4 days a week where I can work out I am happy.  And Dan has been amazing at being my cheerleader throughout this.  He knows how important it is to take care of the one body we have.  I want to be around for a long time, Lord willing. 

I do have to warn you though… is REALLY HARD.  Level 1 had me exhausted. I can't even imagine what Levels 2 and 3 are like.  I mean, she makes you do push-ups. The last time I did a push-up people was in the 7th grade! 

And I totally do the girly ones too. Not ready to go military style yet. Heeeee!

What are you doing right now to nurture yourself?


Back to the Daily Grind

So today was my first day back to work after four months of maternity leave.  I have to be honest and say that I was exactly looking forward to this day coming, but I knew it would.  Dan and I still have not yet found a place to settle down with our family so it is back to work I go for now. 

We will probably still reevaluate all of this.  I know for me going back to work it is going to be much harder on Dan since he is going to have to drop me off, drop the kids off and then drive in.  Not fun for him at all.  So please keep him in your prayers and pray too that we find a place soon! We are so ready to be out of our parents roof and create some memories of our own.  Plus, I am really wanting to nest.  I never did get to create a space for Sean.  I really want to decorate a room for him.

Today has been uneventful at work.  I didn't get a single phone call from a student.  I find that odd…but there is always tomorrow.   Tonight I am excited because I get to hang with my best girlfriends for dinner and girly conversation.  I look forward to it. 

That is all I have for right now.  Hope you are doing well. What are you looking forward to this weekend?


So Sweet

So my friend Danielle sent me these photos of Madi during my sister's wedding on Sunday. 

Wedding 2

Isn't she just absolutely angelic looking?  She and the other flowergirl did such an amazing job tossing the petals for Sheena to walk on, as well as staying close to the Bride and Groom as they said their vows.  I was overjoyed at how obedient and patient Madi was throughout the whole day.  This does not happen often! LOL!


This last photo makes me giggle.  My husband was just about to pronounce Sheena and Jeremy as husband and wife.  Madi chose that moment to stand right in front of them, smile and say "HI!" As you can see in this photo, Sheen and Jer smiled down on their niece.  Madi was so excited for her Aunty and Uncle.  And so were we!

Again, Congrats Sheena and Jeremy! Enjoy your honeymoon!

Dan, Tiff, Madi and Sean

The Wedding of the Year

Forgive me once again for not post all last week. I was busily preparing myself for Sheena and Jeremy’s wedding.

And it finally arrived on September 20, 2009. Our closest family and friends gathered together for this much anticipated event. Sheena and Jeremy have been together for 11 years. All of us were thinking as Sheen walked down the aisle……at last! Jeremy had tears as Sheena, who looked absolutely radiant, walked down the aisle. There was not a dry eye in the house!

Dan was the officiant, I was the matron of honor and Madi was the flower girl. We had the unique opportunity to be apart Sheen and Jer’s day. Madi loved being the flower girl and wearing her beautiful dress.

Below are just a few photos Dan and I captured with my phone. We apologize for the quality as my digital camera has disappeared. And my phone only let’s me post a few photos at a time.



The Wedding of the Year

The Wedding of the Year

The Wedding of the Year

The Wedding of the Year

The Wedding of the Year

Oh Madison!

My daughter is a crackup!  Seriously.  She is always saying something that absolutely causes me to start laughing in an instant.  She is quick as a whip too.  She doesn't miss a beat when it comes to other people's conversations. You think she isn't paying attention, but oh she is. 

She is good!

Today we were playing with her cousin Jared and baby Sean.  We were talking about what kinds of cupcakes I should make for them the next time Jared comes over to play. We decided on Vanilla (because Jared doesn't like chocolate…I will need to talk to his mom about that one *wink*)

Anyway, I thought we were done discussing cupcakes until Madi decided to take my cupcake book and look through it.  Then she started talking about her boyfriend.

Excuse me what?

Ya'll….you should have seen Dan's face.  I wish I had taken a picture because it. was. hilarious.

Me: Umm Madi you have a boyfriend?

Madi: Yes

Me: Oh, and what is his name?

Madi: Dylan

Me: Really!!  And just how did you meet Dylan?

*we don't really leave the house as we only have one car so I am really curious as to how she met any boys.*

Madi: At his house. and his favorite cupcake is chocolate.

Me: Ummmm Madi, your father would like to know where he lives.

Dan (under his breath): So I can bury him in the ground somewhere in Barstow. 

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! She has quite an imagination! (I think)

Have a great night!



For the past couple of months I have been eagerly anticipating a brand new series called Glee.

Y’all it sounded right up my alley because it was about showchoir. I was all about showchoir in high school. It was my life.

I saw the pilot when it premiered I believe back in May. Loved it. Loved the music and the themes.

I was naive to think that it would be mostly about a group of kids who were considered underdogs and losers and finding themselves in music.

The premiere episode was so over the top in sexual themes that it made it really uncomfortable to watch with my husband and his parents. I am not entirely sure who they are talking to about high school and glee club activities but they are a little misguided. While sex was definitely an issue in high school amongst students, it wasn’t the only thing we could think about and it certainly didn’t come off in lewd behavior at school and in our performances as television makes it.

And this probably is all for ratings. Personally, I think that is just too bad. I guess directors and producers really aren’t that creative when it comes to television series. Looks like they feel they have to over sensualize everything in order to get ratings. I thought Glee had so much potential to be different.

I really hope it isn’t like this the whole season. I won’t be watching another episode until I hear otherwise.

Too bad. It just makes me lean more and more on the idea that my family just shouldn’t have TV in our home. Because everywhere I turn my family is assaulted with filth.


The last days of summer

This past weekend we just spent time together. Time in the pool, time indoors relaxing and even some time at fun places like the LA County Fair.

Summer has come to and end for most of us. It is back to the days of school, homework and other activities that we enjoy reprieve from during the days of summer. How much I enjoyed the time I spent with my little family. God has been so faithful in showing me all that He has given me and teaching me what it truly means to enjoy what you have.

I hope you all had a wonderful Labor day. I know I did.


The last days of summer

The last days of summer

The last days of summer