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6 Days

6 days until the launch of Graceland. I am praying every single day. I am praying for God to move. For people to bring their friends. For folks who do not know Christ as Lord and Savior to make a committment to Him. For 10,000 acts of Grace that we will be challenging our group to do. For the life groups and the relationships that will be formed.

For my husband, who is working tirelessly for our group. For the folks we have both grown to love so much as if they were are own family. In fact, Illuminate is our family. We are so humbled and blessed that God would allow us to work with such an amazing group of people.

If you are still praying for us, please continue to do so.

6 days.


Fashion Show For A Good Cause

*Update: here is the website for the organization Shoes That Fit
Hi all! Tonight at the Shoppes in Chino Hills I am participating in a fashion show. My hair and makeup will be done by my über talented sister Sheena Rush. Her work has been featured on E’s The Girls Next Door, Latino Futuro Magazine and more. You can check out her website at She is seriously amazing and I am not just saying that because she is my sister!
The fashion show will also benefit the organization Shoes That Fit, which basically raises money to buy shoes and school supplies for those in need. I absolutely love being apart of something that helps to benefit others and it was one of the biggest reasons why I agreed to be a model. Because you all know I just had a baby!
So if you are in Southern California, then come over to Chino Hills and show your support!
TiffFashion Show For A Good Cause

Dora panties and the toilet=drama

Monday came quickly for the Harper household. And I can’t say that it was drama free.

Over the weekend I had really begun to take notice of just how clumsy Madi was. I mean a day would not go by without her falling down or dropping something. It was both frustrating and hilarious. I also know that she unfortunately got her clumsiness from me. I feel extremely sorry for her as this ailment will be with her for the rest of her life.

Monday was no exception. Madi has pretty much mastered potty training (woo hoo!) and that morning she really needed to go. I was near her and was just cleaning out Sean’s bottles. I go in the bathroom to check on her and I see her trying to flush the toilet while at the same time holding all of her clothes in her hand. (She has to take off all of her clothes to go potty.) I literally can see a pair of her Dora panties hanging perilously over the bowl, about to go in any second.

I tell Madi to put down her clothes and then flush. But just as I am uttering these very words she pulls the lever, the toilet is flushing and her panties fall in.


I stick my hand into the toilet trying to save them from going down the toilet so that massive flooding does not take place. Unfortunately, I failed. And my hand was now dirty….not good.

Madi was so upset that her Dora panties went down the toilet. She was crying hysterically and could not be consoled with the other Dora underwear we had in her closet. I felt so bad for her. She wouldn’t eat for awhile either. She was that upset. Oh the tears shed over Dora!!!

At least we now know she will probably not attempt to experiment with the toilet. I hope. That was too traumatic for her. And for me.

Oh and the toilet and home are fine. I believe there is a fish out there now wearing some really cute underwear. 😉

TiffDora panties and the toilet=drama

The Great Mommy Escape

Today, I got a total day off from being Mom.  For my birthday, Dan surprised me with a gift card to Peaches And Cream Day Spa and said that I could spend an entire day by myself doing whatever I wanted. 

Ummm…yeah I was really excited.  Wouldn't you be?

So my day started off at 11am with a fabulous and much needed aromatherapy massage.  All of the mommy stress was melted away as the massage therapist rubbed all the right places and removed the knots that wanted to make my back their permanent home.  I could tell I had a lot by the way she had to dig in my upper back.  Oh man.  But after she was done, I felt a billion times better.  I have decided that if I were rich, I would splurge on a massage for myself at least twice a month.  Because massages are pure heaven I tell you.

Afterwards, I decided to drive out to the Brea Mall and do a little shopping.  I picked out some great items from Forever21 and Charlotte Russe, as well as buying a couple of things for Madi and Sean.  I tried to look for something nice for my husband since I am sure he would have loved to receive something too.  At the mall today though it was hit or miss for the men.  I called hubby and told him we would go on a little shopping spree for him since he has been requesting a new wardrobe for fall.  And since he makes all the money…..he gets what he wants. ;) 

Btw…totally random, but my new favorite song of the moment is Brad Paisley's "I thought I Loved You Then". Not sure if that is exactly the title but you country lovers know what song I am talking about.  Everytime I hear it I get tears in my eyes.  Our five year anniversary is coming up in October and I just cannot even imagine how much more I could love a person.  We have been through so much together. He is absolutely my best friend. And like the song says, I thought I was head over heels for him 5 years ago. Who knew where love could take us.  It makes me excited to see where it will take us for the rest of our lives.

After I spent a couple of hours at the mall, I decided that I would head back towards home since I had begun to miss my little family.  I love being by myself…I really do…..but I am finding more and more that being with your family and doing things together is a whole lot more fun than being by yourself.  That being said though, I do need downtime for myself so I need to make sure I incorporate that in at least once a week so I don't get burnt out.  So today was definitely needed and appreciated.  I am so thankful Dan thought to allow me so much time to myself.  I feel like he often knows me better than I know myself.  Whenever I try to fight with him about how much time I need for myself, I often end up finding that he was actually right.  And my pride wishes he weren't right a lot of the time, but I am also thankful that he knows me well enough to speak truth to me.  That is something I completely desire and value in a person, especially a person whom I am sharing the rest of my life with.

The last stop of the day was at Starbucks (naturally).  I mean honestly no outing would be complete without a stop to starbucks or your favorite coffee/tea shop.  I am just speaking truth. I grabbed a Grande Caramel frappucino and tried to sit outside and enjoy the sunny (and humid) day.  That is until someone decided to sit right next to me and smoke a cigarette. *sigh* Oh well, fun while it lasted.  By the way, can I just say that one of my pet peeves has to do with people who smoke? I mean, if you want to smoke a cigarette that is fine, but how about you do it AWAY from people.  Like in your car or by a dumpster where no one else is around to breathe in the toxins.  Second and third hand smoke kills.  Thank you.

Ahem…moving on. 

I hope each of you had a wonderful Friday.  I am really looking forward to the weekend and to Illuminate on Sunday.  Plus, it is nearly 2 weeks til we kick off our Graceland Series.  It.Will.Be.Awesome.



Beach Day

Yesterday the Harper clan ventured out to Huntington Beach to spend some time on the sand and surf. I was a tad apprehensive as Sean is only 6 weeks old and keeping the sun off of him would be a challenge. But we packed up snacks, drinks and the kids plus our niece Reagan and we were off!

Sean loved being outside and there was a nice breeze so it wasn’t too hot. Madi was obsessed with the waves and Dan and I took turns holding her hand while she was in the ocean. There were a couple of breaking waves that really knocked her over. Thankfully she just popped right back up and it didn’t appear to faze her. Overall it was an amazing day. Dan and I were pretty much the only ones who got really burnt yesterday but over all everyone seemed to be okay and not suffering. My only regret of the day is the fact that I still can’t find my camera so the only photos I have are from my phone. I am really hoping it pops up sonewhere but I am beginning to think it is a lost cause.

Have a wonderful Tuesday friends!


Beach Day

Beach Day

Just Playing Catch Up

Right now as I type this post, S is sleeping in my arms.  I have pretty much mastered typing and holding babies since I had a ton of practice with Madi.  You kind of figure out how to use one arm, feet and any other part of your body when you are carrying around a squirmy and snuggly little one.  I am pretty positive that is why God made women so capable of multitasking.  We have to do it EVERYDAY!

Life has not exactly been busy lately.  Many of us are preparing to go back to work, school and other committments for the fall.  I am going to try and register Madi for dance class this fall.  I am absolutely sure my little diva will love it.  She definitely got her love of theatrics from me.  Dancing, singing, play acting… little gal has such a vivid and colorful imagination… is such an awesome thing to see her mind at work and how she creates her own little stories and characters.  I love having a little girl.

A couple of weeks ago, my dear friend Michelle came over to the house to take pictures of Baby Sean.  We wanted to catch some newborn photos of him sleeping..but it just wasn't really meant to be.  Last resort, I had to hold him while he was wrapped in a blanket.  We were able to catch a few:

Baby Sean 1

Baby Sean 2

Baby Sean 3

He is such a beautiful baby.  I was worried at first how I would react or even possibly love this son of mine.  I mean, I was so accustomed to a little girl and everything pink.  Now I find myself checking out the stores for sports memoraphilia and anything else boyish.  Dan and I are banking on him being a football or baseball player since Dan played both in high school and excelled at them. 

Please pray for Dan today and tomorrow as he is speaking at all main services this weekend atKnott Avenue Christian Church.  You can listen to the message live tonight at 5pm.  I hope you will join in and that God will speak to your heart directly as Dan talks about discipline in the church. 

Love you all! Have a great weekend!


P.S. I lost my camera and I cannot find it anywhere. Let's hope I find it soon because that camera had Sean's birth pics on there. =(

Just what is courage?

On Sunday night while driving home from another amazing night with our young adult ministry ,Illuminate, my husband said something to me that quite frankly took me by surprise.

“Honey, I am really starting to realize just how much I love you and how strong you are.”

Then he went on to list how he things I am so brave for still trying to nurse Sean even though it is really hard for us. Or that I get up at all hours of the night to take care of him and our three year old daughter (who should sleep through the night, but as parents we know how that goes). I would never consider myself strong, courageous and mighty. I just tell myself that these are the things that need to be done. And if I need some help from Mr. Coffee Pot so be it. 😉

But his words provided just the encouragement I needed in order to be courageous, strong and mighty. Sometimes all it takes are sweet, gentle and kind words to give you the boost you need in order to get through some of the roughest of days. As a mommy of now two little rascals, some days are just really hard. Add that to the fact that my dear husband is in ministry and we both work together to serve our students the best we can.

Sometimes all it takes are a few moments in your knees in prayer to Him who provides the encouragement and strength you will need.

When I see another person struggling and in need, sometimes just pausing to offer encouragement to that individual so that they can have courage.

And speaking of encouragement, are you in need of some today? Please take a moment to visit my new favorite website: There you will meet other women, like yourselves, who have gone through periods of life where they have needed encouragement and/or faced moments of courage. It is beautiful really, when you realize that we truly are not alone in this life. That God provides just what we need when we need it. I hope you will stop by and say hello.