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These two amazing gals are throwing a baby shower for me and BBH.  I am so extremely blessed to have these two in my life and I cannot wait to hang out with them, as well as hanging out with my dearest friends and family.  To celebrate the pending arrival of a new little one is so amazing and joyous and I am so extremely fortunate that I have people in my life who love and care for me and my son that they want to celebrate his life with me. 

To those who are coming I cannot wait to see you! Thank you so much Michelle and Sheena for doing this. Get ready to party!!!!!!



I So Want To Cloth Diaper Our Son

So I have posted on here before that I am really, really wanting to cloth diaper BBH.   I have mentioned this to quite a few friends and family and I am pretty sure they think this is just some sort of fad that I plan on jumping on and then not following through with.   And I have gotten quite a few bewildered looks from folks when I mention cloth diapers. 

But I really, really want to cloth diaper our son. 

The biggest hurdle I have is convincing my husband about them.  He is not about cloth diapers.  Heck he doesn't even like the smell of disposable diapers and he can't stand changing  them! Diaper duty is not Dan's thing.  I am slowly coming to terms with that. It isn't easy…..but I am learning that he just doesn't like to do it if I am around.  *sigh*

So guess who will be changing most of the diapers when BBH is born? *smile*

Anyway, I have done the research about cloth diapers and I have heard a ton of great things about them.  They are far easier to use then when our folks had them.  And there are a lot of different types of cloth diapers that you can choose from. Just pick the system that is best for your family.  I know many people are concerned about the extra amount of laundry that they will have to do, but I have read that if you invest in enough diapers up front, then you really will only have to wash them every couple of days or so.  It really depends on how many diapers you have on hand.  And quite frankly….I would rather spend more upfront on diapers then having to spend $25 a box every couple of weeks because the kid poops and pees all the time!  I read somewhere that parents can spend anywhere from $2000 and up on disposable diapers in the first 2 years of their life!  Do you know what you could buy with $2000???

I do…and it doesn't include  diapers!  (I am totally staring at my bare closet!)

The only hard part is convincing the man of the house.  Maybe I will just have to compromise and keep some disposables for him whenever I have to be out without the kids.  *wink* 

What kinds of things have you had to compromise on with your spouse? 


Jon & Kate

I know for a fact I am not the only one who tuned in to watch the Season 5 premiere of Jon and Kate Plus 8.  To be completely honest, I never really followed the show until all of the controversy began appearing in the tabloids of Jon's supposed infidelity (and Kate's) and how they were in it for the fame and the money and that they are constantly exploiting their children.  But this past weekend I watched the Memorial Day Marathon and I kind of fell in love with the kids. I mean who wouldn't…they are ADORABLE!

What I wasn't prepared for at the end of the premiere were the feelings I would have towards this couple.  Let me be honest….I was angry. But not so much at Jon.  I was more angry at Kate. After watching all the episodes prior and then seeing this one….does she seem..well I don't know…different? I am not just talking about clothes and her hair. Those are obvious. But there was something about her that really irritated me and made me want to slap the heck out of the woman.  And she kept making it very clear that she was "there for the kids, she wakes up for her kids and she works for her kids."  But she said nothing about waking up each day fighting for her marriage, for Jon. 

I realize Jon said the same thing about being there for the children.  It was pretty apparent though that he just did not want to be interviewed or on the show.  He was over it.  I don't know if he was over the marriage, but after someone is critical of you for so long….they tend to give up and shut down. Trust me. I know this to be true. 

The reason I seem to be coming down so hard on Kate is because I see much of myself in her.  Always criticizing my husband if he doesn't do something right, doesn't talk right, doesn't discipline Madi correctly etc.  If he doesn't jump when I tell him to I go off on him. If he spends a little too much money one day I yell at him.  One day he stopped responding and he became a different person.  And that was a hurdle in our marriage we had to literally fly over in order to save it.  Many sacrifices had to be made….and I am not entirely sure Kate wants to do that.  The show pays them for their air time.  She didn't have to write a book and travel around the country to appear at speaking engagements.  She CHOSE to.  Is it wrong that she wrote a book and found a career she loved? Absolutely not.  I applaud her for using her gift and sharing her story.  However; if it comes at the cost of your family….it is not okay.  If you want the fame, the money, the big house, luxury cars and all the other perks that come with being on tv or whatever…you have to be prepared for the changes and obstacles that come your way.  And if you truly, truly wake up for your children each day….then you need to start by saving your marriage.  Those kids are not stupid.  They can tell when mommy and daddy are having problems.  They aren't blind to emotion.  They need to know that their mommy and daddy love each other.  They need to know and see that their family is secure. 

I have no doubt that Kate loves her children. And I have no doubt that Jon loves his children.  But do they love each other?  I didn't hear that come out of either of their mouths.  And that part is really, really sad.  And if Jon did make some poor decisions (which obviously he did….there is no excuse for a married man to be hanging out with a younger woman) then obviously some very serious action must be taken.  How about instead of doing the show…..go to counseling.  Talk to your pastor. Everybody experiences hurdles in their marriage once in awhile. And often kids can add to the stress of a marriage.  Your marriage comes first.   In today's society we often stress that the kids come first and the spouse is left on the backburner. WE HAVE IT WRONG FOLKS.  While your children are important and you must take care of them….you cannot neglect your partner. You cannot push aside the needs of your spouse.  Otherwise things will fall apart. It starts slowly but can rapidly turn into a very slippery slope…and it is very hard fix. It can be done, but it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice. 

Love your spouse!!!


Praying for Your Spouse

One of my goals this year was to have a more fulfilling and constant prayer life.  I do pray, but I often find myself just praying for thing that I want or when it feels urgent, as opposed to making it a point to do so everyday and communicate with my Heavenly Father. 

One of the best ways to get on the right track in my prayer life is to begin praying for my husband.  I picked up a book by Stormie Omartian titled The Power of a Praying Wife.  While I do pray for my husband, often times I pray for him to change and for God to make him do what I say.  Often times it is pride that is keeping me from praying for my husband's energy, wisdom, strength, job, finances and leadership.  And it can get especially hard to pray for him after we have had an argument! (Can I get an amen ladies??!)

What I am loving about this book is that it really shows you how prayer can build up your husband but also how it completely changes you.  I truly believe that when you open yourself up to the Spirit of God, His love and grace fills you and you cannot help but cease having any resentment, hatred or anger towards the person you are praying for.  That does not mean that if a hurtful word was spoken that it won't still be painful. But the Lord's power is so amazing and so fulfilling that He is able to heal wounds and open your eyes to things that maybe you were not able to see before.  To look at your husband through the Lord's perspective and act appropriately.  It is hard to feel hate and resentment for a person you are praying for!  It is a submission of those emotions to Him and allowing His Holy Spirit to fill you.

I am also learning that I cannot expect my husband to pray for me as I pray for him.  Such expectations often lead to disappointment and resentment.  This particular lesson is hard for me to swallow because I expect fairness a lot of the time.  You do your part and I will do mine.  But the Lord never promised that life would be fair.  It is my responsibility as a wife to ensure that my husband is able to lead and that he leads according to God's will for his life and in God's word.  Should I ever see Dan straying from the truth, that is when I need to hit the floor and petition on his behalf. Can I offer gentle correction as his wife? Absolutely. But if he is off course, I should not be startled if he doesn't listen. This is where the power of a praying wife comes in.  She can  do far more for the man in her life by giving her husband over to God in prayer than nagging him to death about all he is doing wrong. 

Pray ladies, pray!  Our husbands are constantly under attack through the media, books and Satan.  If we truly love our men we should be on our knees in prayer for them.  I have so much to learn about being a praying wife, so if this is something you have felt lacking in your own marriage…join me! May God change and mold us into the women He intended us to be.  I guarantee we will be changed through this.

Have a blessed day friends!


Make a Difference

This page was inspired about a post I wrote in regards to companies who are working to make a difference in the lives of others and their communities.  I have listed a few for you as a reference.  Please take a look and if you feel led, lend your gifts, ideas, money and whatever else you can to make a difference in the lives of those who are in need and inspire Hope among the nations.


Sponsor a Child

Tom’s Shoes

PEACE Plan & HIV/AIDS/Orphans Initiative

International Justice Mission

International Breast Milk Project

World Vision

Giving Children Hope

Christmas Count for Cliff

Reece’s Rainbow

Be sure and check around your local communities for ways you can serve and help.  Your church, city, state may have many different organizations that you can be apart of so do your research and find what really motivates you to make a difference. 


Show Choir anyone?

So in high school I was in show choir. For those who have no clue what show choir is, it is basically like a glee club where you sing and dance, often times creating performances and singing popular pop songs.  Also, most show choirs go on competitions during the Spring.   Seriously, it was awesome.  It is probably one of my favorite memories of high school. 

I so wish I had video of one of our competition segments.  We. Rocked. Period.

I have found a new show on TV that I am now obsessed with and I can't stop singing a certain song.  Did you catch Glee last night?  Pure Awesomeness.  I found myself giggling and singing along because that is basically what you did in show choir.  You practiced for hours until you got the routine just right, then head off to compete against other schools.  And some schools had AMAZING sets!  It can be pretty intimidating out there! Don't laugh. It is true!

I filled Dan in on how it is now my new favorite show and he said he would watch it with me.  My man loves me.  I mean, what guy would really watch a show about show choir?  ;) 

What shows do you absolutely love?


Oh Sweet Cupcakes!

It is no secret to my family that I love sweets.  I am obsessed with eating cupcakes, cakes, desserts…….mmmm my mouth is just watering right now at the thought of making delicious apple dumplings from the infamous Pioneer Woman. Seriously, if you haven't made them yet, you should. Delicious I tell you.

Anyway, over the weekend Dan purchased this book for me: Hello Cupcake!

Oh my word! Dan and I were cracking up and oohing and aaahing over the many different ways you can decorate your cupcakes and make them personable.  I have a few bookmarked already to try out.  If you love cupcakes and like baking, you should pick up this book. So fun!

And speaking of cupcakes I really wished I lived close to Sprinkles. Because I am totally craving a cupcake right now. Praise the Lord that I tested okay for Gestational Diabetes because I cannot imagine what I would do with all of these sugar cravings. 

Do you love sweets as much as I do?  😉


This is my vent for today

Why the heck are maternity bathing suits so freaking ugly?  And expensive?  I was looking at this website and I just got ticked off looking at them. I just can't picture myself in any of them!

It is bad enough I already feel like a beached whale….do you really need to make suits that make us feel worse? 

Okay vent over! ;) 

Have a great Friday everyone!

Encouraging Your Spouse

The last few months have been really stressful for Dan and I. I am not going to lie.  It seems like we have been bickering and fighting over the STUPIDEST things on earth.  It was anything from a single word being said that we didn't like to how he put the dishes in the dishwater to who knows what else!  It was getting on my nerves and I am sure he was thinking that our marriage was no picnic either.

On Mother's Day, Dan brought home some flowers and took me and Madi out to lunch. It was so nice to just spend time with them and walk around.  But inside I felt sad because it was the first time in a long time we had gone without arguing.  I grabbed his hand and I said to him:

"I am tired of us fighting all the time.  I want us to be best friends and like spending time together."

He said: "Me too."

I am learning that I can be a tad (okay a lot!) critical of my husband and of how he operates and completes tasks.  I am far more anal retentive about how things should be done and he is a little more relaxed.  I decided on Sunday evening that I would try an encourage him instead daily through phone calls or text messages or notes instead of just calling him and nagging him about the next project I wanted him to tackle.

I started this on Monday.  I just texted to him that I loved him and I was praying for him today (he had a big project that needed to be  finished by that day and I am sure he was stressing to finish).  He came home and thanked me for the encouragement.  I could tell it put a little pep in his step as he walked through the door, knowing that his wife was thinking and praying for him all day (which I was!)

Tuesday: "I love you so much. Hope you are having a great and productive day. I am so thankful for you!"

After work, he was at home before I was and was willing to go grab food and let me relax my feet a little bit.  Later that evening, he said this to me:

"Honey, it really means a lot to me when you send me those little messages.  It really encourages me."

Me: It does?

Him: Yes. It helps me a lot and it is nice to hear those kinds of things from you instead of a to-do list. So thank you very much!

A lightbulb literally went on in my head. It starts with me.  I want a relationship with my husband like no other….and I have to work at encouraging him and loving on him.  That doesn't mean that he doesn't want a great relationship too.  He does, I know he does. But sometimes one person just needs to take action to make a change.  I saw a difference in Dan's demeanor towards me within 2 days of doing this.

I am not writing this out to brag or make you feel bad or act like I have it all together. I don't.  Clearly in the beginning of this post Dan and I were having problems getting along because of all the stresses we were feeling at work, home etc and we were taking it out on each other and not nurturing each other.  So if you feel that you and your spouse are in this spot, maybe take a look at what you can do to encourage your man/wife, butter them up and remind them of how much you love and appreciate them. It only takes a few minutes.  I think a lot of us spend far more time in front of the tv or on facebook than we do spending time with our significant others. 

What do you all do to encourage your spouse?